Gmail / Google Apps not displaying images

Just getting used to my iPhone - absolutely love it but I've one major issue and I know I'm not alone.
When I use the Gmail interface through Safari I can't view any images in any emails. Even if I go to the desktop site and set it to always display images from a given sender, still nothing.
It works fine in the native Mail app but I want to hang on to my conversations.
Any ideas??

Ok, after a long research I know why this is not working: Mobile devices use ActiveSync for synchronization while computers (Mac / Outlook) use a different more complete Exchange communication protocol. You cannot connect a mac and make it work using ActiveSync. It will not work. If you want to connect your mac computer using the "Exchange" option then you have to use a real Exchange server. Microsoft offers the service for 4 dollars a month / per user.
Google and other companies have developed code that emulates the ActiveSync behavior. They have not worked on the other protocol because there are easier ways to do an Outlook sync by using regular Windows programming than having to reverse engineering a communications protocol.

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    Brand new Xserve running Server v10.6.6
    When I open a PNG or JPG the image window in Preview is blank/grey. I can open the side tray and there is a thumbnail of the image.
    I've tried deleting the prefs, running it in 32 mode, and force quitting the app. I see others with the issue and it seems an update fixes it but since this machine is running the latest version of the OS I'm not sure what else to try.

    I too am having the same issue, I have also found that Images are also not displying in iPhoto, the thumbnails show up, but when i want to view the image it comes up with the standard background, nothing else.

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    My PDFs are not displaying images when opened in Chrome. They do display in other browsers and when saved to the desktop. I have tested on multiple machines. Is there a problem with how they are saved? Here is a test:

    "... a known Chrome issue."  The resolution lies with Google for this - nothing you can do (other than disable the "in house" browser add-on and enable Adobe's (if you have Reader or Acrobat installed)).
    A similar issue exists with other, contemporary, browser releases.
    The "fix" is these software houses to deploy PDF viewer browser add-ons that actually comply with ISO 32000.
    Perhaps their lazy approach reflects the attitude of "Hey, Adobe will get the hit not us."
    Provide your users a feed-back mechanism; you'd be able to respond with the suggestion that they ping on the appropriate software houses to provide adequate software.
    Be well...

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    I am using lot of images in the JSP page.But the JSP pages are not displaying images in Jdeveloper in Design preview.
    Do I need to install Apache for that?I have not installed Apache yet.
    If so then what are the configuration or settings I have to do in Jdeveloper for Apache.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Apps user

    Which JDeveloper version? where are the images stored? can you share the code you are using to show such an image?
    Try this - create a JSP page and drag an image from your desktop onto the JSP page - this will add the image to your project - does this work?

  • Using Microsoft Exchange to access Gmail (Google Apps for Business) contacts, what is the best way to sync the Corporate Directory?

    Using Microsoft Exchange to access Gmail (Google Apps for Business) contacts, what is the best way to sync the Corporate Directory? For instance, we have 40 staff members and wish to populate each phone with the Gmail profile. Right now we have a third party Android app that does this and copies my contacts to each phone. This is problematic. Any solutions to populate a phone with email and phone contacts? Even it it requires double entry for me...thats ok.

    Oh, I meant Leopard does do more than Tiger Server.
    I don't know enough about Server, even less abut Syncing.
    SL is to new, not enough time to iron out the kinks yet imho.
    One day SL will be better than Leo, but...
    I'd ask over in server...
    Or perhaps Collaboration Services...
    They may even have a different opinion on SL.

  • Why is my iPad opening website links using the Google App not Safari?

    Why is my iPad opening website links using the Google App not Safari? Everything was fine until two days ago when it started opening them with Google App. I tried uninstalling Google but nothing has changed. It would not bother me at all but it takes Google a lifetime to open them where as Safari used to do it in a matter of seconds. I own an iPad Air, iOS 7.1.2.

    How is it opening a website with the Google App if you uninstalled it?
    Are you sure its the Google App, and not simply Safari opening in a Google search?
    What exactly is happening?
    Basically there is no way to change the default browser for opening links. 
    However, some apps like The Gmail App will open links within themselves or Chrome if it is installed and the option is enabled in the Gmail App settings.

  • 10.9 Mavericks Mail Setup Instructions for Gmail/Google Apps Email Accounts

    Can Apple provide (or have they already) specific instructions for setting up the Mail client with Gmail/Google Apps email accounts?  I've read other threads with various workarounds that work for some but not others.  I am hoping there is a standard set of instructions directly from Apple on this.

    Gmail with Apple Mail
    Gmail with Apple Mail (2)
    Gmail with Apple Mail (3)
    Gmail with Apple Mail (4)
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  • HT1553 I restored my hard drive from time machine. Why is iPhoto not displaying images properly?

    I restored my hard drive from time machine after power blinks corrupted the file system so badly that disk utility could not repair it. Since then, iPhoto has not displayed images correctly. Events are there, and blank squares are shown, but that's all. I rebuilt small and all thumbnails and permissions -- I think the top three or four options in the iPhoto rebuild utility, which took five hours to do but which seems not to have changed anything. The iPhoto library is still more than 100GB, so the photos are there. I didn't choose rebuild from backed up --- whatever the final option on the rebuild menu offers -- because that seems to be appropriate only when a backup is interrupted. Could certainly do it, though. How do I get iphoto behaving again? I have full time machine backups saved automatically and another fairly recent copy on a separate hard drive stored remotely. Thanks for whatever help anyone can provide. I've looked at existing questions and solutions without success so far.

    What version of iPhoto and system are your running?  Since you've tried rebuilding with iPhoto give this a try:
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    Click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
    Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File ➙ Rebuild Library menu option
    In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments. However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.
    If you have an external HD you might want to have the rebuilt copy created on it unless you have well more than 100 GB available on your boot drive.

  • Latest flash version will not display images or video

    Latest flash version will not display images or video in 2 x Windows 7 Pro 64bit machines, 1 x Windows 7 Home Premiums, and 1 x XP SP3 under VMWare Workstation 7. Problem plagues Firefox, Chrome, and IE on all systems. Also running Norton Security from Comcast on all machines. Disabling does not appear to help. Suggestions?

    Not sure, this is the one that I really want to view. I am using the latest 11.6 ending in 168. Curious you got the images. The product ones act like they should be displaying for me but don’t. Can you do a capture of the images? The text with small images sometimes comes through and sometimes not. I wonder if there is a problem on the server end.
    When I talk to the Customer Service people they claim to have no reports of problems, but like the sports pro about to be traded, they may be the last ones to know…

  • Mail will not display images with .jpeg extension. .jpg works fine. (displays in place when opening the email. What plug-in would correct this?

    Mail will not display images with .jpeg extension. .jpg works fine. (displays in place when opening the email. What plug-in would correct this?

    If you think you're insane now, try maintaining those pop up menus.
    As far as I know, these menus have not been updated since FW 8, so 
    they are at least two versions old.
    Save yourself a lot of grief by avoiding those menus. There are many 
    other products on the market which do a much better job of creating 
    and maintaining this type of navigation structure.
    Read this link before you climb any higher on this slippery slope:
    There was another blog post by the fellow who originally wrote the pop 
    up menu feature, but I can't seem to locate it. Even he says stay away 
    from them.
    Not the answer you probably want, but I hope it helps, nonetheless.
    Jim Babbage

  • Mail 7.3 (1878.6) not displaying images in random messages.

    In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that, with no preference changes made by me, that random messages are not displaying images only empty boxes with the small blue question-mark box in the middle. This is almost exclusively from companies and organizations that I'm interested in.
    I've made no changes with regard to messages downloading with my mail in Mail's preferences. If I had, I'd think that ALL such messages would behave the same.

    Nothing happens. Loading remote content is a Mail preference for me for everything. Best I can do is choose to click the "if your having trouble seeing this..." offered by many advertisers to take you to their site.
    Since it's random, I wonder if it's not something that has to do with those specific servers sending those messages. And it's only a few, but enough to be annoying. These are people I've received perfect content from for years in some cases. No changes have been made to my preferences.

  • Safari on my account does not display images when you open a picture.

    I have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed. Safari on my account does not display images most of the time when you open a picture like ( or any other format). If the image does not display, I can drag from the corner, it displays the image. However, pdf does not work at all. I have to choose open in Preview to view the pdf file. I can even show the example:
    Sometimes the images work like right now.
    2. This is the time when the images do not work.

    Hi all the real problem was this...
    The issue was that the wee rubber eye piece around the viewfinder had slipped out of its seat slightly and was covering the sensor for the LCD. I Just checked the rubber eye piece bit  pushed right down till it clipped into place and now not obstructing the LCD sensor as the picture displays both with the LCD auto off enabled or disabled !! simple thing but a massive trap !

  • Mail not displaying images

    I have a strange new problem with Mail. It is not displaying images in email newsletters that I receive, but just from one sender. This has only been the case for a couple of days. I actually make the email newsletter and send it out from a web-based program but I obviously send it to myself to test how it looks etc. There was a problem recently with the server that meant that the email newsletter did not display images (just a box with a ? inside) for most recipients but it always appeared fine to me. Now it's the other way around. All other recipients seem to be able to view the newsletters fine (including other Mac and Mail users) but not me!! I do not have any other problems with Mail except for the occasional crash. Any ideas please??

    Is this helpful?
    I think so, it indicates to me that they have problems!
    This is why the hosting company say it must be a problem with my mail program only.
    Might be, but even different Macs on the same Network may have or get different DNS numbers, and the question mark means either an unknown Pic type,or the link to where it's stored isn't getting through.
    Might try putting these numbers in Network>TCP/IP>DNS Servers...
    They'll be slower since they're in the US, but interest to see if the Pic shows, or can be opened/downloaded then... you can erase them afterwaeds, or put yors back.

  • How can I make Firefox not-display images?

    About 20 years ago I could configure Mosaic to not-display images. I browse with lynx usually now, but have to use something else when I need Javascript. Sometimes I want to not-display images. I can't find a setting in Firefox for this.

    Note that you can control this via the <b>permissions.default.image</b> pref on the <b>about:config</b>
    The default is 1 to allow all images, a value of 2 will block images.
    **1: Allow all images to load, regardless of origin. (Default)
    **2: Block all images from loading.
    **3: Prevent third-party images from loading.

  • The safari software will not display images (pictures).  I have done the "reset" but still no help.  What should i try next?

    the safari software will not display images (pictures).  I have done the "reset" but still no help.  What should i try next?

        Safari > Preference > Advanced
        Checkmark the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
        "Develop" menu will appear in the Safari menu bar.
        Click Develop and make sure that"Disable Images" is not enabled in the dropdown.

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