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Hi guys, 
I need to keep a log of business calls I'm doing on skype in terms of time spent/duration but although I get a basic call duration (mostly) on individual contact calls, it doesn't seem to show this on my group calls. It only shows the call start time, not the finish or final duration. 
Is there a way to fix this?

When I call a group I see this. Are you using the latest version (7.4)?
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  • Is there any way of grouping calls logs from same person/number/contact in call record on iPhone5?

    I've just moved from BBry to iPhone5, and must admit that I am pretty dissapointed with the device.
    I cannot find the way to group call logs from the same person/nmber/contact in call records, so I ended up with having multiple records (sometimes 7-10) for calls to and from the same number. Any solution for this?
    Also, I cannot find the way to insert multiple attachements to my e-mails. How to do it?
    Another issue I have is that I am not able to use most of the apps via WiFi, won't load pages, refresh, etc. When switched to cellular network, works fine. How to solve it?
    All in all, device that costs $800 should have at least those basic functions, rahter than just being pure teenagers' show off phone! Business phone - no way!

    If you are using 11.5 just keep in mind that the JCO connection points to a single application server (based upon the SAP Server alias connection settings), but the traffic itself to make a BAPI request is effectively the same as any client user traffic.  There will obviously be limitations on performance and throughput, with network and server constraints added to the number and size of the R/3 requests, but there is no magic formula to plug-in because of all of these variables.
    If you are using 12.0 (or plan to migrate when it goes GA) then taking advantage of the JRA (java resource adapter) and the associated application server pooling that it offers on the NetWeaver side of things will greatly help you in the throughput capacity.
    If you have put some of your xMII application into either test or productive use and are running into issues then I would highly recommend entering the specifics into the customer / partner support portal so that they can help you through any associated problems.
    Jeremy Good

  • Z10 group call log

    Hi all,
    is there any way to group call by name in Z10 call log/call history? With old BB, calls were grouped by name and was easy to see contact's call history; now, If a contact call me 10 times, I have 10 entry in my call log and, with a daily  huge amount of calls it's annoying
    Any help?
    Thank you

    Hey MarioR2013,
    Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.
    Thanks for the question.
    My apologies, this feature is not available.  We do appreciate the feedback though.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.
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  • I can't send or recieve messages in group calls

    So I've got this problem recently, and it shows me in group chats "Instant messaging isn't currently available...."(the message is longer). I cannot send messages and i can't recieve them in group calls, but on private I can.
    I have the latest skype version, I allowd skype to connect through my firewall and also I tried port forwarding, but no use. I logged out from my phone and from other devices where I'm logged in. 
    I tried solutions from other posts and none of them worked. Please help me with this!
    MSNP: Connection Data (MSNP24):
    * Status: NetStateConnecting.Backoff
    * Server Current:
    * Server Saved:
    * Login: (UIC)
    * EPID: 545401bc-ca21-54ac-3507-5d8690ff27b7
    * ClientVersion: 0/
    * OSVersion: Windows 6.1 (build
    * B: 0 IF: 0 DL: no
    * Time: TZ: UTC+3, Server: 0, Local: 1428089379
    * Push: None (Unregistered)

    I forgot to add that I also reinstalled my windows, and I think it also doesn't work on my phone. My friends who I'm talking to, don't have this problem, just me. 

  • Not letting me join group calls?

    I cannot seem to join the group call. There is no option to join the call, and this is shared among all devices (ipad, laptop, and android phone). All applications are all up to date and have been redownloaded. The chat log registers that the "call as started" and had yet to have "ended" but there is no "join call option". The option sometimes appears after a long time if at all. The call leader must re-add me to the call for it to appear. There is then the problem of the calls randomly being dropped when the internet is fine. HELP! 

    One of the theories we had is that there might be someone in the call who is not your friend, so the privacy settings were kicking in and the call was dropping.
    Could you check this please? Before the call, please make sure that all participants are in your contact list and have added you as a contact on their side also.
    Добавляйте баллы, если моё сообщение вам помогло. Спасибо!
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    Подписки | Цены

  • How to retrieve the call logs of iphone programmatically??

    how do I retrieve the call logs of iphone programmatically ?? I have searched Address book API no help there./....

    You can view and download call history with PhoneView.
    Dave M.
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    Creator of 'Mac611 - Mobile Mac Support' (designed exclusively for an iPhone/iPod touch)

  • Call Log Problems and Questions

    I've owned this phone since late June, 2011 and overall like it.  I came from a BB with "real" keys, but have been pleased with eth learning curve for the swype keyboard (except it's insistence on some nonsense words).
    The real issue I'm facing: The Call Log
    First off, it's painfully slow when compared to my old BB.  If I want to call a recent contact I click over to the log, but have to first WAIT for the phone app to start, and then WAIT for the log to come up, then painfully WAIT to scroll, and then WAIT for that call to load the WAIT to FINALLY get a "Call" button.  Why in the world is this fairly "native" app so frikkin slow.  This is, after all, a phone.
    Second: Why is the call log not threaded?  I haven’t had an unthreaded call log in about 10 years.  My wife calls a lot, but I should have 15 line items of her before the next distinct caller.  When will this be fixed?  Seems a major flaw
    Third, why can't I choose which phone screen comes up first when i click "Phone" from the immovable home screen buttons?  How often are users dialing numbers that are A-not in their call log or B-not a contact?  Speaking of Contacts:
    Fourth: Why is the contact search SO slow?  I typed my last name in (so it should be finding only my family - maybe 10 contacts) and it took 8 seconds.  Again, comparing to the BB, which had a list ready (from the exact same list of contacts) with every keystroke.
    So, four problems.  May I please have four answers?
    Now one for which I can foresee the answer:
    How can I get rid of all the bloatware on the phone?  I don’t want:
    Amazon Kindle
    V Apps
    Backup asst.
    Guided Tour
    Lets Golf
    Media Hub
    Rock Band
    Tune Wiki
    VZ Navigator
    Nice job filling my new $300 phone with $0.02 crap

    I cannot answer your questions with what I consider an effective answer.  With that said are you aware that you can create groups in your contact list.  The is easiest done on the computer from the Google Voice app.  I have a group for my family, wife's family, coworkers, friends, doctors, restaurants, etc.  It is much easier to find someone in a small group.  I also have direct dial shortcuts on one of my home screens.  I have one home screen dedicated to direct dial shortcuts.  For those that I call all the time like my wife and home you touch the icon and it dials immediately.  To do this long tap an open space on a home screen, click on shortcut, click on direct dial or direct message for quick texting.  You can also have a direct shortcut to the actual contact if you frequently need to access the contact information.
    I hope this at least helps you enjoy the phone a little better if you were not aware of these features.  And yes, I wish the bloatware would go away.
    BTW the 4 buttons at the bottom (not the hard buttons) are movable.  You have to long press them to change them out. 

  • Inconsistent group call duration records

    Hi All I'm trying to determine how long a group call lasted for, on the skype that was a recipient of the group call (i.e. not the initiator) Last night, skype was party to a group call involving another telephone number:That's all there is - a group call started, but we have no idea when it ended  This morning, I'm testing, and was in a group call for about 15 minutes - my skype, this recipient skype and another skype user (so it was a skype-only 3 way call).Skype on the recipient then claimed that it MISSED the call (no, it didn't - the recipient is set to auto answer, and it did answer..):But at least with this we can work out the group call was 16 minutes long  Then another test a little while later this time a 3 way between 2 skype users and a phone number:This is really what I want it to be like all the time..  So, howcome the results are so variable, and so wrong/missing info? Are there any log files on disk I can reliably get this info out of? 

    n_deepesh wrote:
    For every silly Lumia problems there is an app, or an update or an app/update that is yet to come. I think that if Lumia was to be released this way only, Microsoft should have released blank phones with option to download and install all things by the way of app or update. Atleast the brand value would not had come down and people would have suffered very less.
    Also it is a smart initiative my Microsoft to market apps.
    Sell old and silly stuff in new wrapper in the name of IGNORANCE what it had named as "LUMIA".
    This is how iPhone and Android started out and pretty much every other mobile OS. Eventually they all evolve and grow through firmware updates and applications being added to their respective app stores.
     What else was you expecting from a brand new OS that is barely seven months old?

  • Skype Group Call Audio History

                      Hello people of the skype forums, I have searched the forums on "recovering Skype Group call Audio History" but to no avail, does skype even record the call(audio) histories? I had recorded some gaming footage with my friends and my screen+audio recorder crashed midway and I was wondering whether the audio we had on the skype call can be recovered?
                        Also, I've found "skypelogviewer" and apparently it doesn't support mac. Does skype log viewer enable users to access call audio files?
    I appreciate any assistance in advance.

    Group calls aren't possible on tablets/smart phones.
    I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac
    If my advice helped to fix your issue please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I generally don't respond to unsolicited Private Messages. Thank you.

  • Group call crashes

    It's been so long since I experienced this problem,
    Everytime I join a group call it would just crash and turn off. 
    And when I try to rejoin and click "join call" it would basically turn off everytime. 
    The one initiating the call would share her screen with us, so we can talk about it and stuff. 
    There's about 4 people in the group call, which is not much. 
    But I really want to know why it isn't working.
    Because when I ask the others, they would always respond that the call worked perfectly,
    And I would always be the one experiencing this problem. 
    I've tried logging out, and signing back in, restart the computer, even reinstall it. 
    I tried using my account on a different computers as well but it never workd. 
    I would update Skype everytime there is a new update.
    So currently, it is on the very recent update. 
    Please help.

    Hi and welcome to the Skype Community,
    Are you using the latest Skype 7.2 for Windows? Is there video active (e.g. either yourself or another participant sending video) in this group call? Can you perform 1-on-1 video calls?
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  • Group Call Problem

    Hello, for a while now we have been having problems with group calls. Anyone that tries to join our group call from an Xbox One can not join. They have to be on the skype app and accept from the notification to even have a shot at joining. Now that not the end of the problem, if a call has already been started and they try to join mid call they have no chance at joining. Also if they somehow succeed in joining the call they still can get randomly dropped from the call, thus being unable to join back. We have tried all of the solutions I have seen on this site, this includes adding everyone in the call, and making sure the host of the call has the most up to date skype version. I would apprecaite help on this topic as it has been really annoying to deal with. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I appreciate any help. 

    I should have mentioned I was able to connect with the guy individually on Skype, but couldn't get him in the group. He ended up getting blocked out of Skype for too many wrong log-ins, so we're hoping to go back in about 40 minutes and try again. 

  • A specific number in call log

    When looking I my call log on, is there a way to view how many times a specific caller has called you? I use to could click on the number and it would give me the option, but now it doesnt do that?

    You can "sort" by the phone number column, and then it will group all the calls from that number together, and you can count the number of calls. Just click the column heading to sort by that heading....

  • Skype 7.7 crashes when I try to start a group call (Windows 10)

    The problem started when Skype updated to 7.7. I can login, chat, but when I start a group call, it instantly stops working and crashes. Didn't tested if this was happening on private call though, but it's still an issue. Here's the DXdiag log: ---------------
    Windows Error Reporting:
    +++ WER0 +++:
    Falha no bucket , tipo 0
    Nome do Evento: APPCRASH
    Resposta: Não disponível
    ID do CAB: 0
    Assinatura do problema:
    P1: Skype.exe
    P3: 55b7d8c2
    P4: unknown
    P6: 00000000
    P7: c0000005
    P8: 5a080e20
    Arquivos anexados:
    Esses arquivos podem estar disponíveis em:
    Símbolo da análise:
    Verificando novamente solução: 0
    ID do Relatório: 5ffd32a7-3b1f-11e5-9bc4-1078d2bd1d03
    Status do Relatório: 97
    Bucket com hash:

    Ah. This forum is for photoshop elements. In CS5 you have a lot more options for workarounds, and you should probably post your question in the Photoshop for Windows forum to get the best answers:
    Good luck!

  • Cant create group call with 2 users (they are on p...

    PLS HELP! 
    When I add 1 man in group call other one gets kicked! 
    sitting from mac os x maverick 
    This happens after new version! 

    Right Click (Control Click) your Buddy and then select Info Card and see if it says the same things as your Other Buddies in the Profile tab.
    8:59 PM Monday; March 1, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • Video call freeze problem save call logs?

    with a spesific contact whenever we talk on 1-1 video call or he is hosting a group call there will be random occasions that it will freeze and it won't recover and eventually fail.
    we are both using the latest
    my pc: win 8.1 32bit
    his pc: win 7 sp1 64bit
    (both fully updated)
    is there a way to monitor/save call logs on both sides (mine and his) so you can investigate the issue further?

    i suggest go to a nokia careline center near you and tell them your problem about your phone. im sure they can help you. or if you know the store where your phone was bought from, try to go there and ask if they can check your phone since most phone stores have warranty for products that they sell.
    that's all i can do to help. im sorry.

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