Guest Account. Web Only??

How do I activate the guest account in Mountain Lion so that it is web only?
Thanks, Paul

AFAIK that option is gone. You have to use Parental Controls (on the guest user account) in order to limit the applications he can use.

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  • Setting up  Guest accounts on my 3 macBook pros

    Wanted to set up my MacBook pros with guest accounts with only limited access and privileges. I would like to set it up with no access to the home folder, applications folder (only the application that I allow access to), and the Preference folder. Now on the guest accounts it deletes all saved documents and "wipes out" all "foreign" files from the desktop and anywhere else, witch is good, but it seem to be also deleted all the aliases ( Microsoft Office Suite) that I created on the desktop every time I log off/shutdown the computer. Guess my question is is there a way to have my setting stick and only the files that were saved on the laptop are deleted?

    This article might be helpful

  • Guest account logout doesn't keep files, apps on dock, How to retain?

    Was thinking of setting up access to some apps on my Guest account ,not only for
    my guests(wife), however, when I close the Guest account login, it tells me that I will lose all my settings and files that I might have set up. Are there
    any settings that I can set up from Administrators point of view, so as when I do switch to Guest login, that these settings/files that are used or saved will actually be there the next time I login to Guest? Thanks
    Or do I set up a user account that isn't Guest?

    Or do I set up a user account that isn't Guest?
    That's the answer, since the whole point of the Guest account is to erase it after use and leave it 'clean' for the next guest. Set up a new user account, but be sure to make it non-admin unless you're sure that anyone using it is safe to be let loose on an admin account. In any event it's always useful to have the odd spare account for testing purposes if you run into trouble.

  • I can only connect to my guest account

    For some reason I can only connect to my guest account. I need to get into the web interface to fix this but it doesn't seem possible from the guest ssid? or is it?

    Hi, you will not be able to access the router's GUI if you are connected to the guest network because it's like you are connected to a virtual network. It is best to be connected to your main router's network so that you will be able to access the router's GUI.

  • Only guest account shows up at start up on Macbook Air

    Last night I was updating my Macbook Air, left it alone to do it's update, came back the next morning to turn it on and it was stuck at the apple logo.
    After preforming a safe boot, it took me to the login page however only the guest account shows up.
    I'm not sure if something went wrong during the update, it was at 70% battery life when i preformed the update so I didn't have it plugged into a power source like recommened, but i've never had a problem with it before.
    I've tried enterng control+alt+command+enter which gives me the chance to put in a username and a password.
    First I enter my name and passwor, but it was rejected.
    So then I tried my apple ID and password, and it was rejected again.
    I know I'm entering the right username/password, because it has been the same for my Air, Pro, and iMac.
    Now I'm not sure if the account even exsists on my Macbook Air, but the guest account only allowed me to use safari.
    I'm not able to access system prefences or anything.
    I'm also having trouble with my iMac after updaiting to Mavericks, it work fine until the update and now it's saying my disk is corrupt, but that's a whole other story.
    I'm just hoping to fix the problem at home because I really don't want to take two computers down to the Apple store.

    If you don't already have a current backup, back up all data, then reinstall the OS. You don't need to erase the startup volume, and you won't need the backup unless something goes wrong. If the system was upgraded from an older version of OS X, you may need the Apple ID and password you used to upgrade.
    There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional. Ask if you need guidance.
    If you installed the Java runtime distributed by Apple and still need it, you'll have to reinstall it. The same goes for Xcode.

  • When i upgraded to Lion, it deleted my main user account and only left my guest account, how can i fix this?

    My main user account was deleted, and only my guest account remained. I don't know my password for the guest account anymore, so i couldn't log in, i had to use my time machine to restore to the day before when i was on 10.6.7. How do i fix this?

    I've stumbled upon the solution to get back into our machines.
    At the login screen, when presented with 'guest account' only, do the following:
    tap enter while holding down 'control' + 'option' + 'command' should be reunited with your usual login personalities.
    Happy days!

  • HT4798 Why did a guest account appear in my login window.  I normally only have two authorized users.

    My log in window today showed two authorized login choices and a guest choice.  When logged in yesterday,  it only showed the two authorized login choices.  The only changes I have made were done on iPhone and iPods setting up iCloud access and accounts.  Did this cause the guest user to appear on my MBP?

    If you set up Find My Mac in iCloud, then it creates a Guest account.

  • WCS and Guest account / limited usage web authentication

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    Here my problem I need to be able to limit my AD users to a 10min access to the WLAN.  I see you can do this for guest accounts, but you have to manually enter a username and password.  I would like the web authentication to use our ACS which is tied in to our AD.   Is there a way to do this? 

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    Here the whole story.  I have a bookstore that going to have “Demo” pc for students to buy.  The want to show the internet on these devices, but our security guy require all users to logon.  I was hoping to find a way to let user logon quickly to test these devices.
    I have already figure out the web auth and that great feature, but you have to manually enter each user.   If I could get that to use AD and limit each to 10min that would be great. I would like to setup a SSID for the demo devices and limit users to 10 min.
    I have 2 WiSM controllers running 6.0 also have WCS .

  • How do I reset my password from a safari only guest account?

    I can not log into my account anymore it said that my password is wrong and I never changed it. The apple store is closed due to weather, and I am only allowed access to the guest account which says it is "Safari only" I have no other option to get signed back in to do homework. I need help!!

    OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 MountainLion & 10.9 Mavericks
    Reset Password using Recovery HD
    Boot into Recovery Partition.
    Start the computer,then press and hold down command and R keys to start into recovery partition.
    When you see the Apple logo, release the keys.
    Wait until  OS X Utilities window shows up.
    Move the mouse to the menubar at the top and click "Utilities", then select "Terminal"
    from the drop down.
    Terminal window will appear.
    Type in   resetpassword   and press enter on the keyboard.
    Leave the Terminal window open.
    Reset Password Utility window will open with Macintosh HD selected.
    Select the user account from the popup menu box.
    Enter a new password.
    Reenter the new password for the user.
    Enter a hint.
    Click the "Save" button.
    Click  in the menubar and select Restart.

  • The guest account on my MBA restart in Safari Only. How do I disable that?

    Every time someone tries to log into my guest account on my MBA, a message pops up stating that the computer will restart in a secure safari only mode. Any ideas as to how to get the guest account back to normal instead of restarting the computer in safari only mode?

    I also think separate accounts is the way to go....if he is over 13yrs also remember if you do make an account for him and use your bank card all purchases will be charged to your card.

  • Only on my administrator account firefox will tell me it is already running and to close it or restart my computer. guest account works fine. nothing is running on main account though. after restarting i get the same response.

    when i click on the icon to open mozilla, it shows me this:Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.
    But I do not have anything running?Won't work after restarting, opens just fine on my guest account though?

    Do you still have a [ Firefox Profile Folder] in that account?
    * [[Firefox is already running but is not responding]]

  • Streaming from a Guest Account

    I am wanting to have a friend watch a live stream from my mac connected with HDMI cable to my TV. I can get to safari, get to the web page, in this case ESPN2. However, live stream only gets as far as "loading." I never get it loaded.
    So, I attempted to watch the stream using my account (main account) and it came thru beautifully. Is there a setting that allows users of the guest account to also connect to live streaming?
    I have the guest account set restricted to certain apps (my mailbox, etc.) for personal reasons.
    Looking forward to reply.
    thank you

    Hello, Teen Titan!!  OMG, I apologize for the extremely long delay.  After the streaming in March, April, have not streatmed since, except for this past weekend.  Managed  with the sound only from the MBP. 
    However, just yesterday  as your reply of April 4, 2011 suggests, I quit and re-opened Safari, but still no luck.  Must be some setting in my MBP that I am overlooking.  Reason I say this is because a friend of mine purchased for me the optical audio cable.  We streamed an ESPN2 site and beautiful sound from speakers! 
    Then, we went to another site, a YouTube site, but audio reverted back to sound coming  only from MBP.  Turned off  all equipment and turned on again.  Went to the ESPN2 streaming (thinking maybe it's a YouTube issue), but this time, ESPN2 streaming did not produce audio from MBP to the external speakers.   I don't understand why it streamed picture and sound  5 mintues earlier, but not again. 
    Thank you for your help!  I will troubleshoot more and if you have anymore to offer, please do so.

  • ISE1.1 - Use of one guest account on multiple devices

    I have ISE1.1 with local web authentication process for "Guest" Wi-Fi. I faced a problem in bulk guest account creation and TAC filed a bug - CSCup38457: "importing guest account CSV fails via sponsor portal"
    Now, I need to allow guests to connect to "Guest" Wi-Fi using multiple devices (approx. 200). My queries are below:
    1- Is it possible to permit one guest account to be used by approx. 200 devices at same time?
    2- On how many devices single guest account can be used?
    3- Is there any limitation or abnormal behavior in terms of guest portal for such cases?

    Are you sure that is true?
    When I look at the restriction on device registration I read that as applicable only to Device Self Registration, not to normal guest access.
    So as far as guest sessions per user I can either choose to limit to one with the check box, or allow infinite.
    And the Device Registration Portal Limit applies to self registration of devices, not just standard guest access. The OP doesn't look like he wants to register devices, he just wants to allow guest access for multiple devices.
    This is how I read it anyway. Please let me kno if you think otherwise.
    If this is not the case, then is it not possible to create a standard Network Access User (not through guest portal) and have as many users access this as you need? In this case 200. As long as you disable password changes/expirations/lockouts etc.
    If not I may be in trouble :-)

  • ISE Guest-Account Single-User Multiple Logins

    How to make ISE to only allow  one guest-user account login at a time.    the actual issue I have is- when I give one Guest user-id to someone, he can circulate that user-id with others and multiple unauthorized guests can use that single user-id to connect to Guest-portal
    Anyway to restrict that ?

    Restricting Guests to One Active Network Session
    You can restrict guests to having only one device connected to the network at a time. When guests attempt to connect with a second device, the currently-connected device is automatically disconnected from the network.
    This is a global setting affecting all Guest portals.
     Step 1 Choose Administration > Web Portal Management > Settings > Guest > Portal Policy.
    Step 2 Check the Allow only one guest session per user option.
    Step 3 Click Save .

  • ISE sponsor portal guest accounts

    I am having an issue with guest accounts that have been created in the sponsor portal, some accounts work fine but others show up in the authentication logs on ISE as error 22056.  This error points to ISE not looking in the right identity store but when you go deeper into the details all auth requests are pointing at the internal users store which is correct.
    My main problem is that when I try to look at these accounts from the ISE admin console to see if there is any difference between them they do not show up i.e. no accounts that are created on the sponsor portal are displayed in the internal users database but if you try to create an account with the same user name ISE says that there is already an account with that name.
    Is there any where on ISE to display the sponsor guest accounts?

        not too sure if I am missing something but this just tells you how to use the sponsor portal? my query was based around being able to see all user accounts i.e. accounts created in the sponsor portal and from the admin from the admin console in the admin console.
    If I web browse to the ISE admin console and the go to administration-Identities I can only see the accounts that I have created through ISE admin, if I try and create an account that I know exists on the sponsor portal ISe complains that the user already exists but you cannot view it.  This seems very odd, why wouldn't an admin be able to see all accounts?

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