Having problems creating PDF from website with query-string URLs

I have a website that I would like to create a PDF from. I am using the Create -> PDF from Web Page..., selecting the site's home page, and capturing 2 levels, with "stay on same path" and "stay on same server" checked in order to limit the scope of the crawl.
Where the pages are at example.com/foo/ and example.com/foo/bar/, this works fine. However, where the pages are at example.com/foo/ and example.com/foo/?p=1, the page represented by the query string URL is not converted to the PDF.
This is a problem, given that the site I want to archive as a PDF uses query strings for most of its pages.
I have been able to individually convert a single query-string-based page into a PDF using this method, but doing this for every page on the site would be almost impossible given the sheer number of pages on the site.
Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround other than separately capturing each page (which would be prohibitive effort)?
I have tried this in both Acrobat Pro X and Acrobat Pro 9 for Mac, with the same results.

Remember, Acrobat is a 32-bit application and as such cannot access all that 'extra' stuff.
Be well...

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  • I am having problems creating PDF file and downloading them

    I am having problems creating PDF file and downloading them

    Hi Randy Keil,
    You might need to sign up with your Adobe ID and password at "https://cloud.acrobat.com/convertpdf"
    Then you can choose the desired files to create the PDF.
    Now, let me know what error message do you get while doing the same.
    What kind of files are you trying to convert to PDF?
    Have you checked with your internet connection and tried using a different browser?
    Hope to get your response.

  • Create PDF from scanner with Acrobat 11.0.6

    Ever since Acrobat updated to 11.0.6 the create pdf from scanner option will not complete. I am running OS X 10.9.1 on a Macbook Air as well as a Macbook Pro. The Macbook Air updated to Acrobat version 11.0.6 sometime last week and that's when it stopped working. The Macbook Pro updated just this morning and stopped working as well.
    I click on File > Create > PDF from scanner, which then brings up the Acrobat Scan window. HPScan shows up as the default scanner and click the scan button leaving the usual default options unchanged. The HP Scan window then pops up and I click scan. The document scans and appears in the HP Scan window; so far so good. It will ask me if I want to scan other pages, to which I click no. I then click the return button as usual. Normally this would then return me to back to Acrobat, but this is not happening. It just hangs there at the HP Scan window. This started happening when Acrobat updated to 11.0.6. If I go into the Acrobat preferences and change the Scan driver option under Conver to PDF from Twain to ImageCapture it works. It used to work with the TWAIN option.
    Any ideas?

    We are investigating this issue and will get back to you once we have any updates.

  • Creating PDF from Scanner with Brother MFC9700

    Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional, latest version 9.1.2 (patched in the process of troubleshooting). We recently installed a new computer for this end user. She complained that Acrobat kept scanning the same page over and over again and only quit when clicking on Cancel. I tried it from both the auto-feeder and from the glass. Here is what I discovered as I did troubleshooting: I get 2 ways of creating PDFs from this multifunction printer/scanner. Neither are acceptable. If I choose the options of Native Mode and have it hide the native interface, the quality is good, but it keeps scanning the same page over and over again until you tell it to cancel. Checking the Prompt for new page box did nothing. If I choose Native Mode and Display the Native Interface, it only scans once, but the output is very pixellated, no matter the setting of image quality. There is only one scanner type option, WIA.
    I downloaded the newest drivers and software, no help. Anyone have a clue as to what to try next?

    Use the software that came with the scanner, save as TIF, then use Acrobat to convert the TIF to PDF

  • Problem creating pdf from multiple files

    I'm running Windows XP SP3 with Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.2.1.  When I try to create a one pdf from multiple files in Adobe Standard 8.2.1 the application just closes.  The two files I'm trying to combine into 1 pdf file are word files.   I'm able to create a single pdf of each word file by opening them separately in word and sending them to the acrobat printer.  I've tried combining other files also, but had no luck.  Windows events doesn't log anything under applications and no error message pops up when the application closes.
    Anybody have any ideas how to troubleshoot this issue or what could be causing the applicaton to just close? 

    I've read many discussions about Acrobat and problems with server files, with the general solution being what you are doing... copy the files to a local hard drive

  • Problems creating PDF from JPEGs.

    I am using Acrobat Standard 6.0.5. I am having trouble creating a PDF from certain JPEGs. I created these JPEGs using a scanner and Photoshop Elements 5, saving them as 8-bit grayscale at 300dpi. When I create a PDF from these JPEGs in Acrobat, I get a blank, 1 inch x 1 inch image. I've tried zooming in and out and the image is still blank. The funny thing is that I can extract the JPEGs from the newly created PDF, so they are somehow present; I just can't see them.
    Some other data points:
    1. I can create a PDF from JPEGs from my digital camera. These are 180 dpi, 24-bit color, but otherwise I don't see any notable differences.
    2. I've tried converting the problematic JPEGs to 24-bit color. That made no difference.
    3. I've tried converting the problematic JPEGs to JPEG2000. That *did* make a difference -- I can create a PDF from them just fine.
    4. I can open the problematic JPEGs in Photoshop Elements and *print* them to PDF. That works just fine.
    There's obviously something about these files that Acrobat doesn't like, or else some configuration setting in Acrobat that needs to be adjusted, but I can't figure out what it is.
    Thanks in advance!

    JPegs are often problems. You might try saving to TIFF instead, the standard for scanners.

  • Create PDF from scanner with the same size that the original

    i have a problem with acrobat professional
    i create a PDF from scanner but when the pdf is finished is shorter than the original picture.
    thanks for your help.

    Check in either page setup or if printing dialog box, and see if set 94% which pdf is usually set to. Set to full page or full.
    That's the only thing I can think of.

  • Acrobat pro xi - bug creating pdf from website

    Hi there,
    I'tried to create a pdf from a website. Problem is, that within a paragraph the last non-breaking space is moved by Acrobat to the start of the next line. The whole paragraph - expect the first line - is intended. Any ideas? Or a bug?
    Thx for feedback!

    Hi networker_mf
    Could you please share the following details so that we can help solve the problem?
    1. The OS you are using and its version - Win7/Win8 or Mac OS 10.9/Mac OS 10.8?
    2. Is it 32-bit or 64-bit OS?
    3. Acrobat version you are using 11.0.7 or 11.0.8?
    4. Are you trying to convert from a browser? If yes, then which browser and the browser version?
    5. Is this happening for all websites or specific website? If it is a specific website, could you please share its url?

  • Having difficulty creating pdf from XML data source

    I have a 'rpt' file built with a classic install of Crystal 10, using xml as a data source. I have tried using both ADO.NET(XML) connection and ODBC CR ODBCXML Driver 4.20.
    The rpt file was built on Windows2000 NT platform. The report runs, and displays data from the sample xml file in the preview tab.
    I am attempting to feed xml data into the rpt file with the intent to create pdf formatted output. I am using java with the Crystaldecisions packages. I am running this app out of an Apache server on an Ubuntu VM Hardy Heron release. This does not have any version of Crystal Reports installed on it.
    I have followed the examples and I am comfortable that I have the correct package imports, I am able to open the rpt file, and convert both the xml and xsd to byte arrays. When I issue the command
    reportClientDocument.getDatabaseController().setDataSource(xmlDataSet, '', '')
    I get the response
    Cannot find corresponding table information in the XML file
    Set data source failed: The table 'criminal_case' could not be found.
    Request failed and JRC Command failed to be undone
    JRCAgent1 detected an exception: The table 'criminal_case' could not be found.
    at com.crystaldecisions.reports.reportdefinition.datainterface.g.a(Unknown Source)
    The xsd does validate the xml which contains a noNamespaceSchemaLocation pointer to the xsd.
    The xml is the same data that was used to design the report on the NT box. This means that I see the same elements being byte streamed as were used to create the rpt file.
    Is this as simple as I am running my webserver on Linux? I do see the connection attribute properties reference a Database DLL that is clearly windows based. What can I do?

    So why develop a report if there is no data? I can only think that you have a bunch of static text, maybe an instruction page you want to publish? If so, you still need a data source, it can be a dummy source
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    ie no data per se. BIP needs a source even if there is not data to merge.

  • Acrobat X Pro - create PDF from Excel with no margins...ARGH!

    Hello all,
    Does anyone know if it's possible to create a PDF from a selection of Excel cells without a margin appearing on the PDF file? Even if I set the print margins (print to Adobe PDF) to zero, Acrobat still puts in margins in the PDF. The background of the Excel file is black (as specified by my manager), and he wants black all the way to the edges of the PDF page.
    I have to submit this weekly, and as it's several pages long I don't want to be faffing about with the crop tool each Monday morning (it already takes long enough to source the data). The current solution I have been given is to create a template in Powerpoint (HATE) and link the cells/graphs, but and paste any text boxes, and then convert from Powerpoint to PDF, as no margins are imposed this way.I know cropping would be quicker than this, but surely in this day and age it's easily possible and there's just some simple option I'm just missing?

    I have the same setup with Win 7 and Office 2010 and have created thousands of PDF from Excel sheets, but never noticed this particular issue.  Regardless, rather than fight an issue like this where no specific documentation exists, I usually resort to other options in the interest of not getting bogged down in a maddening search for answers. 
    Go ahead and convert to PDF so that your links are retained, etc.  Open the resulting file in Acrobat, and use the crop tool to remove the blank margins that are at issue, either maintaining proportionality or not, depending on your needs, making sure to set the cropping tool to apply the scheme to all pages.  I'm assuming that all pages are formatted the same, such that this strategy will work.  Then, apply the cropping, and sanitize the file to remove the cropping data.  At this point, your blank margins should be completely gone, and the file can be scaled for printing if that is your objective, but that will obviously introduce some white margins again at the printer.
    The only other option I'm aware of to address this from the PDF side is via a third-party plug-in from Evermap called AutoPagex.  One of its features allows you to scale a document's content to the page margins, either maintaining proportionality or not.  Without proportionality, I was able to scale an Excel sheet with black background to all but a tiny sliver of the top and bottom margins in landscape orientation.  From here, I scaled the content via an additional feature to 100.5%, and all white margins were gone.  That said, it probably just as effective to accomplish this via the crop tool, assuming the page formatting remains consistent.        
    Disclosure:  I have no affiliation of any kind with Evermap, but did address the use of several of their products in my book, "The PDF Litigation Guide."
    Hope that helps!
    Jason Covey
    PDF Litigation Solutions, LLC

  • Help with Query String Url

    Hello All. I am in need of assistance in creating a query link for a sharepoint 2013 list.  I would like to create a link that will query a column other than the Item ID: http://somesite.aspx?QuerySearch={ItemId}.
    Is there a way to accomplish this, let's say

    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted to creat a query link for a SharePoint 2013 list.
    You can use the URL as below, it return the item which Title is equal to Test.
    In addition, you can use Query String Filter Web Part.
    More information:
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Creating PDFs from documents with graphics having transparent background

    I came across this problem when making PDFs of PowerPoint presentations but I have found that the same thing happens in Word.
    PDFs created from documents containing graphics having transparent backgrounds end up being very large (usually much larger than the source documents) and rendering slowly on the screen. The graphics are either JPGs with background set as transparent using the Set Transparent Color tool on the picture toolbar in MS Office applicatons, or PNGs that already have transparent backgrounds when inserted in the document. PDFs made from the same documents in which the graphics do not have transparent backgrounds are much smaller and render more quickly.
    When I try to select the graphics in the resulting PDFs using the Touch-up Object tool, I find that each graphic is actually made up of many individual graphic lines. Graphics without a transparent background select as a single object.
    I have tried several PDF creation tools and all kinds of settings but nothing seems to make much of a difference. The only way I can get a reasonable file size is to reduce resolution in the PDF creation settings to the point that they are unacceptable.
    This happens to me in the following applications:
    * MS Word 2003
    * MS PowerPoint 2003
    I have tried these PDF creation tools:
    * Acrobat 7 Pro
    * JAWS PDF Creator 3.60
    * Bullzip PDF Printer 6.0
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

    Well we can color this one solved. What I figured out I can do is have the application tell Word to print-to-file using an Apple LaserWriter (or other PostScript) printer, and put the resulting file in a folder that is being watched by Distiller. Distiller then converts the PS document to PDF and I'm in business.
    So no change in the user process, and no need to crack open a new API and add it to the existing application. Works for me.
    Thanks to all for the suggestions and specific links and other information of interest...

  • Unable to create PDF from website

    I am suddenly unable to create a PDF in Acrobat 9 Pro from a website without a gray overlay and an error message telling me the browser needs to be updated.  I'm attaching a pic of the error.  Is there a way to update the browser in Acrobat?  I have installed all available updates for my Acrobat version I can find.  I have also updated IE and receive the same error.

    The best I can tell is that it deals with Acrobat using an IE type interface. It did not have the background problem with AA8, but indeed it showed up in AA9. I do not have AAX to test that. Your options are to use PDF Maker from IE or other browser. From IE it worked without the background issue. The layout was different, but some scaling and such might resolve that issue. Printing seems to offer a better view. You likely only need a print, so I would suggest using the print function in your browser. The HTML of the site seems to recommend using a different browser than IE, so you might try FireFox.

  • Having problems creating a zip file with Japanese language character names

    I have a bunch of files with names in Japanese characters (also Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc, but this will do for an example). The encoding is Unicode.
    I wish to be able to put them in a zip file, then extract them again using any old zip tool (WinZip,PKZip,7-Zip etc)
    Trouble is, every time I do it, the files inside the zipfile end up with garbage character names. The contents of the files are fine, though.
    I'm aware that there used to be a bug in the java.util.zip.* classes regarding character encodings (http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do;jsessionid=5bd4fe01ad8a7b4ec89afef5005da?bug_id=4244499) but as far as I can see it's supposed to have been fixed I have also tried the ZipOutputStream class from apache which allows you to set the encoding manually - no luck there either (just many different varieties of garbage characters)
    Test code below. What am I missing here?
    import java.io.File;
    import java.io.FileOutputStream;
    import java.io.FileReader;
    import java.io.IOException;
    public class ZipTest {
    static String uniqueFileName = "&#35199;&#12288;&#32020;.txt";
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    try {
    } catch (IOException fe) {
    System.out.println("problem in file - exception " + fe.getMessage());
    public static void apacheZip() throws IOException {
    String encoding = "";
    File inputFile = new File(uniqueFileName);
    FileReader reader = new FileReader(inputFile);
    encoding = reader.getEncoding();
    System.out.println("Using Apache - Encoding = " + encoding);
    File zipFile = new File("apacheZip.zip");
    org.apache.tools.zip.ZipOutputStream zipOutputStream = new org.apache.tools.zip.ZipOutputStream(
    org.apache.tools.zip.ZipEntry zipEntry = new org.apache.tools.zip.ZipEntry(uniqueFileName);
    int c = 0;
    while (c >= 0) {
    c = reader.read();
    if (c >= 0) {
    public static void standardZip() throws IOException {
    String encoding = "";
    File inputFile = new File(uniqueFileName);
    FileReader reader = new FileReader(inputFile);
    encoding = reader.getEncoding();
    System.out.println("Using Java IO - Encoding = " + encoding);
    File zipFile = new File("standardZip.zip");
    FileOutputStream zipOut = new FileOutputStream(zipFile);
    java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream zipOutputStream = new java.util.zip.ZipOutputStream(zipOut);
    java.util.zip.ZipEntry zipEntry = new java.util.zip.ZipEntry(uniqueFileName);
    int c = 0;
    while (c >= 0) {
    c = reader.read();
    if (c >= 0) {

    Emma_Baillie wrote:
    I have a bunch of files with names in Japanese characters (also Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc, but this will do for an example). The encoding is Unicode.
    I wish to be able to put them in a zip file, then extract them again using any old zip tool (WinZip,PKZip,7-Zip etc)
    Trouble is, every time I do it, the files inside the zipfile end up with garbage character names. The contents of the files are fine, though.This is becuase zip tool doesn't support unicode for zip entries. For example WinZip prior to 11.2 does not support Unicode characters in filenames. You need to look for the simillar information for other tools. You can find more on tools on their website.

  • How to create PDF from Excel with Password Protection Using Visual Studio & Visual Basic

    Could someone provide some VB code sample(s) to create a PDF file with password protection (Security Method - Password Security - Restrict Editing & Printing)?
    I create a bunch of reports every week using an Excel 2010 addin that subsequently must be printed to PDF.  I then have to manually edit the properties of each document in order to apply the printing restriction.
    I'm using Acrobat X.
    I've downloaded the SDK but have no idea which dll's to use or where to begin.

    That's surprising & disappointing.  I would have thought that this capability would have long since been requested.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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  • Bug in XML DOM

    there is a bug in XML DOM API in Safari for Windows. The same bug was in FireFox 2 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=206053 Hmm... how to report it to Apple?

  • Freight value to be added to the final po value and no taxes on this

    Hi team, I have taken FRA1, FRB1 and FRC1 as Freight condition types. whenever I use FRB1 (freight fixed value) or FRC1 (freight/quantity), I want this amount to be added to the total value and no taxes etc. are to be calculated on this. how to repre

  • Cffeed issue

    Hi, I posted this issue during beta and even submitted a bug, but for some reason it wasnt fixed in the final version. Can someone help me out? Code: <cffeed action="read" source=" http://movies.msn.com/rss/topcelebs" name="feedInStruct" > Just this

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