Having Trouble Downloading After Effects VIA the Cloud.

So I purchased Adobe AFter Effects through the cloud on a month to month basis. I had just finished the free trail and decied I needed to download it.
I then dowloaded the free trail of Creative Cloud just to see how the layout was etc. Then I purchased After Effects on Creative Cloud.
After I recieve my e-mail telling me my purchase had gone through etc etc. I logged in to Creative Cloud and tried to download AE.
The Adobe Apllication Manager window opens and I selected After Effects again but it doesn't do anything? On the left side (where it should say download or try) it says Up To Date.(picture included below).
I checked my computer just to make sure it hadn't downloaded and it's not there. I have a feeling this whole issue has to do with the free trail I was on?
Anyway, it's Saturday and Adobe's phone support is not open and I'll be wasting two whole days of my month to month plan if I can't get it downloaded
Anyone have any ideas as to what I'm diong wrong here, or what I should do to resolve the problem??

Log out of AAM, clean the SLStore folder as expalined here:
Error "Licensing has stopped working" | Mac OS
Sign back into AAM and then launch the apps to confirm the license agreements and finalize the activation.

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    You will want to complete solution 1 in Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-download-assistant.html#main_Solutio n_1.  Also where are you trying to download the install files too?
    Alternately you can utilize the steps listed in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369 to initiate a direct download.

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    I have just checked your account and found that you indeed have bought a Creative Cloud for Teams subscription but you have assigned the single seat to another user hence you ( If you are using your own Adobe ID ) are getting the trial error message.
    Two options : Either reassign the seat to your self or add an additional seat and invite your self in the same Team.
    Kartikay Sharma

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    Arhodes15 did you receive any errors during the installation process?  I would recommend reviewing your installation log files for errors.  You can find details on how to locate and interpret your installation log files at Troubleshoot install issues with log files | CC - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cc.html.  You are welcome to post any specific errors to this discussion.

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    HELP Me.
    I really need to use after effects.. i need to do a video animation like the 'annoying orange' via after effects.  is there any other adobe apps that i can do the same effects?

    You need a 64-bit computer and operating system to run After Effects. Does your system meet the Tech Specs http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects/tech-specs.html?

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    Link for Download & Install & Setup & Activation may help
    -Chat http://www.adobe.com/support/download-install/supportinfo/

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    Did you have Premiere Pro previously installed? Do you get any error messages? You can try to re-install after using the CS Cleaner tool. You might deactivate before using the tool.

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    I have this problem too:
    Error: unknown protocol
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    aam://SAPCode=AEFT?productVersion=12.0?passPhrase=F6dnZVhpYT94rGQvWrqu3sL1BDooFbQhl+bFTS3h lDQYsW9jxZ7iDaYEE9t/JdXqGnlSZhzZMs/5bXSmUaj3WNb4CovWgwCNdMrEBi20vVmPqFKvdhwBURe9rwJ0dgT5jR +abB6W9deI8YLyWULtoFcYpJLMe90FGBymjktT9K8=
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    reset your preferences -
    after effects:  http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/preferences.html
    dreamweaver:  https://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/restore-preferences-dreamweaver-cs6-cc.html
    flash:  http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/re-create-preferences-flash-professional.html
    illustrator:  http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/setting-preferences.html
    indesign:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990
    lightroom: https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/setting-preferences-lightroom.html
    muse (mac): https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1246022?tstart=0
    photoshop:  https://forums.adobe.com/thread/375776
    photoshop elements:  http://www.photokaboom.com/photography/learn/Photoshop_Elements/troubleshooting/1_delete_p references_file.htm
    premiere pro: http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/premiere/pro/troubleshooter/trash-preferences.html
    if that fails, uninstall, clean (Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6) and reinstall.

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    hi guys, just wondered if anyone had any experience in working directly from the cloud desktop folder?
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    thought it would be good to have an extra backup system and be able to work from another computer like my laptop instead of copying files around etc..
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    Why would anyone? Adobe's cloud storage is complete garbage and even if you were to use alternate systems like Dropbox you still have to wait until the files actually sync, which means that during that time you cannot safely load and save them without risking the files getting damaged. Conversely, once they are damaged and you turn on your other computer and they sync you end up with nothing useful at all because previous, potentially intact file versions get overwritten. Sorry, none of this makes any sense. I'd never entrust any critical work to any of these workflows beyond manually uploading a zipped collected version of the project at the end of the day, but strictly separate from the actual working files/ folders.

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    I have tried downloading the new upgrade (ios6) via my computer(iphone plugged in) but it seems to take so long to do this.  is there an easier/quicker way?  I tried again this morning and it got half way through and it said my connection timed out yet my internet was still going!!
    i am extremely NOT tech savvy so any help needs to be "dumbed" down(lol)
    Could someone PLEASE HELP ME?????

    Here is the place to find the CS5 installers: Download CS5 products

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    Jodie156 wrote:
    ... it come up about the billing information and I put in all the correct details but still doesn't let me downloadu
    Accepted forms of payment  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5552
    Changing Account Information  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1918
    If necessary... Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

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