HELP! Can't Install 2000/XP after RMA

Story Before RMA
OK Now, I got my KT3 Ultra 2 RMA'd. And after 40+ restarts trying to re-install 2000/XP:
Good news: My PC doesn't randomly shut itself down now.
Bad news: it still doesn't allow me to install 2000/XP.  
I got the error message when installing XP first time:
"A problem has been detected, and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer... bleh bleh bleh... and then select Safe mode"
"Technical Information:
*** STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0X807d077c, 0XF8988D1C, 0XF8988A1C)"
Then I shut my PC down, tried re-installing the second time, got the following error message:
"Technical Information:
*** STOP: 0X0000008E (0X80000003, 0X80192AA6, 0XF8985070, 0X00000000))"
Then It just froze at "Press any key to boot from the CD..." afterwards.
And sometimes when I restart, the board doesn't detect my HD at all. I had to switch IDE cables and back and forth and then it detects it.
I had a Volcano 7+, Arctic Silver 5, 1700+ Palomino, Ti4200, DiamondPlus 9 P-ATA 60G (Primary IDE Master), Pioneer DVD 16X (Secondary IDE Master).
Any ideas?  
Thanks in advance.

if it was my compuer i would:
1) reseat cpu, and (like osnavi said), pay attention how much of thermal compound you are using
2) set bios to default settings
3) disable in bios all onboard adapters except for ide controller
4) try to install the system with basic hardware: mainboard, cpu, one memory stick, graphics, hdd, cdrom drive
if you manage to install the system you can gradually add the rest of your components
you may find a couple of interesting things in troubleshooting guide by bas:
take care

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    ....and in addition to reading the link Todd posted, it would probably make much more sense to post a few specs of your hardware, so someone could at least take a guess at what might be going on. You know, not much point to just saying that something doesn't work when we cannot possibly have the slightest clue about your specific audio hardware and its settings. Could be anything from bad drivers to genuine problems in AE, but who's to say?

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    Follow the Very Important Instructions on that page first otherwise the links will not work.

  • [HELP] Can I install a new version of Windows 7 on my Lenovo G550?? (+ One Key Rescue???????)

    I bought a Lenovo G550 with 4GB DDR3, T4300, 320Gb. It came with Windows 7 BASIC installed and I'd like to install a version of Windows 7 Professional I have here. I want to do a clean install!
    Well, when I started the installation, the disks were partitioned as follows:
    1. 200 Mb - System;
    2. 233 GB - Hard c: \ (where I believe that Windows 7 Basic is installed)
    3. 30.2 GB - Lenovo (here are the drivers, totaling 800MB used!)
    4. LENOVO_PART - 14.8GB [OEM] (is a hidden partition! Probably the One Key Rescue. He says CAN NOT INSTALL, OEM is because, for the MANUFACTURER)
    The question is: if I delete the first 3 partitions, leaving only the hidden partition (Lenovo_PART-14.8Gb) and install Windows 7 Professional, will work?? If later I want to restore the system using the discs created by One Key Rescue, will work too? That will give an error?
    PLEASE HELP! Windows 7 BASIC sucks!
    (Thanks to google for the english translation)  

    OK - I was under the impression that you had a brand new machine and did not have to restore any data stored already.  If it were me - I would back up all of my data - not with True Image - but just back it up.  Then I would do a clean install of Windows 7  (getting rid of all those partitions) and either create one or two.   I just use one and then do regular images wtih Acronis True Image - but you could create two - one for the OS and applications and another for all your data directories. 
    I don't know how you would do a new install while trying to create the partitions exactly the way Lenovo has them when the machine is delivered.  (I don't think Lenovo does either)  So - I would make it simple and just get rid of them all after your data is backed up.   If you have new applications loaded, I would just install them again.  Not the most convenient but in the long run you will have an easier system to back up and manage. 
    I'm not a fan of Lenovo's instant restore proceedure, because A: it is complicatied, and B: it doesn't buy you anything if you crash your hard drive anyway.  It is really only good if you A: do regular backups with the instant restore, and B: either have a virus or corrupt some data and need to use it.  You can do the same thing by using the Microsoft system restore point proceedure.  So - to me it is just a gimick and makes your drive a mess wtih hidden partitions, etc.  
    That would be my approach.  I would NOT try to backup your current configuraton with Acronis before installing a new OS.  It can be done - but I think it will be very messy.  A much better approach would be just to delete all of those partitions with the Windows 7 install proceedure - then create just one or two new partitions as you install the new OS.  Then start using Acronis to do regular images on your drive.  You can also do incrementals so it only takes a couple of minutes each day. 
    Installing Windows 7 is a piece of cake as it finds all the drivers for you.  Just make sure you have it connected to an ethernet cable.  Then install your applications and then load your data back.  Very straigtforward. 
    The advantages you will get will be:  A:  You will get use of your entire hard drive space.  B:  It will be much easier to manage and back up.  C:  Using Acronis to backup your drive will be simple  D: If you ever lose data you can simply use Acronis to restore the directory or data file, or E:  If you lose your entire hard drive you simply get a new one and then restore from the Acronis CD and point it to your last backup image. 
    I hope this helps.  Good luck. 

  • Can't install cc-patches after upgrading to windows 8.1

    Hi Adobe-Team,
    after upgrading to windows 8.1. I can't install updates and patches of the creative cload programms. I'm able to uninstall programms. I'm able to install programms, but i cant't patche them. Got this message: "Installation erfolgreiche, aber Fehler beim Patch (U44M1I210). I've no idea what to try further more.
    Thanks for your  help

    Hi Andreas,
    Error Code: U44M1I210 means failed to extract the downloaded ZIP file of update.
    Please follow the instructions specified on following kb doc and see if it helps -
    Let us know if it does not solve your problem.

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    Seems that Windows 7 install is much less. I booted in my win7 install USB key, formated the drive and tried to install. Now it says that the drive isn't in MBR.
    Is there a way to install it anyways?
    Some suggest to use winclone. I made a clone of Windows 7 off my other iMac and tried to copy that image file.
    I thought it would be perfect but, now it says that the drive must me disk0s4, mine is disk06 because of the EFI partition.
    Please help out! I'm at a dead end!

    Okay, I'll bring it home this weekend, Make an image of my first partition with my apps installed, and a second image with my work files. Back all that up to an external HD
    I'll erase all partitions and reset it as one.
    Install OS X.
    Partition my drive with bootcamp (60gb).
    Install Windoze.
    After I'll partition my OSX partition in two with Disk Utility so I'll have 3 patitions in all.
    HD 1 = Apps home folder etc...
    Bootcamp = Windoze
    HD 2 = Work files.
    Will that work?
    If I'm not satisfied with windows 7, can I erase that partition (not delete it) with the windows install DVD and install windows 8?
    Thanks for your great help guys!

  • HELP Can't install itunes 9 on Windows 7  64-Bit

    I've just bought an iPod Touch and can't install itunes on my notebook. (Which means I can't use my iPod)
    I've downloaded itunes for 64bit, but each time I double-click it, a window opens and say "The windows installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if the windows installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."
    and it says the itunes installer encountered an error before itunes completely installed.
    I went to Asus service center, but they said that itunes is not compatible with the new Windows 7 and I should bring it to Apple iBox instead.
    I've gone to 2 iBox and they don't understand the problem at all, and they didn't find any way to help me.
    This is so disappointing. I can't even find an email address to contact Apple directly.
    Help is so much appreciated. Thanks..

    iTunes 9.0.x is certainly compatible with Win7 64 bit since I use that exact setup on 3 different PCs. Two suggestions for your installation problems:
    1)Download a new copy of the 64 bit installer from Apple then, instead of just running the itunes installer right click on it and try 'run as adminstrator'. In my experience that clears up a world of problems with program installation in Win7 and Vista. This is necessary even if you're already logged in as an administrator.
    2) Try the previous version of iTunes (9.0.3). You can get a copy at again right click on the file and "run as administrator"
    Good luck, hope this helps.

  • Can't install Blackberry world after upgrade to 7.1

    i can't install App world, it says error when it gets to a certain kb. I don't know what to do. Please help?

    Klokkies2 wrote:
    my phone has App world on, 
    Hello Klokkies2
    Your Orginal issue is that you're unable to Download BlackBerry App World , So have you downloaded BlackBerry World in your device ?
    Klokkies2 wrote:
     no upgrade is available and also why did all my contacts dissapear when I upgraded to 7.1 on BBM? i have tried both KB you sent nothing helps
    What you are trying to Update  and reading BBM7 , our Contacts are stored with our BlackBerry ID , once you login with your same BlackBerry ID in your device your BBM contacts will be restored back. Those above KB rae not related to BlackBerry Messenger.
    If you're having problem with BBM also then please clarify your exact problem.
    Click " Like " if you want to Thank someone.
    If Problem Resolves mark the post(s) as " Solution ", so that other can make use of it.

  • Can't install Mac OS after installing Windows, Can't install Mac OS after installing Windows

    I have dual-booted Windows 7 the last year on my Macbook Pro, but today when I started my computer, I just got the white screen. I tried holding down the startup keys(c to boot from CD, d to do hardware test, alt to see boot options, etc), but NOTHING works. When I held down d I could enter the hardware test once, but then I got the message "Apple hardware test does not support this machine". I've also been able to choose to boot from Mac CD a couple of times, but then I just see the Apple, and it never goes to where I can actually install it. What can I do to get back Mac OS on my machine?

    The firmware restore cd doesn't start, boot or anything visible on the screen, it just loads it behind the scenes, does the flashy or beepy thing.
    Reboot twice and see if the at boot key commands work again using the OS X install disk, option key or command r or command option r while booting. (you never mentioned what OS X version or machine your using)
    It's possible a recent firmware update occurred (software update or AppStore) and bricked your EFI, the version you get from the website download is older because they don't release it there until it's been tested in the field like on people like you.
    If a newer firmware is on the machine already and it's borked, the older one your using won't load, only newer versions are accepted by the hardware.
    If this is the case, your only choice is to have the logicboard replaced, I hope you have AppleCare.
    You also could have made a mistake and downloaded the wrong one, so it's refusing to apply it.
    Need machine/operating system identification help?
    Find the serial number, thus the model number and thus gives the operating system that originally came with the machine. However gives not what operating system version the boot drive was later upgraded to. Do not use older OS X verisons to repair newer verisons. It is possible to use the original operating system version installed on another boot drive to recover files from a later operating system non-booting drive.

  • Please Help - Can Not Install Flash

    This is not about downloading or uninstalling,this is about getting flash installed.
    I have a Power Mac G4 with 10.5.8 I was trying to install the latest version of Flash Player and it did not work.
    I used uninstaller,then downloaded - install_flash_player_10_osx.dmg.- Everything went fine until the end. I got a - The following install step failed:run postflight script for plug in.
    Then I downloaded - flashplayer10_1r102_64_ub_mac.dmg - opened it,right clicked on it and went to "Show Contents" then "Resources" and tried installing - Adobe Flash Player.pkg. I got a - You cannot install PlugIn on this volume. A newer version of this software already exists on this volume. Even though I used uninstall to get rid of all Flash beforehand.
    So now any website that need flash player I can not use.I have looked all over this web site for an answer.Please help me get flash player reinstalled,the lattest version if possible.

    Via Javascripting. Look for Flash detection kits at the
    Adobe/Maromedia web
    site and also at Internet search engines.
    As well this forum focuses on database access issues and you
    might find more
    takers for this type of question in the Flash General forum.
    Lon Hosford
    May many happy bits flow your way!
    "jiby" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:e3odp2$pdc$[email protected]..
    Please help
    How can I install flash player plugin (version 8) in browser
    downloading setup or redirecting to macromedia site if flash
    plugin is not
    available in browser

  • Satellite M30: can't install Common Modules after OS update

    Hi everyone,
    I have changed my OS from Win XP to Win XP Pro. Now I try to install Common Modules but when I try to launch it, the setup is visible in the Windows Task Manager but nothing happens. Do you have some idea to help me?

    First of all be sure you install all stuff in the right installations order. That means Common Modules must be installed before you start installation of any other Toshiba tool or utility.
    Common modules can be installed like any other application following installations wizard.
    Unfortunately I can not tell you anything because I dont know which installations order you have used.
    Try to explain exactly how you make OS installation and OS configuration. Check also delivered Tools & Utilities CD. I am not 100% sure but maybe there you can find html document with exact installations order.

  • Help Can't Install Maverick "disk doesn't use the GUID Partition-"

    I have an imac and i'm using bootcamp fro windows 8.  so I have Macintosh HD and BOOTCAMP Partitions. both partition have Master Boot Record as the Partition Scheme.  When trying to install OS X Mavericks it rell me that "This disk doesn't use the GUID Partition Table scheme. ..." it tells me to use Disk Utility to select the disk ->partition -> select Volume Scheme and then Options... but option is grayed out... I can not change it and so can not install Mavericks... how do I solve the this issue without losing any data in mac and in windows? without deleting partitions if possible?

    GUID is a drive map layout. You can only change it by opening Disk Utility, highlighting the physical drive and choosing the Partition tab. Then change the partition layout to anything other than Current. The Options button below that will then be active and you can then finally change the drive map from whatever it is now to GUID.
    Note that since you must repartition the drive, you WILL lose everything on all partitions. So you MUST back up everything FIRST to another drive. This can be a clone to another physical drive, internal or external. When you clone it back after repartitioning, the drive map does not change.
    To check your current drive layout, open Disk Utility and click on the physical drive you want to install Mavericks on. Example:
    Then look at the lower right of Disk Utility's box. If you see anything other than GUID Partition Table, as shown below, then you must repartition the drive.
    The other main problem is that you have to have another drive to boot to before you can change the one that needs to be repartitioned. Clone your current drive to another physical drive, not another partition on the same drive. Once the clone is complete, boot to that drive and you'll be able to repartition the drive you need to change.

  • Help, can't install OS 10.2 on my 2003 Imac G4

    Hello Lads,
    I picked up a 2003 IMac flat panel at a college auctio, and it's hard drive is wiped. I tried to install 10.2 retail disc, and the mac does not recognize the disc. I know the computer is OK, as my 10.5 disk is recognizes on the boot up, can't install of course, but it goes to the install page. The 10.2 does nothing, no disc icon on any of the boot up options?
    The tech at Mac said 10.2 would be fine, but isn't any suggestions? do I actually need 10.3?
    Thanks to anyone who answers.
    Donald Bowman

    The original OS X version that came with the earliest 2003 iMac was 10.2.3. The last 2003 model required 10.2.7. So depending on which exact 2003 model you have you would need either the original discs that came with the computer or a retail copy of Jaguar at least one sub-version greater than the one originally installed - 10.2.4 or 10.2.8 - or you need any version of Panther or Leopard. Of course the machine's RAM configuration must meet the minimum requirements of 256 or 512 MBs, respectively, and to use Leopard the computer must have an 867 MHz or faster CPU.

Maybe you are looking for