Help! Need help with Interactive PDF

I seems to work fine when I view it in my InDesign CS6 folio Builder. But when I click folio producer to view it, it shows up fragmented when I click on "open" in the  Digital Publishing organizer.

You've posted here and the DPS forum and neither one of your posts makes any
sense at all. Please back up and provide full details including screenshots.
If this is a DPS issue and not PDF then please post there.

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  • Extend SAP R/3 4.x with Interactive PDF Forms

    Hi there,
    In this blog of Matthias Zeller <a href="http:///people/matthias.zeller2/blog/2004/06/22/the-hidden-secret-of-adobe-reader hidden secret of Adobe Reader</a> there is the following paragraph:
    <i>While mySAP ERP 2004 provides many business scenarios using Interactive Forms out-of-the-box, a lot of customers have asked me how they can use the new Interactive Forms with existing R/3 applications. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to vote for my SAP TechEd presentation proposal ("Extend your SAP R/3 4.x applications with interactive PDF forms"). I plan to discuss how you can connect your existing SAP R/3 applications with SAP Web AS 6.40 to enable interactive form workflows.</i>
    Can somebody tell me if this presentation is somewhere on SDN? Or can somebody tell me where i can find more information about this subject?
    Thx in advance.
    Regards Maarten.

    Hi Maarten,
    Here's a brief run-down on how you could make use of SAP/Adobe Interactive Forms and Workflow:
    1) Remember that a form is really just a UI for collecting data.  A PDF form can be used to collect data online (connected to your SAP system) or offline, e.g. you could send it as a mail attachment, fill it in, and email it to a central point for uploading into the system. 
    2) The main requirements for using SAP Interactive Forms are:
    a) A NW04 (6.40) or NW04s (7.00) WebAs (Java Stack) to run Adobe Document Services. This is the critical component that assigns ReaderRights to the document, e.g. so that the user can change the data and save it on the document.   You could run a WebAs like this alongside your R/3 4.7 - e.g. if you have an XI system or Enterprise Portal you could use that system to run Adobe Document Services.  Every form you create must be generated via the Adobe Document Services to get the Reader Rights. Note: Get a NW04s environment if you can - as this release has usefuul new features such as loading attachments to the PDF, using digital signatures, etc.
    b) A WebDynpro application to generate the Adobe form via Adobe Document Services, and to execute the Adobe Form when using online mode, and to upload offline forms.  Tutorials on how to do this are available in SDN - have a look at the Adobe section within WebDynpro. Note: From ECC 5.0 there are some standard WebDynpros apps provided, but in R/3 4.7 you will need to write your own.
    c) There's also a licensing requirement for any production custom forms (SAP provided forms and cosmetic changes to those forms are free) so make sure you get your SAP account manager involved to help sort out how your intended usage will fit in with your current license agreement and any discounts that may apply.
    3) To use the "form" with workflow has some additional requirements:
    a) You need to store the data entered via the form somewhere that is accessible by Workflow.  The easiest approach here is to use the standard form handling technique Internet Service Requests.  Transaction QISRSCENARIO will let you define all of the form fields, give you BADIs for doing validation, raising workflow events, etc.  Also from ECC 5.0 onwards using Adobe forms as the form entry is a standard option for this technique, so this will help reduce the upgrade impact when you eventually do upgrade.
    b) Assuming you use ISRs, have your WebDynpro App call the function module ISR_PROCESS_EVENT to pass the data to R/3 and do the validation checks.
    c) Assuming you use ISRs, you use the BOR object for notification such as BUS2078, as your main object for the workflow.  The form data is attached to the notification and can be retrieved using function module ISR_SPECIAL_DATA_GET.
    d) If you want to call your WebDynpro App from SBWP (I take you don't have Enterprise Portal?) then use transaction WF_EXTSRV to define the web service to call your WebDynpro app and generate a workflow task for it.  Also you must configure transaction WF_HANDCUST to enable R/3 to handle web services.  Note: If you do have the Enterprise Portal, you can use transaction SWFVISU instead.
    I'd strongly recommend you read the ISR cookbook at as well.   ISRs aren't the only way to use Adobe forms with R/3 but they are extremely handy if you want to use your Adobe form with Workflow.
    As for Lotus Notes, you can use your WebDynpro app to generate and send/receive a form to/from an email address.  You can also put a hyperlink in your workflow task to call your WebDynpro app and use RSWUWFML2 (swap to Enhanced Notifications when you upgrade) to send out a mail with the hyperlink attached as per usual.
    You'll also find some useful threads on Adobe forms and Workflow in the SDN BPM Forum.  So if you have workflow specific questions try raising them in the BPM forum.

  • Need help need help exporting epub to iTunes Producer

    Need help need help exporting epub to iTunes Producer. Nothing will load only get that little spinning wheel.

    It's not necessary to post a second time. I'm locking this version so others may reply at the first thread you created:
    Hi I created a EPUB with indesign cc and I'm trying to submitted it to iTunes Producer

  • Help with interactive PDF-sheet

    Hi guys. I'm doing a interactive pdf-sheet for my company and i was wondering if its possible to make a form that pushes down the already written text in the document?
    Is this possible?

    May be possible with forms created by LiveCycle Designer. Post your question in the forum for LiveCycle Designer.

  • Help needed please, with Iphone stuck with apple picture and progress bar after software update attempted

    Help needed please, everytime I try to update the software version on my iphone it comes up with a message saying it could not be completed and is now frozen with the apple picture and progress bar on it. Do I unplug it and hope the macbook pro sees it again, I also stupidly did not back up before starting the download which I realise I will have to go back to the previous back up. This keeps happening, everytime I do this type of update, I'm starting to think I should just give up on updating my software on the Iphone. I thought it was happening because I was using a window based computer to do the updates, this time I used my Macbook Pro. Please somebody help

    ljm17 wrote:
    ...This keeps happening, everytime I do this type of update, I...
    Then you should know what you need to do... If you don't remember...
    See Here  >

  • Help needed urgently with cc

    i cannot download and open ccfiles on windows 7 premium, im a mature student struggling to get a library of tutorials together to look back on, but cc keeps stopping i cant download update or get new apps, i pay monthly and i'm getting nowhere even after 12 mths i've no library. files are empty and my photoshop never seems to work correctly. If i cant get this sorted in some way i will be giving up the ghost, ive had enough of struggling with what is supposed to be so easy to do, my confidence as now reached rock bottom.
    If theres anyone out there that  can help, in plain english as i'm no expert. Please! you are most wellcome to talk as much as you want, i will be eternally gratefull....Norma R

    This is an open forum with a mix of program users and Adobe staff, not Adobe support... you need Adobe support
    Adobe contact information - may help
    -Select your product and what you need help with
    -Click on the blue box "Still need help? Contact us"

  • Urgent help needed making an interactive 3d object

    Hi folks I need help producing a simple 360 degree product viewer.
    Similar to this...
    I've imported my w3d model from c4d into Director  but how do I impliment scroll bars and assign them the zoom and axis control?
    If anyone can help me or knows of any tutes or code please let me know!

    You should have all you need in the 3d section of the library, just drag the behaviors onto your 3d sprite.

  • WHAT IS GOING ON with Interactive PDFs ????

    I'm being hit with 2 terrible interactive PDF issues at the moment.  Everyone that receives the document experiences the same thing.
    I create my interactive PDFs with InDesign ver 7.5.1.  At this point I'm totally unclear as to whether or not this is an ACROBAT issue or INDESIGN issue.  So far no one from Adobe has bothered to respond in the InDesign thread.  Hoping someone can help here.
    Problem 1: Rollover Problem
    All my rollover buttons no longer work properly.  If I have a button that's simply a black arrow, and in the rollover state it's red.   No matter if I'm checking it out in the latest Acrobat Reader or Pro X, the rollover only works for a brief second..then reverts back to black - the original state.
    Problem 2: Show / Hide buttons
    I'm using the show/hide button trick when creating interactive PDFs in which you have a series of buttons that, when clicked, trigger images to appear (which are themselves buttons).
    Quite often when you get to a page that utilizes this method, the button/image that's supposed to appear (hide until triggered is UNCHECKED) won't actually show up.
    All buttons are on the same layer.
    IS ANYONE EXPERIENCING THESE ISSUES?  Any help would be appreciated.  This seems to be a fairly serious error on my part, or a serious bug in InDesign and/or Acrobat.

    I've been slammed with a deadline and just haven't had time to upload an edited version of my latest PDF and InDesign file for you guys to check out.  (I need to remove logos/client names/etc).
    What I have noticed, however, is that as far as the Rollover problem goes, previous PDFs that used to work fine now exhibit the same problem.  The rollover effect works for a fraction of a second (when the cursor hits the edge of the text box area it would seem), then stops working.  I'm going to say at this point that it's an Acrobat Reader/X version problem.  There's been very recent updates to both, hasn't there?
    The Show/Hide issue listed above has always been a problem with my stuff, so that may or may not be connected to a version issue and may be my fault.  I'll post the files as soon as I'm able.
    Edit:  Both problems also exist on the Mac version.

  • Weird button behaviors with interactive PDFs.

    I have created an interactive holiday gift certificate using InDesign CS6 where the user can download the interactive PDF, choose a certificate image, fill in the form fields, and then print and crop. To accomplish the correct functionality, I had to make just about every element a button. I made each certificate image a button so that the radial buttons could have the action to "show/hide" the correct graphic. I also made the header, background color and instructions text into buttons so that I could uncheck the "printable" box (if I leave these as non-printable objects rather than buttons, then they are not visible when exported to interactive PDF), therefor saving the user from printing unnecessary ink while also allowing the ability to print a hidden message thanking the user for using the certificate.
    The problem that I am running into, is that if the user accidentally clicks on one of these "buttons" (that is actually an object converted to a button to add the functionality stated above) with no actions assigned, the button is then selected, and the user can not click on any of the real buttons or form fields until after they click completely off of the document to deselect the button. I have tried to circumvent this in numerous ways to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Here is a link to the certificate: orks/Waste-ReSources/WF-Certificate-Holidays.pdf
    Please note, some browsers are not compatible with the functionality of the interactive form, so for best results open using Adobe Reader.

    I've been slammed with a deadline and just haven't had time to upload an edited version of my latest PDF and InDesign file for you guys to check out.  (I need to remove logos/client names/etc).
    What I have noticed, however, is that as far as the Rollover problem goes, previous PDFs that used to work fine now exhibit the same problem.  The rollover effect works for a fraction of a second (when the cursor hits the edge of the text box area it would seem), then stops working.  I'm going to say at this point that it's an Acrobat Reader/X version problem.  There's been very recent updates to both, hasn't there?
    The Show/Hide issue listed above has always been a problem with my stuff, so that may or may not be connected to a version issue and may be my fault.  I'll post the files as soon as I'm able.
    Edit:  Both problems also exist on the Mac version.

  • Forms Warning with Interactive PDF from InDesign

    Hi all,
    I have created an interactive PDF in InDesign CS5 with a series of buttons, and those buttons link to bookmarked pages within the document. These buttons are setup on one of the Masters. It seems that whenever I get more than 10 buttons on the master, I get the following warning when I open the exported PDF in Adobe Reader:
    "Please Note: You cannot save a completed copy of this form on your computer. If you would like a copy for your records, Please fill it in and print it"
    I don't have any form fields in the document that I am aware of. Is there any way to locate form fields if they do in fact exist?
    Is there a limit of 10 buttons per master perhaps?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Peter.
    Is there a known workaround? I ended up using hyperlinks instead, I suppose there really is more than one way to skin a cat.

  • Need Help Need Help PLZ PLZ

    my problem is that i have made a calendar by using jtable and i can't highlight or put any sign to keep track on date, but the biggest problem is that i have to submit this project after two days, so i will appreciate any help or tips from you. Here is my code:
    /*Contents of CalendarProgran.class */
    //Import packages
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.event.*;
    import javax.swing.table.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.*;
    public class CalendarProgram{
    static JLabel lblMonth, lblYear;
    static JButton btnPrev, btnNext;
    static JTable tblCalendar;
    static JComboBox cmbYear;
    static JFrame frmMain;
    static Container pane;
    static DefaultTableModel mtblCalendar; //Table model
    static JScrollPane stblCalendar; //The scrollpane
    static JPanel pnlCalendar;
    static int realYear, realMonth, currentYear, currentMonth;
    public static void main (String args[]){
    //Look and feel
    try {UIManager.setLookAndFeel(UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName());}
    catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {}
    catch (InstantiationException e) {}
    catch (IllegalAccessException e) {}
    catch (UnsupportedLookAndFeelException e) {}
    //Prepare frame
    frmMain = new JFrame ("Gestionnaire de clients"); //Create frame
    frmMain.setSize(330, 375); //Set size to 400x400 pixels
    pane = frmMain.getContentPane(); //Get content pane
    pane.setLayout(null); //Apply null layout
    frmMain.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); //Close when X is clicked
    //Create controls
    lblMonth = new JLabel ("January");
    lblYear = new JLabel ("Change year:");
    cmbYear = new JComboBox();
    btnPrev = new JButton ("<<");
    btnNext = new JButton (">>");
    mtblCalendar = new DefaultTableModel(){public boolean isCellEditable(int rowIndex, int mColIndex){return false;}};
    tblCalendar = new JTable(mtblCalendar);
    stblCalendar = new JScrollPane(tblCalendar);
    pnlCalendar = new JPanel(null);
    //Set border
    //Register action listeners
    btnPrev.addActionListener(new btnPrev_Action());
    btnNext.addActionListener(new btnNext_Action());
    cmbYear.addActionListener(new cmbYear_Action());
    //Add controls to pane
    //Set bounds
    pnlCalendar.setBounds(0, 0, 320, 335);
    lblMonth.setBounds(160-lblMonth.getPreferredSize().width/2, 25, 100, 25);
    lblYear.setBounds(10, 305, 80, 20);
    cmbYear.setBounds(230, 305, 80, 20);
    btnPrev.setBounds(10, 25, 50, 25);
    btnNext.setBounds(260, 25, 50, 25);
    stblCalendar.setBounds(10, 50, 300, 250);
    //Make frame visible
    //Get real month/year
    GregorianCalendar cal = new GregorianCalendar(); //Create calendar
    realMonth = cal.get(GregorianCalendar.MONTH); //Get month
    realYear = cal.get(GregorianCalendar.YEAR); //Get year
    currentMonth = realMonth; //Match month and year
    currentYear = realYear;
    //Add headers
    String[] headers = {"Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"}; //All headers
    for (int i=0; i<7; i++){
    tblCalendar.getParent().setBackground(tblCalendar.getBackground()); //Set background
    //No resize/reorder
    //Single cell selection
    //Set row/column count
    //Populate table
    for (int i=realYear-100; i<=realYear+100; i++){
    //Refresh calendar
    refreshCalendar (realMonth, realYear); //Refresh calendar
    public static void refreshCalendar(int month, int year){
    String[] months = {"January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"};
    int nod, som; //Number Of Days, Start Of Month
    //Allow/disallow buttons
    if (month == 0 && year <= realYear-10){btnPrev.setEnabled(false);} //Too early
    if (month == 11 && year >= realYear+100){btnNext.setEnabled(false);} //Too late
    lblMonth.setText(months[month]); //Refresh the month label (at the top)
    lblMonth.setBounds(160-lblMonth.getPreferredSize().width/2, 25, 180, 25); //Re-align label with calendar
    cmbYear.setSelectedItem(String.valueOf(year)); //Select the correct year in the combo box
    //Clear table
    for (int i=0; i<6; i++){
    for (int j=0; j<7; j++){
    mtblCalendar.setValueAt(null, i, j);
    //Get first day of month and number of days
    GregorianCalendar cal = new GregorianCalendar(year, month, 1);
    nod = cal.getActualMaximum(GregorianCalendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);
    som = cal.get(GregorianCalendar.DAY_OF_WEEK);
    //Draw calendar
    for (int i=1; i<=nod; i++){
    int row = new Integer((i+som-2)/7);
    int column = (i+som-2)%7;
    mtblCalendar.setValueAt(i, row, column);
    //Apply renderers
    tblCalendar.setDefaultRenderer(tblCalendar.getColumnClass(0), new tblCalendarRenderer());
    static class tblCalendarRenderer extends DefaultTableCellRenderer{
    public Component getTableCellRendererComponent (JTable table, Object value, boolean selected, boolean focused, int row, int column){
    if (column == 0 || column == 6){
    setBackground(new Color(255, 220, 220));
    setBackground(new Color(255, 255, 255));
    super.getTableCellRendererComponent(table, value, selected, focused, row, column);
    return this;
    static class btnPrev_Action implements ActionListener{
    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){
    if (currentMonth == 0){ //Back one year
    currentMonth = 11;
    currentYear -= 1;
    else{ //Back one month
    currentMonth -= 1;
    refreshCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);
    static class btnNext_Action implements ActionListener{
    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){
    if (currentMonth == 11){ //Foward one year
    currentMonth = 0;
    currentYear += 1;
    else{ //Foward one month
    currentMonth += 1;
    refreshCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);
    static class cmbYear_Action implements ActionListener{
    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){
    if (cmbYear.getSelectedItem() != null){
    String b = cmbYear.getSelectedItem().toString();
    currentYear = Integer.parseInt(b);
    refreshCalendar(currentMonth, currentYear);

    Welcome to the forum. You will need to learn a couple things if you want to receive help and not get flamed to death:
    1) All code needs to be posted within code tags. You can read up on them here:
    You want to make it as easy as possible for the volunteers here to help you. That means making your code readable.
    2) Do not put "urgent" "need help" "hurry please" in your posts if you are smart. Definitely don't put them in the header of the post. The urgency is yours, not ours. Putting that stuff in there only turns people off. If you have a problem deemed worthwhile by the volunteers here, if you have put thought into your post so you make it easy as possible for others to help you, and if you show some effort on your own, you are almost guaranteed to get timely help.
    3) List all error messages completely.
    4) Keep all necessary code, get rid of all unnecessary code. Your code should be compilable on its own, but it should not contain anything that isn't necessary for demonstrating your problem.
    5) Specifics:
    Why are you throwing out all those exceptions?
    Why is everything in one big huge GUI class? Break your code down into functional units. Make sure the logic works in a non-GUI way, THEN add a GUI class.
    Why the huge main method? The main should be short and sweet.
    Why the static inner classes? Do you know what is the difference between static inner classes and non-static inner classes?
    Why all the static variables anyway? You are doing procedural programming with an OOP language. You should use OOP if you can with an OOP language.
    Sorry, but this code looks like it was thrown together in a big hurry. I think that you have a lot of work to do. Good luck!

  • Trouble with interactive PDF made on MAC not working on PC

    I am making an interactive PDF which will be sent out to many people.
    The PDF has links which open other PDFs. These all work perfectly on the Mac. When on a PC half open half dont. I dont know much about PCs at all, they are using acrobat V9 pro.
    Has anyone else come accross this problem? and know a solution?
    The files are always kept in togther so links arnt broken

    Thankyou. Solved the issue, I remade the folder with the links in, which worked.
    Something had obiously gone funny in the folder!

  • Errors with interactive pdf containing motion paths

    I have created an interactive pdf in indesign with simple motion paths. In the preview in indesign it works perfect, but the animations do not work in the exported pdf. This is created in CS6 and I have the creative suite standard installed.

    I have tested with both Acrobat Pro X (10.1.1)  and Acrobat Reader XI (11.0.0.). Due to IT  restrictions I am unable to use such "transfer files" providers, so I am bit stuck. I have tried to put the different animations in layers and in one layer only, with same results. I am
    beginning to think that there are internal restrictions that make this happen

  • Help needed (New to Interactive form Integration for PDF)

    hi all,
    I am new to this intractive form integration.
    I just want to know from where i can get the basic infomration about my current setup that i have and if there is a need to upgrade then from where i can get the installables.
    1 How can i see my current installation is running on which support pack?
    2 Where i can get the Adobe life cycle disigner I mean it comes with some NWS version or you have to buy seperately if so then from where and what does it cost
    3 From where i can get the Installable to install the ACF on my machine ? Is it also cost something or freely available.

    1. With your Java stack running, call the Engine homepage at http://<server>:<port>/index.html, and click on System Information. (You can also go there directly: http://<server>:<port>/sap/monitoring/SystemInfo.)
    The information is on the top right under Software Components. You can also use the link All components to get more details, i.e. the ADS version.
    2. Go to the SAP Service Marketplace at and search for 'Designer'. Choose version 7.1 if you're higher than NW 2004s SPS5, otherwise take 7.0.
    3. All ACF information is in SAP Note 766191.
    Markus Meisl
    SAP NetWeaver Product Management

  • Help needed in printing   interactive form

    Hi Friends
    I just developed an application  which access  ECC
    can any one guide me to print  the output pdfform
    i have opened result interactive form and placed a print button which script i should use? formcalc  or
    java script..since my application is a java webdynpro .
    can  you give me the piece of code for that..formcalc
    already got the script..but  i dont know the exact java script for  printing.
    plz help me in this issue
    vivek chandra

    Hi Raja
    Thanks for that stuff..very helpful
    i  have 3 inputfields on one of my interactive form
    i was asked to fill those fileds  with predefined data
    so that once the app is run, input form fields should
    dispaly the predefiend wdinit method i could
    do that using wdContext.currentelement.setName("xxx");
    i have 3 fields..three are text fields.from the third field need to eneter the date,its a PO Bapi..i did context binding ..i could drag the input  fields..
    but when iam trying to set predefiend date for the
    3rd field..its not accepting it..since it is of type
    date.. do i need to create any data type for the 3rd field in javadictionary????plz guide me in this issue
    vivek chandra

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