Help! Tried to cancel a file move and I think Im in trouble now...

I tried to move (NOT copyt) a file from my mac to an external drive.
The file was my iphoto file under my username. It is ENORMOUS; 350GB or so.
The screen said it would take 14 hours to move. Having some other things to get done, after a minute or so I cancelled the move.
The file now shows up as the same size within both my imac harddrive AND external hard drive.
Thing is -- there are greyed out fileds on each.
What does this mean? Am I in trouble?
This all started because I wanted to roll back my iphoto files to last night. I tried to restore the file but timemachine said I do not have enough room on my computer to restore. So I figured I would move the current one to a different backup drive, restore last nights version from my time machine backup to my PC, and if all worked well just delete the version from my external.

Select the text on the line below by dragging across it. Don't include the blank space at the end of the line. Only the text should be highlighted.
ls [email protected]
Copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C).
Launch the Terminal application in any of the following ways:
☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
Paste into the Terminal window (command-V), then press the space bar.
Now switch to the Finder and and select one of the grayed-out files on the internal drive. Drag it into the Terminal window. More text will be added to what you entered.
Click in the Terminal window to activate it, then press return.
Post any lines of output that appear below what you entered — the text, please, not a screenshot.

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    There are various reasons why Lightroom works this way, but you'll need use pick flags to indicate photos to be deleted, and other metadata like colours or collections.

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    I´ve tried every possible solution listed, those that have worked for others...nothing has worked. My library has about 2777 songs of which at first only 1370 loaded. After syncing w/o music, which deleted all music from my iPhone, I then selected Sync Music again and synced...well this time only 391 songs were added!!! It skipped the other 1400 I already had in! I´ve come to notice that these 391 songs are the ones purchased directly on the iTunes Store, but previously I had ALL my CD´s ripped and loaded to my iPhone.
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    In iTunes 11 uncheck the preferences setting in in the iTunes Preferences panel "Advanced > Copy Files to iTunes Media folder when adding to Library"

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    When you export from FCP take care of selecting QuickTime Movie self contained with same settings that your timeline (ussually the default settings in the export window).
    Besides that my advice is you encode your video to MPEG2 and your audio to Dolby AC3 before importing in DVDSP. DVDSP will leave audio uncompressed what can give you playback issues in some players because it take too much of your bitrate.
    In DVDSP3 you must use A.Pack for the AC3 encoding. Try this tutorial about Encoding AC3 with A.Pack (from KenStone site).
    Good luck.

  • I Need Help Trying to Play (.pls) files in a simple windows forms Application

     So I'm try to build application that when I click on the icon it opens a little window and play the url .pls. I already got the graphics of the app i just to get the code and I've been looking around for but all i got was this code
    typedef struct
    int count;
    void **name;
    void **displayname;
    } Playlist;
    Playlist* my_playlist; // SHOUTCAST PLAYLIST
    #define BOX(text) MessageBox(NULL,text,"Info",MB_OK | MB_TOPMOST);
    char *stristr(char *string2, char *string1) // from /samples/fmod/Main.c
    char *s1 = strdup(string1);
    char *s2 = strdup(string2);
    char *ret = 0;
    int i, j;
    int len1 = (int)strlen(string1);
    int len2 = (int)strlen(string2);
    for (i=0;s1[i];i++) s1[i] = tolower(s1[i]);
    for (i=0;s2[i];i++) s2[i] = tolower(s2[i]);
    for (j=0;j < (len2 - len1);j++)
    char *a = s1;
    char *b = &s2[j];
    for (i=0;(i < len1) && *a && *b;a++, b++, i++)
    if (*a != *b)
    if (i == len1)
    ret = &string2[j];
    return ret;
    Playlist *ParsePlaylist(char *name) // from /samples/fmod/Main.c and MSDN
    char *filebuf, *p;
    Playlist *playlist = 0;
    int count, i;
    // Check if URL is null
    if (!name)
    BOX("Streaming URL is empty");
    return 0;
    // Check if URL is a *.pls file
    if (_stricmp((const char *)".pls", (const char *)(&name[strlen(name) - 4])))
    return 0;
    // Create a WinInet session
    HINTERNET hSession = InternetOpen(_T(""), INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, 0, 0, 0);
    // Prepare a request
    HINTERNET hRequest = InternetOpenUrl(hSession, name, 0, 0, 0, 0);
    // Send the HTTP request.
    HttpSendRequest(hRequest, 0, 0, 0, 0);
    // Read the response data.
    DWORD dwNumberOfBytesAvailable = 0;
    // Retrieve size of remote file
    InternetQueryDataAvailable(hRequest, &dwNumberOfBytesAvailable, 0, 0);
    if (0 < dwNumberOfBytesAvailable)
    // Allocate buffer memory
    filebuf = new char[dwNumberOfBytesAvailable + 1];
    filebuf[dwNumberOfBytesAvailable] = 0;
    DWORD dwBytesRead = 0;
    // Read remote file and put in buffer
    while (0 < dwNumberOfBytesAvailable);
    // Close the request handle.
    // Close the WinInet session.
    // Parse the pls file (from Fmod sample)
    p = stristr(filebuf, "NumberOfEntries=");
    if (!p)
    BOX("Streaming : NumberOfEntries in pls file not found");
    return 0;
    p += 16;
    count = atoi(p);
    if (!count)
    BOX("Streaming : numeric value for NumberOfEntries not found");
    return 0;
    playlist = (Playlist *)calloc(sizeof(Playlist), 1);
    if (!playlist)
    BOX("Streaming : can't allocate memory for pls file (playlist)");
    return 0;
    playlist->count = count;
    playlist->name = (void **)calloc(sizeof(char *) * count, 1);
    if (!playlist->name)
    BOX("Streaming : can't allocate memory for pls file (playlist->name)");
    return 0;
    playlist->displayname = (void **)calloc(sizeof(char *) * count, 1);
    if (!playlist->displayname)
    BOX("Streaming : can't allocate memory for pls file (playlist->displayname)");
    return 0;
    for (i=0;i < count;i++)
    char tmp[32];
    char *filename, *displayname, *t;
    filename = displayname = 0;
    sprintf(tmp, "File%d=", i + 1);
    p = strstr(filebuf, tmp);
    if (p)
    p += strlen(tmp);
    t = p;
    for (;*t && (*t != 0xa) && (*t != 0xd);t++);
    if (*t)
    char tmpc = *t;
    *t = 0;
    filename = _strdup(p);
    *t = tmpc;
    if (strncmp(filename, "http://", 7) && strncmp(filename, "http:\\\\", 7))
    char *tmpname = _strdup(filename);
    p = &tmpname[strlen(tmpname) - 1];
    for (;(p > tmpname) && (*p != '\\') && (*p != '/');p--);
    if ((*p == '\\') || (*p == '/'))
    displayname = _strdup(p);
    playlist->name[i] = filename;
    playlist->displayname[i] = displayname;
    return playlist;
    [main code]
    char string_music[256] = ""; // For example
    // Parse the remote file (in case it's a Shoutcast playlist (*.pls))
    my_playlist = ParsePlaylist(string_music);
    if (my_playlist)
    strcpy(string_music, (char*) my_playlist->name[0]); // for the first song in the playlist
    FSOUND_STREAM * my_stream = FSOUND_Stream_Open(string_music, FSOUND_NORMAL | FSOUND_NONBLOCKING, 0, 0);
    int int_sound_mp3 = FSOUND_Stream_Play(FSOUND_FREE, my_stream);
    and i got to link it to Wininet.lib
    and I'm a noob so i got problems as soon as i tried to put everything together
    so any help greatly appreciated 
    BTW if you know any other ways, that I'll be able to stream the audio that will be great to.
    heres the link for the audio stream (.pls)

    Hello 0cooldex0,
    What library do you used in this scenario? I haven't saw this FSOUND_STREAM from MSDN library.
    By the way, winform general is used for talking about Windows Form library, is is using C# or VB.NET but not C or C++. You are not posting in the right forum.
    In my point of view, you may choose the forum depending on the library you choosed and post on specific forum.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

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    I have an external hard disk drive with data that I want to back up onto another extrnal hard disk drive. I have tried to copy and paste but this wont give me a paste option. I have also tried to click and drag but it wont let me either. I have reformatted the external hard drive to accept both mac and pc files and this did not make any difference. Can anyone help me with this?

    How did you reformat the drive? If you formatted it as NTFS, your Mac will not be able to write files to it unless you use a small application such as Paragon's.
    Please reply as to how you formatted the drive.

  • File movement and copying

    Here where i work we use a software, whose files are stored on the server. But we also have a local copy of these files so that we can use the software when not in the office. Or when the server is down. The problem is, that many of my co workers are not very computer literate and the constant copying back and forth of files confuses them.
    So I am trying to write an updater application. Basically all they would have to do is click a button, it would tell them whether there had been any important changes, and allow them to update by pressing a single other button.
    I have the gui written, I have all the checks done, but i cannot figure out how to make Java take files in one place and copy them to another place. I would think this would be something that java is capable of. But as of this moment I am drawing a blank.
    Any ideas?

    Quick and dirty method is to use Runtime.exec() to execute the copy/move commands directly, though this is platform dependant.
    Another way is to use InputStream and OutputStream to read the original file and write out the copy of the file.

  • Help trying to get the F_ApiWinConnectSession initialized and running in the background.

    Fellow FM Developers,
    I have the FDK8 and have been using framemaker as a processor of templates. We have successfully written a program that uses the framemaker in a user account currently logged in. In other words, USER A logs in with their account on Computer A and processes files just fine.  Now, we would like to set up a system where jobs are submitted by USER A and runs on a remote Computer B which processes the document and saves it as a PDF.
    We want to make it so users can submit a job through a web service using the .NET framework. We have tried to do this, however we are failing on one crucial part of our development. I am trying to use the single most important (asynchronis) connectivity line:
    F_ApiWinConnectSession( NULL, NULL, &ClassID );
    This is because we want to have framemaker start in the background with this execution of this service.  Unfortunately, without the GUI available this command fails.  We have obviously created a Progid and it has been registered in the registry. We did this by runnning :
    FrameMaker.exe /progid:FrameMaker.Automation.2 /auto
    Can anyone help me with trying to get framemaker to run in a background.  Is there a way to process the documents without have the GUI up and loaded and then have it process the document.
    Your help is greatly appreciated,

    The server license is more tuned to the type of output that you are creating, regardless of the number of users. If you are creating content from external sources and generating a PDF in an automated way via FM, then you need a server license (period).
    Read your FM EULA carefully.
    2.2.  Limitations on Server and Network Use.  You may install one copy of  the Software on your Computer file server for the sole purpose of downloading  and installing the Software onto other Computers within your internal network up  to the Permitted Number, provided that the total number of users that are  permitted to download and install the Software from such Computer file server,  does not exceed the Permitted Number.  Except as explicitly described above, no  other network or server use is permitted under this license, including but not  limited to, using the Software either directly or through commands, data or  instructions from or to any other Computer, for internet or web hosting services  or by any user not licensed to Use this copy of the Software through a valid  license from Adobe.  For the avoidance of doubt, this Agreement does not permit  the Software to be Used in any batch-oriented environment where such Use of the  software is to produce Postscript or PDF output from data originating from any  other application, unless such Use is merely incidental to a Use clearly  permitted by the license.To obtain rights for additional server, batch oriented  or network licensing uses, you may purchase a license(s) for the FrameMaker®  Server product. The FrameMaker Server product license is available for review  at,
    This has greatly impacted the database publishing side of things. If all of  your content is completely created in FrameMaker, then you should be ok.  However, if you create or get any content outside of FrameMaker and pass it  through FM to make your documentation sets, then according to Adobe, you need to  be using the FrameServer product (for creating the PDFs).

Maybe you are looking for

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