How can I add a library of flash movies to my site?

I posted this same question on the Dreamweaver forum and a suggestion was made that I try over here for help, so please excuse the duplicate question.
How can I add a library of flash movies to my site?
Hey there everyone and thanks for reading my question.
I have a library of flash movies (specifically a library of maps) and when the map movies are run in Flash they call each other just fine (i.e. the USA map will load the Georgia map when Georgia is clicked on the USA map, etc etc etc for each state).
HOWEVER, when I insert the USA map in one of my site pages (I'm working on the site using Dreamweaver CS4) the USA map page will load, but when a state is clicked the area on the page for the map goes blank and the state map does not load.
Short of coding a specific path in each of my state maps (in the Flash editor) is there a way to tell Dreamweaver there is a library of maps, look there for the sub-map?
and if I do have to code the path to the map, can I code a relative path rather than a specific URL address for the maps?
I know this is probably one of those simple things, but I'm not seeing it (can you tell I'm new at this??)
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey again,
Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Everyone's comments got me to thinking about what the path was in the calls from the maps.
here is what finally worked:
on (release)
loadMovie("../FlashIMapDownloads/georgia.swf", 0);  
this script code is in the action script for the "georgia" button of my main map - a US Map. (I hope I'm describing all this correctly).
I'll post this same info in the Dreamweaver forum too.
Thanks again!

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    myAsset.placeAsset(myDocument);[0].activeSpread = myOLDActiveSpread;
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    Windows uses the current PATH enviroment variable to search for dlls.
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    the solution from  allows for maximum user flexibility and native experience, while not risking corporate intellectual property.
    * Increase productivity by fully supporting bring your own device (BYOD)
    * Embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) without additional IT burden or privacy issues
    * Use best-in-class, military-grade security methods by a company known for its security legacy
    * Highest level of security protecting corporate data
    * No programmatic effort to secure the apps -  MAP is automated and can take prior written apps and secure them in under 5 seconds
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    Install Flip4Mac's WM Components (from their download page), required to play WMA in QuickTime, the Finder's preview column, and many other applications -- but not iTunes!
    Open your WMA file in QuickTime Player (Pro version required), then save as reference movie.
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    Some metadata is copied to the QuickTime file, and you can edit/add tags in iTunes. Remember to keep the original WMA files in place, as your reference .mov files still point to them. If you don't mind one more conversion step, you can then liberate your WMAs within iTunes. Select your WMA songs in iTunes, go to the Advanced Menu, click Convert selection to MP3/AAC, then enjoy your music on the iPod.

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    How can I add books to the library on my 4s?

    If the photos that you are wanting to delete are also in your Camera Roll then you can delete them from the camera roll

  • How can I add my own files to the TV Shows Library instead of the Movie Library?

    I have my own TV Shows in m4v format.  I can drag and drop the TV Shows into the iTunes Movie Library.  How can I add my files to the TV Shows Library?  Can I group them by show in the TV Shows Library?

    Select the files in iTunes.
    Right click - get info.
    Select the Options tab and set Media kind to TV Show.
    Better yet, use something like MetaZ to tag the files before adding them to iTunes.

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    You will need that library copied from the old computer. If not, then you can take a look at this in getting 3rd party software to recover your library from the iPod. Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive

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