How can I convert a .pdf file to an Indesign CC file which is editable?

How can I convert a .pdf file to an Indesign CC file which is editable?

Hi btacme,
I understand there are some third-party utilities that will allow you to convert a PDF to an InDesign file. But, as PDF is intended to be a final format, Adobe doesn't offer this capability. Are you unable to make the edits that you need by opening the PDF in Acrobat?

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  • How can I convert a PDF file in a CVS file

    I receive from my bank the monthly bankstatement as PDF file.
    How can I convert a PDF file in a CVS format in order to download this in a budgetprogramme on my computer?

    Try converting your PDF file to an Excel (.xlsx) file with the ExportPDF service.  You can then use Excel to save that file as a .CSV file.  ExportPDF does not output .csv

  • How can I convert a pdf file into a usable xcel file

    how can I convert a pdf file into a xcel file. the pdf file file is layed out in colums, justified and separated in various types - i need to be able to set colum limits manualy,  thanks for your input/

    Without further information, I would suggest using either Acrobat or the Export PDF service.

  • How can I convert a pdf file that's larger than 100MB to word

    How can I convert a pdf file that's larger than 100MB to word?
    I have just paid $20 to Adobe to get this facility but It won't work ,
    as the pdf is larger than 100MB,
    I actually believe that I have paid twice for adobe but I'll take this up with them,
    in the meantilme,
    do you have any suggestions, I really need this material in word urgently,
    many thanks

    If your files are this large, ExportPDF is the wrong tool for you. You need Adobe Acrobat, which runs locally and does not need to send your files to Adobe.

  • How can I convert a PDF file in my computer into a word document?

    How Can I convert a PDF file in my computer into a Word Document?

    You might try posting to the Adobe ExportPDF forum:
    If you would like to email me ([email protected]) the PDF, I'll see if there's anything I can do to help.

  • How can you convert a PDF File into a picture format for uploading?

    How can you convert a PDF File into a picture format for uploading?

    If you have Acrobat 11, you'd select: File > Save As Other > Image
    and select one of the available image formats.

  • How do i convert a pdf file into a editable word

    how do i convert a pdf file into a editable word

    Converting a PDF to Word requires Acrobat, or the ExportPDF service.

  • How can i convert my pdf file to word document?

    how can I convert pdf file to word document?

    Hi mariam46,
    You can use ExportPDF (or Acrobat) to convert a PDF file to Word format. Please see for more information.

  • How can you convert multiple PDF files at once to PDF/A-1b files

    I support individuals who on occasion have to submit a mass of files to a court and the requirement is that the files be in PDF/A format. Most are scanned files lacking the requisite structure to become PDF/A-1a files. So as I convert or resave files, I need to be able to specify that they be converted to the PDF/A-1b standard. And since it may involve over 100 files, it would be very inefficient to do so individually, file by file. Could this be done via an Action Wizard sequence? Could a script be written in Java that go through such a process, specifically choosing a PDF/A standard? Any insights would be appreciated.

    PDF/A-1a is very easy to automate in Acrobat XI Pro, indeed the compliance code was rewritten specifically with this in mind. Test Screen Name is correct that PDF/A-1b can't be realistically automated due to the complexity of tagging, but that's not your concern.
    In Acrobat XI Pro, create a new Action with no functional steps in it, then add the Save step.
    Click 'Settings' and change the output format to "Export File(s) to Alternate Format"
    Choose PDF/A from the list. It doesn't say so, but that's A-1b.
    I suggest using the file renaming feature so you're not overwriting the originals (e.g. append "_A1B")
    Save the Action and run it.
    Files with security, distributed forms, etc. can't be converted but the Acrobat engineering team claim that everything which can possibly be shoehorned into PDF/A will always succeed. In previous versions of Acrobat it often failed when it encountered things like iffy XMP data.

  • How can I convert CMYK PDF file to Spot Color from a standard Spot Library?

    I have PDF file that is in CMYK colors. Can I use Adobe Pro X to convert the document to Spot Color from a established spot library like the PANTONE PC? Is there a plugin to do it?

    In method HMAC, you have towards the bottom
    catch(Exception e) {}please change this to
    catch(Exception e)
            }Note that using the sun.* classes, including the sun.misc.BASE64Encoder class, requires elevated privileges (see
    It is not difficult to write your own encoder/decoder class, or borrow one from someone else. Just google on "java base64 encoder".

  • How can I convert a pdf file to a world file?

    I have been trying for the past hour to export a pdf file so that it can be converted to a word file, and no one seems to
    be of help.

    Dear Sara,
    I renewed my Adobe Account sometime in May 25th, giving my Mastercard number.
    This I did under my email [private information removed]. I was
    told that it was a annual fee. My main object was to be ale to convert pdf files to word
    files. I cannot understand why I do not have an active subscriptionn to ExportPDF. If
    by chance it was construed for some other Adobe service, please have it transferred to
    the ExportPDF.
    At the moment it is most necessary that I can make this conversion, due to a
    deadline.  Most gratefully,  Prof. Israel J. Katz
    P.S. I have a chat record with "Subhabrata" I was told that my payment of !9.95 would
    cover the entire year. I can sent you the chat record for your files.
    You wrote today:
    I checked into your account, and see that you don't have any active subscriptions to ExportPDF. Is it possible that you signed up using a different email address than the one you use here in the forums?

  • How can I convert a PDF file in Hebrew to docx format?

    The convert options do no not cover Hebrew.

    Adobe ExportPDF online service does not support Hebrew PDF to get converted into Word.
    It converts PDF files containing content in various western languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, and Japanese.
    You might need to fill the feature request form for the same:
    Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

  • How can I convert a PDF file offline?

    needing help converting pdf's offline

    Hi danac69766799,
    It looks like you purchased the Adobe PDF Pack, which is an online service. If you need to convert offline, then you need Acrobat. I can swap your Adobe PDF Pack subscription for an Acrobat subscription, if you'd like. Please check out this page for information about pricing for Acrobat Pro and Standard: Pricing | Adobe Acrobat XI
    If you'd like to switch, let me know!

  • How can I convert a pdf file containing a scanned document?

    I tried (and paid for) Adobe ExportPdf. It did not work. I get a Word-Document containing huge images. Useless.

    Hello and sorry for the long delay in answering.
    I have tested several pdf files that only contain scanned images.
    I always selected the correct language for text recognition.
    The first I tried was a Spanish document with 13 pages, converting to *.doc. The original had 3162 kB, the newly created Word document has 11836 kB. It contains only images, every page in the PDF document is an image.
    Then I did a German document with only one page, it was converted beautifully into a WORD-Document.
    Same for a Spanish document with only one page, it was converted beautifully into a WORD-Document.
    Then I tried a again Spanish document with 18 pages, converting to *.docx. I took about 10 minutes due to my slow Internet connection. The original has 3807kB, the converted file 6559 kB. The opened converted docx-file is almost empty.
    Is it possible that multiple page documents do no work?
    Would you like to have a look at these documents yourself?
    Thank you and best regards, AlMarsad2013

  • How can I convert a pdf file to word?

    I can't find an instructions for uploading an converting a file.

    Hi Tobago342,
    Welcome! Try this 'getting started' guide - found here:
    Please let me know if you have further questions!
    Regards, Stacy

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