How can I import only the Sent Items file from Outlook 2010 into TB?

I have saved Sent Items as a distinct .pst file. Is there a method for importing it into TB? The Sent Items in Outlook were not included when I imported mail from the original Outlook.pst file.

well I have read the question and the answer and the response and seriously I have no idea what your talking about TwoLeftFeet.
these instructions are fairly clear
3. Copy the outlook.pst file to that PC and configure Outlook to use it. (may need to be in the default location)
4. Compact the .pst file using Outlooks File -> Data File Management commands to permanently get rid of any deleted messages. Don't confuse this with compressing or zipping a file.
5. Import the messages using Tools -> Import -> Mail. You can use Tools -> Import to also import the settings and address books.
Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary for any other .pst files.
You obviously do not need steps 1 and 2... as you say your files are on the same computer.
And you files are on the same computer so steps 6 - 9 would not apply.

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    Afterward, how can I relocate the backup files "/appl/oem/backup/temp/3536350174_2820_827849001_extbspace.dbf", "/appl/oem/backup/temp/3536350174_2821_827849136_extbspace.dbf" back to the ASM group +PMSCDHF1 ???

    The 11.1 documentation only says  "Enables you to copy files between ASM disk groups on local instances to and from remote instances" and "You can also use this command to copy files from ASM disk groups to the operating system."
    The 11.2 documentation says "Copy files from a disk group to the operating system  Copy files from a disk group to a disk group Copy files from the operating system to a disk group"
    I've never tried 11.1
    Hemant K Chitale

  • How can I change gmail inbox/sent items display from conversations to individual messages

    I use an iPod Touch 5G with IOS 8.1 to access email using the GMail app.
    I want to change the inbox/sent items display lists to show individual e-mail messages.  I don't like the "conversation" display on my small screen.  It is too hard to read important info in the thread.
    I don't see anywhere in my app to change that type of display.

    Go to Settings>Mail and turn off Organize by Thread. This applies to all mail accounts. It can be set to only apply to one account

  • How can I synch ONLY the default 'contacts' folder in Outlook 2003?

    I am using Outlook 2003 SP3. In my 'contacts' menu I have 3 folders: 'Contacts', 'iPhone' and 'Old.' I created 'iPhone' and 'Old' folders and 'Contacts' was the default folder. When I synch my 3G iPhone with Outlook I want to synch ONLY the default 'contacts' folder. But I can't seem to do this. My options are to synch all folders or a selection of non-default folders (i.e., anything but 'Contacts.')
    Does this make sense? I don't want to synch anything in the 'old' folder to my iphone. But I also don't want to move all of my current contacts to a special folder just so I can synch only these items.
    So when I synch my iPhone I want it to limit the synching to only the default 'contacts' folder.
    Is there a way to do this?

    Open one of the folders that keeps changing. Set it to the view mode you prefer. Press Command-J (Show View Options in View menu).
    At the top of the View Options screen is an item which allows one to set "Always open in xxx view". Chekmark that.
    Repeat for each folder you want.
    This is a per-folder setting. Note that the View Options screen is 'live" - you can leave it open, and as you open successive folders it will display the settings for each in turn.

  • How can I import JPEGs but not Photoshop files from a folder?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to have import filtering by file type. Specifically, I want to import a large folder structure of finished images but only the JPEG files, I don't want PSD files added to the catalog.
    Is there possibly a script or Plug-in that does this?
    I'm using OS X 10.9 at home and Windows 7 at work, with LR 5.5 in both cases.

    This is the OP on my home profile, and that ship has already sailed. Both work and home, there are thousands of images together. I could explain why but its not important at this point, and I need it that way for my on-disk organization.
    I'm looking at this omission as a huge time-waster. Why import a bunch of files that you are going to immediately turn around and delete?
    At home I'm working on transitioning from Aperture, and so far I am not impressed with LR. It does some things better but has a lot of holes. My Aperture catalog is over 155,000 images.
    At work, I am dealing with legacy images and have been trying to use Bridge to organize things, that's been slow going as well. I'm trying to decide if the DAM features in Lightroom make it worth importing everything.

  • HELP!!!!!!!! can't import my current MPEG-4 files from my pc into itunes

    I have been using Nokia music manager for my music files as I have used my N82 phone to store and listen to music. I have approx 50 CD's saved as MPEG-4 files within the nokia music manager and cannot get them to transfer to the itunes library. I really don't want to have to re-convert them all from CD!
    When I go to file - add file to library or add folder to library, then browse the file all is fine, but the minute I click the button absolutely NOTHING happens - no error file, warning or anything - it simply seems to ignore my command! I have uninstalled/reinstalled itunes (incase there was a problem), rebooted etc and nothing - am seriously unhappy as this seems that it should be so straightforward and simple and I really don't want to have to do all this from scratch!

    Hello - thanks for the reply
    Have now tried this too - nothing happens again. The file will show within the iTunes library file in the system folder, but not actually open within itunes.
    Any other ideas - I am thinking that there is something wrong with either the way it is installed or the pc or something, but it will load the files directly from the CD.

  • In PURCHASE order - How can i browse only the supplier items?

    Hello Experts
    While making a PURCHASE order - I want to press on the  browse button and see ONLY items
    Which are from the spesific supplier that the order is addressed to ....
    Which are an Inventory Items = Y
    is this possible ? and How ?
    Dror medalion.

    Check if Form Settings in Choose from List for the Item is helpful for your.
    You can group by Preferred vendor and Inventory Item [Y/N] and then the list is short and selections is easier.
    Kind Regards,
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • How can I import only about 50 of my contacts into my iPhone

    How can I import only SOME of my contacts from my iMacOS10 onto my iPhone 5s ?

    I don't understand your question.
    An MP3 has a bit rate. That's the number of samples (bits of information) is has for each second of time that it runs. When you import an MP3 to your iTunes, it is imported at the bit rate it has been encoded with.
    If that MP3 has already been converted from a higher bit rate to a lower one, you cannot retrieve the "original bit rate" from the new conversion.
    What are you trying to achieve?

  • How can I import only jpeg and not jpeg plus RAW into Photos on iPad?

    I capture both on my camera.  I do post-shoot processing on computer (Lightroom/Photoshop) but want to see larger previews on iPad (the "new" version with retina display) than my camera LCD allows.  I am using the Apple hadware adaptor to load from an SD card.  The RAW files are taking up way too much memory on the iPad--it seems Photos imports both files at once.  I can't figure our how to tell it to import only the smaller JPEG files.
    If there is a better App than Photos for this, please advise.  Note I will not be doing any serious editing on the iPad.

    It doesn't matter what App you use it will copy all the photos from the SD card.
    But I have a workaround;
    All you do is import your JPEG+RAW images using the camera connection kit.
    Go to Albums in the Photo App, choose Change, Choose New Album, give name, choose Last import, choose Select all photos, choose Finish.
    Now go back into the photos app and delete all the photos from your "Last import" Album. It will say that it is going to delete them everywhere but really it doesnt because it leaves the JPEG in the new album. The result is that you will only have your JPEGs that you imported in your camera roll and the RAW images get deleted.
    First try out before you delete photos from SD card!

  • 16Gb of music...i have 2 GB space...when I can I get only the music I want...aka playlists I want...

    16Gb of music...i have 2 GB space...when I can I get only the music I want...aka playlists I want...

    You must configure to sync only the specific items you want on your iPod by enabling the necessary settings from under the iPod's Summary and Music tabs.  Perhaps this article can provide more information and assistance.
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod

  • How can I sync ONLY the top photo in the stack?

    I sync various Aperture photo albums to my IPad and iPhone. The problem is that when I have 'stacked' images (eg. one image showing in the album and two other copies 'hidden' underneath), all of the photos in the stack are copied to the ipad and iPhone. So instead of seeing just one version of an image, I see as many as are in the stack. How can I sync ONLY the top photo in the stack?
    Thanks for your help!

    I solved my own problem.
    The sync problem seemed to only occur on smart albums. There is a new check box option in Aperture 3 when making a smart album: "sync stack pick only." One click and the problem is solved!

  • How can I print ONLY the active document?

    Whenever I go to File/Print the darn PSE 9 program sends all of the working files in the bin to the printer. I've searched online for 2 hours now looking for an answer.
    I like to work with having several to many files in the 'bin' and prefer to only print the active file I'm currently working on without having to close the 'working files' before I can print. How can I print ONLY the active document or file in the project bin? Please help, I've upgraded from PSE 3 to PSE 9 and really like the updated features, but this one pain in the neck default is getting the best of me.

    Thanks for your help, that works nicely. It is good to have control of the printer again.

  • How can i display all the query items to a table?

    how can i display all the query items to a table in a jsp file?
    i always have an out of memory error..

    any body??any idea?
    is it possible thru configuration or i have to write a program by the abaper??

  • How can I extract only the audio as an aiff file?

    Using a Sony DSC-N2 Cybershot Camera I recorded video that was saved as “MOV01606.MPG”. The video plays back with sound in Quicktime Pro and iTunes but how can I extract only the audio as an aiff file?

    Use MPEG Streamclip (free) to convert your .mpg files to QuickTime formats.
    QuickTime can't extract audio from muxed file formats.

  • I just bought a 2gb shuffle and i have more music than it can hold in my itunes acct. How can i sync only the certain playlists on the shuffle?

    I just bought a 2 gb shuffle and I have more music in my itunes than it can hold.  How can i sync only the certain playlists on the shuffle?

    Yes. Configure your Shuffle to sync only selected playlists from under its Music tab.  This article should be able to assist you with this.

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