How can i save multiple locations to my reminders app on the iphone 4?

I want to be reminded to do a task when I arrive home. Is it possible to save my home location (and other useful locations) to the reminders app? This is more useful than guessing when I will arrive at a location and setting a reminder for then.
If not possible at the moment, Apple please include this in the next iOS update. Thank you.

Yes, this is possible.  Go into your contacts list and choose yourself (hopefully you're in there and set up as the user on the phone.)  Then enter in your addresses (home, work, school, etc.) and next time you set up a location based reminder those address will be in there.

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    Is there a way for me to do this, or am I chasing phantoms?

    *This response is for iPhoto 11 (v9). If you're using an earlier version, please post back and let us know. Troubleshooting steps are not the same for different versions. To find out which iPhoto you have: iPhoto Menu -> About iPhoto)*
    Duplicate the photo first. (Photos -> Duplicate). This means that you will have multiple copies of the master as well as the edited version.
    If you use versions like this often and wish to have only one master then you can do this with Aperture.

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  • How can I edit multiple clips with different frame rates on the same timeline

    how can I edit multiple clips with different frame rates on the same timeline

    You do not want to edit material from different frame rates on one timeline. You CAN do this, but it is a very bad idea - and this is why.
    Once you establish the sequence frame rate - lets say it is PAL material at 25fps, any material that you drop into the sequence other than 25 fps will have to be changed to play at 25 fps. If the material you add is NTSC (29.97), FCP will DROP 5 frames per sec to bring the frame rate down to 25 fps. Which 5 get thrown away? Every 6th one. This yields a funky cadence that becomes even more complex as as there are also interlaced fields (DV/NTSC is an interlaced format). Oh, and by the way, the image sizes are different as well. DV/PAL has 576 lines of resolution and DV/NTSC has 480. FCP has to scale up the NTSC to fit the PAL frame.
    You do not want FCP adjusting these things on the fly. You want to do a thoughtful (and time consuming) conversion so that you end up with all your material in one format with the best possible image from the conversion process. Compressor can do an adequate job with Frame Controls turned on. The Natress Standards Conversion FCP plugin is another way to go. A third option is to find a post house that can do the conversion for you using a hardware based process.
    The good news is, once everything is in the same format, editing it will be painless and the output process very quick.
    Whatever frame rate/ image size you select, I'd suggest using ProRes for the codec. It is 4:2:2 color and will withstand color correction and composting with much more grace than any variant of DV based codecs.
    Have fun.

  • How can i save a photo album that i created on my iPhone 4s on my PC?  I have about 10 albums and I want to save them in their own folders on the PC.

    how can i save a photo album that i created on my iPhone 4s on my PC?  I have about 10 albums and I want to save them in their own folders on the PC.  When hooking up the phone to the PC, all i see is the individual photos.  I have an iMac and a sony vaio, so i am open to transfer on either machine.
    Thanks in advance

    Have you had any luck with this? I want to do the same thing and my individual photo albums on my iPhone won't tranfer to my laptop or iPad....only the pictures.

  • I have an iPhone 4G. How can I save my photos & contacts before I upgrade to the latest version of iOS?

    I have an iPhone 4G.   I have not backed up contacts or photos to iTunes.
    How can I save my photos & contacts before I upgrade to the latest iOS version?

    Hello Betty931
    To backup the photos to your computer, just follow the steps to get the pictures saved to your computer.
    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer
    You can also follow the steps in the article below to give more options to backup other data to your computer.
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    You can also back up the entire iPhone by following the steps below.
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    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

  • How can I access docs on a frozen Pages app? The Pages app froze up after attempted repair at the Genius bar last night.  The IPAD was having significant memory errors, and staff backed it up to the ICloud, then wiped the IPAD clean and restored the apps.

    How can I access documents on a frozen Pages app? The Pages app on my IPAD does not function after the IPAD was backed up on the ICloud, and then restored. I synced the IPAD, but this did not solve the problem.  Other apps are working, just not Pages.  Please help! These docs are badly needed for work.  Thanks so much!

    Have you tried closing the Pages app completely and seeing if it works ok when you re-open it ? From the home screen (i.e. not with Pages 'open' on-screen) double-click the home button to bring up the taskbar, then press and hold any of the apps on the taskbar for a couple of seconds or so until they start shaking, then press the '-' in the top left of the Pages app to close it, and touch any part of the screen above the taskbar so as to stop the shaking and close the taskbar.
    If that doesn't work then you could try a reset : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • How can I save multiple links using the "save link as" function?

    I'm trying to save about 300 pdf files. The link to each one is listed ona website. To save each one I'm right clicking on the link, selecting "save link as" and repeat.
    How can I select multiple links and save them?

    Actually you can save multiple page pdf's in elements.
    Try something like this:
    (This is easier if you have the project bin open)
    1. Select the first page
    2. Right click on that page in the project bin and choose Add Blank Page or as many pages as you need.
    3. Use the move tool and drag your pages down into the blank pages in the project bin
    4 Then File>Save As>Acrobat.PDF

  • How can I save MULTIPLE text pictures to camera roll?!

    Help. I've google searched it w no success so figured I'd post here.
    I have the iPhone 4S.  Version iOS 7.0.4(most up to date)
    There are many times I have a lot of pics sent to me in a text (for ex: 1 entire text message from 1 contact but they sent me 15 pics)
    Is there a way to save ALL 15 at once?!  I've tried holding the image, the "more" option but no options prompt/allow me to save all to camera roll in one shot.
    Only way I'm seeing to save to camera roll is by going to each individual pic & saving one by one to my camera roll which is entirely too time consuming!
    Help! Thanks!

    iCloud isn't a file storage service.
    You can backup your camera roll but you can only restore the entire roll to the device.
    Backup your photos to your computer.

  • How can I upload multiple photos without using an app?

    I'm a special education teacher, and I teach a photography lab that teaches students how to scan and edit photos. We use the school's set of Ipad2's in order to crop the photos since the majority of students I have don't have the hand eye coordination neccisary to crop using a desktop computer and mouse. The problem I'm running into, however, is that our IT department wont let me download any apps onto the iPads. I've asked on six seperate occasions in order for them to update the iPads to ios7 and to give teachers the permission to install apps-- the first request coming at the start of the school year-- and they havent responded to any of them, so I'm not holding my breath.
    Currently, I'm uploading all of the photos my students scan to my personal dropbox account, and the students access that and download each photo individually onto their ipads. Not the easiest thing for special education students to do, but its doable. I have not found an easy way to get the cropped photos off the ipads, however. Any ideas? I could attach each photo to an email, allthough thats more trouble than its worth most times. Dropbox will only allow me to upload one photo at a time, and keeps overwriting the photo I previously uploaded with the new one if I try to upload a second photo. Photo stream is the obvious answer, but icloud is disabled on all the ipads and only IT can turn it back on, something they've been unwiling to do

    I worked in IT on the university level for four years so it's really frustrating to see more safeguards in place in a public school district any university. If we're trying to teach these kids to be ready for real life and then block out and don't let them use half the technology they're going to encounter in real life, well I just don't get that. But that's another rant for another time.
    How I do it is I save all of the photos my students scan onto my external hard drive, then transfer them to my personal computer and upload them to dropbox using Dropbox for windows (or whatever the desktop application is called) . I then have my students go to on the iPad, login as me, and go through each photo, saving each to the iPad as they go.
    I should have said upfront that when I try to connect the iPad to my personal computer it charges the iPad but won't recognize under my computer or show up in iTunes, so I am unable to see any of the data on it. I'm pretty sure it's not the 30 pin connector that's malfunctioning because I've tried with two of them. I can only check if it registers with iTunes on my personal computer because I can't download iTunes on school computers since I don't have administrator privileges

  • How can I get multiple users to be able to share the music on iTunes? I've tried Home Sharing, but it does not work properly.

    How can I get home sharing to work on my mac mini for multiple users? It says it is working, but it never shows up in the left hand column.

    Gino Cerullo,
    Thanks for your response. I tried all that myself. In fact, last night, it all worked fine on all users. This morning, no Home Sharing would show up. It is really weird because some setting must have changed, but I did not knowingly changed anything, and now all the obvious fixes don't work. In fact, if I turn off Home Sharing and turn it back on, then it comes up only until I hit the "done" button on the set up page and then it goes away from the left hand column again. The ADVANCED drop down tab says it is on, but it is not there.
    Thanks anyway.

  • How can I save a PDF from yahoo mail app in iphone5?

    Hi everybody!!!
    I am asking what the title says...
    I want to save a PDF doc from yahoo mail app in my iphone5! How can I do it?
    I have ibooks and adobe reader but no luck....
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

    Tap and hold the attachment icon for 2-3 seconds. If this not work try to:
    -Remove mail app (are you using the native Mail app?) from Multitasking Bar (double click the home button, then hold down an app until red minus symbol appears and tap on it to remove the Mail app).
    -5Reset your iPhone (Hold down Power and Home button unti Apple logo appears. Then release and wait to reboot.
    -Try again to save the PDF. 

  • Can't save multiple folders to external drive. Get: "The operation can't be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items." when dragging large folders to mac os extended journalled external drive from OS 10.6.8

    I am feeling  VERY desperate!
    After losing an external drive [dont ask....]  -   I got  another one :  2TB WD formatted properly [ OS extended journalled for mac ] ready for action to move  my thousands of files and images and ppts in hundreds of folders across from the laptop to this drive because I travel a bit with the laptop and this is too risky not to back up at home.
    But this message came up after starting on moving folders across [** and not straight away, sometimes after moving  a folder  when  4 of 6 gb of files across  then the message comes up  = very frustrating]:
    "The operation can’t be completed because you don't have permission to access some of the items."
    I am  dragging mixed sometimes large complex folders to this  os extended journalled external drive from my mac book pro OS 10.6.8  - it would take decades to move items one by one or even folder by folder and really confusing. 
    I have  dragged-copied  various small folders and files across successfully, but it is only working 50:50 and I can't leave machine with the idea of things copying eg: overnight - it just won't work....
    I have been browsing google and find some people describing in CODE how they overcome this 'message'   .... but  I  [and I guess some other viewers of this in future & also in desperation]  would need  instructions for beginners....  to try this type of thing.  I don't know any code.
    How can this be happening - I feel ANGRY at APPLE !!!!  for not posting easy fix instructions yet re; this, or better still  updating software so it doesn't happen [ that I can find at least  !!! ] .   There seem to be hundreds of people stuck with this stupid message and inability to back up their projects etc.
    Can anyone help ?
    Many thanks
    15 August 2011

    hi Samberl
    thanks a lot for the fast reply.
    I was dragging folders from main folders on the laptop-desktop  onto the external drive icon - to copy them across....
    Your suggestion sounds very promising -  I didn't know about 'cloning'.
    Yes the idea is to backup the laptop -    I thought I would just move it all now, new - and then keep saving/dragging physically   across to the new drive myself each day or two...
    Would this be the sizeof the internal hard drive = c.500 gb  ?   =   under the HD icon on desktop is written  : 
    " 499.76gb , 311.5 gb free  " 
    I can erase and start agin on the new external drive - so this plan is to make two partititions, rather than the one at present, and make one of them 500 gb ?
    I have found CCC [carbon copy cloner] googling - looks good.
    When CCC site says it backs up  the hard drive - would this  mean all my files  [over 100 gb] that are mostly  in folders on the desktop, plus the others in itunes, iphotos etc found in the HD icon,  would all copy across successfully [wherever they are in the computer ]  ?
    thanks again, hope you can clarify these things and then I will go for it. 
    It would be great and amazing if this 'lack of permission' message doesn't show up in the process of doing this ccc transfer - hopeful!

  • How can I save all my text messages and transfer to new iPhone?

    I'm getting a new iphone but I want all my text from my old iphone to transfer to new iphone. How can I do that?

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