How can I sync my calendar from microsoft outlook 2003 to my Ipad2

Hi Just purchsed an Ipad 2 and would like to sync my desk top calendar Microwsoft Outlook 2003 to my Ipad 2 is there an easy way of doing it for some one with limited experience!!

Presuming you sync to the computer that that calendar is on:
Hook your iPad up to your computer and open iTunes.
CLick on the name of your iPad (if you don't see the sidebar, the windows shortcut of 'control S' will bring that sidebar up.
Navigate to the Info tab in iTUnes
Scroll down to see the outlook syncing options. One of them will be to sync the calendar.
Click that and then sync and your calendar should sync over.
If your situation is like mine, where I want to put my work calendar on mypersonal iPad, I will export that calendar from my work computer, import it into my personal computer then do the syncing.

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  • How can I sync my calendar from my MacAir to my iPod touch without using the cloud?

    I will be out of wi fi range most of next year and want to know how to sync my calendar from my computer to my ipod touch and vice versa manually.

    To do this, plug your iPod Touch into iTunes on your MacAir. From there, find the tab on the left of iTunes where your iPod is located. Once you are on that, go to "Info" on the top row. From there you should be able to choose to sync calendars and contacts.
    Hope this helped.

  • How can I sync up the calendar from Microsoft Outlook email with my ipad 2?

    How can I sync up my calendar from Microsoft Outlook with my ipad 2? Or do I have to enter in all of the dates individually?

    When the iPad is connected to your computer's iTunes, then on the device's Info tab you should be able to select where to sycn a calendar from - from the iPad manual :
    You can sync calendars from applications such as iCal on a Mac, or from Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 on a PC. (On a Mac, you can sync calendars with multiple applications. On a PC, you can sync calendars with only one application at a time.)

  • How can I sync the calendar and contacts from my icloud account to the new icloud account we set for him.  I have already set up the Family connections.

    How can I sync the calendar and contacts from my icloud account to the new icloud account we set for my husband on his iPad and iPhone 5S?  I have already set up the Family connections but they are not syncing.

    Oops my bad...I see that during my troubleshooting I inadvertently left Ringtones unchecked in iTunes.

  • How can i transfer my calendar from iphone to macbook? Sync is not working!, how can i transfer my calendar from iphone to macbook? Sync is not working!

    how can i transfer my calendar from iphone to macbook? Sync is not working!, how can i transfer my calendar from iphone to macbook? Sync is not working!

    If the calendar is connected to a server account, like Exchange, you cannot sync via iTunes. You need to connect to the server on your MacBook.
    If it is not connected to a server account then you need to ensure syncing is set up in iTunes. This is in the Info tab for your selected phone in iTunes.

  • How can I print my calendar from I-Cloud?

    How can I print my calendar from I-Cloud?

    If you computer is syncing calendars with iCloud, you can print it from your computer's calendar program (such as Outlook or Mac iCal/Calendar).  Otherwise, you'll have to take a screenshot of it on and print the image.

  • HT4623 how can i sync my music from my apple pc to my iPhone 4s

    how can i sync my music from my apple pc to my iphone 4s

    Syncing with iTunes
    Syncing with iTunes copies information from your computer to iPhone, and vice versa. You can
    sync by connecting iPhone to your computer, or you can set up iTunes to sync wirelessly with
    Wi-Fi. You can set iTunes to sync music, photos, videos, podcasts, apps, and more. For information
    about syncing iPhone with your computer, open iTunes, then choose iTunes Help from the
    Help menu.
    Set up wireless iTunes syncing: Connect iPhone to your computer. In iTunes on the computer,
    select your iPhone (under Devices), click Summary, then turn on “Sync over Wi-Fi connection.”
    When Wi-Fi syncing is turned on, iPhone syncs every day. iPhone must be connected to a power
    source, iPhone and your computer must both be on the same wireless network, and iTunes must
    be open on your computer. For more information, see iTunes Wi-Fi Sync on page 136.
    Tips for syncing with iTunes
    • If you use iCloud to store your contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and notes, don’t also sync them
    to your device using iTunes.
    • Purchases you make from the iTunes Store or the App Store on iPhone are synced back to your
    iTunes library. You can also purchase or download content and apps from the iTunes Store on
    your computer, and then sync them to iPhone.
    • In the device’s Summary pane, you can set iTunes to automatically sync when your device is
    attached to your computer. To temporarily override this setting, hold down Command and
    Option (Mac) or Shift and Control (PC) until you see iPhone appear in the sidebar.
    • In the device’s Summary pane, select “Encrypt iPhone backup” if you want to encrypt the
    information stored on your computer when iTunes makes a backup. Encrypted backups are
    indicated by a lock icon  , and a separate password is required to restore the backup. If you
    don’t select this option, other passwords (such as those for mail accounts) aren’t included in
    the backup and will have to be reentered if you use the backup to restore the device.
    • In the device’s Info pane, when you sync mail accounts, only the settings are transferred from
    your computer to iPhone. Changes you make to an email account on iPhone don’t affect the
    account on your computer.
    • In the device’s Info pane, click Advanced to select options to let you replace the information on
    iPhone with the information from your computer during the next sync.
    • If you listen to part of a podcast or audiobook, the place you left off is included if you sync
    the content with iTunes. If you started listening on iPhone, you can pick up where you left off
    using iTunes on your computer—or vice versa.
    • In the device’s Photo pane, you can sync photos and videos from a folder on your computer.

  • How can I restore my calendar from yesterday's version on my Mac?

    How can I restore my calendar from yesterday's version on my Mac?

    I wasn't syncing it with anything.  I had plugged in an upcoming drs appt, apparently something was still open on my calendar when I received a call. Took the call and after I hung up I had my phone face down on my lap in the car.  Had intended to go back to the calendar when I reached my destination. When I got there and looked at my calendar, absolutely nothing was on it.

  • TS1347 How do I sync my calendar from my droid pro to iphone?

    How do I sync my calendar from my droid pro to iphone 4?

    Make sure you calendar is on your computer ( Outlook for example).  From there you can sync to the iphone.

  • How can I sync my contacts from my iPhone to iPad?

    How can I sync my contacts from my iPhone 5 to my iPad 2?

    Do you use iCloud? On both devices - Go to Settings>iCloud and turn on Contacts, calendars, reminders, and whatever you want to sync in those settings.
    If you haven't set up iCloud yet....
    Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices.

  • Since I down loaded Mavericks I can't sync calendars with iPhone. How can I sync iPhone calendar and Mac calendar

    Since I downloaded Mavericks on my Mac I can't sync calendars with iphone. How can I sync iphone calendars with Mac calendar?

    Mavericks syncs Calendar via iCloud.
    Make sure you have the same iCloud account set up on your mac and your iPhone.
    In System Preferences > iCloud, make sure the Calendars checkbox is checked.
    In System Preferences > Internet Accounts, iCloud should be an account in the box on the left, and Calendars should be checked in the box on the right. If you have other calendars, for example, from work, make sure those are enabled too.
    Check the same settings on your iPhone: in Settings > iCloud, make sure the same iCloud account info is present and that the Calendars slider is on. in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, make sure the iCloud account is present, and that the Calendars slider is on.

  • How can I print the calendar from my iPad?

    How can I print the calendar from my iPad/iPhone 4?  I would like each month on a separate 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Thanks!

    What print app do you have? I think that you need certain printing apps in order to print the iPad calendar. The print feature is not built into the app itself ...As far as I know.

  • How can i print my calendar from icloud?  either from iphone or ipad

    how can I print my calendar from icloud, ipad, or iphone?

    The calendar cannot be printed other than taking a screen shot and printing from the photos app. Look at an app called CalPrint in the App Store if you want to be able to print the calendar.

  • How can i sync my calendar in Outlook 2007 with iTunes WITHOUT using iCloud?

    How can i sync my calendar in Outlook 2007 with iTunes WITHOUT using iCloud?

    your link shows how to sync, i know how to do that.
    i specifically wanted to sync my outlook calendar with my phone, not my outlook calendar with icloud calendar.
    apparently you have to go into setup on phone and tell phone not to sync calendars with icloud so you can get choice to sync phone via itunes.
    thanks anyways for trying.
    feel free to reference my solution for similar questions.

  • How can I sync my calendar with outlook

    This question has a couple parts to it.<br><br>First, I am self employed and use Outlook as my primary calendar. With my BB7 device this syncing issue was easy but I find it so hard with my new Z30.<br><br>My email is a email. I have 2 email accounts on my device (personal and business which are both emails.<br><br>How can I sync my calendar with outlook and allow changes made in both outlook or the device appear updated on both outlook and my device?<br><br>When I make a calendar entry in my phone it prompts me to use either my groups, my work email, my personal email and then I see BLINK with the name of my office computer.<br><br>What should I be using as my default calendar? The one that says BBlink-Computer name or my business email address?<br><br>Secondly is there a way to sync all my calendar entries with outlook to avoid personal and business conflicts? That is my BBM group calendar entries, personal email calendar entries and my business calendar entries?<br><br>I'm really baffled by all this. I keep being told I need to set up an email address. Do I really need to do this? I prefer not to.<br><br>Essentially, how can I make all my calendar entries show on my office outlook calendar so I can see everything to avoid scheduling conflicts and not need to check my device before booking an appointment in my desktop outlook?<br><br>Lastly I have my outlook set to show me Canadian Holidays. How can I get these to appear in my device calendar?<br><br>Please...<br>This has been baffling me since I for my device about a month ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br><br>I have the latest link software on my PC and have the latest OS on my phone.<br><br>Thank you in advance to all that reply.<br><br>Regards,<br>Dan

    I think (and I'll double check) only the BBLink events will sync on a wired USB sync. I'm fairly certain of that.
    You'll need to use your calendar syncing via an EAS email account (, for instance, is free) to sync wirelessly. It works great. I use it and was a former tied to the USB sync guy as well... and I thought I was gonna die a painful death without it. I found more freedom this way.
    This explains the process. But I don't think you'll get BBM Groups to sync.​Z10/How-To-OTA-Sync-BB10-and-non-BES-Outlook-Overv​...
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