How do i adjust brightness on second monitor

how do you adjust brightness of the second monitor ?? just upgraded the graphics board to ati radeon 5770 and added a second monitor -

Never mind - found the answer inside the answer to someone else' question - the USB was not plugged in which provided the nice slider

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    how use my apple tv like second  monitor
    some very help me

    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
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  • CS4 - Is there a way to adjust gamma for second monitor or send to overlay?

    One thing that is evident when I edit in Premiere CS4 using the AVCHD 1080i 60 template is that the preview in the second monitor, which in my case is my TV set connected using a DVI to HDMI cable, is that the output is too dark compared to what it should be. Darker areas of the frame sometimes even get crushed into black when the same footage, when played directly from the camcorder, or even burned to blu-ray and played, is noticeably brighter and at the right black levels.
    This doesn't happen when editing in Vegas Pro 8, or when the untouched footage is played through other video player, including Windows 7 Media Center.
    A workaround for this problem can be to go to the graphics card control panel, in my case ATI Catalyst, and adjust the gamma for the second monitor, with the problem being that when you're done editing in Premiere you have to go back to the normal gamma. At one point I had setup two profiles in Catalyst with shortcuts and it worked well, but one day Catalyst simply lost the profiles and noticing how buggy it was I wasn't going to keep creating profiles so that Catalyst would delete them.
    So my question is, since it's not in the preferences, is there some settings file or registry address that I can tweak to make Premiere display a brighter gamma of my choice?
    And this may be a dead end, but is there a way to send the output of the second monitor to the overlay so that it can take advantage of the graphic's card video capabilities and display video smoothly? It's nice to have a preview of the timeline, but it's rather annoying if I have to go to the Catalyst control panel and adjust gamma before editing and after editing and that motion is jerky and not interlaced when I'm editing interlaced content.

    You need the VESA mount option. That way your minimum angle would be completely vertical and you could open it to a negative 10 degrees.
    Hope this helps.
    I am not an HP employee, But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
    TouchSmart IQ526t CTO Intel 2.26 Ghz 4 gig ram 750 gig HDD Vista Premium 64 bit

  • How open Adobe Reader 9 in second monitor by default?

    How can I make Adobe Reader 9.0 open always in my second monitor?
    With version 8 it was at least possible to open the first document on the second monitor if I had moved the window in an previous session to that monitor and closed it there. The second and following documents always were opened in the first monitor (annoying!).
    What I want is, that ALL documents always open in the second monitor. How can I manage this?

    I am also having this issue.
    First PDF opens on second monitor. Second one I open will open on main laptop monitor and 3,4,5 etc the same.
    Would like it to default full screen on second monitor for all PDF's.

  • How to precisely adjust brightness under Lion

    working with a Mid 2010 IMac and the Apple Wireless Keyboard it is obvious that brightness may be controlled by pressing both the "fn" key and the respective keys F1 or F2.
    Under Snow Leopard I created a list of useful shortcuts to get familiar with the various extra functions. One of them was to press ALT + Shift + fn+F1/F2 to be able to adjust brightness in finer steps than with the a.m. regular tune. The background of my question is the adjustment of brightness in context with a monitor calibration using a colorimeter.
    This ALT+Shift method doesn't seem to work since I upgraded to Lion (10.7.3). Any ideas or proposals are appreciated.

    Right. Attempting to install or boot a version of OS X earlier than the one installed on the Mac when it was built is likely to fail: Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac
    The reason is that new Mac hardware requires new drivers that may not exist on previous versions of OS X.
    If it shipped with Lion it might be able to boot Snow Leopard, since there was a period of time in 2011 in which computers produced with Snow Leopard were later shipped with Lion, while the hardware remained unchanged. This will work only if you did not update the Mac's firmware though.

  • RGB settings unexpected​ly reset when adjusting brightness on HP2509b monitor

    I am trying to modify the RGB values and brightness settings of my HP2509b monitor so that the the images on my screen more accurately reflect the prints that I receive from my photo lab.  
    After I modify the RGB settings so that the White Balance on my screen matches the print pretty closely I then attempt to lower the brightness to adjust that setting more closely to what I see on my print as well. Upon reducing the brightess by only 1 value, my RGB values instantly reset to the 6500K preset.

    the free GMB program Calibration Tester shows the
    contents of the graphics card LUTs.
    Altogether three programs, mentioned here on p.20:
    If the luminance settings of the monitor are above
    the target value e.g.100 cd/m2 for a calibration
    by instruments, then the graphics card LUTs are
    trying to reduce the luminance (old example in the
    doc, also p.20), for instance from 110 to 100 cd/m2.
    Such a case would reduce the resolution a little.
    As tested by Eizo CG19:
    The adjustment of the monitor by monitor menues
    doesn't affect the graphics card LUTs. In fact,
    the calibration by GMB ProfileMaker5 guides the
    user to adjust the monitor dynamically/interactively
    so, that the LUTs contain finally almost no correction.
    In this sense the old example above wasn't perfect.
    This is the classical method, which I'm applying as
    well to Eizo CG19, though this monitor offers a
    calibration by ColorNavigator, based on monitor-
    internal LUTs with 10 or 12 bits per channel
    (leaving the graphics card LUTs at identity y=x).
    For certain reasons I'm not using this feature.
    One reason: then it would be impossible to have a
    look at the contents of the LUTs.
    Theoretically the result should be better for high
    resolution LUTs, but I wasn't able to detect banding
    or posterization after applying the classical method.
    Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

  • How to gradually adjust Brightness Filter?

    I'm trying to get a group of objects to darken when they pass a certain part of the sun, but I can't adjust a fade in with the brightness filter. How can I have a nice transition between the original brightness and the altered one?

    Move the playhead to the frame you want the brightness to start decreasing.
    In the Filters inspector (with the object of filter selected) click where you see the yellow "diamond" shape (that will set the first keyframe.) (When you mouse over that parameter, you'll see a light gray version of the icon appear -- and once you set one keyframe, then some variation of that icon will persist there; if it's gray, there's no keyframe at that time -- the < and > marks appear when there are set keyframes before and/or after the current time -- you can click on them to advance the playhead to the exact time of the previous/next set keyframe.)
    Move the playhead to the end of the brightness range and drag the slider to zero.
    Assuming you want the "other side" of the orbit to go back to the original brightness, move the playhead forward to the point where you want the maximum brightness restored and move the brightness slider back up to the setting you require.
    Notice you only had to "set" the first keyframe. Motion automatically tracks changes on parameters with any keyframe on it and will automatically apply a new keyframe at the playhead time position IF you change the value of the parameter.

  • How do I adjust brightness in Windows 7 on my 27" iMac?

    After installing all of the Boot Camp support files, I still can't adjust the brightness of my screen when I boot in to Windows 7 Ultimate.  The keyboard seems to work when I try to adjust the brightness, since the adjustment indicator (icons that look like a sun) comes up on screen.
    Is this an installation issue?

    Found the solution!
    Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings > slide control to 'Never notify' > Reboot.
    Problem solved.

  • Please help! How can I adjust brightness and contrast of BufferedImage?

    Now I am working on Face Verification by Neural Network.i'm coding with java awt.i use BufferedImage.
    So the problem is Face picture of one person but other place or other time is'n same. so i would like adjust picture to standard that i set.How can I do?
    picture is 20*24 Pixel 8 bit Grayscale
    Thank you so much I will appreciate to your helps

    Try to go on
    I hope You'll find Your answer;-)
    CU - troya

  • How can I set up a second monitor using the DVI, a mini Displayport to dvi?

    Hey guys,
    In my office I'm trying to set up a mac with two displays, Samsung screensync sa450s, using a Startech MDP2DVIW mini displayport to dvi, and the DVI port found on the ATI Radeon HD 5770.
    However, whichever monitor is plugged in through the mini displayport never shows video, and instead will just flicker sometimes, no matter which monitor I use, or which of the mini displayports i use. The system profiler recognizes both monitors, and has all of the specs on both monitors, but only the monitor connected directly to the DVI displays anything, even if it is the secondary monitor.
    The StarTech does still work with the macpro that used to be in this spot, and the only salient distinction I can find is that the old computer has Mountain Lion, while the new one is still running Snow Leopard. Is this a case where we should just update the OS? or is there another fix?
    I've also read online that many people have been not fully plugging in these mini displayports, so I'm worried that I'm doing that, but then I'd figure it wouldn't have worked when I plugged it into the old computer unless my predecessor had made some hardware adjustments.
    Let me know.

    A frequent solution to problems like the one you describe involves pushing in the Mini DisplayPort cable-end.
    It should be inserted until essentially ALL of the metal end disappears inside the jack on the 5770 board.
    Is this display wider than 1920 wide?
    EDIT:  The Startech MDP2DVIW adapter you cited is a passive adapter suitable for 1920 wide or less. You should be using ACTIVE adapters, about US$35. They cost a little more, but are much more trouble-free. The ACTIVE designation means they contain booster circuitry to raise the Voltage levels up to true DVI levels. The default converter produces good timing, but the signals are really low.

  • How can I extend to a second monitor

    I have a Macbook Pro  OSX 10.9.3(13D65)    17 inc early 2008    I have the ability to Mirror but can I upgrade to be able to add a monitor so I can work on an extended monitor instead of using mirror?Can I also open Garageband in both of those windows and work on 2 different projects at the same time.

    If you can mirror to a display you should be able to extend to it with no upgrade necessary; just turn off mirroring.
    I don't know the answer to the Garageband question. Can it open multiple projects on one screen?

  • Adjusting Brightness on a Second Monitor

    I have a 17" Samsung LCD I use with my iMac (extended desktop). How can I adjust the brightness on that screen? My controls seem to only affect the primary monitor (the iMac).

    There are two separate ways to configure a second monitor, and each way affects different aspects.
    For brightness, I push the "menu" button on the front of my second monitor. That affects brightness, contrast, color temp., menu language and "other."
    For resolution, orientation and so on, I just click "System Preferences", then "Displays", and one option box shows up on my iMac screen and another one shows up on my second monitor. This affects color profiles, display resolutions, number of colors, refresh rates, etc.

  • 27" ACD as second monitor -- cannot adjust brightness

    I've connected a 27" LED ACD to my 27" iMac as a second monitor, but the keyboard commands for adjusting brightness do not affect the cinema display. I understand a common cause for this is that the USB isn't connected, but mine is and I can verify it is working because I have an external HD connected to the USB port of the ACD, and the iMac recognizes that it is connected.
    Also, if I go into Display Preferences then I do see the Brightness slider for the second monitor. This is currently the only way I can adjust the brightness of that monitor.

    True, Unless there's a shortcut for that, the only way to adjust the brightness of the second monitor is by using the display preferences . same here with a MBP / 27" display.

  • How can I use my Samsung 193p as a second monitor?

    I am trying to use my Samsung 193P Monitor as my second monitor. It usually has great contrast and good color when attached to my PC. I plugged it into my imac using a DVI to mini DVI adaptor I bought at the apple store. Now it has awful color and the whites are a muddy grey. There do not seem to be any drivers to download. I've called Samsung and Apple and they have no ideas. It is at 1280x1024. Does anyone have any ideas for me? Is there a way to get the monitor communicating with my imac?? Thanks.

    Thank you for the suggestions. I tried again. The thing about the Samsung 193P is that it doesn't have any external "buttons" to push for contrast and brightness. You are supposed to use MagicTune to do this, but of course, that is not compatible with mac. Without any adjustments, it usually looks great on a PC. Do you think I could use my Spyder to calibrate it with the mac? Could I only calibrate the 2nd monitor? I don't want to adjust the new mac monitor in any way. Would that be an option?

  • How do I use my wireless Led TV as a second monitor using my home network without any cables? Both of them are connected to home network

    How do I use my wireless Led TV as a second monitor to my mac book pro using my home network without any cables? Both of them are connected to home network

    Having a gateway there is not going to be a problem. We just need to configure the Time Capsule correctly to work with the 2Wire.
    You will need one ethernet cable to connect the 2Wire to the Time Capsule and a second ethernet cable to temporarily connect your computer to the Time Capsule so that it can be configured.
    The 2Wire you have now should already be broadcasting a wireless network, so once you have the Time Capsule setup, you will actually have two wireless networks there.
    Here's how to configure the Time Capsule to work with the 2Wire:
    Connect an ethernet cable from one of the LAN <-> ports on the 2Wire to the WAN (circle icon) port on the Time Capsule.
    Connect another ethernet cable temporarily from your computer to one of the LAN <-> ports on the Time Capsule
    Open Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Click Manual Setup
    Click the Base Station tab below the row of icons to assign a name for the Time Capsule, a device password (write this down) and adjust time zone settings
    Click the Wireless tab below the row of icons
    Wireless Mode....Create a wireless network
    Wireless Network Name....Your choice
    Radio Mode....Automatic
    Wireless Security...WPA/WPA2 Personal
    Wireless Password....Your choice (write this down)
    Check mark next to....Remember password in keychain
    Click the Internet icon
    At the bottom, change the setting for Connection Sharing to "Off (Bridge Mode)"
    Click Update at the lower right and the Time Capsule will restart after 20-25 seconds and you should get the green light.
    You should now be able to connect to your Time Capsule wireless network.
    I'm not clear on whether you have tried to setup the Time Capsule to backup your computer. Post back if you need some info on that. We may need to start another thread for that as that will be a different subject.

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