How do I edit a PDF file that was created with Acrobat 6

I was given a PDF catalog file from one of my manufactures to use on my web  site, I was told that I need to edit the file and take out the last page which  is for my eyes only not the public, but the way they instructed me to do so has  not worked, so does anybody have an idea on how to do this?
Also they have tried to  send me a corrected file with the last page removed but the file size is to big  to be sent through email. Any help would be great. Thank You

dgnvarsitydad I think you are posting in the wrong thread.
hauptinc wrote:
Ok thank you I will try this but how will I know if there is a security set and also my mistake what I downloaded was Acrobat X Pro which is $200 from Adobe's web site. I am not very familiar with Acrobat but I will give it a try thank you again. Gary
To see if there is security, open the document, go to File>Properties>Security. It will tell you what is allowed and what is not allowed.
Keep in mind that Acrobat Pro is not $200 unless you have a qualifying older version to upgrade from. If not, it's more like $449.

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    How do i edit a PDF file that was sent to me in an email?

    Depends on the extent of the edits. You will need Acrobat in any case. If the edits or minor, you can use the text edit tool. For major edits, you need to request the original file be sent or see if you can Save As a DOC or related file type. PDFs are not really structured for editing and you are asking for a lot of grief if you want to do much. Exporting is the best way, or even better simply asking the author for the original (non-PDF type).

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    Illy just sees a bunch of pixels as do the rest of us.
    You may use Image/Live Trace with suitable settings, expand, and let her work with the resulting vector artwork.
    Or you may draw a (set of path(s) round the part(s) you want to keep (turning htem into a compound path in case of multiple paths, then select everything and Object>Clipping Mask>Make. That will only hide the outlying parts (unless you do the destructive deed), and you only have limited ways of (further) editing.
    Or you may work in Photoshop or similar.

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    I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro X with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
    From Adobe I selected 'Create' and choose 'PDF from File' and I selected a Word document. 
    Adobe converted the Word document to a PDF and it look great!!!!!
    I want to modify the PDF file and change the 'text', but it will not let me.
    Will I have to convert the Word document to a PDF everytime I want to change 'text'?

    If you are saying you created a form from the DOC file, that may be a bit of an issue. First, you would generally edit the label in just the way that was mentioned with the text edit tool. However, it may depend on how you created the form. The creation process is important and that may be the problem. If it was created with the Designer tool, then you can not edit anything in Acrobat. Designer creates a XML form that is not compatible with the Acrobat tools. You may be able to edit it in Designer, but not Acrobat. You should still be able to go back to WORD and recreate the PDF.
    If you created the form manually and don't want to deal with recreating the fields, the print the WORD doc to a new PDF using the Adobe PDF printer. Then open your form and use Replace pages to put the revised document behind the fields. The fields will remain intact.
    Again, if the form was created in Designer, you may have to do such changes in Designer.

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    Hi ticor17,
    If you used the Adobe PDF Pack to create a PDF file, it was saved to your online account at Log in to your account, click the Files tab, and then select the file that you want to save to your computer. Then, just click the Download link at the top of the file list.
    Please let us know how it goes.

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    If you have Acrobat for Windows, you certainly can. If you don't have it, you can try it free for 30 days. See

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    I think you should visit the website for it, you can find all the answers to your questions there. You can find it at:
    Locate Acrobat Pro on the page and that is the product you need, it sells for $199.00

  • How to resize a doc in CC that was created with cs4

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    What is the obstacle?
    ID CC will open a CS4 file.
    CS4 had Layout Adjustment which would automate re-sizing the document.
    CC has Liquid layout and perhaps Layout Adjustment. (I am not above CS.5)
    The amount of work to change Tabloid to Letter will be dependent on how well the file was created. 

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    You can use Script component for this and convert your integer values to Date. An example here is following:
    CultureInfo provider = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;
    string dateString = "08082010";
    string format = "MMddyyyy";
    DateTime result = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, format, provider);
    Vikash Kumar Singh ||

  • Hi I need help ..I do not know how to edit a pdf file that I scanned in,

    Hi I need help ..I do not know how to edit a pdf file that I scanned in, will someone please tell me what I should do PLEASE HELP

    What program are you using?  If it is just Adobe Reader you can not edit.
    Say thanks by clicking the Kudos Thumbs Up to the right in the post.
    If my post resolved your problem, please mark it as an Accepted Solution ...
    I worked for HP but now I'm retired!

  • How can I remove a signature on a PDF file that I created using Preview on iMac computer??

    How can I remove a signature on a PDF file that I created using Preview on iMac computer??  I inadvertently hit the icon on the Preview tool bar with an xS and a line through it.  There is my signature in the middle of the PDF file I was editing.  How do I get rid of it?  Cannot select it.  Cannot find any tools that allow me to delete it.  The Preview documentation tells how to create and apply a signature, but not how to remove it.  I think when a signature is added the doucment becomes locked from any editing.

    Hey needadobehelp10,
    Using Adobe Acrobat/Reader, you can simply change your PDF view settings under "View > Page Display > Single Page View"
    Is this really you wish for?
    Please let me know.

  • How can I edit my PDF file on cloud?

    I cannot figure out how can I edit my PDF file on Acrobat Pro cloud version.

    Hi abulr60330783,
    I've checked your account, and couldn't see what version of Acrobat that you have. You may be referring to the Acrobat DC which Adobe announced this week, but that isn't available just yet.
    So, for the time being, you'll need to use Acrobat Pro XI or earlier to edit PDF files. You can download a 30-day trial from

  • How do I edit a PDF file using Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0

    My company - [name deleted by host] purchased Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0. for me
    How do I edit a PDF file using Acrobat 9 - Version 9.4.0
    I need to edit - copy, extract text, add text, etc. from existing PDF files to SAVE my changes,
    or create a new PDF file from an existing file.
    This is very important for me to be able to do my job effectively.
    I spent over 2 hrs the last few days, and another hour today, still can't do it.
    PLEASE respond ASAP with a solution.
    Thanks in advance,
    - Daulton West
    [signature deleted by host]

    PDF is an end destination format - although Acrobat is capable of making minor changes to a file (e.g. to correct typos) it is not a word processor or DTP application. Major changes must be done in the original document, and the PDF file re-exported.
    You can copy text from a file by selecting it and right-clicking, or you can save the file as plain or formatted text. To make small changes to the text on a page, use the touchup tool - see the help file for more info.

  • How do I edit a PDF file with Adobe PDF Pack?

    How do I edit a PDF file with Adobe PDF Pack?

    Well, you don't. Editing a PDF is a difficult and fraught business even with the most expensive software.
    But PDF Pack lets you export to Word; then often you can edit in Word. Now you can make a new PDF. It might look like the original, or it might not. If small changes matter you might be out of luck. ON NO ACCOUNT USE THIS FOR GOVERNMENT FORMS.

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    How do I edit a PDF document that I have converted to a Word document?

    Hi Monica,
    Please elaborate your issue. Are you facing any specific challenges in editing the word document after conversion from .pdf format.

Maybe you are looking for

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