How do I know if I received LUV?

QuestionHow do I know if I received LUV?
AnswerSo you received LUV from a friend, but can't quite tell who sent you LUV and how much. Lets take a look at your LUV page.
The screenshot below shows my LUV page. You can see that I have some activity on my page with various hearts involved.
The top user on my page just recently sent me LUV. I can see this because there is an arrow under the heart. Everytime you receive LUV, there will be an arrow under the heart.
On the contrary, when you send LUV you won't see an arrow on your page. I sent Miss LayLa LUV about 3 days ago and there are no arrows under the hearts. 
Also, if you hold your cursor over the heart for a few seconds you'll be able to see when the LUV was sent or received.
Now that you can read your activity page, go share some LUV! 


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    I sent a text message to multiple (43) recipients earlier, using my iPhone4
    I know some peiple have recieved it as they have replied.
    I also know that some people did not receive it as i asked them.
    Is there any way i can tell which of the 43 recipients did not receive it?  Often when i send a text and it does not go through (because i have a lousy signal that keeps dropping when i am at home - but that is another issue i have with vodafone!) i get the red exclamation symbol telling me to try again, but this function only works with single messages and it appears that even if the message has not gone out to all, the message still appears as sent.
    Any ideas anyone?  Thank you

    No sorry that not possible with the IOS feature.  I would try cutting down the number of recipeints to maybe 10 each when you send the group text.

  • How can we know AR invoice is opended or closed?

    Hi All,
    I have a invoices(Receivables) data in 11.5.5. Now i would like to migrate open invoice or partially paid invoice to R12. How can we know that invoices(Receivables) is opened or closed.
    Suggestions will be highly appreciated.
    Edited by: user627525 on Feb 24, 2009 11:13 PM

    Can't an invoice have more than 1 payment schedule id?
    Yes, an invoice can have more than 1 Payment schedule ID
    If so, would they all have to be zero or closed?
    We have to check by Payment schedule ID

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    I ordered cards 1 week ago through iPhoto and I have not yet received a shipping confirmation.  How do I know when/if the cards will be processed and shipped? Thank you.

    go to the online apple store ( and check your account for order status

  • I wanted to know how to view the gifts I've sent to people and (if possible) know if they received and downloaded them. Is there any way to do that, other than asking the person?

    I wanted to know how to view the gifts I've sent to people and (if possible) know if they received and downloaded them. Is there any way to do that, other than asking the person? Obviously I want the gift to be a surprise (for my best friend specifically) so asking them if they received it would ruin that.

    Have you tried resetting your iPod:
    Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home
    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

  • No upgrade order confirmation received or a receipt shown in my account, except for retail installement plan contract. How do I know my order was processed since the 25th of September?

    The device installment plan says I start paying in November... but how do I know the More plan with Verizon Edge was processed with my iphone upgrade. I never received email confirmation or receipt of my order--anywhere. It's been a couple of weeks. Please help!

    Congrats on your new phone! It's surely important to understand your Edge Agreement and account plan. You can view your Agreement under Documents and Receipts section of your My Verizon account Your current calling plan will be shown there, as well. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

  • Recently ordered an unlocked iphone 4s on Nov. 24th. However, I have yet to receive a shipment notification email. Status of order has been on processing items for a week now. Anyone know how long it generally takes to receive shipment notification?

    I recently ordered an unlocked iphone 4s from the apple store online on Nov. 24th. However, I have yet to receive a shipment notification email. The status of my order has been on processing items for a week now. Does anyone know how long it generally takes to receive shipment notification?

    Jneklason wrote:
    I know this email is confusing and really hard to understand...perhaps now you will know how i've been feeling--lost and confused with all the mis-information, with a hit and miss phone, and out of time with all the 1 1/2 hr to 2 hrs EACH wasted on this issue.
    On top of all this, I can't even find out how to file a complaint with anyone higher up than Customer Service.
    I hate to tell you this, but you didn't write an email. You wrote a discussion post on the Verizon Wireless Community forum which is a public peer to peer forum. Unfortunately since you didn't mark your post as a question, the VZW reps that roam this community won't ever see your post. Before you re-post it, don't. Duplicate posts get removed from the community.
    I see there were several missteps both by the reps and yourself in your post. First you should have insisted on returning the phone within the 14 day return policy period. Second which Samsung Galaxy mini model did you purchase? The S3 mini or the S4 mini? Did you do any research prior to deciding on this device. The reps at that time deflected the easiest course of action, by trying to get you to replace the phone under insurance instead of returning the phone. The Early Edge payment option requires the current phone on the line using the early Edge must be returned to Verizon Wireless. Did you once considered going to a third party site like Swappa to purchase a gently used device for your daughter?

  • I just purchased the subscription for Acrobat XI Pro . I received a email with the instruction to download, it stated that I already had a progam installed.  How do I know if I have the new XI pro installed correctely

    I just purchased Acrobat XI Pro and received I just purchased the subscription for Acrobat XI Pro . I received a email with the instruction to download, it stated that I already had a progam installed. How do I know if I have the new XI pro installed correctely

    Thank  you for your help. It is corrected.
    Bobbie Pettit, VP Business Development
    Environmentally Preferred Specialty Cleaners
    Hi-Lite Solutions, LLC                             
    540-450-8375   ex 404                                     
    540-450-8379 Fax                                 
    540-535-9488 Cell                                 
    1285 Brucetown Road
    P.O. Box 0399
    Clear Brook VA 22624-0399
    United States
    Cage Code Numbers: 6G8Q5 & 1DCQ7
    [email protected]
    P Please print this email only if it's necessary!
    This is a confidential communication intended for the named recipient.
    Please destroy and notify me if it is misdirected

  • Received message that my start up disk is almost full. Where is this located and how do I know what I can delete?

    Received a message that my start up disk is almost full. Where do I locate my start up disk / files and how do I know what i can delete from this folder to make more space?

    Start up disk is the main, and only, internal disk of your computer.
    I hope you know what you saved on it, so you also know what can be removed

  • How do I know if an email I received is legit? its about a purchase made on my user ID that I didn't do

    i received an email saying that a purchase was made on my iTunes account, using my apple ID, but I didn't make the purchase.  How do I know if this is spam or if my account has been compromised?

    In iTunes use Store > View My Account to view your purchase history. If needed enable the menu bar with CTRL+B. The email may indicate an unauthorised purchase or it may in fact be part of an attempt to compromise your account.

  • IP Job in BW finished, but how can I check the IDoc receive status in BW ?

    After I execute a Infopackage with loading more than 200000 records data, the infopackage monitor show me yellow light, 186020 from 200000 records. this infomation still show me till now, seaval hours,it looks pause here.
    And I check the request in the R/3, the Job has finished. as you know it means the R/3 push the IDoc already finished.
    and how can I do now ? or how can I check the IDoc receive status in BW side?

    I too had the same problem, i executed the following to solve the proble, may be this will help you:
    1) Go to T-code SM58 and select TRFC and press F6,
    2) For manual push of I-Docs, GO to T-COde BD87 select perticular idoc and see the status if it is not executed properly then do the manual push by pressing Execute option,

  • I'd like to replace my hard drive.  How do I know what to buy for my 15-inch early 2008 MacBook Pro?

    I am out of room on my hard drive.  I'd like to get a new hard drive and restore my data to the new drive from Time Machine.  How do I know what kind of hard drive to buy for my 15-inch, early 2008 MacBook Pro?  Also, how hard is this to do? 

    I have changed HDDs several times on the old MBP.  Currently it has a Hitachi 500 GB HDD that came out of my new one.  My adage is that one cannot have too much storage and I think that the 1TB HDD is an excellent choice.  Not only do you get generous capacity, the performance should be (theoretically) comparable to a 750 GB 7200 rpm HDD.  I will be very surprised if there are compatibility problems.
    If you bought the HDD from OWC, you should have received Installation instructions.  If not, go to the OWC website and look at the video.  I actually downloaded it so that I could hand write the instructions down step by step.  Also check out iFixit website.  They have step by step instructions that may prove to be useful.
    Tools you need:  00 Phillips and #6 Torx Drivers (get good ones).   The instructions make mention of a plastic pry bar (spudger).  I use a stiff piece of plastic like a credit card.
    Tips to keep in mind:  Get a large open table space and place a large clean towel on it.  That will protect your MBP and when you drop a screw (and you will) it will not bounce far so you will not have to spend an hour looking for it.
    As you take out a set of screws, keep them together (I use wide masking tape.  The little screws will stick to it.)
    Keep the sets in sequence.  That will make reassembly much, much easier.
    The most difficult steps are removing the keyboard from the MBP body and removing the ribbon cable from the mother board.  In case of the former, work from the back (the display) to the front.  You will initially have to pry it up and then do a lot of jiggling to remove it.  Don't be too timid about it.  At the end of the ribbon cable there is a rectangular connector.  Use your credit card to remove it.  Just pry it off.
    The #6 Torx driver is used to take off the 4 mounting pins on the HDD and if I remember correctly there is another place where it is needed, specifically in the battery compartment ( I think).  If the instructions don't say so, keep that in mind and inspect the screw before you select the driver.
    Good luck and make sure that you don't have parts left over.

  • How do I know why it says my phone is blocked?

    I am on holidays in Uruguay with my two iPhones. One it has the sim card from Europe working fine. The iPhone 4s, I'd like to put a local sim card and it tells me to contact my server as the phone is blocked. I bought the phone in the beleive it wasn't blocked. So the two obvious questions are:
    1- How do I know if my phone is really blocked or it is a problem here?
    2- If it is blocked, how do I unblock it to be able to use it here.
    3-I have sent many requests to Apple with its serial number and I have received only one answer saying that the phone serial number was inactive ... what does that mean?
    4- Then I tried to call and I couldn't get passed the payment as it wouldn't accept my foreign mobile number.
    Help! I am  feeling very inadequate today!

    Thank you Ralph9430.
    I bought it from a carrier which not only assured me it was unlocked but it is against European regulations to sell blocked phones in that country. Furthermore, I have put sims from other European countries in it, so, I am very confused. Also, I bought from them the iPhone 5 in which I put my sim card ... I wonder now if that one would also be blocked. Unfortunately, as I am on holidays I cannot check the papers. Is there anyway I could find out before contacting them if my phones are blocked or not?

  • How can I know whether the Servlet is sending a response!!!

    My question is this :
    How do I know whether that server outputstream is sending me a response or not?
    I have opened the Client InputStream to recieve a response from a servlet,but how
    can i be sure that i will receive a response from the servlet?
    I cud be waiting for an 15 expecting a response but havent received one..
    Is there any way to check whether the servlet is sending me a response?
    The reason I am asking is this.
    I have written a Java Client that connects to a servlet.It has to wait for a
    response from the servlet.It will wait for 5 seconds and if this doesnt recieve
    a response,it will return back else it will display the response.
    I have set a timer on my client for 5 seconds and a timer on the servlet for 15 seconds.
    Essentially,when the client connects,the servlet response is held for 15 seconds
    and the client tries for 5 seconds.
    But the client is unable to exit without a response.The response comes back in 15 seconds.
    The client shud have the message 'Connection Timed Out' after 5 seconds.
    This means there is an error somewhere.
    As the response takes 15 seconds,the client shudnt recieve one.
    So,is there a way I can block the servlet response?
    I am using threads and Inner classes for the timer purposes..
    Please can any one help me?
    Client code:
    public class HttpHandler {
    private static String sURL="localhost";
    static String sMessage="Hello Server..Client sending Data";
    static DataInputStream dis = null;
    static HttpURLConnection hpCon=null;
    public static void main(String[] args)
    public void TimerTest() {
    NewThread nt = new NewThread();
    public static void sendData(String sMess)
    String response=null;
    // Invoke Timer
    new HttpHandler.TimerTest();
    URL url=null;
    String uri = "http://" + sURL + ":8080/servlet/threads.Recieve_Http_Data1";
    url = new URL(uri);
    hpCon = (HttpURLConnection)url.openConnection();
    // Transfer Data over http
    DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(hpCon.getOutputStream());
    }catch(IOException e)
    {System.out.println("Error in Client " + e); e.printStackTrace();}
    } // End of Method sendData
    // Inner Class
    class NewThread extends Thread
    String response;
    int i=0;
    public void run()
    try {
    while(i < 5)
    try {
    dis = new DataInputStream(hpCon.getInputStream());
    response = dis.readUTF();
    // If response recieved, break off else Loop back.
    if(dis !=null)
    System.out.println("SERVER RESPONSE : " + response);
    }catch(IOException e){System.out.println("Here : " + e);}
    } // End of While.
    }catch(InterruptedException e){}
    The Servlet
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.math.*;
    public class Recieve_Http_Data1 extends HttpServlet {
    private static final String CONTENT_TYPE = "text/html";
    public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response)
    throws ServletException, IOException
    public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response)
    throws ServletException, IOException
    System.out.println("Server Ready to receive Message from application :");
    BufferedReader br=null;
    // Data Read by the Servlet
    String sMess="";
    DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream());
    sMess = dis.readUTF();
    System.out.println("Received from Client: " + sMess);
    // Send response back after 15 seconds Only.
    try {
    for(int i=0;i<15;i++)
    DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(response.getOutputStream());
    String sResponse = "Hello Client...This is server sending response";
    }catch(InterruptedException e){}

    I don't know whether you solve your problem or not! Anyway, I have the same problem. The program hangs when getInputStream is called.
    DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream());
    If you have the answer, please let me know. Thanks!!

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