How do I recover the original jpg photo files from my computer? They are embedded in the iPhoto Library and I cannot see the actual file.

I am trying to locate the original jpg or photo files that I uploaded from my camera. I know that the photos are there, because they show up in my iPhoto Library. Where can I go to find the original file ex: DSCN1242.jpg or OLM4564.jpg ?

Select the photo in iPhoto and use the command "File > Export" and set the "Kind" in the Export panel to "Original". That will write a copy of the original to a folder you can access in the Finder.
The command "File > Reveal in Finder" will show you the original inside the iPhoto Library, but you must not access the files this way. If you access them from other apps using the Finder, you will corrupt your library.
See Terence Devlin's user Tips:
iPhoto and File Management
How to Access Files in iPhoto
To what purpose do you need to find the files? Is there a problem and iPhoto giving an error message about missing originals?

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