How do I sync my address book contacts on my iphone and clear all other contacts on my phone (issue with icloud?)

When I purchased my iphone 4S, I had all my old phone's information transfer over to my new phone. 
I organized my address book on my mac powerbook and then hoped to sync my computer's address book to my phone - in hopes of erasing all the junky contacts on my iphone and only having the my address book contacts on my phone.
I did all I could trying to make this happen (through iTunes) but it hasn't erased/replaced all of the contacts on my phone - I believe since my phone is synced to icloud.  So I'm stuck with a very unorgaized contacts list on my phone...
How can I make it so I only have the contacts from my address book on my phone?
Thanks in advance,

Also, I just noticed that syncing my phone effected my calendar in that all my events now repeat.  So instead of having one event schedule on a day, I have two of the same events scheduled for the same time.
It seems as if I can't sync my phone to my computer through iTunes and iCloud. 

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    It is using the same database on disk. You may have to re-launch Mail.

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    I watched the tutorial on how to sync my address book on my laptop with the iMac contacts. Then I followed the instructions today (8/12/07), and I seemed to have synced successfully. However, when I login to iMac and open the address book, I still get the message "Last synchronized on 07/08/2007 at 10:55 AM" and the data is NOT synced. I've gotten no error message to indicate that I didn't sync properly, so why is the data not updated?
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    The simplest way to do that would be to create a group in Contacts that has just the ones you want and only sync that group to your iPhone.

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    According to Address Book Help:
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    Works for me

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    go to your iphone un itunes > music and put all the music or select the song and itunes will put the songs that are not on the iphone, if it's an iphone which has been synchornized with another itunes it will ask you to erase all the songs and sync the songs you have

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    I stopped using the Backup Assistant over a year ago because it wouldn't backup the email addresses onto my blackberry even though it showed in Backup Assistant.
    Now I got a new iPhone 4S and I want to use my Address Book in my Mac to the iPhone. How do I sync it to my Address Book?
    How does that differ in syncing with iTunes?
    I already have iCloud.
    Should I sync it to iCloud or my Mac Address Book (which really is already synced with iCloud, I think)?
    I'm afraid to activate my iPhone until I have these questions answered.
    Can someone help me?

    I don't have a Mac but on my windows if I go into my phone info on iTunes when plugged in I go to contacts and there are choices to choose from like gmail and windows then sync.  I assume when it's done on a max there is the same option on iTunes. If you go to and sign in you can check to see if your contacts are there. If you activate your phone it won't ruin what you have. It will ask you if you want to back up to what you have if there is anything. If you don't back up you can even if you say start fresh. I would go to an apple store if those things don't check out.

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    Unfortunately, the iPhone is not designed to sync with Palm software. As stated in the minimum system requirements, the iPhone can sync with Outlook (2003, 2007 or Express) on a PC, or with iCal and Entourage on a Mac. If you do not want to use Outlook on the PC, you can sign up for a free Yahoo account and sync with Yahoo Address Book. Yahoo Address Book can be used to sync from PC or Mac. More information on the minimum system requirements for the iPhone can be found here:
    More information about syncing the iPhone with your computer (including Yahoo Address Book) can be found here:
    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.
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  • How can i sync mac address book w/ outlook for mac 2011

    Is it possible to have the address book in Outlook for Mac 2011 sync w/ the Mac address book?  I cleaned up my contacts in the Mac address book expecting the changes to show up in my outlook address book.  Made over 200 changes that did not show up on the Outlook address book.  Seems like there should be a way to make this work.  If I add contacts from within Outlook, I'd like them to show up on all my devices.  MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm new to this platform as I was a PC guy for the last 30 years. 

    I've got Outlook up and running just fine.  Still have the problem with getting duplicate emails but I'm waiting on MS to get a fix for that in an update.  Apparently that has been an ongoing issue.  I've been in contact w/ a senior MS Outlook tech on that.  I guess I'll just have to make sure that all contact adds/edits are done in Outlook.  Then I can sync my phone or iPad and get the cloud to update the other Apple devices off that sync.  Either that or figure out how to export from the Mac address book to the Outlook address book once in a while. 

  • How can I sync my address book from my imac to my ipad 3?

    I have just bought an iPad 3 and want to copy my mail address book with email addresses intact from my iMac which has Snow Leopard, which I am happy with and do not want to change to Lion.   There must be an easy way, but I haven't found it

    Running Snow Leopard or Lion have no bearing on syncing contacts from the Mac. I synced my contacts from my MacBook when I was running Leopard.
    Connect the iPad to your Mac
    Launch iTunes.
    Click on the iPad name on the left side of iTunes under devices.
    Click on the Info Tab at the top of itunes on the right side of the window
    Click on Sync Contacts
    Select All contacts - or the selected groups that you want to sync
    Click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes

  • How to sync my Address Book data on my iPhone to my Address Book in my Mac and viceversa

    Hi guys -- When I was using mobileme, any change I made on the Address Book of my iPhone would sync automatically to mobileme and to the Address Book of my desktop iMac, it was hassle-free.
    Now that iCloud has replaced mobileme, how can I do the same?
    I've already updated my iPhone 3GS to the latest iOS 5 and my iMac is running 10.6.8.
    Do I HAVE to upgrade to Lion?? I don't want to.

    You do have to upgrade to Lion to enable you mac to sync with iCloud, as it is built into OS X in System Preferences (see  Once you do this you can enable syncing with Address Book, iCal, etc.

  • Why won't iphone sync mac address book contacts?

    I've got an IP4 and a MAC G5 both with most recent software updates.  At around the turn of 2012 I started "losing" new contacts from my phone,  It transpired that the phone and computer were conflicting some how and contacts were not being updated or synced. When I tried to manually input these new details to Address I am told that the Database could not be opened as it is corrupted. 
    How do I resolve this?
    9 April 2012

    Okay, if Entourage is syncing to iCal fine, then the problem is not with Entourage, but with the iPhone. (How sync works--Entourage sends it to a central location, and the iPhone and iCal pick it up from there. So you know E'rage is getting it to the central location fine, but for some reason the iPhone is not picking it up).
    In which case things like reset/restore the iPhone might help (read the iPhone manual on troubleshooting and on syncing, and backup the iPhone, and export iCal and E'rage data to an archive before futzing around too much). Reset/Restore are different from a one-way sync that overwrites data, which you might try first---I think you can tell it just overwrite a certain type of data--the settings are down at the very bottom of the Info panel in iTunes 8.
    However, since E'rage should be irrelevant to the problem, you should also search/ask re general syncing problems with the iPhone.
    iPhone manual:
    also bookmarked in Mobile Safari.

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    sync birthday from address book to ical but why can I not sync anniversary dates and custom dates from address book to ical????
    how do you go about doing this?  I really don't understand why it wouldn't sync all dates from address book.

    Try Dates to iCal, by John Maisey.

  • How do I transfer my address book/contacts from my computer to my ipad?

    I recently purchased an iPad 1st generation, so I am in the learning mode. I want to have my adress book contacts on my Macbook Pro, available to me on my iPad. How do I go about this? Thank you

    On your Macbook Pro, go to "system preferences", click "icloud" and then check the box for "contacts". Then on your iPad, go to "settings", click "icloud" and make sure that the "contacts" option is "on". That should work.

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