How do you add a "top of page" button to an iWeb page?

How do you add a "top of page" button to an iWeb page?

Two solutions:
The Easy One:
Create a Form (which will be the button) and add text to it or choose a picture from iphoto. Now give the form/picture a hyperlink to the same site. So now if you press the button, the site will refresh and start at the beginning/top
The advanced way:
1. Publish your site on the web (not just local). Copy the URL
2. Now create a Button like displained in the solution above. As Hyperlink you'll now have to set external site and paste the before copied link AND add the following at the end of the url:      #widget0
3. Add a html widget to the top of the site.
4. The widget's content should be   <a name="anchor"></a>
5. Publish your site again on the web and look wether it works.
This way won't work, if the created site is linked as an iframe.

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    How do I add a PDF file for download to my iWeb page?
    I have created one using Apples Pages program.

    You need to create a text link to the file...
    On your page, type a word that you want to be the link... then select the word, and in the inspector pane, click the link tab (the arrow on the far right) and check "enable as hyperlink." Then choose "file" from the dropdown menu and a chooser box will open for you to locate the file on your hard drive.
    Choose the file by clicking "open" once it's located. Then the next time you publish, the file will be uploaded and linked to!
    Hope this helps... I think I got all the steps in there!

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        Using SharePoint 2010 Server and the UI, when you click "Site
    Actions" - "New Site" and you create Team Site that that is a
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    Hi Shabeaut,
    To create a new permission level, you should manage the Parent (site collection).
    Your current location is subsite, and it looks like it has unique permission(broke inheritance) that is the reason you are not able to see the create permission level. and another reason for seeing Inherit Permissions along with other menus in the ribbon.
    You should also see Manage Parent along with the menus you see when your site inherits permission from parent.
    So, go to your site collection and create a new permission level and assign users to it.
    And to assign permission level to your new groups, you will be able assign permission when you create a new group, along with the name, all permissions would be listed in the same page(_layouts/newgrp.aspx).
    see the below screenshot for more info -
    ->Site Actions menu-> Site Settings->Users and Permissions->Site ->Permission Levels.
    Hope this helps!
    MCITP: SharePoint 2010 Administrator
    MCTS - MOSS 2007 Configuring, .NET 2.0
    | SharePoint Architect | Evangelist |

  • How do you get Automator to click a button on a web page?

    New to mac automation.  Finding the basic handling of URLs in automator relatively straightforward.  Cannot see however you can automate the click of a button on a web page.  Can any one help? 
    MacBook pro. Mountain lion.

    Watch Me Do may work, but it's also likely to fail.  The action records mouse and keyboard actions as they take place on screen.  If the (aptly abbreviated) WMD action doesn't find the expected screen elements--everything just where it first was when the recording was made--it will usually bomb.  In other words, WMD doesn't, for instance, find fields or buttons on a webpage, it simply navigates to a screen location and tries to type/click as it has been instructed in that spot.  A few pixels off, boom!
    As for AppleScript, here's one place to begin:  Look at the Beginner's Tutorial "start here" link materials.
    Explore the Mac OS X Technologies subforum,  It's where the AppleScript mavens can be found.  If you search that forum for "learn AppleScript," you'll find great advice.

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    Is it possible to add this same button or at least functionality to an iWeb page?
    I know you can copy the link and email it, but I'm thinking more about family that doesn't know how to do stuff like that and that button would be very helpful for them to share our page.

    _Searching Google_ didn't help?!?

  • How do you add an image in the text area of a page/section?

    This has been driving me nuts!
    When I try to add an image to a page, it will ONLY go into the header.  If I try to drag the image onto the page where the text is, it gets hidden behind a layer.
    I've looked at the menu choices and I don't seem to be allowed to bring the image to the front.  Nor does clicking in the text area and then trying to paste or insert the image - it still goes up in the header.
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    Wow, Apple has really constrained the "box" that we have to fit our books into!
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    Apple has released this awesome tool, yet they seem to have restricted the author from using any creativity at all.

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    I created the validator. I cannot hook it to the "af:table" component. The table component does not provide any kind of validator attribute.
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    My page fragment that contains the table, is 3/5 train stop out of a train.
    So when I say leave the page, I mean navigate to the next or previous train stop.
    All I want to do is make sure that the user added at-least one row to the table e.g. one contact. This kind of validation does not belong on the entity. That is because that validation will not get fired until the commit point; which in my scenario will be on the 5th train stop i.e. too late.
    As for your other suggestion about adding a button or a link, that is not an option. A button or a link would require explicit user action. What happens if the user doesnot click the link or the button? Then the validation will not be invoked and the user will be allowed to go to the next fragment without adding the contact row.

  • How do you add fonts in pages?

    How do you add fonts and clip art in pages? I seem to have few fonts in pages. New to Mac. Thanks! Also seems that there is no clipart in pages? If there is, where can I find it?

    On the Mac you add fonts to the System by double clicking on them, they then get opened in Font Book where you can open/close and organise them.
    Most ClipArt offered with other applications is rubbish. Apple has left it to you to source your own, better material. This may help: trick

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    This is a feature of Numbers.   If you repost on the iWork forum you may get more information.

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    Page borders? I'm not sure what you're asking but you ca use the Rectangle Tool in the Tool Bar on the left to Add a Rectangle around the page.
    You can apply a stroke colour by going to Colour Panel and selecting the Proxy for  the stroke and the colour you need.
    And you increase the Stroke Width by going to the Stroke Panel.

  • How do you add page breaks in pages for iCloud

    I have been using pages in the beta for iCloud, how do you add a page break?

    Right-click (CTRL-click) where you want the break then select Page Break.

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    How do you add a page on the Mac application Numbers?
    Every time I search it on google it comes up with how to insert page numbers, and that's not what I want!!
    So, what I really, really need to know is how do you insert a page on the mac application Numbers??

    Do you mean this?
    Click the "plus" icon to add a sheet.

  • How do you add a page without messing up all the images below.?

    How do you add a page without messing up all the images below? 
    I try the pages ->add a page beak but it messing up with all the images below. Examples : I want to insert a page between page 1 and 2. My images doesn't follow my text. All the images stay in place and all the text bump 1 page.  Pretty frustrating!

    What version of Pages?

  • How do you add master items in iBook Author?

    Everytime I add a page to my book the same interactive image window appears as if it were a master item. How do you add master items and how do you eliminate it from happening on subsequent new pages?
    Message was edited by: Onnie Clem

    Onnie Clem - There are master layouts. To uncover & use them go to the View menu and select Show Laouts (3rd iten down). They appear in the top portion of the sidebar. Make universal changes here.
    I highly recommend everyone download and read this free book from O'Reilly press, Publishing With iBooks Author :
    Reading this book and absorbing its contents will eliminate 95% of all the questions asked in this forum.
    - Fabe
    P.S. there is a separate iBooks Author forum.

  • How Do You Add Multiple CSS Rules to Text?

    Hi everyone, I have these css rules in my css styles window they are all assigned to some text in a cell on my page.
    .Def14grey4 <body>
    .def14grey4 a:link <a>
    .def14grey4 a:visited <a>
    .def14grey4 a:hover <a>
    .def14grey4 a:active <a>
    .def14grey4 a:focus <a>
    How do you add (all of) these styles to the text in the first place, I know how to add the first one (.Def14grey4), you select the text in the cell and choose the rule from the drop-down menu in the css panel, but how do you add the other ones to some text as well, so that it can have the same link properties.
    Basically I have some more text elsewhere on the page and want to assign these rules to that as well.
    thanks Gareth

    You would want to change your order as shown here -
    .Def14grey4 <body>
    .def14grey4 a:link <a>
    .def14grey4 a:visited <a>
    .def14grey4 a:hover, .def14grey4 a:focus <a>
    .def14grey4 a:active <a>
    That way, the hover and the focus states are equivalent.
    How do you add (all of) these styles to the text in the first place, I know how to add the first one
    You don't really.  The 4 bottom selectors say -
    "find an element with a class of 'def14grey4', and style any link inside that element this way"
    So, <span class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></span> would get the pseudo-class styles, as would any of the following -
    <span class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></span>
    <td class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></td>
    <p class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></p>
    <body class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></body>
    <div class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></div>
    <strong class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></strong>
    and so on.  These examples assume that there isn't some other more specific rule that would apply to the same links.  You need to study up on the CSS cascade and specificity....

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