How I can get the Billing Type for the sales order and its items

How I can get the Billing Type for the sales order and its items. I mean from which SAP tables and how?

You need to use two tables.
First use VBFA. Enter the sales order number in the field Predecessar and the value M in SubCt field. This will give all the billing document number for the sales order items.
Then use the billing document numbers in table VBRK, where in you can get the billing document type.

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  • How the system determines the Requirement type  for one sales order

    SAP-SD Gurus,
    Please tell me how the system determines the Requirement type  for one sales order?
    Thanks & Regards,

    System follows some search criterial to determine the requirement type
    1. First, an attempt is made to find a requirements type using the strategy group in the material master.
    2. If the strategy group has not been maintained, the system will determine it using the MRP group.
    3. If the MRP group has not been defined, the system uses the material type instead of the MRP group when accessing the corresponding control tables.
    4. If no requirements type is found here, the system assumes a special rule and attempts to find a requirements type with the aid of the item category and the MRP type.
    5. If this is not possible, a last attempt is made to find a requirements type with the item category only.
    6. If the last attempt fails, the system declares the transaction as not relevant for the availability check or transfer of requirements.
    Please check the path
    Hope it will clarify

  • Get the Ship-to-Party from Sales Order and Line item

    Hi all,
    I am developing one report in which I want to get the Ship-to-Party for a particular Sales Order and Sales Order Line item number.
    I can see table VBPA from I can get value of KUNNAR and so on. But my concern is that can the Ship-to-Party differ for different line items for sales Order, if yes how to get that one, any table or any function module?
    In my scenario i found out that ship-to-party only depend upon sales order and partner function not line item.
    please help me..

    First step: Customer Creation (T. Code: XD01)
    i) Create Sold to Party (Ordering Party) with Account Group: Sold-to-Party
    ii) Create as many Ship-to-Party and Bill-to Party, if reqd, with Account appropriate Account Groups.
    iii) Match all the Ship-to-party/ Bill-to-Party/ Payer for the respective Sold-to-Party under Tab: Sales Area data, Sub-tab: Partners.
    Second Step: Sales Order Creation (T.Code: VA01)
    i) Enter Sold-to-Party at Header Level.
    ii) Enter Materials (at Line-item level).
    iii) Now, System will pop-up all the Ship-to-Party/ Bill-to Party/ Payer, Matched for the particular Sold-to-Party. Click on appropriate selection.
    Now, (if option doesn't pops-up) select the line and Double Click on to the same line. it will lead to the next page. Here, Click Tab: Partners
    Now, in Column: Partner Function, search for appropriate Partner: Ship-to-Party or Bill-to-Party or Payer.
    Remember: Sold-to-Party will be non-editable as entered at Header level.
    Repeat the same for Each Line-item.
    Amit K. Yadav

  • Want to change output type for 10000 sales orders through MASS

    Hi Friends,
    I would like to change the Output type in the sales order for 10000 sales orders.
    Can I do with MASS transaction. If so, Plz let me know how ?
    Is there any other process to change the output type for 10000 sales orders, as its difficult to manually in each and every sales order.
    Its very urgent issue, Plz let me know at the earliest.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Praveen Kumar. A

    This may be little tough for 10000 sales orders.
    1. You have to remove the output record for the irrelevant output record using tcode VV12 for the relevant document type. So now for the document type, the old output wont be triggered.
    2. Now, create output records for hte correct output type in VV11 tcode(for the output type BA03) for the document type. Now this output will be triggered for all the document types you are creating from now onwards.
    3. To trigger the output type BA03, in all the old orders, you just have to open these sales orders in change mode (VA02), and just save it. When u open it the output type BA03 will be automatically triggered as the master data is maintained in VV11. But because just opening all the 10000 sales orders in VA02 one by one be a mechanical task, you have to think of some tool for this.
    May be a CATT procedure can do the trick. Else, you can just create a small program, where you can upload these sales orders and the program will just open these orders in change mode and just saves it (without making any changes). Then the output will be retriggered.
    Here again, if you are printing the output directly, it is advisable to trigger the output in batch mode(Date/Time field is 1 in VV11), and then you can again trigger the printing again using the program RSNAST00 after office hours for these 10k orders.
    I hope I answered ur query.
    Pls lemme know if you need some more info. (You can reward me too...)

  • Billing document for multiple sales orders

    Hi All,
    I am in to ECC 6.0. How can i get single billing document for multiple sales orders?
    Can anyone tell me those configuration settings?
    Patel J

    Dear Jaganath,
    For Single Invoice, for multiple Sales Order, following details must be same:
    1. Sales Document Type for all Sales Order must be same
    2. Payer
    3. Incoterms
    4.Payment Term
    5. Account Assignment Grp - Customer
    6. Billing Date
    7. Exchange Rate
    8. Foreign Trade Data
    Now, in Copy-Control Settings between Sales Order and Billing (T. Code: VTFA - Order to bill copying control), Select your combination for Sales Order-->Invoice;
    and Double Click: Item (from Left-Hand side, Dialog Structure) and Double Click on to your Item Category.
    Here, in Filed: VBRK/VBRP, maintain Routine: 003 - Single Invoice.
    Important: Also, if Sales Orders have different Divisions,
    T. Code: VOV8 - Sales Document Type Maintenance
    untick the Box: Item Division.
    T. Code: VOR2 - Common Division
    Assign those Divisions to Common Divisions.
    Best Regards,

  • Create 2 different delivery types for one sales order

    When sales agent is placing sales order at customer site, customer declares as well products or returned packages he would like to return. our business need is to combine all items (return products,  return packages and ordered items) into one sales order.
    However, we would like to split the sales order into 2 different delivery types. Sales order customizing dictates only one default delivery type per order.
    We can set up split criteria via copy control according to item category, but how can we intervene during creation of deliveries and set up a rule to determine different delivery type then default for return items ?
    Assaf tzur

    Dear Assaf,
    Through copy control settings you can create two delivery types for single sales order but you have to select the delivery type manually while creating delivery.
    If you want automatic process then you need go for some Zdevelopment with the help of ABAPer.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Data Validation for SD Sales order and Deliveries

    Hello All,
    We activated the data flow for SD sales Order and Deliveries for Infocubes 0sd_co4 and 0sd_c05 and there correspoding datasources.
    I have 2 queries
    1. How to validate data for BI SD sales order with ECC.
    2. How to validate data for BI SD Deliveries data with ECC.
    Kindly help, <removed by moderator>.
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    Hi Rakesh,
    You have to check the tables in R3 and then compare with the Datasources in BW.
    For Examples
    VBAK table in R3 for Sales Order on BW-2LIS_11_VAITM
    VBRK table in R3 for Billing iin BW-2LS_13*
    Check for that day how many sales order were there in VBAK table and there in BW.
    Edited by: svu123 on Jun 21, 2011 8:19 PM

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  • How to set a default Billing type for a particular Delivery type

    Dear All,
    How to set a default billing type for a particular delivery type.
    My requirement is, we are creating delivery for a Stock Transport Order. Delivery type is NL and the Purchase order type is UB.
    When we are creating Billing, it should take Billing type "ZSTO" by default, which is the customised Billing type.
    Where we have to do this setting?
    In case of normal sales order, this control will be available in the Sales order document types.
    In case STO, how to set a default billing type for a delivery type (NL).

    There is a customization available here no default or hard coded
    Normally in a sales doc type we mention which billing type system has to pick
    If the billing happens from a PO which billing type system will take depends on the controls set in the areas mentioned below
    Go to your delivery type OVLK (say your delivery type is NL)
    In that there is a field called default order qty in the order reference tab (say if you maintained DL there)
    This DL is called PSEUDO order type
    Then in VOV8 for DL based on the billing types mentioned ,system will take the billing doc
    For delivery related billing say if you mention say ZF8 in the details of DL in VOV8(provided you have created ZF8)
    Then while you bill the delivery doc of NL system will take ZF8
    For intercompany delivery you can create ZIV billing type also Pure customization
    PO is linked to delivery type ( MM spro settings)--Del type linked to order (pseudo) type---in order type (pseudo) we mention the billing types. Here the flow is bit different that pure SD flow
    Though the invoice is crated by manually putting customized Biiling Type and A/Cing doc also generated, but in the VF04 still system shows the same deliveries pending with Billing Type (F2).
    This manual is not reqd if the said assignments are done properly
    Hope it can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards
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  • What is the table for checking billing types assigned to sales orders

    Hi Folks,
    Good morning!
    Could you please help me how to check the billing types assigned to sales documents.
    What is the table to see billing types assigned to sales documents.

    Hello Sarath,
    As mentioned by Siva in the above the table name is TVAK but if you are a functional guy then you should go by the functional assignment.We are assigning the default billing type in Tcode= VOV8.
    All sales document control you can find over here.
    Needless to mention this Billing type you are assigning over here is auto proposed during billing in VF01. But you have option to choose another billing type in VF01 itself considering you have maintained the Copy Control for that.

  • Can create twice billing document for the same delivery in STO

    Hi experts,
    I donot have problems in Standard Sales order when I create billing doc via VF01. When I try to create another billing doc in VF01 for the same delivery it says error, as the item is already invoiced.
    This is correct. 
    But while creating invoice for STO order, system allows me to create more than 1 billing document for the same delivery. If we accidentally or purposefully create it allows to create many.
    Could you let me know where in SPRO (IMG) I can control this?

    STO billing if it is intercompany STO followed by IV billing type you can create only once
    No special settings reqd to achieve this as you bill  (IV billing type) the delivery the first time, the delivery status gets completed
    If Intracompany, the billing type is proforma invoice F8  and this can be created as many times as you wish as proforma doesnot update accounting
    if your issue is this
    Even this also if you want to restrict only once then try with copying requirenments 311 at item level (i hope standard item category NLN is used) in VTFL between header NL to F8

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    Thanks for helping me!
    /Andreas from Sweden

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  • How to delete the subsiquent document for a sales order

    Please tell me the tcode to delete the subsequent document of a sales order and a sales quotation.I want to reject or delete the sales quotation.
    Please tell me the procedure.
    Currently i am trying to cancel the billing document for sales order by VF02 and try to cancel through menu bar.
    After canceling the document its still giving the message that subsequent document exists.
    Please help.
    Thanks and Regards

    in the document flow : i am finding documents which are given below :
    Doc.                                           Date     Overall Processing Stat
    Serv. notif. 00015773
    Qt For NewConnection 20022016    23.04.08   -   Completed
    Order New Connection 22460 23.04.08           -    Open
    Z New Connection 90022430 23.04.08      FI doc. not Required
    Cancel. Invoice (S1) 90023731 19.07.08    FI doc. not required
    And no accounting document created.
    Thanks and Regards
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  • Automatic determination of Delivery type and Billing type in a sales order

    I want to know that in a sales order cycle, how does automatic assignment of delivery type and billing type takes place after we create a sales order?
    For example,when I create an outbound delivery for a sales order of type normal (OR) then in that case how does the system knows that it has to create an outbound delivery of type LF.How does the system propses it automatically and same is the case of billing document.

    In customising the sales document type (Tcode VOV8) -
    specify the default Delivery type in the field DELIVERY TYPE in the 'Shipping' area of the sales document type customisation.
    Similarly you can specify the billing type in the BILLING area for both Delivery related billing and Order related billing.

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