How many wifi connections to HH3?

Hi. I have a HH3 and between myself and my family, we have many devices connected to it via wifi. In total I have:
4 x Apple TVs
5 x iPhones
3 x iPads
2 x iMacs
2 x PCs
1 x Printer
2 x Sky+ boxes
(19 devices in total)
Recently, all of my family have been complaining that their device(s) won't connect to the wifi. I have had a look at their devices, and entering the password (which has always worked in the past) produces a message saying something like "Unable to join BTHub3-****)
This evening, I turned on one of the Apple TV's that I have not used for a couple of months and saw the following message
There was a problem connecting to the network.
The Wi-Fi network you're attempting to join cannot host any more devices. Disconnect other devices and try again. (-3913)
I suspect this is the same problem that my family has been having but with a more detailed explanation of the error.
Now contrary to popular belief, this problem is not likely to have anything to do with the fact that most of my products are Apple and so I am not looking for suggestions on switching to Android.  What I want to know is does the HH3 actually have a limit on how many devices can be connected at once and if so, how can I resolve my problem?  I am getting inconcistent feedback from BT support so hopefully I can get a straight answer here.

If you do a factory reset of the home hub, it should clear out any old entries, and should allow you to re-connect your wireless devices.
There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
BT Broadband customers - help with broadband, WiFi, networking, e-mail and phones.

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    Good day.
    I have a cisco 2821 with EVM slot, NME-X slot and two HWIC slots. I have 4 port FXOs on the two HWIC slots. The EM-HDA-8FXS module on the EVM slot can handle 8 FXS connections. Please i would like to know if there is an EVM module that can do FXO connections and also how many voice connections can this router handle in total. Can the EM-HDA-8FXS module handle both FXS and FXO connections?
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    Hi, already replied to this in the appropriate forum.
    Please do not open duplicate threads.

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    Last edited by dienadel (2007-03-08 08:25:36)

    AFAIK it's arround (total connections):
    - <5 for RTC
    - <100 for slow ADSL
    - <500 for medium ADSL
    - ~1000 for high-speed ADSL (and max on Windows lol) ; went up to over 1500, without positive change.
    I use rtorrent & have a limit of <100 connections per torrent (4 leechers max per torrent so they get something)

  • How many concurrent connections can ACS handle at once?

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please let me know how many concurrent connections ACS can handle at once?
    Is there any limitation on it?
    Our ACS version is 4.0 (1) build 27.
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    It depends on many other factors but as far as I know ACS can handle upto 40 Auth request per second*
    *Condition Apply
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    This is the wrong forum, I posted again my question in the JDBC Forum...

  • How many concurrent connections that an ACS server version 4.2 latest patch can handle?

    I have about 50 routers and layer-3 switches that autheticate via tacacs+.  The AAA server used to be on a Linux machine running open-source tacacs+ built by me.  I have a perl script that will log into all 50 devices at the same time to collect statistics.  This script is multi-threaded.  Everything is working fine so far.
    I recently out-sourced the AAA function to a 3rd party company, not by my choice.  The 3rd party uses Cisco ACS version 4.2 with the latest patch running on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with 16GB RAM and quad processors with quad-cores, IBM x3650-M2 hardware. The connectivity between the 3rd party and my company is through a DS-3 connection.  Maximum bandwidth over this DS-3 connection is less than 10Mbps at most.
    I noticed that for the past 3 months I have multiple failures with this perl script due to authentication failure with the ACS server.  If I just run the script again a few routers/switches, there are no issues; however, whenever I started the script to log into 50 devices all at the same time, it will fail.  If I made the configuration on all routers/switches to point back to the old open-source tacacs+ server, the issue goes away.  The minute I switched back to the
    new ACS server, the issue came back.  If I modified the script to hit one device at a time, it works fine.  I think it is the ACS server can not handle a lot
    of AAA requests at the same time.
    Does anyone know how many concurrent connections that an ACS 4.2, with latest patches on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with lot of memory and CPU power, can handle?  I can't seem to find this anywhere on Cisco website.
    Thanks in advance.

    No, Im not saying ACS cannot cope.
    Concurrency and latency are very different things. ACS CSTacacs can handle many 100s of simple authentications/authorisations per second with users in the internal database. If 1000s of devices all send traffic in the same instant it would take some seconds to work through the backlog of traffic.
    Also, worth considering that a limited number of tasks within ACS (or threads) can actually handle a much greater number of "logins" because they are generally multi-message allowing ACS to keep lots of plates spinning.
    If users are in an external databases the latency (per authentication) can increase depending on where the users are (eg Windows AD) and if bad enough can have a serious effect on the overall authentication rate. At which point customers normally turn to load balancing.
    If your device timeouts are 20 seconds (totally reasonable) I suggest the issue is more likely to be something else... a bug, perhaps specific to v4.2?

  • How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router

    How many WAN connections (Rj45) supported on ISR G2 router ?
    If my router have the data license can I do load balancing between  3 or more WAN connection ?
    Thanks & Regards
    Lakshman Kumar S

    The  Author of this posting offers the information contained within this  posting without consideration and with the reader's understanding that  there's no implied or expressed suitability or fitness for any purpose.  Information provided is for informational purposes only and should not  be construed as rendering professional advice of any kind. Usage of this  posting's information is solely at reader's own risk.
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    In  no event shall Author be liable for any damages whatsoever (including,  without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profit) arising out  of the use or inability to use the posting's information even if Author  has been advised of the possibility of such damage.
    As Rick and Reza have both noted, number of routable Ethernet ports varies per ISR G2 model.  Ethernet switch options would allow the most Ethernet ports, but you need to route through them using SVIs.
    However, most ISR G2s often do not have the performance capacity to run their built-in Ethernet ports at full capacity.  Often the add-in Ethernet ports have bandwidth restrictions to/from the port.
    Basically, ISR G2 routers were designed to have a LAN Ethernet connection and some WAN, non-Ethernet connection, of much less bandwidth.
    ISR G2 router performance is also very much impacted by device configuration.

  • How many wifi networks can an iPhone 4 remember?

    As the title really, how many at one time can an iPhone 4 remember, and is there anyway of seeing a list of what it is remembering and then editing that list to delete wifi networks it remembers that no longer exist?

    Settings App > General > Auto-Lock > set to time you want including Never Lock.

  • How many nas connections to router can handle

    I wonder how many NAS Linksys EA6500 in Bridge mode can handle.
    I have got two Linksys EA6500 routers - one bridged with already one WD My Cloud connected.
    I thank you in advance.

    Sorry I thought you were going to use the EA6500 as your NAS.
    Having a separate switch for the NAS's is best if you have a lot of Ethernet LAN data otherwise plugging them straight into the router would be fine.
    Please remember to Kudo those that help you.
    Communities Technical Support

  • 13" MBP internet connection gets disconnected when too many wifi connection's available

    I just notice this a couple of nights ago... Im using a 13" MBP I bought last June 9.  At night, when there are plenty of wifi connections being broadcast in our condominium bldg, my internet connection is very slow.  Also, the signal strength is reduced to half.  Sometimes I even get disconnected and the MBP wifi has difficulty reconnecting my wifi.  But when morning comes, signal strength is at full.  I ask my friend who also connects to the same wifi if ever he has difficulty connecting at night, but unfortunately its just me.  He is using windows, by the way.  I'm wondering if this is a known issue and have a fix already? or it's just me?
    Please help... Thanks.

    I use my 15" MBP this way with no problems at all and I have Mountain Lion installed.  So we need to look elsewhere for the problem, it's not possible to link this to the OS without further investigation (but it could be a system setting).
    I  know that other folks are complaining that Mountain Lion broke WIFI.  But if that were the case we would all have problems.  I, along with many others, have no problems at all.  I think there is something else going on.
    What is the signal strength with the lid open vs. closed?
    When you say that Safari does not work, are you getting a timeout message or a message like "You are not connected to the Internet."?  Of course this is the English version of the message, yours will be different.

  • How to wifi connect mac to canon mg6120-no router

    New macbook pro and canon mg6120 printer. How do i get them to talk directly to one another without a router?  Apple store rep said "yes" it can be done.

    Hello Joan,
    I believe what the rep was suggesting is that you can configure the device using an ad-hoc connection. That is to say have them wireless communicate with one another and not use a router. Unfortunately the support documentation for this device is pretty specific -
    It DOES NOT support ad-hoc connections, thus you'd need the router in the equation. I recommend contacting the store or the rep you spoke with for clarification. Because unless they know how to do it, the documentation is pretty clear that it is not supported.

  • How many concurrent connections does WSA S670 appliance support.

    Hi All,
    Good Day!
    We have an issue with our Ironport WSA S670 appliance. We have around 35K users and have access to sites like, etc.
    The issues is that at times certain sites are not accessible via proxy. For example we cannot access, etc while we can access, etc. Moreover when we try to bypass the proxy and access the sites directly all the sites works just fine.
    This issue has been repeating many times and we checked the internet link, proxy etc for any issue. In the meantime the issue gets resolved mysteriously.
    The total number of connections at these times are more than 20K. The CPU utilization never goes beyond 15% but the memory is always between 70 to 90% utilized.
    What is the maximum number of connections WSA S670 appliance support? Is there any configurable limit for the connections that can be established? Will it cause any issue if a lot of users are watching videos on youtube.
    Also the proxy is working in one-armed design. Will that cause any issue?
    Please suggest.

    Hi Faiz,
    There are not any known issues in terms of URLs failing. I would perform a packet capture on the WSA. See my instructions below:
    In order to obtain a simultaneous packet capture from the WSA & PC you will need to log into the GUI ->Support and Help -> Packet Capture -> Edit Settings -> Select the radial button No Filter.Please send me a packet capture from the WSA unfiltered. You will need to install wireshark on the PC or laptop you are testing from. It is a good idea to start the wireshark program from the PC first.  I would recommend using as a test as it uses only on IP address.
    When you have the captures completed I would first look at the WSA packet capture and use the following filter in wireshark http contains "". The various streams of communication will populate in the wireshark display. What you want to focus on is the streams that show the IP of the WSA and the IP of We should see the following when you right mouse click the packet which shows the IP of the WSA going to the destination IP of
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP <--SYN/ACK-- IP
    WSA IP -------ACK-----> IP
    If you see this instead:
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    WSA IP -------SYN-----> IP
    Then you have a problem in your network.
    Erik Kaiser
    WSA Cisco Forums Moderator

  • How many recordstore connections can be kept open

    Hi all,
    i have created a J2ME midp2.0 based application,
    it requires to do database operations, for performance i want to keep recordstore open for frequently used record stores.( The open() close() on recordstore are expensive operations on some of the devices).
    how safe is this, is there any threshold on number of recordstore i can keep open.
    please advise

    I would guess 2 billion (2^31-1.) That is because it probably has to keep track of something in java and that suggests an array. And that is the maximum size for an array.
    Of course the actual number is going to be much less than that because it depends on the memory, cpu's, jdbc driver, database and licensing of the database. And probably other OS specific things like thread limits, file limits, resource limits, etc.

  • How many client connections will iMQ 2.0 handle?

    My main concern is what the number of concurrent client connections (in a single instance) iMQ
    can handle? This also depends on Hardware/Software configuration, JVM version (if it pure Java implementation), etc. But it also depends on Vendor implementation. For example FioranoMQ claims that can handling more than 5K concurrent client connections in a single instance of the FioranoMQ server without leading to any substantial performance degradation when a low number
    of clients are connected to the server.

    With proper tunning iMQ 2.0 can handle thousands of simultaneous connections.
    For example on a modest Sun system (Sun Ultra 60/2300 (2x300MHz) 512MB ram)
    We have run 4000 active connections without a problem. With more memory the
    system could have supported more.
    The iMQ FAQ gives some tuning guidelines for configuring the iMQ server
    (the broker) to handle large number of connections. I'm attaching the
    relevant excerpt (the online FAQ is a bit out of date).
    When I try to connect more than 500 clients to the Broker's JMS service, performance gets really poor. Is there a way to configure the
    Broker to handle more connections with better performance?
    Yes. By default the JMS service's thread pool is limited to 1000 threads. The Broker runs best when it can allocate two threads per
    connection. Once the thread pool limit is reached, threads are shared and performance decreases.
    The solution is to:
    1.Increase the thread pool limit for the JMS service so threads are not shared.
    2.Configure the broker's socket read timeout so read threads fully block.
    3.Configure the JVM to improve performance in highly threaded applications.
    4.And if you are running on Solaris and plan on going over ~1000 connections you will also need to:
    Increase the maximum number of open file descriptors per process.
    Step 1: Increase thread pool limit for JMS service
    Set the jmq.jms.max_threads property to be 2X the maximum number of connections you wish to support. For example if you want to
    support 1000 connections you will need to set the property to 2000. You can do this by adding the following line to
    $JMQ_VARHOME/stores/<broker instance name>/props/
    Or by running jmqcmd:
    jmqcmd update svc -n jms -o maxThreads=2000
    Step 2: Configure the broker's socket read timeout
    Set the jmq.protocol.timeout to 0 to cause read threads to fully block in read. Do this by adding the following line to
    $JMQ_VARHOME/stores/<broker instance name>/props/ :
    Step 3: On Solaris pass additional parameters to the JVM
    If you are running the broker on Solaris you should pass the following parameters to the JVM:
    -Xss128k -Xconcurrentio
    The first parameter reduces the per-thread stack size to 128k. The second adjusts several internal JVM parameters that significantly improves performance of highly concurrent applications.
    You may pass these to the broker by using the -vmargs option to the broker command or you may choose to alter the $JMQ_HOME/bin/jmqbroker script by adding "-Xss128k -Xconcurrentio" to the line that starts with with "def_jvm_args". For example you would end up with a line that looks like:
    def_jvm_args="-Xms8m -Xmx128m -Xss128k -Xconcurrentio"
    Note that if your system has sufficient RAM you may also want to increase the JVM max heap size parameter (-Xmx128m).
    Step 4: On Solaris Increase the maximum number of open file descriptors per process
    This is covered in the iMQ 2.0 documentation. One way to do this is to run 'ulimit -n unlimited' in the shell you are going to run the broker in.

  • How many wireless connections

    I have a BEFW11S4 router. I have all 4 wired slots filled and I can connect to the router in addition to the wired connections. I am running a cable modem into the router. Thank you

    Yes. 10 and more computers can connect wireless to the router at the same time. I very much doubt though that you LAN party will be a success if you want to do some serious gaming.
    The router is a 802.11g router. Theoretical maximum speed 54 Mbit/s. In reality, with a single computer, you are probably good if you get have of it. 10 computers means a lot of traffic. A lot of traffic means a lot of interference because 802.11g works on best effort principle: the wireless cards will listen if something else is sending. If not, they send. If they notice during transmission that there is another transmission starting at the same time, they stop and try again at a random interval later. With one computer there is no problem. Two should be O.K. Three it will go down if you do some streaming or similar. 10. It depends on the traffic patterns but you will most likely end up with huge lags and a lot of packet loss.
    Plus you may have interference with the routers of your neighbors, cordless phones, microwaves, etc. I suppose it can be annoying if each time your neighbor turns on the microwave or gets on his cordless phone your game would come to a halt.
    It is best to try it but I seriously doubt you will any game going properly. I would recommend to have at least a 8 port ethernet switch and 10 ethernet cables prepared. Better would be a 16 port Gigabit switch if you have a lot of people with gigabit interfaces.

Maybe you are looking for

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