How to change the screen field text in runtime

Hi ,
  I want to change the screen button text in runtime IN ABAP dynpro screens. if anybody know this please post some helpful answer
Anil kumar G

Hi Anil..
We can change the Text of a Pushbutton dynamically.
For this:
1. Declare a Global variable with the Same name as the Button in TOP include
  Eg:   Data: Button1(30).
2. In the PBO module of the Screen assign the Text to this variable:
    Module set_text OUTPUT.
        Button1 = 'This is the text'.

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    Hi Experts,  any one has experience on how to change the screen element to be ineditable in Dynpro POV?

    Write this piece of code in the PROCESS ON VALUE-REQUEST..
    MODULE matnr_mod input.
    LOOP at Screen.
    if screen-name=<field_name>.
      screen-input = 0.
      modify screen.

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    1. It is seeded java concurrent program. Some attributes are missing from 11i to R12. In 11i it is a text format.So i have to investgate on how to retrive those attributes in R12. What is the concurrent program name?
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    First: What is a GPO?
    Second: jrv, that was not too helpful in general. someone should do some actual code.
    Bob Blork - Mark as answer if it helped!
    This is a forum for technicians and not for home users.  GPO is what technical people use to manage Windows. THe script to do this is in the link I posted - how is that not helpful?
    I know this is all over your head.  I am curious as to why you would respond in a technical forum to a question you do not understand.
    We do not provide free scripts.  We also will point users at correct answers.
    This is not a forum for homw users or for simple support questions.  It is also a thread that has been  answered for a long time.  Perhaps you should start a new thread if you have an actual question about scripting.

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    I am looking how to change the brightness using the keyboard, because I know how to change it using System Pres

    The F1 and F2 keys control brightness.  Depending on how you have your function keys set up, you may have to also hold down the fn key to activate.

  • May I know how to change the color of texts inside the indicator box?

    Can anyone tell me how to change the color of texts inside the indicator box? I have tried to use property node but not really know how it functions.
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    Simply use a property node with "NumText.TextColor" and wire the correct color depending on your test result.
    The attached simple example (LV 6.1) lets you change it from the front panel. In your case, you would use your test output instead of a FP switch, of course. Message Edited by altenbach on 05-25-2005 09:05 PM
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
    Attachments: ‏18 KB

  • How to change the screen element of a single field in a table control

    Hi Gurus,
    I want to change the screen element of a single field (or the whole row) in a table control according to a condition.
    I have 2 columns in the table control. One is an input column and one output only. When user enters values into the input column, they need to be compared against the values in the other column, and if there is a discrepancy, the row where the discrepancy is needs to be highlighted.
    I have tried the following code which highlights the whole column ...
    DATA: wa_tc_zvoyg_col LIKE LINE OF TC_ZVOYG_BINS-cols.
               INTO G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA.
        if G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA-zdelivery_bin ne G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA-zactual_bin.
          loop at screen.
            IF screen-name = 'ZVOYG_BINS-ZACTUAL_BIN'.
              wa_tc_zvoyg_col-screen-intensified = 1.
              MODIFY tc_zvoyg_bins-cols FROM wa_tc_zvoyg_col TRANSPORTING
              screen-intensified WHERE screen-name = screen-name.
    And also the following code which makes no change ...
               INTO G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA.
        if G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA-zdelivery_bin ne G_TC_ZVOYG_BINS_WA-zactual_bin.
          loop at screen.
            IF screen-name = 'ZVOYG_BINS-ZACTUAL_BIN'.
              screen-intensified = '1'.
              modify screen.
    Thanks in advance.

    The modification of a screen element attribute (LOOP AT SCREEN...MODIFY SCREEN) must always be done in the PBO (for a dynpro, it will be in a PBO module, i.e. declared by MODULE ... OUTPUT)
    About the loop at the internal table, it is done automatically by the system, also during the PBO, you'll find something like LOOP [AT itab] ... WITH CONTROL ...  in the PBO part of the screen flow logic (note: you may have to complete with a supplementary READ TABLE if you don't use AT itab). So you don't need an additional loop.
    Best regards

  • How to change the stsndard selection text for a LDB..

    Hi All,
        I am using a LDB selection screen. I want to change the selection text of the standard selecetion field.
    For ex, for LDB- PNP, i want to change the 'Personnel number' text to 'Employee ID'...
    Please let me know how to do this.

    Hi Nanda,
    Here is the code which is exactly suitable for this req.
    TABLES: pernr.
    data: i_tab type standard table of RSSELTEXTS with header line.
    i_tab-name = 'PNPPERNR'.
    i_tab-kind = 'S'.
    i_tab-text = 'Employee ID'.
    append i_tab.
        program                           = 'ZESO_TEST'
        seltexts                          = i_tab
      PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND                 = 1
      OTHERS                            = 3
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  • How to deactivate the screen fields dynamically in Module Pool Program?

    Hi guys,
         How to <b>activate & deactivate the screen fields</b> of a <b>module pool program</b>
    <b>dynamically</b> through program. Like Change mode and display mode in a single

    Make use of a Variable,say gv_flag, for both Activate and Deactivate functionalities. As many times you hit the same button, change this variable value. For example, let us say first time you hit this button, assign value 'X' to this variable. Second time you hit this button, assign value ' ' to this variable. In PBO based the variable value  you have to Activate and Deactivate.
      if gv_flag = 'X'.  " Activate
        loop at screen.
          if screen-fname = 'ITAB1-MATNR'.
             screen-input = '1'.
             modify screen.
      elseif gv_flag = ' '.   " Deactivate
          if screen-fname = 'ITAB1-MATNR'.
             screen-input = '0'.
             modify screen.
      case sy-ucomm.
         when 'ACDC'.   " Activate/Deactivate
             if gv_flag = 'X'.
               gv_flag = ' '.
               gv_flag = 'X'.

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    I am NOT asking how to change the highlight color OR how to change the text color generally, but rather, how to change the text color as it shows onscreen while it is highlighted. Here's where I'm going:
    Text is ordinarily black (assume) such as when the Finder is open or when viewing a list of all emails in an inbox.
    Let's say I change the highlight color systemwide, in prefs > appearance > highlight color, to a custom color ("other") of black (for example).
    In certain programs (mail, billings, iBank, addressbook, even the Finder), when I highlight a line of something, (like when I one-click on an email or a file name just to select it but not open it), the line will highlight in black, but the text of that line will automatically change to white so it can be seen.
    However, when I highlight actual text (click and drag or double click), such as when editing a document in Pages and selecting a word, line, paragraph, editing an email, etc., the highlight is black, and the text remains black also, which means it cannot be seen (black on black).
    So, how do I change it so that when I highlight the actual text the text color changes to white, then when it is de-selected, it goes back to black.
    I'm not afraid to do a little terminal/command line, but only if it’s a little. Hope this gives enough detail.

    You can use span HTML tag.
    For example, if your label is "Product Name", and you want it to appear in red, you can type this:
    <span style="color:red">Product Name</span>Hope it helps.

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    Could someone please help and tell me how I can change the screen resolution (i.e. the dimensions of the monitor) in Solaris 10 using CDE?
    Regards and thanks a lot for your reply

    This site has some instructions on how to do this:

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    How can I change the value field type from Currency to Quantity of a value field? I have tried to do it in KEA6. I can change the value field and its description, but not the value field type from currency to qty. If I change this config, is there any other changes that I need to make so there is no side issue of this change?

    Hi Prem,
    Once you created value field as quantity or currency, you can not change this nature of value field. Based on this, system creates lots of data and tables. For this reason system will not allow any changes in quantity or currency.
    Alternative way is to remove the old value field and  create a new value field assign to operating concern and put all your seetings.
    Please let me know if you require any clarifications.
    Thank you,
    Reward points if helpful.

  • How to change the grayed field font  in apex

    I need to change the grayed field item font ...
    ie i need to make disabled item value to be bright to achieve this what i have to do ...

    ok make it html code in Java scrip as bold  and item level read only option with Read Only Element Table Cell(s) Attributes .
    i did your requirement in same my link.
    how it use? follow this thread.

  • How to change the colour of text property in Radio button?

    Hello All,
    I am having some radio buttons in my application. i want to change the colour of text property by default it is black.
    Could any one please suggest me how to do it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Currently you cannot, it is a known (and hopefully reported, and at least addressed for next version) bug (or limitation, as they rushed to get the components out before JavaOne...).
    People reported they just put an empty text and put a label beside the component. Ugly workaround (bad when the component will be complete) but if it works... :-)

  • How to change the screen resolution in the Mobile Emulator

    so far we tried the Mobile Emulator in the netbeans, it is alway 240*320, but many real device is WVGA(480*800)
    whether does that mean the JavaFX Mobile only support the 240*320?
    if not, how can I change the screen resolution of the mobile Emulator, thank you

    I'd like to know how to do this, too. I tried fiddling with the "ScreenGraphics.bean" in the JavaFX\javafx-sdk1.2\emulator\toolkit-lib\devices\QwertyFxPhone directory, but without success.
    If anyone knows, please just drop a quick line here!

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