How to change WBS Element in FI Entry for Asset

Hi all,
I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Pramod Saraswat

Hi Pramod,
In posted document you cant change the WBS element.
In order to post on WBS 2 , you have to reverse the acquisation entry posted on WBS1. Then update correct one in  asset master then post acquisation.

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    You can change the status profile on 'Control' tab of Project Definition. But this change will be effective for new WBS elements. I dont think you can change status profile for existing WBS. You will have to delete and re-create them.
    Status proflie for WBS is stored in JSTO table. Get OBJNR for WBS from PRPS table and insert in JSTO table to get status profile.

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    Basically in case of Repair and overhaul material is taking inside for repair purpose..for that we create service order in which we r creating component, operation(time. labor, machine) besides we create notification to allow overhead activity for this special activity..
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    You can create a Transaction Variant for the transaction VA02 in which you have to maintain the WBS Element field as output only.
    1. Go to SHD0, enter VA02 in Transaction & give a name to the transaction variant and press Create.
    2. Enter an order no., go to the item "Account Assignment" tab.
    3. Check "Output Only" against WBS Element in the screen listing all the tabstrips & Fields.
    4. Exit & Save.
    You will be returned to the SHD0 screen.
    Select the "Standard Variants" Tab under "Standard Vriants" tab. Press activate to activate the Transaction Variant.
    Go to VA02 to test the variant. You will get the WBS Element disabled.
    Revert in case of any doubts.

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    Dear Gurus,
    Well I am a technical consultant, I use to dwell in the ABAP forum, so maybe I am going to say things without much sense, if so please tell me.
    I have a problem. One of our customers uses transaction KJH2 to change WBS elements groups and they have asked us to check the WBS elements that the users can put in the transaction.
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    Somebody has some help? Any advice would be apreciated.
    In the while I will keep trying to find it and if I succeed I will post it here anyhow.
    So long I have put a break-point in the 'CL_EXITHANDLER' class and I have checked the BADIs that can be used when I make the process, none can be useful I think. I have tried to find a USER-EXIT and I have foud none.
    Thanks in advance to everyone.

    Hi Ayan,
    Maybe you are right and we can't use a BADI for this. But we have a customer which has requested us to code this data check so I have to try.
    I agree that this is master data but it is a simple data check without many consecuences (at least it seems so to me), maybe there is a way to do this.
    Right now I think I am going to stop this until Monday as the FI consultant is now on vacation.
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

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    There is no BAPI or function module to lock on unlock a WBS element.Goto Tansaction CJ02,put in the WBS element and repsetive project.
    in CJ02, go to EDIT->STATUS->LOCK/UNLOCK.
    Hope this clarifies your query.

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         If it is about WBS element field in Maintenance Order then check up user exit ;- IWO10009 PM Order: Customer Check for 'Save' Event
    For Notification i am not sure whether this field is ther , but anything u can perform checkings via 
    QQMA0014 QM/PM/SM: Checks before saving a notification
    Alternatively u can also explore via Transaction variant SHD0 ..

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    In my Purchase Order, earlier it was account assigned to a WBS element A. When we ran CJI3, it showed the same. But now the account assignment of WBS element was changed to B. I have no idea how this got changed. I only can check from the Purchase Order history and found that "Profit center has been changed for the item".
    How this could have happened? Any info reg this will be helpful. Thanks.

    You can check the same in item >envoirnment-> changes.
    Also if your PO is made wrt PR & some one has changed the wbs in PO only then it will not show correct commitment values in PS reports.
    If you want your data to be correct then you give authroization only to your Planning team to change the WBS element. You can ask your consultant to make these fields as grey when PR is converted to PO.

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