How to configure Email setting for Gmail in 4.1?

I have problem to configure Email settings in Internal Administration\Instance Settings.
What is correct settings for Gmail? (smtp port, ssl/tls).

d_wilhelm wrote:
as far as i know you need to use authentication with gmail to send mails through their smtp server. There are no options in the apex_mail package to set a username and password, so you can't use the inbuilt apex mail. You can try to use utl_mail.
As I understand there is new feature in Apex 4.1 to use SMTP server that need authentication.

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    How to configure Email notification for User login's in Client Machines?

    Hi ,
    Based on the description , you need to assign logon scripts to the end users via group policy and also use your exchange server as the smtp server in that logon script to relay emails to the internal recipients.
    Thanks & Regards S.Nithyanandham

  • How to configure email notification for Attestation?

    Hi to everyone
    I have configure an attestation process and its working now, but i would like to know how to configure an email notification sent to invited reviewer or particular user based on certain actions when reviewer submit as certify, reject or delegated.
    Thanks in advance.

    There are certain built-in templates for notifications when assigned, delegated, declined, invalid list of reviewers..etc (
    But I am not aware of notifications based on reviewer's response CERTIFY/REJECT. Not sure if this is an out-of-the-box feature, but you could have a custom task based on the AttestationOperationsIntf class to get this implemented.
    Rgds, Ajay

  • How to configure email Alerts in OEM Cloud 12c for Database Servers up/down

    Hi everybody,
    How to configure email Alerts in OEM Cloud 12c for Database Servers up/down status?
    Miguel Vega

    Hi Miguel Vega,
    Information regarding the notifications:
    Configuring notification rules in 12c is different from earlier releases.
    The concept and function of notification rules has been replaced with a two-tier system consisting of Incident Rules and Incident Rule Sets :
    1. Incident Rules: Operate at the lowest level granularity (on discrete events) and performs the same role as notification rules from earlier releases.
    By using incident rules, you can automate the response to incoming incidents and their updates.
    A rule contains a set of automated actions to be taken on specific events, incidents or problems.
    The actions taken are for example : sending e-mails, creating incidents, updating incidents, and creating tickets.
    2. Incident Rule Set: A rule set is a collection of rules that applies to a common set of objects, for example, targets, jobs, and templates.
    To help you to achieve the Notification Rules configuration, refer those notes :
    How To Configure Notification Rules in 12C Enterprise Manager Cloud Control ? Doc ID 1368036.1
    EM12c How to Add and Configure Email Addresses to EM Administrators and Update the Notification Schedule ?Doc ID 1368262.1
    EM12c How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe for Email Notification for an Incident Rule Set ?Doc ID 1389460.1
    EM 12c How to Configure Notifications for Job Executions ? Doc ID 1386816.1
    Best Regards,

  • How to configure sap to use gmail as smtp server?

    Hi experts,
    I need to know how to configure gmail as my smtp server. In the scot transaction I don't see anywhere where to specify whether it is a ssh connection, ports for secure smtp, username, password.
    Does anyone know how to configure sap to use gmail as the smtp server?
    I've seen some similar threads about this, but they are of no help. Although they are classified as answered, in most cases the reason they are answered is because the person who made the query dropped the cause trying to make it work. I'd like to know for sure is this is possible or not.

    Hi Camilo,
    You can't set up gmail as your smtp server to handle this. gmail is an email server which generally are based on POP protocol. now for SAP to send mail to gmail, you would need one SMTP capable server which can relay those message received from SAP to configured email address.
    As of WAS 6.10 SAP kernel supports SMTP without more components. i.e e-mails can be sent (or received) from the SAP system to each SMTP-compatible mail server. see SAP note 455140 for more details.
    Hope this clarifies your doubt.

  • How to enable push mail for gmail in iphone 6 plus

    how to enable push mail for gmail in iphone 6 plus

    Tommacgr wrote:
    You can setup gmail account in iphone as exchange so the trick is simple and easy and push notification work after instantly . Just follow this steps p_by_Step_Screenshots.htm
    You can only set up a Gmail account as an Exchange account if you have a paid account. Google dropped Exchange support for free accounts two years ago. That link is just a bit outdated.

  • How to configure Email output in SD

    Dear friends Pls sent me details of how to configure email output in SD module.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Idoc Def :Standard SAP format for electronic data interchange between systems (Intermediate Document). Different message types (such as delivery confirmations or purchase orders) normally represent different specific formats, the IDoc types. However, multiple message types with related content can be assigned to one IDoc type: For example, the IDoc type ORDERS01 transfers the "logical" message types ORDERS (purchase order) and ORDRSP (order confirmation).
    Idocs are of two types basic type and the extension type .we need to configure the system settings for this process .
    IDOC (Intermediate Document) - A data holder.
    IDOC is divided in to three parts.
    Control Record
    Data Record
    Status Record
    Control record (Table: EDIDC):
    - Every IDOC has only one Control Record
    - Each Control Record contains header information like:
    o IDOC Number
    o Direction of IDOC: Inbound or Outbound
    o Date and Time of creation of IDOC
    o Date and time when the IDOC was last modified.
    o Message Type of IDOC
    o IDOC type and extension of IDOC
    o Sender and Receiver Partner
    Data record – (Table: EDID4):
    - Data Record contains Data to be processed.
    - Every IDOC has one data record with multiple segments in hierarchy.
    - Segments and Hierarchy of Segments are defined by IDOC Type and Extension.
    - IDOC created has to strictly follow the hierarchy; else IDOC fails with Syntax error.
    - Segments which are repetitive have qualifiers attached to it
    Status record – (Table: EDIDS):
    - Status Record describes the status of IDOC.
    - Each IDOC contains one status Record with multiple status information.
    - Status at each level is appended to IDOC. E.g. When IDOC is created in SAP, Status is “This IDoc has been generated through a test transaction”, When the IDOC is added to system it is “IDOC added”, “IDOC ready to be transferred to Application”……
    - Status should always be read bottom-up. Status at the top is the latest status.
    - Some Example of Status Records:
    o Inbound:
    § 53 - IDOC successfully posted
    § 51 – IDOC Failed
    § 64 - IDOC ready to be transferred to Application
    § 30 – IDOC ready for Dispatch
    § 03 – IDOC passed to port OK
    § 12 – IDOC Dispatched
    § 16 – Functional Acknowledgement Positive
    § 17 – functional Acknowledgement Negative
    IDoc Type: Defines the segments and hierarchy of segments
    o Transaction Code:
    § WE30 – To create, change or display the IDOC type and the extension.
    § WE31 – To create the Segment
    - IDOC type defines the segments to be used in the IDOC.
    - It also defines the hierarchy and syntax of the segments.
    - IDOC extension is nothing but to add segments to standard IDOC types.
    - Transaction WE31 allows you to create segments.
    - Program RSEIDOC3 documents the use of each IDOC type.
    Attributes of a Segment:
    - Mandatory Segment: If checked, this segment should always exist in the IDOC.
    - Minimum Number:
    - Maximum Number: Maximum number of times this segment can be repeated in IDOC. -
    Parent Segment: Parent of this segment
    - Hierarchy level: Level of hierarchy.
    Segment Definition (WE31):
    Messsage Type: Defines the type of data in the IDOC
    o Transaction Code:
    § WE81 – To create, change or display the Message type and the extension.
    § WE82 – Using this transaction you can link Message Type, IDOC Type, IDOC Extension and version.
    - Message type identifies the type of data IDOC holds. E.g. Orders (ORDERS), Delivery (DESADV), Invoice (INVOICE). It also defines what needs to be done with the data in the IDOC, in case of Inbound IDOC, and which data to be extracted in case of Outbound IDOC.
    - Message Type is linked to a process code, which in turn is linked to a Function Module. This function module extracts from or posts data to SAP depending on direction of IDOC.
    - Relation between Message Type, IDOC type and IDOC extension needs to define. Without this relation Message type or IDOC type cannot be used.
    Message Type Create, Change or Display (WE81):
    Setup link between Message Type, IDOC Type, IDOC Extension and Version (WE82)
    Process Code: Function Module is linked to a process code. This function module in executed for inbound or outbound IDOC.
    o Transaction Codes:
    § WE41 – Outbound Process Code
    § WE42 – Inbound Process Code
    - Process codes are linked to a Function Module.
    - Relationship is Message Type is linked to a Process Code which is linked to a Function Module.
    - In case if you are using a stand alone code to trigger an IDOC, you need not define a process code.
    RFC Destination: System definition of destination.
    o Transaction Code: SM59
    - RFC destination identifies the destination of IDOC.
    - In case of ALE:
    o In ALE the communication mode is IDOC to IDOC, hence the type used is R/3 Connections.
    o It is the destination SAP system which will receive the IDOC.
    o In RFC destination you define the destination SAP system details like System, Login and Password.
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  • How to configure release procedure for rate contracts release

    Dear all,
    How to configure release procedure for rate  contract following are the requirements
    they are two release codes c1 & c2 <=100000,>=100000
                    if  c1 is not there c2 has to be approved
         Change in the value of the rate contract contract
         Change in the validity of the rate contract
         Addition of deletion of line items
    While using a non u2013 released rate contract in the PO an error message should shoot out.
    Also the logic should be changed while using the rate contract in the PO.
    The usage of the rate contract should be till the validity of the rate contract. i.e. the measurement should be end date of the rate contract and the PO creation date and not the delivery date of the PO. &
    It should be possible to refer existing valid rate contracts in purchase orders.

    In SAP rate contract is known as value contract denoted with wk. The release procedure for rate contract is same as that of other contracts and scheduling agreements. The tables  for contracts will vary with SA (Scheduling agreement) .You may try and maintain condition records based on the customer combination and maintian the validity date of condition records as per your requirement.For contract and PO will have the same header/item table as EKKO/EKPO, and the release
    class in standard is the same FRG_EKKO, you can use the same for contract.
    To distinguish if it's a contract or PO, EKKO-BSART can be used.
    For contract EKKO-BSART will be MK or WK, while PO will have NB/UB etc..
    You can restrict the document type to set up the release strategy for only contract.
    Of cause, you can also create your own release class Z* for contract copying standard
    one FRG_EKKO via CL01/Class type 032, and then assign the class Z* to customizing:
    -> contract
    ->Release Procedure for Contracts
    ->Define Release Procedure for Contracts
    ->Release Groups
    If you have already created the PO release class.
    Assign a new chracteristic of Document Category -BSTYP
    Please check below link for detailed release procedure. I hope this wil help you out .Thanking you.

  • How to configure DSL set up?

    I'm using my old first generation iBook clamshell temporarily and I need to figure out how to configure it/set it up for DSL. It was configured for the ethernet system at my old university back in 2001 but I have no idea how my friend did it back then. Thanks so much!

    Do you use a router between the DSL connection and computer, or does it connect directly?

  • How to configure SMTP server for osb 10.3.1

    Hi All,
    Can anyone share information on how to configure SMTP server for osb 10.3.1
    and then how to send an email from osb 10.3.1
    Thanks in Advance!!

    Thanks a lot!!
    I configured the same way. When I am sending email to an account on the same domain as my SMTP server is the sending of email is successful. But its giving error when I am trying to send an emain to an account which is on different domain. It giving error as "Operation has been cancelled"
    Please suggest something.

  • How to configure Broadcast messaging for IC Webclient profile

    Dear all,
    How to configure Broadcast messaging for IC Webclient profile. what are the prerequisites for it?
    We are not using EP interface for IC Webclient, then where can I find broadcast messaging URL in SAP CRM system.
    I have checked for the relevant BSP application, but could not find.
    Please help me to configure the scenario successfully, your help will be highly appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Raghu ram

    Hi raghu
    In CRM Broad cast messaging application is CRM _BM,
    Go to easy access u2013 go to favourites u2013 select add other objects - select BSP Applications- then select CRM_BM Application.
    Select that BSP application and test it u2026

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    Hi all,
           How to give value set for model attribute?
           plz explain me with some sample code.

    Hi Srinivasulu,
    An attribute (of basic data types like integer , string etc) holds a single values.
    Please clarify by what you mean value set ?
    Also, share the structure of context.

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    Q: how to modify the setting for a running zone.
    I want to add a lofs mount for /usr/local read/write.
    also I want to add access to cdrom
    so I use zonecfg to "add fs ", and stuff then commit.
    now what should I do to make effect in the zone.

    to rephase my question:
    once I have a zone installed, is there a way to
    modify the zone settings , such as adding a fs
    or devices, without destory the zone? thanks.

  • I have an iPad and want to know how to delete email addresses for those that I have sent email to.

    I have an iPad 2 and want to know how to delete email addresses for those that I have sent mail to.

    Email addresses that are not in your Contacts app but which still show up in Mail will disappear after a period of time when they are unused. Just ignore them and they will eventually go away.

  • How to activate email notification for SC approval

    Hi Gurus;
    We are using SRM7.
    How to activate email notification for SC approval i.e. the system should send email to the approver's external email (e.g.Outlook) informing that there is SC to be approved.?

    You can schedule the /SAPSRM/OFFLINEAPPROVALSEND program.

Maybe you are looking for

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