How to configure the "FTP" in process flow

host1: owb for solaris 5.9
host2: erp system with solaris os
i create a workflow process in owb,the purpose is use "ftp" command to get a
file from host2. the "ftp" in workflow process with
following parameter:
1:COMMAND : /usr/bin/ftp
2:PARAMETER_LIST: ?"${Task.Input}"?
open ${Remote.Host}
lcd ${Working.RootPath}
cd ${Remote.RootPath}
get local.login
at the same time ,i create two location in FILE LOCATION node
with names:"Res_REMOTE_LOC","Tar_LOCAL_LOC", Then configure the workflow
remote location: Res_REMOTE_LOC
working location: Tar_LOCAL_LOC
in runtime repository ,i deploy the workflow process success,but when i run the
workflow process ,it run all the time!
why?please help me!
tks a lot

I followed the examples given in this thread, and checked the case study in the PDF, but am still not able to 'get' a file using FTP to the desired location.
I have an FTP work flow configured with the Path Settings pointing to: REMOTE LOCATION is a w2k server, WORKING LOCATION is on Unix. These locations are registered in the Deployment Mgr properly.
I am able to PUT a file to win2k from Unix, but not GET.
This is caused by the fact that, during FTP WF execution, it is ran as Unix user 'oracle', whom do not have write access to the Root Path registered for the WORKING LOCATION. (I can do a get to /tmp).
Also, I am getting these messages in the execution log, even if the FTP was successful:
WARNING: Log file truncated - see RAB for further information.
ftp: ioctl I_PUSH ttcompat: No such device or address
ftp: ioctl(TIOCGETP): No such device or address
All of these problems indicate that the run time Unix user, 'oracle', doesn't have sufficient rights to various directories. Is it possible to force OWB use the userid that was registered for the WORKING LOCATION?

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