How to create a Share with selective access to subfolder?

Hi All!
Just purchased PX12-400r and now "trying" to setup shares. What I want to accomplish is to have a Share accessible to one departmant (Finance). Inside that Share, I want to create sub-folders that is only accessble to specific employee and the department head. Presently, I have this setup in one of our Windows 2008 server and I want to do the same in this box. I already checked the:
Allow users to change file level security
After I created the subfolder and set necessary security (limiting subfolders to specific users), anybody who has an access to the Share folder can still access all the sub-folders.
So, how to setup a main Share and selecitve access to sub-folder?
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Hello Staplewire
With the Allow users to change file level security enabled, you should be able to set the sub-folder and file level permissions via the connected client workstation.  Normal ACL permissions would apply at that point.  
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  • How to create a report with selection screen that can run in background

    Sorry to ask these basic questions but I am knew to ABAP Programming.
    To keep it simply, I am attempting to create a report that has a simple parameter driven selections screen with one field.  That field takes in a folder path from the user.  The user executes the report.  The report creates a simply BDC that goes into SE16, gathers data from a table, and exports the results to a text file using the folder path provided.  I created a variant for the folder path field in the selection screen hoping to use it while executing the report in the background.  The report is not exporting the file as it did when run in the foreground for some reason.
    I am wondering what event is triggered when a report is executed in the background.  In the foreground (or when I execute the program via SE38->Execute->With Variant) the user needs to execute the program by hitting the execute button once the variant has populated the folder path field.  It works then, so I am trying to get the same to work in the background.  I am thinking I didn't put the program together correctly to accommodate the running in the background.  How can you create a report that can accept user input via variant into a selection screen and then run in the background?
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    Thanks you all for reading this!!!

    Ok, finally I understand what you're doing. Initially you lost me with the SE16 reference...
    Not sure what you're trying to achieve overall, but apart from the fact that you cannot export/download a file to a user's PC via background job (unless you have a mapped network share on the server or something like an FTP server on the user's PC, but both are pretty hypothetical scenarios and unlikely to occur).
    Also, the BDC approach to get data via SE16 is pretty awkward. Note that SE16 is guarded by some authorization checks and often users won't have access in production (which might not matter if you intend to always run your program in background via dedicated batch user). However, I have no clue why you wouldn't want to use [open SQL|] to read the data. You could then save it on the application server or if you really have to get it to the user you can consider e-mailing the file (extracts should be compressed before sending). For the latter you'll find plenty of references here, basically it's the [business communication services|] that you'd need to look at.

  • How to create a node with attributes at runtime in webdynpro for ABAP?

    Hi Experts,
             How to create a node with attributes at runtime in webdynpro for ABAP? What classes or interfaces I should use? Please provide some sample code.
    I have checked IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE_INFO and there is ADD_NEW_CHILD_NODE method. But this is not creating any node. I this this creates only a "node info" object.
    I even check IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE but i could not find any method that creates a node with attribute.
    Please help!

       I am getting the following error while creating a dynamic context node with 2 attributes. Please help me resolve this problem.
    The following error text was processed in the system PET : Line types of an internal table and a work area not compatible.
    The error occurred on the application server FMSAP995_PET_02 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: GET_REF_TO_TABLE of program CL_SALV_WD_DATA_TABLE=========CP
    My code is like the following:
    TYPES: BEGIN OF t_type,
                CARRID TYPE sflight-carrid,
                CONNID TYPE sflight-connid,
             END OF t_type.
      Data:  i_struc type table of t_type,
      dyn_node   type ref to if_wd_context_node,
      rootnode_info   type ref to if_wd_context_node_info,
      i_node_att type wdr_context_attr_info_map,
      wa_node_att type line of wdr_context_attr_info_map.
          wa_node_att-name = 'CARRID'.
          wa_node_att-TYPE_NAME = 'SFLIGHT-CARRID'.
          insert wa_node_att into table i_node_att.
          wa_node_att-name = 'CONNID'.
          wa_node_att-TYPE_NAME = 'SFLIGHT-CONNID'.
          insert wa_node_att into table i_node_att.
    clear i_struc. refresh i_struc.
      select carrid connid into corresponding fields of table i_struc from sflight where carrid = 'AA'.
    rootnode_info = wd_context->get_node_info( ).
    rootnode_info->add_new_child_node( name = 'DYNFLIGHT'
                                       attributes = i_node_att
                                       is_multiple = abap_true ).
    dyn_node = wd_context->get_child_node( 'DYNFLIGHT' ).
    dyn_node->bind_table( i_struc ).
    l_ref_interfacecontroller->set_data( dyn_node ).
    I am trying to create a new node. That is
    As you see above I am trying to create 'DYNFLIGHT' along with the 2 attributes which are inside this node. The structure of the node that is, no.of attributes may vary based on some condition. Thats why I am trying to create a node dynamically.
    Also I cannot define the structure in the ABAP dictionary because it changes based on condition
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  • How to create shipment document with out inbound delivery document

    Dear Friends
    How to create shipment document with out outbound/inbound delivery document.
    In my client scenario, there is no inbound delivery for normal purchases.
    Just there are raising the PO to vendor, then they are doing MIGO for goods receipt.
    Can we do shipment creation with reference to PO?
    If it is possible, how it will be?
    Please let it solve
    With regards

    Dear Sameer,
    Please go to transaction VT01N here you enter Transportation planning point and shipment type then press enter.
    Now system will take you to the shipment document creation screen here you click on Select deliveries or press F6 now system will take you to the select outbound deliveries screen in this screen you enter selection data then execute, now deliveries will get assigned to that shipment.
    After assigning the deliveries enter the remaining data then complete the shipment finally save the shipment document.
    For more information please go through this SAP help link
    Note:- Shipment process need to be carry out for the deliveries before PGI.
    I hope this will help you,

  • How to create a field with  1200 chars length

    Will anybody let me know how to create a field with length 1200 in a table.

    Hi Madhvi,
    Other thing what you can do is
    1. First create a Table type.
         Goto SE11-> Dataelements ->Table type
         There on the next screen select Predefine radio button & there provide data type & size.
    2. Create a structure having a field typa of Table type created before. say that field is quant.
    Now in your program refer that structure to create an internal table & work area.
    Now if u append ur text to the field quant.
    try creating line type of size more that 255 if it works then fine other wise reduce it.
    Note:: This will be a deep structure.
    so first append value to the field quant,  the at the end of first record append valu to ur internal table.

  • How to create a wiki with iWeb ?

    Hi !
    Any idea about how to create a wiki with iWeb ?
    I want to make a school web page but, instead of doing it myself, I thought it would be more interesting to make every student contribute - that's the point of making a wiki ! Could anyone help me ?
    Many thanks !

    I know Apple's tools are VERY compelling and tremendously cool to use, but, given the collaborative nature of this endeavor, you may want to look at some internet enabled tools that, by their nature, allow many users to update the content from anywhere.
    Currently, if you're editing a page in iWeb, the information for that site is kept in the domain.sites folder. For several people editing the site, you would have to shuttle this file back and forth between all the users. If user A is currently editing the site, user B would have to wait until they're finished to get the file. If user A wants to make some changes, they'd have to wait until user B sends the file back to them and we haven't even got to the point of letting user C, D, or E have access to the content in order to make updates!! Add everyone else in the school and you would have to make sure this one file makes it across tens of computers without becoming corrupted and making sure that only one person is making changes at a time. This would limit the number of updates that can be handled on a regular basis (what if user M gets ill before handing it off to user N, now NO one can make updates until user M remembers where they left the content... if they didn't erase it).
    However, if you're willing to severely limit the scope of what a wiki is, then you can get input from everyone and enter it with just a few users that have access to edit the content.

  • I'm debutante in oracle 10g how to create a database with picture?

    I'm debutante in oracle 10g how to create a database with picture? help please

    d7401ec1-d4d6-4e54-9eb4-2181ac367d0c wrote:
    I'm debutante in oracle 10g how to create a database with picture? help please
    Oracle 10g is obsolete.  Oracle 11g is already at terminal release.
    Have you installed the Oracle rdbms software?
    Installing Oracle and Building the Database
    If you are going to be a professional DBA, you need to learn to
    1) read the documentation
    2) wean yourself from dependence on pictures and GUIs.
    3) read the documentation
    Learning how to look things up in the documentation is time well spent investing in your career.  To that end, you should drop everything else you are doing and do the following:
    Go to
    Locate the link for your Oracle product and version, and click on it.
    You are now at the entire documentation set for your selected Oracle product and version.
    Spend a few minutes just getting familiar with what is available here. Take special note of the "books" and "search" tabs. Under the "books" tab (for 10.x) or the "Master Book List" link (for 11.x) you will find the complete documentation library.
    Spend a few minutes just getting familiar with what kind of documentation is available there by simply browsing the titles under the "Books" tab.
    Open the Reference Manual and spend a few minutes looking through the table of contents to get familiar with what kind of information is available there.
    Do the same with the SQL Reference Manual.
    Do the same with the Utilities manual.
    You don't have to read the above in depth.  They are reference manuals.  Just get familiar with what is there to be referenced. Ninety percent of the questions asked on this forum can be answered in less than 5 minutes by simply searching one of the above manuals.
    Then set yourself a plan to dig deeper.
    - *Read a chapter a day from the Concepts Manual*.
    - Take a look in your alert log.  One of the first things listed at startup is the initialization parms with non-default values. Read up on each one of them (listed in your alert log) in the Reference Manual.
    - Take a look at your listener.ora, tnsnames.ora, and sqlnet.ora files. Go to the Network Administrators manual and read up on everything you see in those files.
    - *When you have finished reading the Concepts Manual, do it again*.
    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

  • How to create one portlet with more apps

    How to create 10 application with one portlet on OC4J? Anybody has experience? Care to share with me.
    Thank you.

    If you are writing application logic using JPDK or PDK, you can implement the logic/code for 1 application or 100 applications/functionality in one portlet.
    Where as if you have per application you have 1 portlet you can have modularity, can be added to Portal page's portlet region where ever you want to.portlet provider(Web provider or Pl/sql provider) can contain multiple portlets.
    If you go with 100 applications rendering in one portlet you need to implement 100 applications logic/code in 1 portlet, you can parameterize the portelt to show which applications can be shown at run time, for this you need to implement parameterization logic in portlet code. I can say this approach is cumbersome

  • How can create a JTree with cellRender is checkbox realized multiple selec

    How can create a JTree with cellRender is checkbox realized multiple selection function.thanks for every
    one's help.

    1. Create a value node in your context name Table and set its cardinality to 0:n
    2. Create 2 value attributes within the Table node name value1 and value2
    3. Goto Outline view> Right click on TransparentUIContainer>Apply Template> Select Table>mark the node Table and it's attributes.
    you have created a table and binded its value to context
    Table UI properties
    4.Set Selection Mode to Multi
    5.Set Visible Row Count to 5
    6.ScrollableColCount to 5
    In your implemetaion, you can add values to table as follow:
    IPrivate<viewname>.ITableElement ele = wdContext.nodeTable().createTableElement();
    The above code will allow you to add elements to your table node.

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    how to create pdf files with text field data

    That looks like it should work, but it doesn't.
    I opened the PDF I had created from Word in Acrobat (X Pro). Went to File > Properties. Selected "Change Settings". I then enabled "Restrict editing...", set a password, set "Printing Allowed" to "none", "Changes Allowed" to "none", and ensured that "Enable copying of text..." was disabled.
    I saved the PDF file, closed Acrobat, opened the PDF in Reader, and I was still able to select text and graphical objects.
    I reopened the PDF in Acrobat, and the document summart still shows everything as allowed. When I click on "show details" (from File > Properties) it shows the correct settings.
    Any ideas?

  • How to create sap query with "or" relationship

    dear experts,
    I need a report to display the employee whoese WSR is
    changed in the month for infotype 0007.
    that is ,we want to search with selection
    begda OR endda between 2008-01-01 and 2008-01-31.
    how to create sap query with "or" relationship?

    hi use like this,
        pernr                 =  p_pernr
        infty                   =  '0007'
       BEGDA                =  p_date1
       ENDDA                 = p_date2
        infty_tab             = itab .
    hi use this by passing the pernr to fm and giving the dates low and high in the p_date1 and p_date2.
    loop at itab where condition.
    may it helps u,

  • How to create editable table with one empty row ?

    I'm looking for solution how to create editable table with one empty row using ADF BC. I have seen this solution in application that was created in JHeadstart and it's very well idea to use it insead of creation form.

    hammm, i do it this:
    drop the VO on the page, select Table->ADF Table....
    so, drop the botton create, from de VO->operations->create (the firts), and right botton (mouse) Edit binding....
    in Data collection select the VO, in Select an action select CreateInsert

  • How to create user dsn for microsoft access driver(*.mdb,.*accdb) in 64 bit

    how to create user dsn for microsodt access driver(*.mdb,*.accdb) using command line in 64 bit.
    i have installed 64 bit drivers and when use following command
    C:\Windows\System32>odbccad.exe CONFIGDSN "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb,*.accdb)" "DSN=GLDatabase|Description=GL Data Source|DBQ=C:\DataBase\1.mdb"
    CONFIGDSN:'unable to create a datasource for the "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb,*.accdb)" component not found in the registry with the error code -2147467259
    but it works with C:\Windows\SysWow64

    yes i have installed Microsoft Access Database engine 2010 redistributale => AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe
    i can able to create user dsn using odbccad32.exe in system32 folder but using command line its not working
    odbccad.exe CONFIGDSN "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb,*.accdb)" "DSN=GLDatabase|Description=GL Data Source|DBQ=C:\DataBase\1.mdb"
    CONFIGDSN:'unable to create a datasource for the "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb,*.accdb)" component not found in the registry with the error code -2147467259

  • How to create excise invoice with reference thorugh credit memo

    Hi All,
    Please provide any solution for the following qurey:
    How to create excise invoice with reference thorugh credit memo

    Hi murali,
    i am unable to understand your requirement i think there is no like this scenario requirement for any client
    if any requirement is there kindly explain detail

Maybe you are looking for

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    After the newest update Itunes does not delete episodes that have been played or marked as played. I checked the settings and found that now they are supposed to be deleted 24 hours after having been played, but this will not happen anyway. Also; I f

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    Hi I have updated my iphone, to the new update, but I have lost all my apps, I cant connect to ITune, because my computer, has not got enought memory for the new ITunes!!! But some one told me you can get apps back from ICloud ... how do i do this ??

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    Hi friends, Our BW 3.5 system is working on win2003 with ms-sql db with sp10/J2EE 6.40 with SP8. We installed the MS-JDBC driver & Configurd based on standard documentation. When we use to test connection using the link https://qbiwd1:50200/tjdbc/ser

  • SecUpd2009-003Intel on MacBook Pro 10.4.11 - will load only 99% and stop.

    I have tried at least 10 times to do the latest Security Update (SecUpd2009-003Intel) on my MacBook Pro. It flew through with no problem on my Mac Mini, but keeps stopping at 99% writing on my MacBook Pro. I have run Disk Utilities, I have run DiskWa

  • Creating Waterfall Chart view on OBIEE Answers

    Hello guys Is it possible to create waterfall Chart view on OBIEE answers? The idea is to show the differences in number between bars at the chart. Please let me know how it can be done Thanks in advance Devarasu.R