How to Create Test Sequence Document in HTML using command line

How to Create Test Sequence Document  in HTML using command line
I have lot of sequences and I want to create Test Sequence Documentation in HTML format using Command Line automatically, is there a way to automate this task using .bat file or using   C#  .Net

If you aren't able to figure out how to call a C++ DLL in .net then there may be another option.  Unfortunately I don't know how to do this off the top of my head and I don't have an example.
The other option would be to change docgen.seq a little bit to the dialog doesn't display and you just hardcode the options.  Then you can use a command line to call testexec.exe:
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    Thanks PC!
    I made it work using:
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    Hi amit,
    the maxdb documentation gives all information which is needed:
    Install the software with SDBSETUP:
    <a href="">Installation</a>
    Create a database with DBMGUI
    <a href="">Create Instance</a>
    Reagrds, Christiane Hienger

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    I am also having a similar problem which opened the thread
    Actually i am using a Repositery which is created in MSSQL2005.
    Now i want to create a SEQUENCE similar to Oracle and populate My surrogate Key Column.
    Can u tell me how to create a SEQUENCE in MSSQL2005?
    Does anyone is having the sql syntax?

    Hi Gourisankar,
    There is no sequence concept in MS SQL Server rather it has IDENTITY.
    In MS SQL Server if you declare a column type as a Identity it will be auto increment when a new record inserts.
    So in you underlying table create a column as ID and type as "Identity" and in your mapping leave that field un mapped.
    Have a look and google more on "identity in ms sql server" ;)

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    how to Create an XML document from XSQL servlet which follows a particular DTD structure.Could anyone send me a sample code for this.

    You'll need to associate an XSLT transformation with your XSQL page that transforms the canonical result into your DTD-valid format.
    For example, given an XSQL page like:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="rss.xsl" ?>
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    <xsl:for-each select="ITEM">
    <title><xsl:value-of select="TITLE"/></title>
    <link><xsl:value-of select="URL"/></link>
    <description><xsl:value-of select="DESCRIPTION"/></description>
    </xsl:stylesheet>You produce DTD-valid output against the rss-0.91.dtd DTD that looks like:
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    <!DOCTYPE rss SYSTEM "rss-0.91.dtd">
    <rss version="0.91">
    <title>Do You XML?</title>
    <description>Oracle XML Website Demo</description>
    <rss version="0.91">
    <title>Do You XML?</title>
    <description>Oracle XML Website Demo</description>
    <rss version="0.91">
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    Thank you for your replay, but <?position()?> we can used it in template builder only not from BI layout editor
    I found a solution in this case we can used the following query.
    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(order by item_status) as Row,

  • How to create a sequence DDL in a procedure

    i have a simple question but i dont find a solution here.
    How to create a sequence DDL in a procedure ?
    Thank 's

    Use Native Dynamic Sql. Look at the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command.
       execute immediate 'create sequence xx_seq ';
    /Of course you need explicit permission to create a sequence. NOT through a ROLE.

  • How to Create a Billing Document For SalesOrder

    Hi Guys,
    Any one please Explain me how to create a Billing Document for salesOrder. give me step by step procedure so i can easily understand the terms.Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kiran,
    Normally a billing doc is created after a sales order-->delivery.
    U can create a sales order w.r.t a Contract or another sales order.
    In your case, its possible only for sales Returns.
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  • How to create a table in the file using java code.?

    I should export the data from the view objects to a word document. I have done that but I should
    display the data in the form of a table.
    Kindly come up with the necessary information on how to create a table in the file using java.

    Hi, Thank you for responding to my query.
    The below are the details of my code.
    DCBindingContainer dcBindings =
    DCIteratorBinding StudentDetailsContent =
    OutputStreamWriter w = new OutputStreamWriter(outputStream, "UTF-8");
    Row currentRow =
    Object a[]= currentRow.getAttributeValues();
    int i;
    for(i=0 ;i<=a.length;i++){
    w.write(" ");
    I am usning this coding to achieve the task of exporting data to file.
    I need to display this information in the table that is where I need help from you people.

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