How to do a DB lookup in ICM and return the ANI and Rewards Number to CTI

Does anyone know how to take the ANI and do a database look up to get the customer loyalty program number?  After the number is collected, I need to return the ANI and the loyalty number to CTI using variable 5.  Any feedback on how to accomplish this? 

Ok if you have succesfully connected to the Database and call come out of the Right branch in your DBLookUp Node.
You need to create a Set Variable, If you want to display the Loyalty Number in Peripheral Variable 1, Choose that variable and Click th formula Editor. In the formula Editor, choose the Object Type as Database select the database and choose the vairable as Loyalty Number.
Note :You should have all the Variable in the Databse Explorer created under this Databse.
I have atached a scrrenshot like how to se the Customer Type in Peripheral Variable 1
By Default ANI should be there in the Agent Desktop or Toolkit
Pam Scarpino wrote: Thank you.  This is very helpful.  We are stuck on the formula now.  We want to return the calling line id and the loyalty number to CTI.  Do you know how the formula should look?
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