How to enter multiple values in BEX Analyzer 7.0

We are on 7.0.  I created a query in Query Designer with a variable type of Select Option.  When I execute the query in BEX Analyzer, how do I enter multiple selections?

Hi Ryan,
You need to click on the button on the right of the variable (with a white square). In the box that pops up, choose your values. On the same screen, click the More>> button to see your selection and change the order if required.
Hope this helps...

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  • Parameter form - how to enter multiple values, e.g. IN (:p_status)

    On a parameter form, how would I enter in multiple parameters at reports runtime. In my query I have
    WHERE status IN (:p_status)
    I always get 0 records, no matter what punctuation I put in between the data on the Parameter form. What is the correct way for doing this?

    Try using
    IN (&p_status)

  • How to set variable value in BEX analyzer for IP Layout

    Hi All,
       I have created a simple planning function to copy data from one account to another and I have used mandatory selection variable for Fiscal year /period. When I execute the planning function through Planning modeler I get the prompt for the variable and the planning functions execute without errors and return the values. But now when I design the Bex workbook using my Input ready query that have button to execute the planning function,I don't get the prompt for the mandatory selection variable. I need to set the variable vaule in design mode then the function return the values. Is there way to get the prompt for the variable when I choose to execute the planning function. Also is there a option in Web application designer too?
    Please let me know what I'm missing.
    Appreciate you help.

    At the back of button specify the following parameter:-
    CMD    1        Execute_planning_function
    Planning_function_name  1   xyz
    Var_name     1    variable_name
    var_value      1    blank
    Can also refer to link below:- refer to page 20)
    Hope it may help

  • How to select multiple values from the Parameters in the concurrent program

    How to select multiple values from the Parameters defined in the concurrent program...and i believe multiple selection is not a direct feature of EBS, but is there any workaround solution to acheive mulitple selection?

    I think there's no way to do that using standard feature.
    Some workaround I use :
    1. If the number of selections are fixed, you could use multiple parameters for the same valueset. For example :
    Selection1 : <choose first selection>
    Selection2: <choose 2nd selection>
    If you don't use it then leave it empty.
    2. Use text varchar valueset and enter it manually and separate by comma (or other value) , eg : selection1,selection2,selection3....etc.

  • How to allow multiple values in a single blank cell in WebI report

             I am working in BO XIR2. I have a scenario as follows.
    In a single cell (blank cell from template) i need to display multiple contact persons. When I drag the contact person name into the blank cell, I am getting an error: MULTIVALUE). Please let me know how to use a function so that I can show two or three contact person names in a single blank cell.
    I tried to use Replace and Char function as follows to bring Carriage Return functionality to the cell.
    Replace([Contact Person]; ";" ; Char(13)) but this did not work.
    Thanks in Advance.

    I know this thread has been answered. I recently came across a scenario where I happen to populate multiple values in a single blank cell(from templates). But the only catch being that if user enters multiple values for a prompt you can show them in a single cell eg: =UserResponse("Enter value(s) for Branch:"). would be the formula for the blank cell. Afetr the user selects three values say A, B,C, webi puts it in the format of A;B;C. in a single cell.
    In your case try giving that as a prompt to the user or answer that multi prompt some how and when u use the above formula it should suffice your requirement.
    Let me know if you have tried.

  • How to Enter multiple inputs at a time in Form or Table

    I have one doubt in Webdynpro with java. How to enter multiple inputs at a time?
    For Exam My requirement is we will take employee details node under node empid, name, sal  etc some attributes is here
    Client asking like this enter multiple inputs at a time that data will saved in ECC System.
    1.     By using form how can enter enter multiple inputs at a time I donu2019t this so I will take table(here I will select input fileds). If any possible in form also tell me how I can enter multiple inputs at a time.
    In table suppose 6 rows available So He will enter
                             empid, name, sal  ,firstname, last Name
                             empid, name, sal  ,firstname, last Name
                             empid, name, sal  ,firstname, last Name 
    Like 6 time Click Submit. That data will save in ECC.
    So I was taken table. But in that Table only first row will be editable. I want all 6 will editable that time he will put data in rows then click on submit.
    How to editable these remaining rows? if u have any documents pls send me.
    Vijay Kalluri

    Dear Vijay,
    To enter multiple inputs in a table and to make the other rows editable you have to provide that node with initial values.
    by initial values I mean you have to make that much space in your table node.
    For example the name of Node is  yourNode & you have empid, name, sal ,firstname, last Name
    attributes in that node, and you have to make 6 rows editable.
    Then, simply write this code in you wdDoinit() method of your view controller.
    IPrivateYourView.IYourNodeElement e ;
    for(int i = 0 ; i < 6 ; i++ )
    e = wdContext.nodeYourNode().createYourNodeElement();
    e.setAttributeValue("empid" , "") ;
    e.setAttributeValue("name" , "") ;
    e.setAttributeValue("sal" ,  "") ;
    e.setAttributeValue("firstname" , "") ;
    e.setAttributeValue("lastname" , "") ;
      wdContext.nodeOverTimeEnty().addElement(e) ;
    Change YourView with your view name & YourNode with your node name.
    If you have any problem in doing this you can revert back.
    Hope it helps!!
    Warm Regards
    Upendra Agrawal

  • How to use multiple values in an IF condition in RTF

    I have a scenario as mentioned below.
    IF column value in ('A','B')
    display C;
    end if
    IF column value not in ('A','B')
    display D;
    end if
    My query is how to provide multiple values in an IF condition.?

    But suppose "x.jar" needs a library from "y.jar". How do you put another JAR on the classpath of an applet in a Web page?
    <applet code="z.class" archive="a.jar,b.jar,c.jar">

  • How to select multiple values from a listbox

    I have a list box on my UI which is not allowing me to select multiple values
    I want to use multi select list box .. When i go to source of UI component and change that to select many listbox my page is not rendering it is giving error
    When i drag & drop the component i am unable to drop it as a multi select list box that option is not coming.
    I am working on Jdev and I am using ADF/BC components
    How to select multiple values from a listbox ?

    I want to use multi select list box .. When i go to source of UI component and change that to select many listbox my page is not rendering it is giving errorank
    And what is the error ?

  • How to pass multiple values from workbook to planning function ?

    I have created Planning function in Modeler and it has one parameter(Variable represents = Multiple single values).
    When executing the planning function by create planning seq. in the web template : I see value of variable store data like ...
        A.) input one value -> V1
        B.) input three values -> V1;V2;V3
    This function execute completely in web.
    However, I want to use the planning function in workbook(Excel).
    The value of variable can't input V1;V2;V3... I don't know how to pass multiple values from workbook to parameter(Multiple single values type) in planning function ?
    thank you.

    Please see the attached how to document (page no 16).
    <a href="">how to</a>
    Hope this was helpful

  • How to select multiple values from the parameters in BI Publisher report

    How to select multiple values from the parameter drop down in BI Publisher, and how to handle this mulitple values from the report sql...

    Hi kishore,
    I have used all the steps as you mentioned in your previous reply....including checking Mulitple Selection Check Box..
    Iam able to get the results when I am selecting one value..
    and also I am able to handle multiple values the in the query by using IN :Parameter, but seems when we select more than one value from the parameter drop down i think the Bi Publisher is sending the values in concatenated form something ilke
    ex: "'ACCOUNT','HR','SALES'" ,and when trying to display the parameters values in the output, its throwing the error as 'missing right paranthesis' ....on the whole do you have any solution which would handle
    1.Single selection.
    2.Multiple selection.
    3.'ALL' Values.
    4.Separating the concatenated string into individual strings and dispaly them on the output of the case of Mulitple selection.
    Concatenated String from BI Publisher:"'ACCOUNT','HR','SALES'"
    Expected Output on the report:ACCOUNT,HR,SALES
    reply to this would be much appreciated....

  • How to enter the values in JTable in runtime

    how to enter the values in JTable in runtime

    Basically you need a vector of vectors or an array of arrays. Example (off the top of my head):
    With Arrays
    String[] cols = { "colone", "coltwo", "colthree", "colfour", "colfive" };
    String[] numbers = { "one", "two", "three", "four", "five" };
    String[] letters = { "A", "B", "C", "D", "E" };
    String[][] data = { numbers, letters };
    //make sure that the table has a scroll pane wrapped around it otherwise the header is not displayed
    JScrollPane scroll = new JScrollPane(new JTable(data, cols));
    With Vectors
    Vector cols = new Vector();
    Vector numbers = new Vector();
    Vector letters = new Vector();
    Vector data = new Vector();
    //make sure that the table has a scroll pane wrapped around it otherwise the header is not displayed
    JScrollPane scroll = new JScrollPane(new JTable(data, cols));The array or vector can be easily populated at runtime.

  • How to implement multiple Value Helps within the same Application ??

    Dear Experts,
    I want to implement multiple value helps in the same view.For that I have declared exporting parameters of type 'wdy_key_value_table.' within the component controller for each of the value helps.While I do activate and test the application I get the following error :
    The following error text was processed in the system HE6 : A row with the same key already exists.
    The error occurred on the application server hsdnt24s11_HE6_00 and in the work process 4 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: DO_INIT of program CL_WDR_DELEGATING_VIEW========CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: INIT_CONTROLLER of program CL_WDR_VIEW===================CP
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CONTROLLER=============CP
    Method: GET_VIEW of program CL_WDR_VIEW_MANAGER===========CP
    Method: BIND_ROOT of program CL_WDR_VIEW_MANAGER===========CP
    I dont know how to implement multiple value helps.Need your help on this.

    Hint is : A row with the same key already exists it means , It is assigning the same value/Key to row and you are calling it at WDDOINIT  so it giving error at the time of initialization .
    Better way to do the coding at some event in view OR if not possible than just execute the first value help in wddoinit later clear all the value before gettig the other Value help. Code it at WdDoModify View to get its run time behaviour.
    Satish Kumar

  • How to assigne multiple value in key of read table

    Hi gurus,
    I want read table xxxx with key field1 = ' xxx' or field1 = 'yyy'.
    how to assign multiple value as key for the same field while reading internal table.

    Hi ,
    You can loop the internal table like
    loop at  <table xxxx> where field1 = ' xxx' or field1 = 'yyy'
    or you can write two read statements to read the internal table in wrk area.
    read table   <table xxxx> with key field1 = ' xxx'.
    if sy-subrc <>0
    read table   <table xxxx> with key field1 = 'yyy'.
    if sy-subrc = 0
    do your data processing.

  • Enter multiple values for a field in dialog programming

    I need to enter multiple values for some of the fields in screen , which screen element do i use for this or is there any other way of doing it?

    That would be a table control. In this you can enter multiple values for multiple fields.

  • How to search for multiple values with Bex Prompts

    I would like to know  if it is possible to search for multiple values at the same time with Bex Prompts instead of searching one value at a time (please see the screen shot below). I searched the forum couldn't find any relevant answers. please let me know  how  to achieve?

    Hi Charvi,
    You can use wild card search to ensure you get multiple similar values listed as search output.use * for multiple characters and ? for single character.
    For Example, Ravi * would result you all employees with first name as Ravi
    You can use various search formats such as * Ravi * and * Ravi and Ra?? etc.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Ther is a constructor that allows for the cretion of the table with an iniital array of values. However subsequent updates of blocks of data- say you received an array of updated data form a database- reuiqre you to update ince cell at a time. Is the

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