How to Export Snapshots and Materlized View in Oracle 9i

How to Export Snapshots and Materlized View in Oracle 9i .
I require to Migrate from 9i to 10g with either Export or Script.
Please help

Using exp-imp for snapshots generally causes problems, at least for me. I would prefer taking their creation scripts and running them on the new database.
By the way, what do you mean by "migrate from 9i to 10g"? Are you trying to create the same snapshots in another (10g) database or are you trying to upgrade your 9i database to 10g? If it is the latter then you can just upgrade the database automatically with the upgrade assistant or manually using upgrade scripts.

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    Pls. post this query in RDBMS forum since Portal export import forum does not handle this.

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    Re: Is Snapshot and Materialised view are the sameYes

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    Hi Swaroopsagar  ,
       When you need to transfer data from SAP BI system to other Target systems,lets say Oracle BI.
    SAP BI would become the source system and Oracle Bi sould be the target system. In this case I would suggest you to use Open hub provided by SAP BI.You have the option of specifying the Open Hub destination as
    1. Database table.
    2. Falt file
    3. Third party tool.
    The onus of extarcting the data from SAP BI ssytem into ORACLE BI system sould vest with the Target system. Open Hub can provide a suitable destination , once this is done it is upto to the target system to extract data by connecting to this destination....
    James Harold.

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    bbagaria wrote:
    I had burned my hands with OIM 11G UDFs import/export. I would suggest manual create when you are moving to a new environment. Again UDFs have clashes with connectors etc and I have few SRs for those.
    BBI've managed to tame UDF attributes and categories for users and organizations using the ConfigManager service. But beware: in it works for the USR table only, you need to deal with organizations.
    See here for some hints:

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    running latest version of OS X
    Is that MacOS X 10.9.5, or have you upgraded to a Beta version?
    I have tried everything in iTunes and iPhotos to be able to export Photos and videos to 'Photos' icon in my iPhone, but haven't got success so far.
    What are your settings on your iPhone for iCloud?  Have you enabled iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library?
    Then you are out of luck. With these settings, syncing of photos with your iPhone is disabled, so you can no longer sync with iTunes.
    And the Photo Stream is behaving buggy and will not sync from your Mac to the iPhone.
    Try, if disabling these settings and restarting the iPhone will help.
    Otherwise, mail the photos or put them into Dropbox, until you can upgrade to Yosemite and iCloud Photo Library on your Mac.

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    I have exported some page group and pages and successfully and imported them as well. It worked fine for me. the only problem is I have to register all the providers for the portlets and I need to all those portlets again on the target server.
    Does any body has any solution for this ? Is there any way I can also export portlets and their providers ?
    I am using OracleAS 10.1.2.

    You cannot export portlets or providers directly. When a page is exported, all portlet records (and their provider registration details) are exported. During import, after verifying that the provider does not exist already (if it exists, the provider will be reused) it is registered on target. This action is similar to the register providers action in that the list of portlets is generated and they are registered in portlet repository for use in the page being imported.
    If the portlet provider is a database provider, you will have to manually migrate the provider schema so that the registration (above) is able to find the necessary objects in target.
    Bottomline, for providers you're interested in - create a page with portlet instances from the provider and migrate the page. If the provider requires schema objects to exist, make sure you migrate them first before the import of the page.

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  • How to store images and video clips in Oracle

    Can anyone guide me how to store the images and video clips in oracle through pl/sql and also the way to retirve it.
    Edited by: sikander on Sep 7, 2010 3:27 AM

    Some sample code
    connect sys schema  --if scott has no privs to create directory
    --where physical file store in the same machine where database load
    connect scott/tiger
    create table my_book_diagrams (Image BLOB);
      v_file_loc BFILE;
      v_diagram_loc BLOB;
      v_diagram_size INTEGER;
      v_file_loc := BFILENAME('IMAGES','Layout.bmp');
      DBMS_LOB.FILEOPEN(v_file_loc );
      v_diagram_size := DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(v_file_loc);
      INSERT INTO my_book_diagrams (Image) VALUES (EMPTY_BLOB())
      RETURNING image INTO v_diagram_loc;
      DBMS_LOB.LOADFROMFILE(v_diagram_loc, v_file_loc, v_diagram_size);

  • How to monitory Siebel and E-business with Oracle Grid Control 12c

    Hi All,
    Please i need any documents for Monitoring Siebel and E-business with Oracle Grid Control 12c.
    Thanks in advance,

    I would think this is indeed the only way to monitor the URL.
    Perhaps you could try a solution in creating your own plug-in.
    Check for this.

  • How to export SharePoint 2013 Calendar View to PPT or as an image?

    I am working on a SharePoint 2013 event calendar and should be able to provide a capability to export my calendar view (day/week/month) as a PPT slide or as an image. I understand that OOB we can export the calendar list to Excel or open using MS Access.
    I had been exploring the option of using the Chart View Web Part which can be saved as an image (jpeg/bmp/png). Here are the pitfalls - Chart View WP does not support calendar view. At best, I am able to use the Gantt Chart Types, but having difficulty using
    Calendar list "Start Time" column for one of the axes. There is End Time and Duration columns available for selection, but not start time. Also, I am unable to define date range for my date in the x-axis. Right now I have an x-axis
    that spans over 40 years. Is there any way to confine the chart for a particular quarter or year.
    At this time, I am inclined to look at custom development approaches. Any suggestions regarding an approach will be really helpful.

    Well, even if you want to go through "Export", it will be more manual work than taking a screenie. Unless of course you want to achieve it programmatically (am not sure what to do there).
    Another option could be to subscribe to the SharePoint Calendar from Outlook. That way you can eliminate the need for the PPT (?) and also enable your users/clients/management to have more clarity on how the dates stand vis-a-vis other stuff they have listed
    on their calendars.
    ----------------------- Sujay Sarma {Unbounded;}

  • How to export Videos and Pictures from the iPhone 4 to my PC

    Hello together,
    maybe this question will have a simple answer, but finding this answer seems to not so least for me...
    I have several 100 photos and some videos (made by the iPhone 4) on my iPhone 4.
    I want to export some fotos and also a video to my Windows PC to give these files to friend. For example the video is to long to send via Email. I would like to burn the files on a disc.
    How can I export these files to my PC?
    I tried to use a SW called ifunbox, but this SW always closes with an error message before even starting up.
    I also found some information about copying pictures and videos directly to the PC via the Windows Explorer. Unfortunately my iPhone 4 is not listed in the Windows Explorer and I can not find the iPhone via the device manager...
    Can anybody help me?

    Hello roaminggnome,
    thank you for the quick reply.
    I tried Photoshop Elements, which is also mentioned in the pdf file you linked in your reply.
    Unfortunately I can not select the iPhone 4 from the device list. It seems that the iPhone is not detected.
    In iTunes I have no problems...
    ...any ideas...

  • How to rename tables and refresh views

    Hi all
    I need to write a script that will rename several tables and at the same time I would like to refresh all the views that point to this table.
    - how do I rename a table
    - how do I refresh the views that point to this table?

    You might have to write pl/sql to recreate all views depends upon the tables you just renamed. You can use user_dependencies to identify the views and create sql to use new_table_name
       CURSOR mcur
          SELECT table_name
          FROM user_tables
          WHERE table_name IN ('A1');
       v_sql   VARCHAR2 (100);
       FOR cur IN mcur
          v_sql   :=
             'RENAME ' || cur.table_name || ' to ' || cur.table_name || '_NEW';
          DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (v_sql);
          EXECUTE IMMEDIATE v_sql;
       END LOOP;

  • How to export photos AND settings into a new iPhoto library

    My iPhoto library is becoming humongeous (slow, risk of corrupting the file etc), hence I'd like to split it into various libraries (which I can manage with the very useful iPhoto Library Manager (shareware)).
    How can I export not only the photos themselves, but their settings (metadata), i.e. Albums and Events, perhaps even slideshows.
    Any ideas/pointers/suggestions are most welcome.
    Veit (from Austria)

    Here is what I found in the iPhoto Library Manger's Help section: indeed the "elegant way" to copy pix AND their metadata. Many thanks for being so helpful.
    Copying Albums
    When keeping your photos separated in multiple libraries, you sometimes have the need to move a set of photos from one library to another. With iPhoto, the only way to do this is to export the photos from one library and then import them into another. However, in the process of doing this, you lose all the data you've worked to assign to your photos, such as titles, dates, keywords, and ratings. iPhoto Library Manager provides a way to copy photos from one library to another without losing this valuable information.
    An album of photos can be copied from one library to another by dragging the album(s) you want to copy from the albums list in the main iPhoto Library Manager window and dropping them onto the library you would like to copy them to. iPhoto Library Manager will first collect the information about those photos from the source library, and then import those photos into the destination library and restore all the photo information as it was before. If a photo has been modified in the original library, then the original version of the photo will also be transferred to the destination library, so that the "Revert to original" command in iPhoto will work as expected. If you drag more than one album at once, and a photo belongs to more than one of those albums, the photo will only be imported once, but will be added to all the appropriate newly created albums in the destination library.
    Some notes on what will and won't be copied when copying albums between libraries: [and so on ...]

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