How to find the concurrent user licenses usuage

Can you someone tell me how to find the concurrent user licenses usage. if i go to CM C -> Settings -> View Global System Metrics then it is showing strange number in the area of peak licenses used since deployment  (more than 5K),
Is there is any Bug or how to refer this?
We are using BI4.0 SP5

Hello Satheesh,
Its is possible to track concurrent user licenses usage by using BI 4 monitoring.
Please check below:
Monitoring Concurrent Sessions in SAP BI Platform 4.0 and BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3.1

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  • How do find the end user agreement

    how do I find the end user license agreement, I'm so frustrated

    I'm guessing that you have been unable to find the way to accept the end user license for Reader. If you are in Windows (which we don't know), you can try using Windows Explorer to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader, then double-click on Eula.exe and accept the license agreement. If you are in Mac, open your Applications folder, double click on the Reader icon, follow the instructions to accept the license, close and restart Reader.

  • How to find the exact user exit for our requirement?

    Dear Mr. keerthi,
    can you please explain me how to find the exact user exit for our requirement?

    Hi sandip
    There is more than one method in which you can check for user-exits.The following method is used very often.
    <b>How to find the exact user-exit for your requirement.</b>
    1.     You can check the user exists using transaction SE85.
    2.     Repository Information System -> Enhancements -> Customer exits
    3.     You can search the user-exits by package name.
    4.     Double click on each exit name to check the function module exits.
    <b>The procedure to find the package name.</b>
    Execute transaction SE93 
    Enter the tcode of the transaction for which you want to check the user exit.
    Example: if you want to find the user-exit for purchase orders while changing, enter ME22n  and press display.
    You will get to see the package name
    But you need to confirm that the user exit will get triggered at the appropriate event.
    ( example: you might want some validations to be done ON SAVE of a purchase order)
    <b>Checking if the user-exit is getting triggered or not.</b>
    1.     Open the user exit function module (that you have got in step 4) in Tcode SE37.
    2.     Click on where used button. In the pop up that immediately appears choose only programs .
    3.     You will get a list of programs. Double click on the program name.
    4.     You will get the list of location where this function module user exit is used.
    5.     Place session break points at each of these location ( at each CALL FUNCTION statement)
    6.     Now go to your transaction ( say change purchase order tcode:Me22n) and check if the user exit is getting triggered on appropriate event.

  • How to find the ME29N 'USER EXIT' when our save the release PO after.

    How to find the ME29N 'USER EXIT' when our save the release PO after.
    which user exit will be used?

      process :
        go to tranx code :   ME29N ,
           System---->Status , here copy the program name (SAPLMEGUI),
         go to abap editor and specify the program name SAPLMEGUI and find the package "ME".
         tranx code : CMOD ,  Utilites--->Sap Enanchement,
                                         specify the package name : ME
                                          and execute, displays a list of exits ,
                                 and find out our suitable exit based on requirement.
    check these :   EXIT_SAPMM06E_021

  • How to find the appropriate user exit for invoic02 idoc in idoc_output_invo

    Hi all,
    I am new to this community p
    i have issue regarding  the How to find the appropriate user exit for invoic02 idoc in idoc_output_invoic function module.........

    Hi ,
    welcome to SDN.
    You can select the appropriate Customer exit accrding to the available parameters .
    The list of exits available are 
    For Example , if you want  to modify the Idoc data(EDIDD) you have to use the EXIT_SAPLVEDF_002. accodingly you can select the user exit according to the avaialable parametres.Use Table MODSAP fto get the Enhancement name.
    Hope this Helps
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  • How to find the exact user exit in enhancement.

    Hi All,
    I am in learning phase. I am working on TCODE VA01 and want to change the PO Date. But i am unable to find out the exact user exit.  If somebody could guide me that what is the procedure to find the exact user exit for a perticular field or like that.  I am know how to find all the enhancements in the TCODE.

    Run this program and give the tcode and it will list down all the user exits for that Tcode.
    TABLES : tstc, tadir,            modsapt,            modact,            trdir,             tfdir,      enlfdir,     tstct.   
    DATA : field1(30).
    DATA : v_devclass LIKE tadir-devclass.
    PARAMETERS : p_tcode LIKE tstc-tcode OBLIGATORY.
      SELECT SINGLE * FROM tstc    WHERE tcode EQ p_tcode.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM tadir       WHERE pgmid    = 'R3TR'         AND object   = 'PROG'
             AND obj_name = tstc-pgmna.
        MOVE : tadir-devclass TO v_devclass.
        IF sy-subrc NE 0.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM trdir         WHERE name = tstc-pgmna.
          IF trdir-subc EQ 'F'.
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM tfdir          WHERE pname = tstc-pgmna.
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM enlfdir          WHERE funcname = tfdir-funcname.
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM tadir          WHERE pgmid    = 'R3TR'            AND object   = 'FUGR'
                AND obj_name = enlfdir-area.
            MOVE : tadir-devclass TO v_devclass.
        SELECT * FROM tadir      INTO TABLE jtab      WHERE pgmid    = 'R3TR'        AND object   = 'SMOD'
            AND devclass = v_devclass.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM tstct      WHERE sprsl EQ sy-langu        AND tcode EQ p_tcode.
        WRITE:/(19) 'Transaction Code - ',    20(20) p_tcode,    45(50) tstct-ttext.    SKIP.
        IF NOT jtab[] IS INITIAL.
          WRITE:/(95) sy-uline.
          WRITE:/1 sy-vline,      2 'Exit Name',      21 sy-vline ,      22 'Description',      95 sy-vline.
          WRITE:/(95) sy-uline.
          LOOP AT jtab.
            SELECT SINGLE * FROM modsapt        WHERE sprsl = sy-langu AND        name = jtab-obj_name.
            WRITE:/1 sy-vline,   2 jtab-obj_name HOTSPOT ON,  21 sy-vline , 22 modsapt-modtext, 95 sy-vline.
          WRITE:/(95) sy-uline.
          DESCRIBE TABLE jtab.
          WRITE:/ 'No of Exits:' , sy-tfill.
          WRITE:/(95) 'No User Exit exists'.
        WRITE:/(95) 'Transaction Code Does Not Exist'.
      GET CURSOR FIELD field1.
      CHECK field1(4) EQ 'JTAB'.
      SET PARAMETER ID 'MON' FIELD sy-lisel+1(10).
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    Edited by: shaik sajid on Jun 26, 2009 12:10 PM

  • Where can I find the end users license agreement?

    Every time I try to open a document online the windows pops up with the notice that I need to agree to the end user license agreement in order for me to be able to view pdf. How can i do it?

    Have you actually opened Adobe Reader (as instructed) to see if it offers the ability to accept the agreement?
    If so and it didn't work, what version of Reader, OS and web browser are you using?

  • How EM invokes the concurrent users and list of parameters scripts in EM ?

    How to check if EM is invoking the concurrent users and list of parameters scripts for a db instance target or not ?
    And how EM invokes these in EM ?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Not sure what you mean with this question, could you be a bit more specific?

  • How to find the current users logged in.

    I have a problem in finding the current users logged into the database and the operations they are doing.
    If u know pls help me........
    K.Vijay Choudary Reddy.

    hi vijay,
    this is the OracleAS Portal Content Management forum. Please post your database related question in the Database Forum:
    General Database Discussions

  • How to find the specifed user-exit

    Hi, experts. i am first time to do enchancement. can anyone tell me how to find specifed user-exit. for example, how to find MV45AFZZ?  Also, what i should pay attention to when doing enhancment works? thanks.

    Hi Jrockman,
    There are many things associated to user exit.
    a) Tcode- CMOD.    here you can find
    b)  USER-EXIT triggering points ->
    Go to se93 and give the tcode to find the main program associated to it.
    Go to se38 and give the main program.
    Find the package associated to it.Go to->Object Directory Entry.
    Go to smod transaction.
    Press f4.
    Press Information System Button.
    Give the Project(Dev Class).
    Press enter.
    Find the enhancements associated
    c) Check the code posted by me ,to get the list of User exits and Badi for a particular tcode in the link mentioned below.
    Re: User Exit for IW22 - to populate custom fields
    d) few useful links to understand User exits.
    ABAP Enhancements and Modifications - General
    Menu Exit
    Screen Exit
    Hope it helps.

  • How to Handle the Concurrent User Operation in JDBC

    Here I am updating a table base on flag field. Here I am facing concurrent user problem. Please anybody can tell me how to handle this. If anybody update a row. it should be reflect to other sessions

    Make sure you are calling Connection.commit() after your update. If you are still having problems, you may need to tweak the isolation level. Different vendors have different default settings.
    You could add more details to your post, like database you are using, and the errors you are seeing.

  • How to Find Peak Concurrent Users in weblogic

    If anyone can help. I have very simple questions regarding application monitoring. I need to write a program to get the following parameters.
    Heartbeat Successful Logins
    Heartbeat Login Failures
    Average CPU Utilization
    Average Concurrent Users
    Peak Concurrent Users
    Average Response Time (Best 10% and Worst 10%)
    I thought of getting all this information from Runtime MBeans, but MBeans properties are much more granular and gives me statistics about services (JDBC/JMS/JTA) and components (EJB/Servlets).
    I have no access any Application monitoring tools ( HP OpenView/ IBM Tivoli / SiteScope / Topaz etc ) . I don’t have time to write sophisticated SNMP traps and agents.
    Is there any easy way to find out the fowling parameters .
    Heartbeat Successful Logins
    Heartbeat Login Failures
    Average CPU Utilization
    Average Concurrent Users
    Peak Concurrent Users
    Average Response Time (Best 10% and Worst 10%)
    It may be possible to write a Proxy Servlet and gather all this matrices, but in that case I don’t know what should be the code or which weblogic API I can utilize.
    Please help , Thanking you in advance

    Hi, have API to provide some of the security data you require.
    The console displays some of the security and performance data.
    check out the monitoring section.
    vasanthi Ramesh

  • How to find the supplier user who done the confirmation

    We have the setup- Supplier can confirm either through Web UI or by uploading a XL file into SNC.
    we have several supplier user account per BP, Say (user1,user2...user5 - BP 2000010). Now i need to find which user have made the confirmation and Published.
    I knew its possible to get that information through PO history details but its possible only for those confirmations which are made through Web UI.
    In my case - confirmation is done by file upload
    Distribution status - Published by Supplier
    Changed by - PIREMOTE (system name).
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Vinoth,
    I assume that the file transfer is done via File Upload in Web UI.
    If you would like to which supplier user has uploaded the file / done the confirmations, you can ask the supplier user to create his own upload profile and then upload the file.
    Once this is done, in PO details you would get to see "Changed By" as Supplier user. You can also check the same thing in "PO History".
    This may not be the best option but will met your requirement.

  • How to find the current User Name and stored in which table

    In which table the current user name (Login) is stored?

    Hi Mohanapriya
    The query provided by Gordon can not run on query generator as the $USER is a runtime variable.
    You need to save it to a query then use it in a FMS(Formatted Search.)
    Just open a form(ex:sales order ), click the field in which you want to show the user name,
    then press ****+F2 or Tools->Search Function->Define,
    Search by Saved query,then assign the save query to the field.
    After that ,you can run the FMS(shift+F2) to get the current user info.
    Syn Qin
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • How to find the sessions/user consuming more temp tablespace

    Environment details
    IBM-AIX 64 bit
    Recently we encountered the issue of sudden peak in CPU utilization and temp tablespace usage. We are noticing this issue after Apr CPU 2009 patch and upgrade to
    Recently temp space was full and we added 18 GB of space to temp tablespace, within few hours, they are also consumed.
    Application team is telling that they did not modify any code. ADDM report suggests most of the recommendations related to SQL tuning only
    not sure about the real issue. Can somebody tell me how I can find what are all sessions/user consuming high temp tablespace
    Edited by: user1368801 on Sep 1, 2009 5:32 PM

    Run below query to check if it is used by any session.
    select sum(a.BYTES_USED)/1024/1024 used_mb, sum(b.bytes)/1024/1024 total_mb,
    sum(a.BYTES_USED)/sum(b.bytes)*100 pct_used
    from V$TEMP_EXTENT_POOL a, v$tempfile b
    where a.file_id(+) = b.file#
    Check who is using it by the below query.
    SELECT s.sid,s.serial#,osuser,process,program,s.sql_hash_value,u.extents, u.blocks
    FROM v\$session s, v\$sort_usage u
    WHERE s.saddr = u.session_addr order by extents,blocks desc
    Hope this solves your issue.
    Satishbabu Gunukula
    Click here to improve RMAN backup Performance using [Block change tracking in Oracle 10g|]

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