How to get  ATI X1300 to 1600x1200 on DVI?

In Solaris 10, the ATI RADEON X1300 card is supported only by the Vesa driver
and not by the Radeon driver in Xorg. Now, using the analog output of the X1300
you can get a monitor resolution of 1600x1200 but if you use the DVI output, it
drops back to 1280x1024 (DELL FP).
Is this a driver issue, or is there some xorg.conf trick I am missing? Thanks.

Have You married this OpenSolaris driver with regular Solaris10? Results are positive? BTW - Why not switch entirely to OpenSolaris. I have installed quite recently snv91. It handles perfectly graphic desktop on my Asus 1680 x 1050 monitor (DVI cable GeForce 8600 GTS). :)

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  • How to get ati and madwifi to work with custom kernel??

    Hi. I just built emission-sources from aur package. How do I get ati-fglrx and madwifi to build against this custom kernel using pacman?
    any ideas?

    Cerebral wrote:Grab the PKGBUILD files for ati-fglrx or madwifi from abs (or cvs), change the name (to, say, ati-fglrx-emission and madwifi-emission) and change the kernel version variable (_kernver I think) to the output of uname -r when you're running the emission kernel.  Then run makepkg, and you've got a shiny new package.
    damn. thats sweet and easy.

  • How to get "ATI Mobility FIREGL V5250 graphics adapter" on T60p to support plug-n-play monitor

    My T60p 8742 with ATI Mobility FIREGL V5250 graphics only recognizes a "plug and play monitor" (a Sceptre X240BC-FHD  tv) as a "default monitor" and can't get the monitor to display in its target resolution, 1920x1080, using VGA.
    Setting it to 1920x1080 in Display Properties yields 1280x720 which extends beyond the montor's frame.
    I want to use it as a second monitor along with my T60p's 1680x1050 screen. (OS is XPsp3)
    Will updating the the video driver
     > from "8.442.3-080103a1-057754C (Build ID: 79D172WW)"
     > to "8.593.100.7-090929a"
    (per get me plug-n-play support?
    If not, any way to make it work?
    Thanks very much.

    The problem has been corrected(!!!!), so I'll mark this issue as solved.  I now have an inoperative Catalyst Control Center (CCC), but I feel that is a comparatively minor issue that I can deal with later.
    There were several learnings along the way to share with anyone who may be interested:
    - Based on this experience, I would regard v8.442 FireGL video driver as less stable than Version 8.383.1.1.3 (for XP) in dual monitor mode, and would not recommend its use.  If you do upgrade to it, be prepared to rollback.
    - Old drivers can be found on, but are also available via ftp from IBM's web site.  I found this quite by accident.  The v8.383.1.1.3 driver is at
    - If, like me, you can't use rollback and have to install an older driver over a new one, be aware that the older version of CCC will fail to install.  You must uninstall the newer version first.  Otherwise, you'll be left with a version of CCC that (apparently) fails to run.
    Thanks for your help, JanJL!

  • How to get ATI catalyst control center.

    I'm using mac book pro with bootcamp as well. So i'm using every support software downloaded from windows by Bootcamp. However, i'm missing that ATI CCC which is crucial as i have an extended 2nd display monitor hooked up to my macbook pro. There is a slight gap between the borders and the displays when the highest possible resolution is configured for the 2nd display. I Know i can install ATI CCC on my windows as i've done it before but i've unfortunately formatted my windows without any backups. The recent display drivers from the AMD site doesnt work at all which is also why i use the support softwares from BOOTCAMP. Where can i get the ATI CCC package alone to maximize the resoultion of my 2nd display? or is there another solution to this.
    The highest possible resultion for my 2nd display now is 1920x1080 which leaves a gap betweent he borders.
    The resolution that fits well into my 2nd display is 1680x1050 which makes everything seems so blurry.
    Many thanks.

    Let me add. Already tried everything: battery is switched to High Performance, Windows XP service pack 3, T500

  • How to get 16:9 resolutions when using DVI to Video Adapter?

    I just plugged my new Intel Mac Mini into a 16:9 widescreen TV with the Apple DVI to Video Adaptor (PAL Video version).
    It only offers me:
    (all interlaced)
    I do get a choice of 50hz (PAL) or 60hz (NTSC).
    However, I don't get the widescreen options I've seen in some Apple screenshots.
    I'm plugging it into a PAL TV via an s-video cable.
    I intend later to plug it into a larger 42" plasma with same cable, but wanted to test it on this TV first.
    More info:
    I noticed, when I bought the "DVI to Video Adapter" that there were NTSC and PAL version. Both seem to do PAL though.
    Any help on this most appreciated.

    Concerning your question, "if only i knew the the correct entries for a custom displayconfig x timing," I think I can answer that one for you.
    It sounds like you have other Macs at your disposal that are correctly driving the TV you are trying to drive with the Intel mini. In that case, install DisplayConfigX on one of those computers and while it is running the TV at the desired resolution, click on the "Card" tab in DCX and then click on the "+" symbol at the bottom right corner. This will open a window in DCX titled "Resolution details" and you will see all the detailed information of the timing you need to enter into DCX on the Intel mini.

  • How to get the Windows Vista Driver for ATI Radeon 7500 card?

    How to get the Windows Vista Driver for ATI Radeon 7500 card?
    I am using a IBM Thinkpad T42 with a 32Mb ATI Radeon 7500 graphic card AGP.
    Is there any Vista 32-bit driver to update my card so that this system support Aero effect?
    Thank you.
    W. Thong

    wthong wrote:
    How to get the Windows Vista Driver for ATI Radeon 7500 card?
    The Radeon 9000 driver works for the Radeon 7500 card.  I have successfully used it on a T43 with Vista Ultimate x86
    wthong wrote:
    Is there any Vista 32-bit driver to update my card so that this system support Aero effect?
    Unfortunately no.  The Radeon 9000 driver should bring your graphics score up to close to 2, but it will not get it high enough to enable Aero support.
    I don't work for Lenovo

  • How to get sound when my laptop is hooked to my tv w/hdmi cable?

    how to get sound when my laptop is hooked to my tv w/hdmi cable?  it's a hd tv and my mac's os 10.6.8
    tried using an external speaker both w/the computer and then the tv, but neither worked......
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    Open windows Control Panel, open Device Manager and open up Display Devices - make a note of the hardware listed here i.e. ATI, NVidia or Intel.
    Next, connect your notebook via HDMI to your Tv.  Right click the speaker icon in the Taskbar and select Playback Devices.  Left click once ( just to highlight the entry ) the HDMI Output that has the same name as your display adapter and then click the Set Default button - see if you now have audio.
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  • How to get 10 screens on a Mac Pro

    Hi All:
    I'm trying to figure out how to get 10 screens working together like one big desktop on a Mac Pro.
    Currently I have a 12core 2010 Mac Pro with 2 ATI 5770 cards driving 6 30" cinema displays.  Each of these cards are double wide.
    I want to connect 4 65" LED displays. 
    Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?  The Mac Pro has only 4 slots.  The two 5770s take up 3 spaces (because of their doulbe wide size).  The last slot has a OWC solidstate drive there.  I guess I could remove that and use just a regular SATA SSD if need be, but would love to get this done with just 3 slots.
    So some thoughts. There are two possible ways (ideal, and less ideal) that I can think of:
    IDEAL way:
    The ideal would be to find a single wide card that supports 5 or 6 displays, and use that.  I know that some people have had success flashing single wide cards, but it's not clear if all the ports are usable.  See here for an ATI card with 3 ports, single slot, that's been flashed: lot-5870-/150928552679?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item23240af2e7
    Also, it's not clear if you could get 4 of those cards working to drive all 10 screens.
    However, there are single wide 5/6 display cards like this: tion&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10440897&PID=3332167&SID=u00000687
    Has any seen or know of a 5 port card like the above that has been flashed to work in a Mac Pro?
    LESS ideal way:
    My guess is there are some PCI expansion chasis, and I can just put in 2 more regular ATI 5770s there.  I found this:
    and this
    I'm not sure how well these extenders work.
    EVEN LESS ideal way:
    Perhaps getting another Mac or PC and somehow VNC'ing in is an option, but this likely would be too laggy to run video from one computer to the other.  The ideal is to just treat the system like one giant screen, but I'm open to hearing any experiences/suggestions on getting this to work.
    Thanks so much!

    After reading up on it, it seems that the 6850 supports 3 displays. So perhaps I could do one 6870 (4 displays) in slot one, and then 2 single slot 6850's or 5770's in slots 2 and 3. This would give 10 displays.
    I have 3 questions then:
    (1) What is the quietest 6870 card people have successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (2) What is quietest single slot 6850 or 5770 card successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (3) Has anyone gotten thiis 5770 single slot card to work on a Mac Pro, and have they gotten 5 display ports to work? eon-HD-5770-Single-Slot.aspx

  • How to get rid of module snd_hda_codec_atihdmi?

    I've got the audio card M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 and the graphics card ATI Radeon HD 3450. So I've got only one audio card, which was always sound card 0 and the default sound card and which shall remain sound card 0 and the default sound card. The graphics card doesn't have an HDMI interface.
    Nevertheless I don't have sound anymore (without reconfiguring every audio software), because the module snd-hda-codec-atihdmi.ko is permanently, automatically loaded at boot time and put as sound card 0 and therefore the default sound card.
    Putting !snd-hda-codec-atihdmi in the MODULES array of /etc/rc.conf doesn't help. And `rmmod snd-hda-codec-atihdmi` doesn't help either. Then it says, that this module is in use.
    Is there a way, how to get rid of this - at least for me - annoying and senseless module?

    bgc1954 wrote:One way to do this would be to compile your own kernel and only include support for your M-Audio sound card.  That way the kernel can't drag in support for the atihdmi thingy.  May be your only option if blacklisting and setting the order of your modules doesn't work.
    I know this way, but I still hope, that there's another way.

  • How to get detailed specifications by machine type model ?

    I am looking for a refurbished Thinkpad Lenovo (model X220/X230, T420(s)/T430(s)).
    I would like to know where I can find the detailed specifications by using the machine type model ?
    For the moment, I was using the PSREF, but I discovered that not all machine type were detailed.
    For example, the machine 2324-C44.
    I found this : but the specifications seems to be incomplete : baclit keyboard ? IPS premium screen ? finger print reader ? webcam ? WWAN ?
    Moderator note: fixed broken link.
    Lenovo X220 4287-CTO / Intel Core i7 2640M @ 2.8 / Corsair Vengeance 16 [email protected] MHz CL10 / Samsung SSD 840 PRO 512 Go / Bios 1.38 / Linux Xubuntu 14.04LTS / eGPU ATI Radeon 5870 Eyefinity 6 / 2x DELL U2142M / 2x DELL U2212HM

    Update stauts, I found some solution to get ActiveXData and analytic parameters.result.
    PropertyObject ProObj = MyContext.AsPropertyObject();
    PropertyObject ProObjResult = ProObj.GetPropertyObject("Parameters.Result",0);
    The next question is how to get result by engine OnUIMessageEvent? Current is use timer loop.
    Any ideas?

  • How to get the right graphics card on my macbook in order to play team fortress 2??!!

    does anybody know how to get a NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 graphics card on a macbook, (mac OS X, version 10.5.8 with a 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo, chipset model - GMA: X3100??? I desperately need to play team fortress 2 on my macbook!!

    alfie123lewis wrote:
    does anybody know how to get a NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 graphics card on a macbook, (mac OS X, version 10.5.8 with a 2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo, chipset model - GMA: X3100??? I desperately need to play team fortress 2 on my macbook!!
    Buy a new one?
    Seriously, you can't upgrade a video card on a laptop, unless your a electronics whiz or something.
    The Intel HD 3000 is a integrated graphics, meaning the CPU does the graphics and isn't all that great because GPU's are more powerful than CPU's apparently.
    The most powerful vidoe cards are in desktop machines which you can exchange, and for less money Windows tower is a better 3D gaming platform as it comes with Windows when you buy the comptuer (a $300 savings) most games are on Windows because of the less expensive and open hardware.
    However!  If your into 3D gaming and need a Mac laptop, then you'll need a
    2.2 Ghz 15" MacBook Pro with 1GB Radeon 6750M video card or
    2.2 Ghz 17" Macbook Pro with 1GB Radeon 6750M video card.
    (2.3Ghz is fine too, not all that much faster really)
    This Radeon 6750M is THREE times faster than the pitiful Intel HD 3000. 
    The object being is you buy as much video card performance up front as you can, and play all the latest games at over 50 fps on max settings!
    Then over time as new games come out and demand more hardware, you trim down the graphics in the game itself to keep the frame rate up.
    Eventually though, you'll have to buy a new MacBook Pro, because you can't (reasonably) change the video card in laptops like you can with a desktop like a Windows PC tower or a MacPro.
    The iMac you can't do squat with neither. Which is a shame actually.

  • How to get the values from table SKB1 R/3  to SRM

    Hi Gurus,
    My requirement is to get all the values from the table SKB1 to SRM (i.e. in to an internal table) for doing some validation(G/L account XXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO objectXXXXXX.)
    Like wise I have many tables for doing validation in SRM
    Help me how to get this, suggest me any Function module with sample code.
    Any Standard FM which will give all the values of the fields in the table SKB1 when I pass the key fields G/L account & company code alone so that I can improve the performance.
    Suggest me.

    You can use the FM 's META_READ_TABLE Or RFC_READ_TABLE
    Which SRM / Backend system version are you using ?
    Are you taking care of the Importing paramater - DELIMITER in this case.. ??*
    See related links ->
    Re: Retrieving data from R/3 into SRM
    Re: Product Search TIME lag
    Else you can just call the remote enabled  FM "BAPI_GL_ACC_GETDETAIL"  from SRM.
    Do reward points for useufl answers.

  • How to get the values from popup window to mainwindow

    HI all,
       I want to get the details from popup window.
          i have three input fields and one search button in my main window. when i click search button it should display popup window.whenever i click on selected row of the popup window table ,values should be visible in my main window input fields.(normal tables)
       now i am able to display popup window with values.How to get the values from popup window now.
       I can anybody explain me clearly.

    Hi Kranthi,
    Every webdynpro component has a global controller called the component controller which is visible to all other controllers within the component.So whenever you want to share some data in between 2 different views you can just make it a point to use the component controller's context for the same. For your requirement (within your popups view context) you will have have to copy the component controllers context to your view. You then will have to (programmatically) fill this context with your desired data in this popup view. You can then be able to read this context from whichever view you want. I hope that this would have made it clear for you. Am also giving you an [example|http://****************/Tutorials/WebDynproABAP/Modalbox/page1.htm] which you can go through which would give you a perfect understanding of all this. In this example the user has an input field in the main view. The user enters a customer number & presses on a pushbutton. The corresponding sales orders are then displayed in a popup window for the user. The user can then select any sales order & press on a button in the popup. These values would then get copied to the table in the main view.

  • TS3999 I had an icloud account setup in 2009 when I first got my family members each a mac. I let that account expire(we never used it) and I don't know how to get it off of my ical. It is not recognizing any of the information to reset the password?

    I had an icloud account in 2009. We set it up as a family plan because my family had just changed from PC to Mac. We never used it and let the plan expire in 2010. My ical will not sync with my new iphone because it is linked to the family plan account that no longer exist. Because I don't remember my password, I tried resetting it. It says the personal information I entered is incorrect, but I know the information is correct...It's my birthday it asks for! Does anyone know how to get that account off of my mac without the account existing?

    You were a MobileMe (not iCloud) subscriber in 2009 and this service has been terminated. However the login is an Apple ID and this never expires. What is your operating system? Do you have a MobileMe icon in System Preferences? - if so you should be able to sign out in it, but you may not have an iCloud icon to let you create an iCloud account, though you can do so if your iPhone has iOS 5 or above.
    If you are getting login requests or other irritations from your MobileMe account you can go to (user)/Library/Preferences/ByHost and delete all .plist files beginning with or, then reboot.
    The minimum requirement for iCloud to let you sync your data is 10.7.5 though you can sync through iTunes (except with Mavericks).

  • I cant update nor download any applications. My password was always invalid. And other username is prompted which is not my account. How to get rid of this apple id and use my account for download? I have registered this to itunes.

    I can't update nor download any apps in itunes. Prompted invalid password, upon checking the apple id was not mine. The id was [email protected] whic is not mine. Pls. Help how to get rid of this. Thank you.

    try and delete the apps and re-add them

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to extract data from cluster of component levels?

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