How to Get Resource value which are referred in code behind file using IResourceProvider

Hi Everyone,
Currently I'm working on moving the Resource file from "App_GlobalResources" to Database by using IResourceProvider. I created a CustomResourceProvider project using ResourceProviderFactory and able to get the resource values from DB which
are used in aspx page.
But i'm not able to get the values which are referring from code behind file.
Ex: Label1.Text = Resources.Common.Car; // This is still coming from resx file.
Can any one please let me know how to get the value from DB instead of resx file which are referred in cs file.
Appreciate your help. 
The below code uses the ResourceProviderFactory which calls this method and gets it from DB. Please let me know if you need any more info.
public class DBResourceProviderFactory : ResourceProviderFactory
        public override IResourceProvider CreateGlobalResourceProvider(string classKey)
            return new DBResourceProvider(classKey);
        public override IResourceProvider CreateLocalResourceProvider(string virtualPath)
             // we should always get a path from the runtime
            string classKey = virtualPath;
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(virtualPath))
                virtualPath = virtualPath.Remove(0, 1);
                classKey = virtualPath.Remove(0, virtualPath.IndexOf('/') + 1);
            return new DBResourceProvider(classKey);
Regards, Ravi Neelam.

Hi Ravi Neelam.
>>Currently I'm working on moving the Resource file from "App_GlobalResources" to Database by using IResourceProvider.
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    You should always have your apps on your computer.  If you have failed to keep a copy of the old app versions, then you cannot get them back at all.
    Many app makers no longer support the old ios and ipod models

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       now i am able to display popup window with values.How to get the values from popup window now.
       I can anybody explain me clearly.

    Hi Kranthi,
    Every webdynpro component has a global controller called the component controller which is visible to all other controllers within the component.So whenever you want to share some data in between 2 different views you can just make it a point to use the component controller's context for the same. For your requirement (within your popups view context) you will have have to copy the component controllers context to your view. You then will have to (programmatically) fill this context with your desired data in this popup view. You can then be able to read this context from whichever view you want. I hope that this would have made it clear for you. Am also giving you an [example|http://****************/Tutorials/WebDynproABAP/Modalbox/page1.htm] which you can go through which would give you a perfect understanding of all this. In this example the user has an input field in the main view. The user enters a customer number & presses on a pushbutton. The corresponding sales orders are then displayed in a popup window for the user. The user can then select any sales order & press on a button in the popup. These values would then get copied to the table in the main view.

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    Search the web for examples like yours.

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    getCurrentRow() would always return null if no setCurrentRow() is used.
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    Unwinding ADF: How to retrieve Selected Items from selectManyCheckbox using ValueChnageListener

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    Hi ganesh,
    YOu have 2 drop down so you should create two action handler and similarly 2 bapi's , rfc's in backend .You should drop down by key feature of webdynpro on the second drop down explained below.
    Rewards Pts if helpful

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    When you are setting values, check the repository(getRepository()) from which mutable repository item is created. Go to that class .properties file and check the repository mapping.

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