How to get the customized page's xml version ?

Hi All,
I have created some fields (of style 'MessageChoice', 'MessageLovInput') through personalization in a page and after that i navigated to the middle-tier where our MDS repository holding all the page's source file (in form of XXXXPG.xml) to get the updated version of the same page in xml version.
But i couldn't get the latest version of page's XML file instead i found the old standard file only.
Please help me in getting the file and guide me the path if it got stored somewhere in the architecture.
Thank You,

Dear Anoop,
Thanks for your immediate response.
Could you please pour your ideas how to store the custom personalizations in Unix box through Functional Administrator responsibility ?
And one more question is as you said it will be stored in the form of xml but i have searched the page in the middle tier where it(standard one) got stored, but unable to find any one. How to find the xml file after doing the personalizations and in which path ?
Waiting for your reply.
Thank You,

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    You have to check the system variable &NEXTPAGE&, if it's 0 it means you're in the last page.
    From SAP Help:
    This symbol is used to print the number of the following page. The output format is the same as with &PAGE& .
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    Thanks & Regards

    I'm not 100% clear on what the requirement is from the description, however it does sound like you are making things unnecessarily complicated.
    If you want permanent/ID-independent links then use application and page aliases.
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    There are many ways to provide links in APEX&mdash;including lists and nav bars.
    Where the link is to another resource located on the same server (such as another page in the same app, or a different app in the workspace), relative addressing can be used, making it unecessary to include scheme, domain and port information in the URL. For example, if the page to be linked to has a page alias <tt>ABOUT</tt> in an application with alias <tt>UNITY</tt>, and the apps share an authentication scheme/cookie to permit shared sessions, then the link URL is simply

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    automatic display total page.

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    turn your report from Page Layout to Draft Mode. Than you will be able to insert chart in it.
    You can view Web Intelligence reports in different modes depending on how you want to work with data and how you want the data to appear.
    1. In Web Intelligence Interactive, select the report tab of the report you want to view.
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    3. Select the viewing mode.
    4. In the Java Report Panel or Web Intelligence Rich Client, use Switch Page/Quick Display on the Reporting toolbar to alternate between Page mode and Quick Display mode.
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    Try request.getServletPath()

  • How to get the Portal Page name from PLSQL?

    Can anyone tell me how to get the portal page name from my dynamic page using plsql?
    Apparently you can get the page id and work it out from there, but my calls to get the page id are not returning any values anyway.
    My code for attempting to get the page id is below.
    v_pageid varchar2(30);
    v_pageid := wwpro_api_parameters.get_value('_pageid', '/pls/portal30');
    htp.print('Page is '|| v_pageid);
    Ideally I'd actually just like to get the page name. Is there a straightforward way to do this?
    Thanks in advance!

    Few clarifications -
    1. wwpro_api_parameters cannot be used to get default portal
    page parameters such as '_pageid', '_dad', '_schema' etc.,
    2. Page information can be obtained through any components which
    are available in that particular page. For example, in case of
    dynamic page, we need to publish it as a portlet and add it to the
    page. This process creates necessary packages in the DB, but we
    will not have access to the portlet methods.
    So, I would prefer creating a simple DB provider & portlet and access
    page title from its show method as follows -
    //Declare local variable l_page_id, l_page_title as varchar2
    select page_id into l_page_id from wwpob_portlet_instance$ where
    portlet_id = p_portlet_record.portlet_id and
    provider_id = p_portlet_record.provider_id;
    select name into l_page_title from wwpob_page$ where id=l_page_id;
    More information on DB provider can be found at
    Secondly, usage of wwpro_api_parameters.get_value method is
    incorrect. This method expects two arguments -
    <li><b>p_name : </b> The name of the parameter to be returned.</li>
    <li><b>p_reference_path : </b> An unique identifier for a portlet instance on the current page.</li>
    p_reference_path would be something like 99_SNOOP_PORTLET_76535103 and not some type of path as its name suggests.
    The following code fragment fetches all parameters available
    for a portlet.
    Note : Copy this code into 'show' method of your portlet.
    //Declare l_names, l_values as owa.vc_arr
    * Retreive all of the names of parameters for this portlet
    l_names := wwpro_api_parameters.get_names(
    * Retreive all of the values of parameters for this portlet
    l_values := wwpro_api_parameters.get_values(p_names=>l_names,
    //Loop through these arrays to get parameter information
    htp.p('<center><table BORDER COLS=2 WIDTH="90%" >');
    htp.p('<tr ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP>');
    if l_names.count = 0 then
    htp.p('<tr ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP>');
    htp.p('<td COLSPAN="2">'
    'No portlet parameters were passed on the URL.',1)
    for i in 1..l_names.count loop
    htp.p('<tr ALIGN=LEFT VALIGN=TOP>');
    end loop;
    end if;
    Hope it helps...

  • How to get the customized value of a Report portlet in a page

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    I have a report portlet and it has a bind variable which users can customize when added to a page. There is a link to a Form page in the report , to which I need to pass the value of bind variable customized by the user. I used :
    portal30.wwv_name_value.get_string( l_arg_names, l_arg_values, '<bind variable>');
    function, it works ok when we run the report alone .But when we add the report as a portlet in page , it does not return any value. How do I get the customized field value in a page.

    I haven't tested but u can try with the below code...
    OATableBean tableBean = ...;
    OATableFooterBean tableFooterBean = tableBean.getFooter();
    if (tableFooterBean != null)
      OATotalRowBean totalRowBean = tableFooterBean.getTotal();

  • How to get the custom integrator in Manage Document Links

    Hi All,
    My requirement is "Creating Word Documents Using Web ADI", I am following the document
    Oracle® Human Resources Management Systems
    Configuring, Reporting, and System Administration Guide
    Release 12.1
    Part No. E13509-02
    From page no. 194.In that section, No.8. Use the Manage Layout Document Links page to create a link between the
    integrator and layout and the Word template.
    See: Creating Links between Template Letters and Layouts, page 2-33
    Select Manage Document Links from the Web ADI menu.
    But when I click on the "Manage Document Links", I couldn't see my custom integrator to associate my word document with my integrator.
    I could see only the standard integrators.
    How to get my custom integrator in "Manage Document Links". I could see my custom integrator in define layout but not in this page.
    With Regards,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I followed the
    Note 360105.1 -Understanding and Using Web ADI in Oracle HRMS, and the section "Letters",
    I could follow all the steps, except the following,
    The reason is, when I click on Manage Documents Links, I am not getting my newly created integrator.
    If I link a standard integrator "HR People Details" to my document, that is opening properly.
    But I am not able to link my document with my integrator(which is based on my view).
    c.  Now link the template letter to the Letter Integrator and Layout.
    If not already done so, Add the function WebADI Manage Document Links to your Web ADI menu, and give it a prompt of Link Document.
    Select Link Document option , and Web ADI Mail Merge page displays. Choose your Letter Integrator. Link it to the Layout, and a list of template documents uploaded to the database is displayed. Select the template letter to be linked with the layout.
    With Regards,

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    How do you get the encoding of a XML file?
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    I am trying to retrieve the above encoding="SJIS", but I can't seem to locate the API for doing so.
    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Hi ddossot,
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    However, the xerces.jar file that comes with my old tomcat server is an old version and thus, the getEncoding method is not even present in the DocumentImpl class. The option to update to a newer version of tomcat and xerces is not available. What a pity... :-(
    Well, I just have to try to find a way around. Worst case scenario, parse the first line in the xml file myself.

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    When using range paging on scrolled table, how to get the current scrolled page number(1,2,3...), for example when moving the table vertical scroll bar forward or backward, is there any method in ViewObjectImpl class that I can use to get such information? I have seen the method scrollToRangePage(int i), but when scrolled ("Fetching data..."), it doesn't not get into this method. So it is wrong usage for this method, right?

    Didn't you just ask that question in this thread?: How to catch the page number when using scroll table in ADF 11g?
    A bit of patience might be in order.

  • How to get the cropped page content

    Consider an A4 size pdf is cropped in Bottom and Right edges.
    If the user wants to open the pdf as A4 size then we are passing the rectangle size A4 to PDPage.DrawEx() method to get the page content.
    When we use like this, we are getting the full page content but our requirement is to get the cropped page content.
    Is there any way to get the cropped portion alone by passing the rectangle size as A4 to PDPage.DrawEx() method.
    But it is working fine for Left and Top edge cropping

    Have a look at this document:
    go to the index and search for the term "Crop" or "Cropping" which has a hyperlink for page 70.  There you will find some JavaScript options for cropping the page from all sides which can then be saved using some other methods in the document.  I'm not sure, though, if JavaScript is what you're looking for.

  • HELP!!  I am having BIG PROBLEMS getting the Custom Page Sizes to work!!

    I am having a MAJOR challenge working with the Custom Page Size feature in Pages '09. My mom is working on a primer music book for publication, where the page size (for the printer) MUST BE 9" X 12"!! For some reason even though I have set the custom page size to 9" x 12", The document does not appear to have the proper proportions, (i.e. the ration of the width to height IS NOT EQUAL TO THAT OF A 9" X 12" DOCUMENT!!)
    Also, for some reason my Vertical Ruler has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!! My Horizontal Ruler (on top) is still there but there is no sign of the vertical one which is CRITICAL for aligning the of the content for publication!!
    I took an annotated screenshot of what the document that is +*SUPPOSEDLY 9" x 12".*+ But there is +*NO WAY THAT IT IS ACTUALLY 9"12!!*+
    I have also taken some screenshots of a few other Inspector Panels and other things that might help SOMEBODY to figure out what the problem is!
    _Link Title_ _Flickr Link_
    Front Cover Mock-Up
    Metrics Inspector Panel
    Layout Inspector Panel
    Page Setup Dialog Box
    Document Inspector Panel
    Annotated 9” x 12” Doc.
    I do hope that somebody can answer WHY I am having these problems

    Hi kmamusic
    Welcome to the forum.
    To show your vertical ruler:
    +Menu > Pages > Preferences > Rulers > check Enable vertical ruler in word processing documents+
    You are right the page does look slightly too high.
    The one thing you did not give us was a screen snap of the *Custom Page* you set up in *Page Setup…*
    This is what would dictate the actual page size.

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    But whenever my header group resets the total count is also reseting.
    for e.g.
    I m getting the page 1 of 4, page 2 of 4, page 3 of 4, page 4 of 4 for my first record.
    same way i am getting page 1 of 3 ,page 2 of 3, page 3 of 3 for my second record.
    But the requirement is to display page 1 of 7, page 2 of 7, page 3 of 7, page 4 of 7 for the first header record.
    And page 5 of 7, page 6 of 7 and page 7of 7 for the second record.
    Is there any way to achieve this?

    You might have better luck getting an answer here:
    BI Publisher

  • How to get the custom program generated in Background

    Dear Freinds,
    I have written a below code in my submit program ( zreport) .
    WITH pnpbegda = sy-datum
    WITH pnpendda = lv_date
    with pnppernr = '99007057'.
    As per your logic i have used the submit program and i am able to default the dates  in the Standard program RPTQTA00 , that is perfectly correct . Now if run the standard report it is giivng me the ouput the foreground concept is working correctly.
    Now if iam scheduling the Z report of the custom report (z program) where iam calling the submit program
    it is just scheduling and further when i look at the sm37 i can see the  job getting finished . However , i dont  find any spool because the standard report has not been executed , with my custom report (using the logic with submit program above in zprogram ) i am calling the standard program (RPTQTA00).
    so could you please let me know how the standard program will execute and get the spool genereated? in the case of background
    because when  i have executed only the standard report in background i can see that it is being exceuted spool as well, however when iam calling from custom program no spool is created because my custom program only submiting the standard report and it is not executing the standard report in the case of backround ...because when iam running the custom program in the Foreground it is calling the standard program and getting the values defaulted based on the parameters which i passed , so it gets defaulted later iam running the standard program manually .
    So please could you let me know how will the standard program also gets genereated in the backgroung along with my custom report.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Can you try the following?
    Hope this helps... (Taken from help)
    Scheduling a submitable program as a background task with the number number in a background request name. After scheduling, the background task is completed by function module JOB_CLOSE and released immediately.
    DATA: number TYPE tbtcjob-jobcount,
          name TYPE tbtcjob-jobname VALUE 'JOB_TEST',
          print_parameters TYPE pri_params.
        jobname          = name
        jobcount         = number
        cant_create_job  = 1
        invalid_job_data = 2
        jobname_missing  = 3
        OTHERS           = 4.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      SUBMIT submitable TO SAP-SPOOL
                        SPOOL PARAMETERS print_parameters
                        WITHOUT SPOOL DYNPRO
                        VIA JOB name NUMBER number
                        AND RETURN.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
            jobcount             = number
            jobname              = name
            strtimmed            = 'X'
            cant_start_immediate = 1
            invalid_startdate    = 2
            jobname_missing      = 3
            job_close_failed     = 4
            job_nosteps          = 5
            job_notex            = 6
            lock_failed          = 7
            OTHERS               = 8.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.

Maybe you are looking for