How to make create, edit, display form in a page fragment ?

Hello everyone,
I have a problem when I want to make create, edit,display in a page.
Ok let's say we have created two pages,
In page A we have 3 buttons, CreateEmp, EditEmp and DisplayEmp button and one text field as a parameter field to edit and display (let say employeeId).
In page B we have form employee to create new employee, edit employee and display and a button AddMoreEmp (to add more employee without back to page A)
in this case if button EditEmp is pressed in page A, so button AddMoreEmp in page B will be enabled
if button DisplayEmp in page A is pressed , so button AddMoreEmp in page B will be disabled.
Thanks in advance,

I think what you are looking for is a comb field. It acts like a regular field but puts the vertical lines in between each character. You can turn the comb on in the object palette and indicate how many chars will appear in the field (so that it knows how many lines to draw).

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  • How to make subforms editable in ADOBE forms

    Hello All,
       The 'Pagination' for few of the subforms are editable, and for few of the subforms are not editable.
    Actaully i have to set the 'overflow' for one subform, but the whole pagination is dispaly mode.
    (i can edit pagination for other subforms).
    can someone help how to make it editable.
    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards,
    Amarender Reddy B

    Hello Amar,
    Can please explain the problem you are facing with more clearer words. I am unable to make out any thing from this post.
    You might have some problem with Pages. We have two type of pages body and master. If a perticular subform is there in master page you can not edit it on the body page.

  • How do I creat a filliable form from a scan document?

    How do I create a fillable form from a scan word document using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro?

    Hi melaniev10032955,
    You might need to follow these steps to convert word into fillable PDF form:
    Open the scanned word document
    Click File> Print> Adobe PDF
    A PDF file would be created that would automatically open in Acrobat XI pro
    At this point, you would have a basic PDF file which still needs to get converted into fillable form
    Choose "Tools> Text Recognition> In this File" to run OCR to make your scanned doc searchable.
    Now, go to "Tools> Forms> Create"
    Acrobat will ask some questions. On the first screen, make sure 'Use an existing file' is selected and then click Next.
    On the next screen, 'Use the current document' must be selected.
    You might need to edit few fields manually. Then, just click Preview button on the top and check how you PDF form appears.
    Try this out and let me know if you face any problem.

  • How do I create a Pdf form for others?

    I have finally figured out how to make a pdf form, but my client wants to be able to attach the file to his e-mail and send it to his relations.
    How do I create a pdf form with his adress in stead of my own e-mailaccount?
    Tried to adjust my id in the preferences on my Mac, but that is not a safe way I guess...
    Can anybody help me out, I'm stuck...

    Yes, I want to enable the client's relations to be able to click on a link
    in the pdf to automatically submit the pdf to his e-mail address.
    Now a purple bar shows up when a 'relation' opens the pdf form.
    In this bar is a button included for sending the form, but they have to
    confirm the adding of their reaction to the 'reactions-file'. This refers to
    the location where I authenticallly saved the file (on my hard disk).
    I can adjust the reply e-mail adress by temporarily adjusting my id in
    Acrobat preferences, but I don't know the future location of the reaction
    It's a difficult question, but it's based on the question: Is it possible to
    make a pdf form for somebody else; so they can send en receive the reactions
    on their moment and their wanted location?
    Op 02-04-10 04:32, carltondaniel <[email protected]> schreef:
    hi bob
    are you saying the email address is on the pdf as plain text? or are you
    wanting to enable the client's ³relations² to be able to click on a link in
    the pdf to automatically submit the pdf to his email address?

  • How to make cell editable alv in WebDynpro for ABAP?

    I make Column editable ALV.(See under source code)
    But I can't make Cell editable ALV.
    How to make Cell editable ALV in WebDynpro for ABAP? to get changed data?
    DATA: l_value TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_config_table.
      l_value = l_ref_interfacecontroller->get_model( ).
    * { EDITABLE
      DATA: lr_column_settings TYPE REF TO if_salv_wd_column_settings,
            lr_input_field     TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_uie_input_field,
            lr_column          TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_column.
      lr_column_settings ?= l_value.
      lr_column = lr_column_settings->get_column( 'TOTAL_COUNT' ).
      CREATE OBJECT lr_input_field
          value_fieldname = 'TOTAL_COUNT'.
      lr_column->set_cell_editor( lr_input_field ).
      DATA: lr_table_settings TYPE REF TO if_salv_wd_table_settings.
      lr_table_settings ?= l_value.
      lr_table_settings->set_read_only( abap_false ).

    the code seems to be correct....but where are you writing it?
    put the code in the wddoinit method and it should work.
    have a look at this article..

  • Creating Editable PDF Form

    Hi all,
    Can anyone help here...
    I am trying to create a PDF document in Acrobat Pro 9 Extended, which is a form that can be filled in and saved by the end user. I have created the document in InDesign and am using Pro to add in the editable regions.
    Here is the PDF:
    I can open the file, add content to the form, re-save it and it retains all the info. However, I am having all sorts of problems with other people saving content to the file, sometimes it works, sometimes all the content is wiped clean and sometime the content is there, but you have to actually click on a text box before the content is displayed. The other people are sometimes on a Mac/iPad, but even when they use Adobe Reader they are able to save the info and sometime it stays saved on their machine until it is emailed to me and then it disappears. Other times they save it and when they go back to it, it has gone. But there doesn't seem to be a consistant pattern, it just doesn't seem like a very reliable way of saving info.
    Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Or, is there a more effective way of creating editable, interactive forms?

    The problem you seeing with the content not being displayed until the field has the focus is a well kown problem with PDF forms that have been filled and saved with the Preview application on the Mac. For more information, see:
    So the Mac users (OSX) should use Adobe Reader, as opposed to Preview. Windows users may not be using a viewer as capable as Acrobat/Reader as well, so you mught want to check that also.
    The default PDF viewer on the iPad does not support interactive PDF forms, so you'll need to use a viewer that does. Adobe Reader for the iPad does not at the moment, and the best one that does is Readdle's PDF Expert.

  • How do I create a fillable form from an existing document (PDF, Word, etc)?

    How do I create a fillable form from an existing document (PDF, Word, etc)?

    In Acrobat 11 you'd select: Tools > Forms > Edit
    to go into form editing mode. You'll see the tools that are available, thought it may prompt you to autodetect the fields. I usually don't do this, preferring to create them myself.

  • How to create a MD form using dynamic page ?

    Rahul and Sharmila,
    You have answered several of my queries earlier and I am thankful for them.
    I have been trying to creating a MD form using dynamic page and I haven't fiqured it out. I need help. You both advised me on creating a simple form using dynamic page. The complexity changes drastically when I have to create a MD form. Has no body ever tried to create a MD form with dynamic page?
    I haven't heard from you anything either. I am stuck with this and I need help urgently. Would you kindly tell me if this is possible and how ? Otherwise, I will stop crying for help on this.
    Thanks for your kind attention.

    I have replied to this in the morning.
    Re: Oracle portal and JSR 168 compliance
    Hope it helps.

  • Looking to create editable PDF forms with drop downs and text boxes for use on a Mac computer and iPad. Which product do I need to purchase? Do not need anything fancy

    Looking to create editable PDF forms with drop downs and text boxes for use on a Mac computer and iPad. Which product do I need to purchase? Do not need anything fancy

    Basically you would need Acrobat. However, it is now also possible to create basic form fields using just the free Reader. In fact, I've been working on a tool that allows you to do it, so if you're interested in it please contact me privately.

  • How to make SAPScript to display special character?

    Hi all, 
            How to make SAPScript to display special character like character in 'Wingdings 2' font type? Now, I cant make SAPScript to display those special characters in the font type.
    Best Regards,
    Chee Boon

    Insert your font with SE73.
    Then set in sapscript with paragraph or character format so that yoyur charracter is printed with the font you wanted.
    Gr., Frank

  • How to make separately editable blocks in one widget?

    How to make separately editable blocks (Width, Height, BGColor,...) in one widget?

    There's an example widget for a 5x5 table which allows you set the color of different areas differently.
    Download the sample files at the bottom of the MUCOW documentation page:
    MuCow Documentation
    The sample named 'Table5x5.mucow' sets different parts of the widgets to different colors.

  • How to make field editable in Tcode WPED

    Its about upgrade of IS Retail from ECC5.0 to ECC6.0.
    For Inbound IDOCS coming from POS to SAP System, IDOCs which are in unprocessed category in WPER Tcode.
    Now problem is in Tcode WPED there is a transaction date field which is now non editable in ECC6.0
    I want to make it modifiable.
    Earlier in ECC5.0 It was editable.
    So how to make that field modifiable.

    Thanks Chenna
    But that field is sometimes coming editable and sometimes not.....may be it depends on some condition.....but I want to make it editable always whenever an Inbound IDOC is in "To be processed" status in WPER tcode.
    Iam going in that screen where field is coming uneditable is:
    Tcode WPER -
    > Inbound IDOC processing---> to be processed idocs---> double clicking on Idoc Number (comes on WPED screen with non-editable fields in overview table).
    If I'm double clicking on that transaction date field it goes to the screen whcih shows Sales Audit Editor: Item list of aggregate sales.
    Suggest me how to make it editable.

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    The Header in my home page is truncated. My home page Header is cut off. The header appears in Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13. How do make the header display?

    (Images or animations do not show) worked well.

  • How do I create a feedback form in iweb1.1.2

    how do I create a feedback form in iweb1.1.2

    Read the following. ?context=ColdFusion_Documentation&file=part_get.htm

  • How to make lookup editable

    Hi All,
    In my instance MTL_RELATIONSHIP_TYPES lookup is disabled for editing , how to make it editable?
    Any profile options?
    Please help

    Verify you are not in read only responsiblity.

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    Hi! For type  CR - credit memo in VOFA Negative posting = B. So, when I create a credit invoice form (CR), FI document created with indicator "Negative posting". For reversal credit memo (CRS - reversal credit memo) in VOFA Negative posting = empty.

  • What is the best way to transfer information from a mac to a pc?

    I need to get documents and photos off from my mac to transfer to my work pc.  They were originally pc files, but I recently purchased a mac and transfered them all to my mac.  Then my pc crashed and had to be wiped clean, so now I need to transfer s

  • Taxes in pricing procedure

    Hello friends, My client requirement is in invoice he wants to see taxes seperately .for example total line items value is 10,000.00 On this amount he wants to see VAT , TOT , service tax, octroi tax seperately. suppose total amount of all line items

  • I cannot install the desktop apps on windows 7

    I'm trying to install premiere Pro cc 2014 on my Windows 7 computer but the installation is stuck at downloading webpage. I had Premiere Pro cc installed but removed it now I cannot re-install

  • Financial Reporting - Dynamically populate Prior Year

    Hi, I need assistance on building one of the user reports. The report needs to provide data for the last 11 months including the current selection. For example, if the user selects "Sep" period, the report should give data from Oct 08 to Sep 09. The