How to make the shuffle songs mode less "random"

In the past, with previous versions of iTunes, I was able to find a settings page that would allow me to control just how "Random" shuffle mode was by asking iTunes to choose songs by the same artist, album, etc. more or less likely, and to pick higher rated songs more often. I know it is possible to do that with the "Party Shuffle" but I want to do this with any of my play lists. I HOPE the answer doesn't involve using the Genius Play List because I have a very strong dislike for that feature and have turned it off.

Why oh why have they done this!
That you for your help (and excuse me while I rant).
If only I could revert to a previous version of iTunes. There are so many funky things with iTunes 8 that make it difficult and counter intuitive. In order to do a pale imitation of what I used to be able to do I have to make a new play list and open party shuffle, and select that playlist. Grrr.

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    Bloodangel05 wrote:
    Very good guide-They didnt sticky it
    Nope, but I've bookmarked it for future reference

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    Ok. Here's a custom subclass of UIButton that might do what you want. It's based on the example of a label over a button I described in my last post. But instead of a label this class is built from a Custom type button with a Rounded Rect type button under it:
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    @interface MyButton : UIButton {
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    - (void)setBgAlpha:(CGFloat)value forState:(UIControlState)state;
    // MyButton.m
    #import "MyButton.h"
    @implementation MyButton
    @synthesize bgButton;
    - (void)setBgAlpha:(CGFloat)value forState:(UIControlState)state {
    if (state == UIControlStateHighlighted)
    bgHiliteAlpha = value;
    bgNormalAlpha = value;
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    // NSLog(@"%s: %d", _func_, highlighted);
    [super setHighlighted:highlighted];
    [bgButton setHighlighted:highlighted];
    bgButton.alpha = highlighted ? bgHiliteAlpha : bgNormalAlpha;
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    bgNormalAlpha = kNormalAlpha;
    bgHiliteAlpha = kHiliteAlpha;
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    self.bgButton = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect];
    bgButton.frame = self.frame;
    bgButton.autoresizingMask = self.autoresizingMask;
    bgButton.alpha = bgNormalAlpha;
    - (void)didMoveToSuperview {
    NSLog(@"%s", _func_);
    [super didMoveToSuperview];
    [self.superview insertSubview:bgButton belowSubview:self];
    - (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame {
    if (self = [super initWithFrame:frame]) {
    NSLog(@"%s: buttonType=%d", _func_, self.buttonType);
    [self myInit];
    return self;
    - (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder*)aDecoder {
    if (self = [super initWithCoder:aDecoder]) {
    NSLog(@"%s: buttonType=%d", _func_, self.buttonType);
    [self myInit];
    return self;
    - (void)dealloc {
    [bgButton release];
    [super dealloc];
    To use this class, just add the above @interface and @implementation to your project (File->New File..., name the files "MyButton", then replace the contents by pasting directly from this forum page). You should then be able to customize any UIButton object in IB by selecting the button and setting its Class to MyButton in the Identity Inspector. To create an instance of MyButton in code, use initWithFrame.
    - Ray

  • Is there a way to make the shuffle mode play all songs before repeating?

    Too often, the shuffle songs mode seems to lock into a few artists and albums, and all too often plays songs I heard yesterday (or very recently). I have a large library. Is there a way to make iTunes and/or my iPod shuffle songs to a degree that I get to hear all songs before they are repeated?

    Yes — don't stop the music. Both iTunes and iPods will shuffle your entire library (or playlist), playing each song exactly once before stopping. If you sync your iPod or navigate to another playlist, shuffle will get re-shuffled; if you leave it paused in the middle of shuffling, the shuffle will continue when you start it up again.
    Alternatively, you can create a smart playlist that only contains music you haven't heard in the last N days, then shuffle that instead.

  • Gapless Playback in Shuffle Songs Mode

    I looked for an answer but haven't had any luck so I apologize in advance if this has already been answered elsewhere.
    Is is possible for the gapless songs to play on a 5G iPod when you have the shuffle songs mode set to on? Even in iTunes if it is set to shuffle songs the gapless playback doesn't seem to work. I have tried the get info and set the album as gapless and everything. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    PowerBook 17 1.5Ghz Mac OS X (10.4.6) 1 GB DDR SDRAM
    PowerBook 17 1.5Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1 GB DDR SDRAM

    Yeah, but shuffle albums may start off in the middle
    of an album and the song may be in the middle of 3-4
    continuous songs.
    Interesting, I thought if you shuffled albums it would start from the beginning of the album and play through. i have to admit, I've never played my music this way.
    As for your suggestion, what about Pink Floyd - Dark
    Side of the Moon?
    If gapless songs were kept together while Shuffle
    songs is on, you would hear some randon songs and
    then a whole album, then more random songs?
    Exactly, Dark Side of the Moon is meant to be played together but most albums have maybe two tracks that are designed for back to back playing. I was just hoping to have random songs play but for example, "Boston's Third Stage" album, "The Launch", and "Cool The Engines", are supposed to play together like one song. So in other words have songs shuffle but if they are intended to play back to back that would happen and then shuffle would resume until the next such tracks come up. Maybe I'm just asking for too much.

  • How do I make the Shuffle Setting on my iTunes More Random?

    I've just recently got my iPod classic (finally) and I love it! But, I have a question about iTunes. My question is: How do I get the shuffle setting in my iTunes to be more random? I have "The iPod Book" by Scott Kelby and looked this up, but I have the fourth edition, and so the picture for the iTunes > Preferences > Playback > picture is not the same as mine. I can't find the bar to slide the shuffle setting to more random or as Apple puts it " least likely". Not that it's the most important topic in the world, but I already have a total of almost 1500 songs and I'm still having to skip because I have music from the same album or the same song(s) popping up about 4 tracks later. This is really frustrating since part of the reason I bought it was to listen to ALL my music shuffled, but instead I spend more time switching through my music to finally get to something different. Does anybody know how to do this with the new iTunes version? Also to clarify, I have already searched through the automatic help that's offered in iTunes and nothing is coming up that helps me, and I've tried searching Support here on the website and ll I get is how to either turn shuffle on or tech support for having an iPod shuffle, not how to make it more random

    I took a play list of 3500 songs and sorted first by album name and then by track.
    Is there some reason you think you needed to sort by Album first?
    As soon as you sort on any other column, iTunes doesn't care you sorted this first. It is now ignored.
    I don'dt know if we have a semantics problem
    We don't.
    Sorting by Album first then sorting by Track # sorts by Track #  and Album name as the secondary sort.
    You don't need to first sort by Album.
    When you sort by Track #...
    Abbey Road -Track 1
    Americana - Track 1
    Anthology - Track 1
    Abbey Road -Track 2
    Americana - Track 2
    Anthology - Track 2
    Therefore both the primary and secondary sorts mean something.
    You are not selecting the secondary sort. Sorting by Track #, the secondary sort is always Album.
    Try this.
    Sort by Artist then sort by Track #.
    It is now sorted as above.
    Sorting by 1 column then another does absolutely nothong (except take a few more mouseclicks).
    I rest my case.


    Dear friends,
    How to make the save button , in the tcode QA32  intial screen in GREY MODE.
    As  i don't want the screen variant created by me should not be seen by the user.

    There is one option ,You can protect yor varient but not hide it.
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    I hope this can be one of the solution

  • How do i make the same song have two different genre

    how do i make the same song have 2 different genre for 2 different playlist?

    In my example, we will create a Smart Playlist that includes all songs in the genre Acid Jazz and one extra song that has the genre of Afro-beat. That extra song will be "Music For Gong Gong". To create your Smart Playlist, substitute the genre types and the song title (anything with <  > around it) for the ones you want.
    In your iTunes Library, either click on the + symbol in the lower left corner of iTunes playlists, or click CTRL+ALT+N to create a New Smart Playlist. The following will appear (my orange numbering):
    1. Using the drop-down menus, change "Artist" to Genre, "contains" to is and in the text box (marked 1) type in the text <Acid Jazz> (remember to chose the genre you want, and with the exact spelling used for that genre in your library - don't type in the <  > obviously!)
    2. Click on the + symbol at the end of that line (marked 2), which creates an additional line
    3. In this new line, change "Artist" to Grouping, change "contains" to is and in the text box type in <Acid Jazz> (Notice that I have used the same name as the genre itself. You don''t have to, but it makes it easier to add those extra songs. You'll understand why in step 7.) You now have a box like this:
    4. Change the Match rule at the top (notice it has already changed in the two screenshots above) to any. This is a crucial step, do not forget it.
    5. Notice that I have also selected Match only ticked items. This is optional, but selecting it will exclude songs that have been unticked. If you use Sync only ticked songs and videos, this can be useful way of keeping the Playlist the same as the one on your device.
    6. Click the OK button. You now have the opportunity to name your Playlist. I have chosen <Genre is Acid Jazz +> so that it is obvious what it is.
    So that's the Playlist created. As you can see, <Genre is Acid Jazz +> has 89 songs in it and I can assure you that's how many songs are in the Acid Jazz genre section. Now, all that remains is to add the additional song.
    7. Find your "two-genre" song and click File/Get Info/Info (or CTRL+I - that's an "eye") to bring up the edit song option. In the Grouping field, type in <Acid Jazz> (remember to use the same text you used in the Grouping box in step 3. This means you only have to type in the same genre name to the Grouping box,  to get it into that particular Playlist. I mentioned this in step 3).
    Notice that we are not changing the Genre. Click the OK button.
    Now look at the Playlist <Genre is Acid Jazz +> again.
    Notice that is now has 90 songs and at number 60 is the <Music For Gong Gong>. Note that the genre for that song is still Afro-beat, so the song still appears in the genre Afro-beat as well.
    To add any other song to this particular two-genre Playlist, simply find the song in your Library and type <Acid Jazz> into the Grouping box, as in step 7. It's that simple!
    Here's an extra tip. Too many Playlists and having issues finding your way through them?
    I have renamed the Playlist Genre is Acid Jazz + so that it is now named Acid Jazz Plus and I've dropped it into a Playlists Folder named GENRES (capitals makes it easy to find the folders on iDevices).
    Notice that here in iTunes, Playlists are sorted in the following order:
    Playlist Folders (and then the Smart Playlists and Regular Playlists inside it)
    Smart Playlists
    Regular Playlists
    ... but on my iPod Classic (for example), they are sorted in alphabetical order. So to find the Playlist Acid Jazz Plus, go into the Playlists menu and scroll down to G, go into GENRES, and in there will be Acid Jazz Plus, with all 90 songs!
    I hope you will give this a try, you have nothing to lose but a little time. Let us (all) know how you get on with it. We'd like to know.

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    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • Podcasts play in shuffle songs mode

    Although each podcast is set to be skipped when iPod is in shuffle songs mode, they are still being played. What else can I do to make iPod ignore podcasts when playing music?

    The key is keeping podcasts out of Music playlists. This requires using Playlist based synching for loading the iPod, and then making sure podcasts don't get loaded into those playlists.
    If you use Smart Playlists, add qualifier "Podcast" "is" "false".
    For manual playlists, you can verify it contains no podcasts by turning on the Search Bar (ctrl-shift-b) for each playlist, selecting "podcast" in the bar, and removing those entries from the playlist.

  • In firefox 4 RC, some addons installed suddenly disappear, but checking the profile, some of the missing addons related files are still here, how to make the addons back?

    I use firefox 4 form beta 9 to RC (zh) now and there are also firefox 3.6 installed in computer. One day when I open Fx 4 RC, some (actually a lot but not all) of the adoons just disappear. When I check on about:addons page, some addons installed do not appear in the list.
    The addons '''REMAINED''' including:
    * addons I already used in Fx 3.6 (like webmail notifie , xmarks)
    * ''addons only can use in Fx 4'' (like Open Web Apps for Firefox).
    The addons '''DISAPPEARED''' including:
    * addons I already used in Fx 3.6 (like yoono)
    * '' addons installed when using Fx 4'' (like updatescanner, Thumbnail Zoom).
    But when I check the profile(by Help > Troubleshooting Information>Open Containing Folder) , some (not sure is it all) of the missing addons related files are still here [lucky], so any one know how to make the missing addons back?
    Some more details:
    * This happened when i use RC for already a few days and keep on even i restart Fx and windows.
    * The bookmarks, history, search engine and even themes and icon setting are still here. [ I only sync bookmarks but not history for both xmarks and firefox sync.]
    * This addons are really '''disappeared''' but not disable only!
    * This number of addons missed, as i remember, at least 30, should be more than that number bacause some of them are installed but in disable mode.
    * I try to install back one of the addons - Stylish, the installed code are still here.
    * It is nearly an impossible mission to install every missing addons again, as it really kill my time.

    Delete the files extensions.* (extensions.rdf, extensions.cache, extensions.ini, extensions.sqlite) and compatibility.ini in the Firefox [[Profiles|profile folder]] to reset the extensions registry. New files will be created when required.
    See "Corrupt extension files":
    If you see disabled, not compatible, extensions in "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions" then click the Tools button at the left side of the Search Bar to do a compatibility check.

  • After clicking on an open tab, how to make the focus automatically go to the body of page?

    After clicking on an open tab, how to make the focus automatically go to the body of page?
    Right now, clicking in an open tab and using arrow keys now moves through the open tabs. I liked the old versions where right after clicking in a tab you could directly go to navigate the page with the arrow keys.
    Is there a something I can change in about:config to change this behavior?
    Thanks in advanced.

    Firefox should still set the focus the the browser area if you click a tab.<br />
    Only with very old browser versions you could set the focus to a tab by clicking a tab.
    This behavior is likely caused by an extension.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.

  • How to make the condition type active

    how to make the condition type active when its in inactive stage and its showing yellow triangle and y in the control features of it.
    how to solve if is showing a statement as "INITAILISED".

    Dear Balaji,
    Yes it will come as Inactive mode.....If you make the 2 condition Class is same in single Pricing procedure ,In Standard system will display like this only..
    For Example:PR00-Condition class is Price
    EX00-Condition class is Price
    Then first Condition type will become Inactive.. change the Class of the Second Condition Type.
    Best Regards

  • N73 how to make the camera MUTE (no click sound)??...

    I want to know how to make the camera without any sound during taking the picture in NOKIA N73 music edition.
    please tell me as soon as possible
    Thank u

    Typical for discussion forum, the experts to give usless advice( ie "try silent mode") folowed by " its a privacy issue".
    I am unable to mute the camera on my E71.  I also assumed it was a legal issue.  Recently a friend of mine, showed me the Iphone 3Gs take a picture silently.  Silent photography with a cell phone is possible.
    This looks like something for a symbian upgrade or even a third party camera app.
    Send your camera upgrade request to Nokia, cross your fingers.

  • Has anyone figured out how to make the Yamaha 01V96i mixer work with Logic 9.1.8

    Has anyone figured out how to make the Yamaha 01V96i mixer work with Logic 9.1.8 as a control surface ?

    In YAMAHA01v96i:
    Go to DIO/SETUP select Generic DAW. Go to MIDI settings page and set the desired port (personally I use Number 1), Select the same audio frequency you use in your DAW (I use 44.1KhZ) this point You should save a scene in you 01V96i to avoid to repeat all the procedure again.
    Open studio manager, go to patch and set the input port from 17 to 32 respectively to USB1-USB16 (this will give you the return from you DAW to the 01v96i
    Save again the scene overwriting the old one.
    in LOGIC
    Click on preferences, select Audio then select 01v96i, then click on control surface and select Mackie design Baby HUI and in the midi session set the same port that you've been setting on the Yamaha 01V96i (Port 1 if you follow this example).
    That's more or less it.
    It worked for far

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