How to play flash in an C++ desktop application?

I am designing an application that is written in C++ but a
quarter of the screen has to play flash so that the flash part can
communicate with Flash Media Server to get FLV video playing, how
can this be done?
Is there a class in C++ that is able to 'play' flash? and at
the same time communicate with flash?

Well, there is the C level extensibility library:
But I don't think that will get you quite what you want,
becuase there is no C class that embeds Flash Player that I'm aware
If it has to be a desktop app you should be looking at Adobe
AIR as a delivery mechanism:
Check it out on

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    IOS device do not support Flash
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    You can play them using JMF. But i think it supports only flash version 2.

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    JFlashPlayer is a Flash Player API Java package that lets developers play and interact with Adobe? Flash Player movies within Java applications. Advanced animations can improve the user experience and add to the professional appearance of an application. JFlashPlayer allows programmers to quickly add Flash movies to their Java application development for Windows.taken from: JflashPlayer

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    I got it. its about connection...

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    Thanks a lot morgair, i will check with exe4j tool.
    Actually the problem is, thread is not waiting for second request.
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    well im not sure if there is an application but i do know you can use .bat files to open applications if your not sure what a .bat file is just msg back and ill explain and ill also do a example if you want so just ask ok soon ill rellase a link to my web-page so you can ask me stuff there soon and you can anwser other peoples questions

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    Since I have various levels with numerous movieclips each with synced audio, what i'd like is to be able to do is pause absolutely everything within each movieclip with one button and to be able to resume from the same place using another button. Is this possible? If not, is there a global function to pause/resume the entire application/program?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Its possible but you would need to tell each movieclip and audioclip to play/pause. You can create a for loop inside your mouse event function to find each movieclip and pause/play its timeline and a separate for loop for audio clips. Also instead of setting fame rate to 0 for pause just use a stop() command.

  • How to play flash video for 40 secs and then display webpage automatically?

    I have made a webpage, i want to show a flash video for 40 seconds when the page is opened. Then the Flash video should dissapear and the web page shall open. How should i do this?

    This would require the use of actionscript placed inside the flash video, which would then redirect to the main site after the required time.
    (to find out how to do this you would be better advised in the flash forum -

  • How To Download a File into your desktop application

    I am attempting to have an AIR application use a webservice XMLCollection when online, but what I would like to do is also provide an AIR application for download. I think that the AIR application is using the files installed locally, what I would like to do is have the AIR application check to see if it is online and then download a file (and store it for later offline use) if it is to get the latest information?
    Anyone have an example of how to do this? I just can't wrap my head around it.

    You aren't the first person to ask that question.  Here's a great blog post with a simple example to get you going.
    -Marty [ ]
    Helpful/Answered? Don't forget to mark it that way.

  • How to close 100 documents in CS5 desktop application

        I have list of document e.g 100 and want open,flow,save and closed it.
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       1.Opening a document as
                             SDKLayoutHelper objLHelper;
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                             IDFile idTemplateFile;
                              docUIDRef = objLHelper.OpenDocument(idTemplateFile,uiFlags);
         2.Importing template native xml on document.
    3.Saving document as
                            IDFile idDocFile;
    4.And Closing document as         IDocFileHandler::CloseCmdMode cmdMode = IDocFileHandler::kSchedule;
    But problem is that indesign unable to close document instantlly due which memory is going up and indesign crashing at the end.
    What should to do?

        I have found solution of my problem.It is something trikey but it working fine.
    As a beheviour of indesign desktop cannot possiable to do that so you can do as
    1.For example you have 100 documents in your for loop document by calling javascript
    var myDocument1 ="E:\\Templates\\MyDoc.indt",false);
    2.Save by sceond javascript call
    if(app.documents.length != 0)
            var activedoc = app.documents[0];
    3.Get a document index no and by that achive a document pointer by using one script provider event that will used in the C++ code
    if(app.documents.length != 0)
            var activedoc = app.documents[0];
            var s = activedoc.toSource();
            var ret = app.speak(s);
    4.And finally closed the document
    if(app.documents.length != 0)
            var activedoc = app.documents[0];
    Hopefully helpfull to such problem.

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    Hi this may seem like a very easy question but all the topics online point to the following code....
    var url = "http://www.adobe,com";
        var urlReq = new air.URLRequest(url);
    However when I try to use this I keep getting an 1120 error saying that a definition for air could not be found.
    Can someone please give me some fast direction?

    I tried your suggestion...
    Then after hitting myself in the head multiple times I came to say thanks
    I really appreciate the help.

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    GRag and Mesh are correct. You cannot use Flex to access a file on a user's hard drive, which is where your path is pointing.
    Instead, create a folder within your Flex project, under the "src" folder (example: src/assets/videos), and put the SWF there. Change the path in your code to point to the new location, like "assets/videos/myVideoFile.swf". Note that you don't refer to the src folder; it is the "root" of your application, and when you deploy all your files to your web server, you will be copying the folders you created to the root folder of your web server. So, all the paths will remain consistent. Flex will attempt to find "assets/videos/myVideoFile.swf", starting from the "root", or location, of the application itself.

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