Select SAP's product or another OLAP tool and why?

Hi Experts,
In an effort to validate my opinion of SAP BW/NetWeaver Capability - In terms of flexibility, KPI Development, and Predictive Analytics, If you had to decide, would you select SAP's product or another OLAP tool and why??

All data warehouse products provide flexibility and good tools to build strategic reports focus on KPI. All of them also provide easy to use tools to display and organize analytic information..... I guess that the decision about what product will be chosen will be based on how difficult is to pull (and keep updated) the data from the transactional systems behind. In other words, if you are running SAP to manage a big part of your day to day transactional system, go for BW / BI.
In SAP BW / BI, you have a large group of extractors and predefined processes that enable you to pull the data from the SAP systems into multidimensional indexed data providers. Once the data is there, you could easily develop your own queries and reports, organizing them in almost whatever way you want and building almost any possible KPI you want. You cloud display and manipulate these queries and reports using almost any single PC product you want......
Now, if your data sources are not base on SAP , you have to build your own data extractors. You also have to build your own data warehouse targets (data providers) and your own mapping processes. You will be dealing with normalization and database definition concepts. Being technically feasible probably is not the best path.
If you have an hybrid situation (some SAP systems and some NO SAP system), you will evaluate how many strategic data sources you have in each size and take a decision base on that

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  • SAP PP (Production Planning) Master Data Definitions

    SAP PP (Production Planning) Master Data Definitions and Transaction codes.

    SAP PP (Production Planning) Master Data Definitions
    • Factory Calendar
    • Material Master
    • Resource • Bills of Material (BOM)
    • Production versions
    • Master recipe
    Factory Calendar: The factory calendar is defined on the basis of a public holiday calendar. The public holiday and factory calendar is a central module in the SAP System. It is assigned to a specific plant during the initial system setup and therefore used in many areas (e.g. in Logistics and in Human Resources) in the system.
    Material Master: Material master comprises if all the basic data of the material for each department. The data covers all the relevant information required for the transactional flow e.g. sales, Planning, Production, Quality, Purchasing, Costing etc. Material master covers all the descriptive and control data and the flow of information depends on fields maintained within it. The integration of all material data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage. Material Masters are created once and can be changed or extended whenever required
    Bill of Materials: Bill of Materials or commonly called BOM is a formally structured list of components that make up a product or assembly. The list contains the material number of the component together with the quantity and unit of measure. BOMs are used in their different forms in various situations where a finished product is assembled from several component parts or materials. Resources: Resources are production facilities and persons involved in a production process that have capacities. They are subdivided into categories to specify their suitability for certain purposes or their use in certain processes
    Product Versions: A production version determines which alternative BOM is used together with which task list/master recipe to produce a material or create a master production schedule. For one material, we can have several production versions for various validity periods and lot-size ranges. The production version determines the following:
    • The BOM alternative for a BOM explosion.
    • The task list (master recipe) and any alternate, as needed.
    • Lot-size restrictions and validity parameters.
    Master Recipes: A master recipe defines the following data that is required for the production of materials without relating to a particular order: processing steps, resources, material components, and control information for the process control level. Master Recipe enables to plan the production of materials (products). Therefore, Master Recipe is used as a template for process orders and run schedules as well as a basis for product costing. In a Recipe
    • The Phases (work steps) to be carried out during production.
    • The activities to be performed in the operations as a basis for determining dates, capacity requirements and costs.
    • The use of materials during production.
    • The use of resource.

  • URGENT : Help needed for OLAP tools selection

    Hi Gurus,
    Environment :
    Oracle 10g
    .net web application with backend as Oracle 10g server embaded with OLAP server.
    Application - CRM
    Feature requreid - OLAP, OLAP Reporting, Drilldown graphical analysis, US MAP view location specific queries, Ad-hoc analysis.
    I have to take a descision for for the OLAP tool selection with above mention client requirement.
    * Please let me know if anybody have worked on above combination for the required features and held up with any issue (if any) ?
    * Please go thru Oracle options below per feature and let me know is there any issue with .NET and IIS server,Oracle 10g OLAP compatibily ? specially for following points from the below details -
    4. OLAP Reporting Tool :
    6. Web deployment of Cubes :
    8. Graphing :
    9. Geographical Map View based query :
    1.Extraction Transformation and loading (ETL) Tool : Oracle Business Intelligence Warehouse Builder, tightly integrated with Database Server.
    2. Analysis Tool (Multidimensional Data Analysis using cubes) : Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer·     
    3. Ad-hoc query and analysis by end User :
    Oracle Business Intelligence Spreadsheet Add-in.OLAP DML Regular Sql with OLAP_TABLE Function.
    4. OLAP Reporting Tool :     Oracle Reports 10g.
    5. Multidimensional Data (Cube) Query Language     OLAP DML : Regular Sql with OLAP_TABLE Function
    6.Web deployment of Cubes : Available
    7. Cube data export to xls, html, format : Available
    8.Graphing : Oracle Reports 10g Graph Wizard for Graphical Analysis.
    9. Geographical Map View based query : Oracle Locator: Location-Enabling Every Oracle Database
    Please send me the relevent urls in support / issues for the above featues.

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    Select banana. Right click>layer via copy. Move tool. Click and drag to other file. Drop on image.
    OR: load the background and banana in one stack (File>Scripts>Load File Into Stack). Select banana and layer via copy or create layer mask.

  • Reporting tools and SAP BW

    Dear Sirs,
    We have Business Objects BI 4.0 and SAP BW 7.3.
    Actually we are using Web Intelligence and BEx Query to reporting.
    We have not Business Layer (Universe) between BW and BO because BO it's not supported to create universe (unx) on BW. So we create document in WEBI using BEx Query.
    We want to use Xcelsius (Dashboard Design) 2011 and I was thinking that we can use query from universe to connect with BW (new functionality in version 2011). Can we? Or maybe we should to connect to BW using "Connecttion to SAP BW"?
    We want to use Explorer (on iPad and iPhone), but Explorer requires universe (unx).
    Is not possible to create universe (unx, because unv is not supported via Explorer) based on SAP BW, is it true?
    We should we do, when we want to use Explorer with SAP BW?
    Do I understand connection between reporting tools and SAP BW:
    Crystal Reports - can I use cubes or BEx queries
    Xcelsius - using "Connection to SAP BW"
    WEBI - BExqueries or universe (but only UNV - old version).
    Explorer - in my opinion is not possible
    Analysis for OLAP - drirect to cube in SAP BW
    Could you please comment.

    With the current version of the BI 4.0 SP2 BI Platform, one cannot create a universe (.UNX format) against BW using the OLAP connection. However you can create a universe (.UNX format) using the Relational connection (see OSS note: 1656905 - How to create UNX universe based on Business Warehourse InfoCubes). One limitation is the use of hierarchies with the relational connection.
    Then you can create the Information spaces based on the universe (.UNX format) that the Explorer can use.
    BO Reporting tools:
    1. Crystal Reports for Enterprise = you can use the OLAP connection (BICS) directly against the BW InfoCubes or Queries, if queries already exist in the BW system then you can leverage these directly (less time spent recreating the entire query in Crystal)
    2. Xcelsius = you can use the BICS or Web Service or Universe to access the data
    3. Web Intelligence = you can use the OLAP Connection (BICS)
    4. Explorer = you can use a universe (.UNX format) via a Relational Connection
    5. Analysis for OLAP = you can use the OLAP connection (BICS) to either a query or InfoCube.
    It is hoped that in Feature Pack 3 which will be released later this year, that missing functionalities will be delivered for BI 4.0.

  • Cannot change tools and cannot use selection or crop tools

    I am using Photoshop Extended CS6.  A new problem has started to occur recently.  I can select a tool, but I can't change the tool type. For example, I can select the Lasso Tool and when I right-click the tool fly-out appears, but I cannot select a tool from the fly-out to change the tool type.  The editing tools, at least the ones I can select, still work except for the selection and crop tools.  For the crop tool, the crop lines appear at the edge of the image but they cannot be moved.  For the selection tools, nothing is selected.  I can still use menu commands such as Canvas Size.
    This happens when I open a file or start a new file.  I have Windows 7, 4G memory and nothing else running.  I have tried 32-bt and 64-bit versions.
    This has happened intermittently for a month or two.  In the past, freeing up space on a hard drive seemed to help.  But now I have 50G free on one drive and 30G free on another so I don't see how that could be the problem.  Rebooting allows me to use the crop tool once, but then the problem reoccurs.
    Ideas, anyone?

    No keyboard macro programs installed.  Microsoft Security Essentials is installed.  It says it is up to date and there are no problems.  A keyboard test program found no problems. I have tried two USB keyboards with the same results  I have 10% free on my system drive: and 15% free on my second drive.
    More clues:
    If I open Photoshop by opening a file, the problem immediately occurs. If I open Photoshop and then open a file, it works until I press a key as described above.
    The problem only occurs in Photoshop. I’ve tried lots of other programs, including Premiere, Audition and Illustrator; they all work correctly.
    The problem can occur without a keyboard attached.  As I described above, if I switch to another application (Windows Explorer in my test) and then switch back, the problem occurs.  This is true even if there is no internal keyboard and no USB keyboard.

  • Business Management Error: You are attempting to create a user with a domain logon that does not exist. Select another domain logon and try again.

    Suddenly the working CRM is being stopped for some group of users.
    I drilled down to the issue and have checked that the users from Domain in which CRM is installed are having CRM access.
    But for other domain user having problem to access CRM.
    I tried to add a user from a domain which is not of CRM domain then it gives following error.
    "Business Management Error: You are attempting to create a user with a domain logon that does not exist. Select another domain logon and try again.
    <Message>LookupAccountNameW failed with error</Message> "
    The change is made - AD group have upgraded Activer Directory server to 2012 R2
    Please help as the Production CRM is not working for other domain user.

    We have Activer Directory Structure like below.
    One Root Domain says A
    and there are multiple child domain like B,C,D etc...
    B,C and D are all in same level,they are child of A domain.
    There are two way transitive trusts between A and all the child Domain.
    But there is no trust in between B and C and so on.
    Our CRM server is in B domain and B domain's user can access CRM but users of Domain C,D and so on can not access CRM.
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  • How to retrieve selected item details (Product Id, Quantity) in Action clas

    I want to retrieve the selected item details (Product Id, Quantity) in my custom action class .I am calling custom action event after u2018add to cartu2019 button clicked.  I basically need these details to pass to custom BAPI. I can able to retrieve User Name and itemkey successfully.  I Tried to retrieve the product , productID using WebCatItem but I was getting run time error and when I debug the code I can see webCatItem coming  as null. Below is my code. 
    public class Z_AddToBasketAction extends BaseAction {
         /* (non-Javadoc)
    @see, org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse)
         public ActionForward doPerform(
              ActionMapping mapping,
              ActionForm form,
              HttpServletRequest request,
              HttpServletResponse response)
              throws IOException, ServletException {
              //Cache.Access access = null;
              Map returnValues = null;
              UserSessionData userSessionData =
                   BusinessObjectManager bom =
                             (BusinessObjectManager) userSessionData.
         String selectedPartnerID = bom.getUser().getUserId();
         String strItemkey=request.getParameter("itemkey");
         WebCatItem webCatItem =     (WebCatItem) request.getAttribute(
         //If you are looking at Product attributes.
          String att =  webCatItem.getProduct()", "webCatItem.getProductID();
         ZBOM mybom = (ZBOM) userSessionData.getBOM(ZBOM.ZCUSTOM_BOM);
         return mapping.findForward("success");
    Please help
    Edited by: Aravinda Boyapati on Nov 30, 2010 10:21 PM

    Hi Arvinda,
    From which page you are trying to add products in cart? Are you selecting only 1 item at a time and then click on Add to cart button or you select more then 1 items to add into cart.
    You can ceate hidden input filed and set their value through java script when you select any item. If more then 1 items then you can create an arry and set in the request parameter and then retrieve it in your custome class.
    eCommerce Developer.

  • Selection tools and path tools similiar to Auto

    I use AutoCAD a lot at my work and the selection tools/methods in that program just beat the heck out of illustrator's.  Adobe should adopt some of those: select last, select previous, selection groups (not Groups as they already have, but just groups for selection purposes only).
    Also, illustrator could use and TRIM and EXTEND tool similiar to AutoCAD's.  EXTEND extends one or multiple lines to another; trim trims one or multiple lines to another line.

    > not Groups as they already have, but just groups for selection purposes only

  • Basis work for SAP system copy using DB2 cloning tool

    My company is using the DB2 cloning tool, formerly from MainStar. Our DBAs have used this tool to create a clone of a technical sandbox (ST1) to another DB2 instance (SZ1).
    I am reading through the System Copy for SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR2 ABAP+Java guide and trying to follow the steps.
    As information, our application servers are currently running on zLinux and I am trying to do a system copy of an HA ABAP+Java SID.
    Since we have used the cloning tool, which I would equate to a homogeneous system copy using database specific tools, the guide looks like it says I can skip the Export Preparation and Table Splitting Preparation steps. The only other step for the source system is the Database and Central Instance Export.
    When I execute this step, it creates a dump of the database. This seems useless as we already have a cloned copy of the database.
    Does anyone have the list of Basis tasks for a system copy when the DB2 cloning tool is used?

    Nevermind. If someone sets:
    rdisp/j2ee_start = 0
    in an ABAP+Java system, sapinst behaves strangely during the system export and does not give the option to only dump the filesystem. Bug?

  • OLAP Services and Infobus -- can they work to interface with 3rd party tools?

    I would like to link 9i OLAP data to 3rd party tools like Formula One or other Java Report Writers. Can this be done using infobus or other technologies? Does 9i OLAP services act as an infobus data provider?
    Has anyone done this? If so can an example be provided?

    I would like to link 9i OLAP data to 3rd party tools like Formula One or other Java Report Writers. Can this be done using infobus or other technologies? Does 9i OLAP services act as an infobus data provider?
    Has anyone done this? If so can an example be provided?
    Thanks InfoBus is a Java standard for dynamic data interchange. The Oracle9i OLAP API does not act as an InfoBusDataProvider. It's compatible but not supported. Also, InfoBus has been determined not well suited for multidimensionality.
    BI Beans actually has some code in its Query object to act as an InfoBusDataProvider, but it is hidden due to inadequate testing and review, plus there is a perception that there is a lack of strong interest in this feature.
    So the short answer is that OLAP API and BI Beans do not provide InfoBus support. If there is a public outcry for InfoBus support, Oracle OLAP would consider it as a feature for a future release.
    As for another technology to link Oracle9i OLAP data to 3rd party tools like Formula One or other Java Report Writers, I'll look into it and report back.

  • My product says another Apple ID already has support

    I have a Mac Mini and an iPad 3 that I am trying to add to My Devices in My Support Profile. When putting in their S/N, I get a meesage that says:
    "According to our records, this serial number is registered to another Apple ID. If you have more than one Apple ID, log in to My Support Profile with that Apple ID to see your other registered products. Not sure if you have another Apple ID? "
    Any thoughts?

    I have the same problem with a new iPad. I tried to register the new serial number while logged in, got a message saying I'd receive an email to confirm the registration - the email never arrived.
    Tried to register the iPad again, and get the original poster's error message, saying the SN is registered to another Apple ID.
    Logged in using each of my Apple IDs (iTunes ID, ID for iCould, and another older iTunes ID which I don't use anymore), and the iPad isn't registered to any of them. Worse yet, the landing page for support contact lists an old MacBook that I no longer own as my only device, but when I select "manage your products", the resulting list shows my correct product registrations (except the new iPad).
    The only anomaly I can think of (aside from the general mess that is Apple IDs mentioned by MoogNinja), is that I changed the Apple website country preference after registering the SN originally (it was defaulting to US - I'm in Canada). But I've tried using either country since then, with no luck. And that still doesn't explain why the support landing page shows the wrong product list.
    - logging in using various users - no luck
    - clearing cache and cookies and logging in again - no luck
    I'll be calling support tomorrow to try and figure this crap out.

  • Single key to deactivate Type tool and activate Selection tool ??

    The set of keystroke shortcuts on the CD that comes with Deke McClelland's InDesign One-on-One books has a shortcut that deactivates the Type tool and activates the Selection tool by pressing Enter key on the keypad. I can't even imagine working with text in InDesign without that shortcut!
    Question: Has anyone created a script to do the same thing in Illustrator? I don't know if Deke has included a similar shortcut for Illustrator because I as of CS3, the only Illustrator One-on-Ones from Deke are on CD ROMs that cost upwards of $150 on Amazon which I will not be purchasing (snarl).
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Jacob,
    Good to  hear from you.
    Actually, I want to activate the Selection tool outside the active text box, and often just deactivate the Type tool so I can get to another tool using it's keystroke short cut. For example, to go from the Type tool to the Frame tool without having to use the intermediate step of Command+click+V. Deke's shortcut allows me to keep one hand on the keyboard or the mouse and just perform a single action to deactivate the Type tool. The Enter key on the keypad is ideal for me because I mouse with my left hand.
    Cheers, T

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