How to remove the KF from cube .

How to remove the KF from cube , I am not able to .
When I drag the KF outside the structure , I am not able to .

Hi Jain,
If data is available in the Info cube we can not Edit,delet and Add a infoobject.But In BI7.0 we a option called remodeling in administration Tab.By this we can add a new infoobject or we can delet it nad we can edit it also.
i hope this will help u
assigne point if this help u
JT Goud

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    Please try the Mr. Laurence's suggestion first. Then, we may try the other workarounds.
    1) Go to Excel option> Advanced>Display Option for this worksheet> Uncheck Show a zero in cells that have zero value
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    Doug, your frustration is making you "bug" gun trigger happy. LOL
    LOL, I suppose I have.
    I believe the answer you are looking for is in the publishing preferences: under LMS advanced settings, look for the option: never send resume data.
    [can someone please confirm this - I am not at a desktop now]
    Anyhow, selecting this option will stop resume data - so the lesson will treat even returning learners as new. Hopefully, this will work for you.
    This works! Thank you again!
    *but* Why isn't Captivate asking the learner to make the choice of whether to start over or resume. It does this correctly if the lesson is published stand-alone.
    Thanks again!

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    Use this and update it to your requierement !
    SELECTION-SCREEN begin of line.
    PARAMETERS test(1) type c.
      SELECTION-SCREEN end of line.
      comm = 'test'.

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    It's all about the Garbage Collector ..
    There is a nice write up here :

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    Thanks for your help

    Go to the ESS role via Content Admin, then double click the workset (or page or iview) and in the drop down select navigation. Then click the <i>Yes</i> radio button of the "<i>Invisible in Navigation</i>" property.

  • How to remove the WiSM2 from the Catalyst 6500 series switch?

    Hello, can you explain to me how to safely remove the WiSM2 from the Catalyst 6500 series switch?
    According to the documentation "Catalyst 6500 Series Wireless Services Module 2 Installation and Verification Note":
    To remove the WiSM2, perform these steps:
    Step1     Shut down the module by one of these methods:
    In privileged mode from the router prompt, enter the hw-mod module mod shutdown command. NoteIf you enter this command to shut down the module, you must enter the following commands in global configuration mode to restart (power down, and then power up) the module:
    Router# no power enable module modRouter# power enable module mod
    If the module does not respond to any commands, press the SHUTDOWN button located on the front panel of the module.
    Step2     Verify that the WiSM2 shuts down. Do not remove the module from the switch until the POWER LEDis off.
    But, in the case of Step1 (1st methods) I do not see a option "shutdown"  in the command "hw-mod module 3"...
    All I prompted to enter is:
    c6500#hw-module module 3 ?
    boot           Specify boot options for the module through Power Management Bus control register
    reset          Reset specified component
    simulate  Simulate options for the module
    Is it hidden options? IOS version of c6500 is 12.2(33)SXJ1
    In the case of Step2 (2nd methods) there is not any button on the front panel of the module?
    And yet, it is better to remove the module configuration manually or use the command module clear-config prior to removing the module?

    Good catch.
    Which one is true, will get back to you on this if i've something soon.
    The above link is procedure to remove wism2. This procedure doesn’t look like wism2 is hot swapable.
    All modules, including the supervisor engine (if you have redundant supervisor engines), support hot swapping. You can add, replace, or remove modules without interrupting the system power or causing other software or interfaces to shut down. For more information about hot-swapping modules, see the Catalyst 6500 Series Switch Module Installation Guide.

  • How i remove the stand from an Intel iMac 17"  ???

    Please it possible to remove the stand from an intel based imac 17" . If yes how i do it?
    Thank you

    Only the 24" iMac models have user removable stands. To remove the stands from the 17" & 20" models requires opening and some disassembly of the computer. This is complicated and difficult, and would most likely void any warranty you have left on the machine if it was not done by a Certified Apple Technician.
    But it has been done by some users in the past;
    Why no VESA mount!? grrrr....

  • How to Remove the Icon from the OWL Screen

    Hi All,
    Can we remove the Icon from the OWL screen for some fields without removing the Hyperlink as in the standard for Opportunity for Account Fields as shown below:
    As in the above OWL screen, i have to remove the highlighted Icon.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Malkit Singh

    Hi Malkit,
    You can check Icon in Thing Type like COD_Account__TT screen.
    Once you are in TT screen just go to "Controller" and select "Thing Type Data" from left side pan.
    But how to remove it I don't have any idea.

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    how can I remove the focus from a tree, so that
    none of the elements in the tree is selected?
    I have tried using the following methods:
    None of them worked.
    Any help highly appreciated.

    it seems I have found a (dirty) workaround to this
    problem. If anyone is interested, details below:
    When the user clicks on a tree node (say A tree),
    I do the following:
    1. request focus on the tree selected by the user
       (say B tree):
      IWDTree foldersTree = 
    2. invalidate the A tree (which causes the tree
       to disappear)
    3. recreate the A tree (filling the context nodes)
    4. unselect the A tree:
    Thanks a lot to all of you who have responded.

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