How to Restrict Return Sales Order with reference to a cancelled invoice

SAP Standard is allowing to create Return Sales Order with reference to a cancelled invoice which practically should not be allowed.
Has any body worked on this problem and what could be the possible solutions so that return sales orders can not be created against a cancelled invoice.
Kindly share your possible solutions.

Hi Standard Process will not allow to create a Sales Order With Cancelled invoice,
Kindly go through at Copy Controls
in that some body might have maintained between S1 invoice to RE Sales Document.
Remove the settings then u will be not able to create Sales Order w.r.t to Cancelled Document.
Rewards if Usefull
B.Shyam Sunder
SAP SD Consultant

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    Dear All,
    I want to contol on creation of Sales order with reference to earlier SO?  While creation of sales order our enduser are creating sales order with reference to earlier month SO which I want to restrict. Recently I made changes in sales order like payment terms is grayed, system will atomatically pick pay terms from customer master.Now I am getting correct data also but enduser is using old SO no while creating new SO and old payment data is reflecting in fbl5n.
    I want to restrict enduser while creating new SO with ref. to old SO. Only for returns they should be able to use Billing refrence. Pl. suggest how to control the with reference to ealier SO.

    Nikhil Deshpande,
          If you dont want allow create a sales order in referent to other one, just delete the copy control between these sales order type, so when the user tries to create a SO in reference to other one a message is displayed that is not possible.

  • How can I create multiple sales orders with reference to one contract?

    Hello Gurus,
    Can you please how can I create multiple sales orders with reference to one contract?

    Lets consider example
    In your contract for line item 1 you have entered qty 100
    You careated sales order with 70 quantity, and now you want to creat another sales order for 30
    For this first you need to check what is your item category in contract (VA42)
    Goto VOV7
    SPRO - IMG  - Sales and distribution - Sales - Sales document item - Define item categories - Go to change mode
    Make the completion rule = B Item is completed after full quantity has been referenced

  • How can I create a sales order with reference to a purchase order?

    How can I create a sales order with reference to a purchase order?
    Thanks in advance...

    you can't create a sales order with reference to a purchase order. You can input customer PO nuber in the sales order Purchase Order number filed.

  • Creation of sales order with reference to Quotation using BAPI

    Hi All,
    I am using BAPI "BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2" for creating sales order. Can you please tell how can I create a sales order with reference to a Quotation.

    In your header structure, set like this:
      hdr-REF_DOC = i_order-vbeln.  "assign quotation # to sales order
      hdr-REFDOC_CAT = 'B'.         "assign Quotation to VBTYP_N.
    For each line item, set as follows:
    Assigning ref doc to create line item entries in VBFA.
        itm-REF_DOC    = i_order-vbeln.  "quote number
        itm-REF_DOC_IT = i_vbap-posnr.   "quote line item #
        itm-REF_DOC_CA = 'B'.
      data: ret_text type BAPIRET2.
          ORDER_HEADER_IN           = hdr
          convert                   = 'X'
          SALESDOCUMENT             = salesdoc
          return                    = ret_tbl
          ORDER_ITEMS_IN            = itm
          ORDER_PARTNERS            = prtnr
          ORDER_ITEMS_inx           = itmx
          ORDER_CONDITIONS_IN       = conds
          ORDER_CONDITIONS_INX      = condsx
          order_schedules_in        = schd_lin.
    Don't forget those points.

  • How to create a Sales order with ref to Contract using Function Module

    How to create a Sales order with ref to Contract using Function Module BAPI_SALESDOCU_CREATEFROMDATA ?

    We have a unique situation where we like change the sold-to customer of the sales order
    once order has been created. These orders have been created using either by function module
    BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_COPY or using BDC (VA01, Copy with reference).
    These two processes work abosolutely fine except someone might have change the sold-to
    customer of the ship-to customer of the original sales order. If this the case then the new
    sales order will be created with the old sold-to and with not the new sold-to.
    We tried using BAPI_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE and commit afterwards. We checked
    the returned parameteres of the BAPIs and they are all successful but sold-to remains the
    same old one.
    Any help would be much more appreciated.

  • Creation of sales order with reference - Zfields in Add data B are not cop

    Hi all,
              Please help me in the issue . I am creating sales order with reference to returns order . All item fields are getting copied but the Zfields which are added in addtional data b of sales order are not getting copied. Can anyone please let me know the procedure to copy the custom fields.
    Thanks in advance,

    The setting of field when copy by reference is best done in the copy rules.
    If you go to transaction VTAA, and look to the order type you are copying to, you will find a data transfer rule number. 
    Then go to transaction VOFM, menu option DATA TRANSFER -> ORDERS and find the matching data transfer rule number.
    Select and press the "Source text"  button, here you will find the data from the copied order in structure CVBAK, and you can apply the code to set the VBAK structure fields appropriately.
    This should then populate the data on the copied order.

  • Create sales order with reference to 10 quotation

    Create sales order with reference to 10 quotation I want to put all quotation means take reference in one sales order how I can do it because when tried va01 and taken reference of question it allow to put only one question number how can I do it for multiple question

    Hi Raj,
    If you come back to initial screen after coping the first quotation ,then system will ask you whetehr to save or cancel the data,if we select save then it will be saved immediately,else it will cancel.So ,it is not possible to copy more than one quaotation in standard SAP.The only option is to deveop a BDC with the help of abaper.
    We can only create this when header data is same in all the quotations.
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    We are creating a sales orders with reference to a quotation. When copying, we'd like to be able to include another new position type in the sales orders.
    For example:
    Where could we place this change?. We suppose when saving the sales orders. Does anybody know how could we make this change?.
    Thank you very much!.

    What do you mean by position type?
    Please use the language used by SAP so that it could be easily understood.
    What is ZTAB & IRSS. Are they materials?
    Regarding copying, this is a brief theory
    In copy control, you define control data for the document flow of sales documents.
    You can specify for a particular sales document type, which document type is to be assigned to copied reference documents, and which item categories or schedule line categories are to be copied.
    You must also make specifications for copying requirements and data transfer, as well as quantity and value updates in document flow.
    In precise, you are telling the system what data to copy from QT to sales order. It copies data from Quotation order type to Standard order type basing on settings you indicated in copying control.
    System won't do anything more than copying from preceding documents and it would transfer data based on copying rules in copy control.

  • Sales order with reference to quotation

    How to use BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 to create a sales order with reference to quotation? what parameters I need to fill in?

    I've also had this problem.
    In the past when faces with this requirement I have used
    BAPI_READ_SALES_DOCUMENT (Note:  I am away from a system today so that may not be the EXACT name of the funciton module but it's close ) to read in the document data from the quote, then transfer that data to the input structures of BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.  Seems to work reasonably well although it doesn't offer much in the way of automatic error handling.
    Hope this helps,

  • Create a sales order with reference to another one. (BAPI)

    Hi everybody,
    I'm trying to create a new sales order with reference to another one (That's important because of the documents flow).
    I'm using 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2' but I couldn´t do it yet. I've read some ideas about this kind of creation in this forum; but I still haven´t found the solution yet.
    Some ideas about the BAPI parameters I nedd to complete?
    Thanks in advance!!

    Go through this one
    *& Report ZSD_R_SALESORDER
    report zsd_r_salesorder1 line-size 132 message-id zmmbapi .
    *& Created By : shailaja
    *& Created on : 13.10.2007
    *& Requested By : vardhman
    *& Description of program :
    Internal table definition *
    data: gt_order_header_in like bapisdhead occurs 0 with header line,
    gt_return like bapireturn1 occurs 0 with header line, " Return Messages
    gt_order_items_in like bapiitemin occurs 0 with header line, " Item Data
    gt_salesdocument like bapivbeln-vbeln , "Number of Generated Document
    gt_order_partners like bapiparnr occurs 0 with header line, "Document Partner
    gt_return1 like bapiret2 occurs 0 with header line.
    Data definition *
    types: begin of ty_gt_ft_sales ,
    partn_numb(10) type n ,"Customer Number 1
    partn_role(2) ,"Partner function
    sales_org(4) , "Sales Organization
    distr_chan(2) , "Distribution Channel
    division(002), "DIVISION
    doc_type(4) , "Sales Document Type
    purch_no(020), "Purchase order
    material(18), "MATERIAL
    targetquantity(020),"Target quantity
    reqqty(020), "Req quantity
    reqdate(010), "req date
    ref_1(012), "Ref
    *PARTN_ROLE(2) ,"Partner function
    *PARTN_NUMB(10) ,"Customer Number 1
    end of ty_gt_ft_sales,
    begin of ty_header ,
    partn_numb(10) ,"Customer Number 1
    partn_role(2) ,"Partner function
    sales_org(4) , "Sales Organization
    distr_chan(2) , "Distribution Channel
    division(002), "DIVISION
    doc_type(4) , "Sales Document Type
    purch_no(020), "Purchase order
    end of ty_header,
    begin of ty_item,
    material(18), "MATERIAL
    targetquantity(020),"Target quantity
    reqqty(020), "Req quantity
    reqdate(010), "req date
    ref_1(012), "Ref
    end of ty_item.
    data : msg(240) type c, " Return Message
    e_rec(8) type c, " Error Records Counter
    rec_no(8) type c, " Records Number Indicator
    s_rec(8) type c, " Successful Records Counter
    t_rec(8) type c, " Total Records Counter
    v_matnr like mara-matnr,
    v_parvw type parvw.
    data : gt_ft_sales type standard table of ty_gt_ft_sales with header line.
    data : wa_gt_ft_sales type ty_gt_ft_sales,
    wa_order_items_in like gt_order_items_in,
    wa_gt_ft_sales1 type ty_gt_ft_sales,
    wa_header type ty_header,
    salesdocument like bapivbeln-vbeln.
    selection block for EXCEL UPLOAD FILE
    selection-screen begin of block b1 with frame title text-000.
    parameters file type ibipparms-path obligatory.
    selection-screen end of block b1.
    at selection-screen on value-request for file .
    perform getname.
    form getname.
    call function 'F4_FILENAME'
    program_name = syst-cprog
    dynpro_number = syst-dynnr
    file_name = file.
    skip 3.
    format color col_heading inverse on.
    write 40 text-001.
    format color col_heading inverse off.
    skip 1.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    write :/ text-002, 13 sy-mandt , 104 text-003, 121 sy-uname,
    / text-004, 13 sy-datum , 104 text-005, 121 sy-uzeit.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    skip 3.
    perform get_data.
    perform bapi.
    perform result.
    form result.
    t_rec = e_rec + s_rec.
    skip 3.
    format color col_total inverse on.
    write: /38 text-007, t_rec.
    format color col_total inverse off.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    write: /38 text-008, e_rec.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    format color col_total inverse on.
    write: /38 text-009, s_rec.
    format color col_total inverse off.
    *& Form get_data
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    form get_data .
    call function 'WS_UPLOAD' "#EC *
    filename = file
    filetype = 'DAT'
    data_tab = gt_ft_sales
    conversion_error = 1
    file_open_error = 2
    file_read_error = 3
    invalid_type = 4
    no_batch = 5
    unknown_error = 6
    invalid_table_width = 7
    gui_refuse_filetransfer = 8
    customer_error = 9
    no_authority = 10
    others = 11.
    if sy-subrc 0 .
    message e000.
    endform. " get_data
    *& Form BAPI
    form bapi .
    loop at gt_ft_sales into wa_gt_ft_sales.
    wa_gt_ft_sales1 = wa_gt_ft_sales.
    at new partn_numb.
    wa_header-doc_type = wa_gt_ft_sales1-doc_type..
    wa_header-sales_org = wa_gt_ft_sales1-sales_org . "'0001'
    wa_header-distr_chan = wa_gt_ft_sales1-distr_chan. "'01'
    wa_header-division = wa_gt_ft_sales1-division. " '01'
    wa_header-purch_no = wa_gt_ft_sales1-purch_no.
    wa_header-req_date_h = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqdate.
    input = wa_gt_ft_sales1-partn_role
    output = v_parvw.
    wa_header-partn_role = v_parvw.
    wa_header-partn_numb = wa_gt_ft_sales1-partn_numb.
    wa_header-unload_pt = wa_gt_ft_sales1-unload_pt.
    move-corresponding wa_header to gt_order_partners.
    move-corresponding wa_header to gt_order_header_in.
    append gt_order_header_in.
    append gt_order_partners.
    input = wa_gt_ft_sales1-material
    output = v_matnr.
    gt_order_items_in-material = v_matnr .
    gt_order_items_in-target_qty = wa_gt_ft_sales1-targetquantity . "'1000'
    gt_order_items_in-req_qty = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqqty.
    gt_order_items_in-req_date = wa_gt_ft_sales1-reqdate.
    gt_order_items_in-ref_1 = wa_gt_ft_sales1-ref_1.
    append gt_order_items_in.
    clear : wa_gt_ft_sales1,wa_header.
    at end of partn_numb.
    order_header_in = gt_order_header_in
    salesdocument = salesdocument
    return = gt_return
    order_items_in = gt_order_items_in
    order_partners = gt_order_partners.
    if gt_return-type eq 'E' .
    e_rec = e_rec + 1.
    read table gt_return with key id = 'V1'.
    format color col_negative inverse on.
    rec_no = e_rec + s_rec.
    concatenate text-006 rec_no ':'
    gt_return-message into msg separated by space .
    condense msg.
    write: / msg.
    format color col_negative inverse off.
    elseif gt_return-number = '000'.
    s_rec = s_rec + 1.
    format color col_positive inverse on.
    msg = 'SUCCESS'.
    condense msg.
    write: / msg .
    format color col_positive inverse off.
    write :/ salesdocument, 'Has been created'.
    perform commit_mm.
    clear: gt_return[], msg.
    endform. " SLALE_UPLOAD_DATA
    *& Form COMMIT_MM
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    form commit_mm .
    call function 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT'
    wait = 'X'
    return = gt_return1.
    clear: gt_order_items_inhttp://].\"GT_ORDER_CONDITIONS_IN[.
    endform. " COMMIT_MM
    inthis pass re_doc field in header...
    Edited by: Naresh kumar

  • Create sales order with reference to a contract

    Is there any BAPI/FM which can be used to create a sales order with reference to a contract.

    Hi Maninder/Srinivas ,
    Could you please provide your valuable inputs on the below query . I have posted a new thread , but haven't got any reply till now . Sorry for posting it again.
       I want to  create an order with reference to a sales contract using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2  .
    1) I passed the contract number to the field REF_DOC at header level , But I got the error message in return table  " Document 4000003639 doesn't have document category " where 4000003639 was the contract number . am i missing anything ? Is there any other values that has to be passed ?
    2) I also tried passing the contract number at item level  but the sales order was created without any reference to the contract .
    Thanks in advance

  • Create Sales order with reference to a Billing Document - Net price issue

    Hi Everyone,
        The Billing Document has one line item with Net value of 16,000. However, when I create the Sales Order with reference to the Billing Document, the net price shows 64,000.  When I check the Document flow of the Billing Document, there were two Contracts on top of my Billing Document. One is a contract with the overall status of "Being Processed" and this is where I checked the net value is 64,000. The next contract invoice is already completed (net value is 16,000).
        Has anyone encounter such case? How would I be able to create the sales order with reference to the Billing document and have the net value of what is in the Billing Document (16,000). Which part of the configuration is setting this up. Thanks!

    This is a very rare case, if you are sure of the scenario, would suggest you two alternatives:
    1) whenever you go against the flow of SAP, you have customize it, so its better you discuss this matter with your ABAP person.
    2) never tried it out but you can:
    you cannot see that in Billing Document that which is the sales document assigned to it, but to estblish that relationship,
    we do copy control setting from Billing Document to Sales Order type (T.Code:VTFA).
    Menupath: SPRO >> IMG >> Sales & Distribution >. sales >> Billing Document >> Copy Control >> Copy Control from Billing Document to Sales Order Type.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Create Sales Order With Reference to Billing Document Using BAPI_SALESORDER

    How can i create a sales order With Reference to Billing Document Using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2?
    Thanks in advance,

    I have to create sales order with reference to existing billing document. I have tried to following bapis.
    I have successfully created document with following details.
    DOC_TYPE =                  ZRK
    SALES_ORG =              3000
    DISTR_CHAN   =            00
    DIVISION =                    00
    ORD_REASON =            100
    SD_DOC_CAT   =          L
    CURRENCY       =         EUR
    REF_DOC          =         100000028
    REF_DOC_CA    =         M
    ITM_NUMBER    =           000010
    MATERIAL          =          701791
    TARGET_QTY     =          0000000001000
    CURRENCY        =          EUR
    REF_DOC           =          100000028
    REF_DOC_CA     =          M
    PARTN_ROLE      =          SP
    PARTN_NUMB      =         W12001
    COUNTRY             =         NL
    by providing this input i am able to create the document but it is not picking up the net value. so i have passed some extra paramters in  ORDER_ITEMS_IN
    COND_TYPE          =        PNET
    COND_VALUE        =        14,56
    COND_D_UNT        =         PC.
    folowing error is occured: Condition PNET is missing in pricing procedure A V Z0000.
    is it something related to configuration problem?
    I have used same test data that is used for BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDATA (where in i coudl succefully create doc). but here i encounterd following error.
    Unpermitted combination of business object BUS2032 and sales doc. category L.

  • Craete Sales Order with reference to Schedule Agreement

    Dear All,
    I want to create a sales order with reference to a schedule agreement.
    In case of quantity shortages in delivery of the schedule agreement  line item (Doc type - ZDS), customer want to send a replacement for the balance.
    This replacement is send using a new sales order (Doc type - ZREP). So the requirement is to refer the schedule agreement to keep the link between initial schedule agreement & the replacement order.
    I have maintain the relevant copy controls as well. (ZDS to ZREP)
    I have 2 type of item categories used in the schedule agreement (ZDS).
    LPN - this is for the normal delivery, billing. (Billing relevance - A in the Item category)
    ZPN - this is just to do the manufacturing. No delivery billing is done using this type. (Have Billing Relevance -BLANK)
    So when I try to create a Sales order w.r.t. Schedule agreement, only lines with ZPN shows me in the copying dialog.
    But I want to copy lines with LPN, not lines with ZPN.
    Any idea how to solve this?
    Thanks a lot !

    Thanks you very much for all replies !!!
    Dear Raj/Ankur,
    This replacement is due to quality issue in the initial sent material.
    So I'm sending the same material I sent earlier from the schedule agreement LI. Only difference is to capture the replacement, I use sales order type ZREP (VA01) other than schedule agreement.
    To give you more info on this,
    They use Item category ZPN to produce semi-finished goods & keep it ready for that customer. Once customer asked it with specific color, they do color it & deliver & bill. To do delivery & billing they use Item category LPN.
    Therefore each Scheduel agreement, they have one line with ZPN - only to production.
    one or more LI's with LPN - to do subsequent delivery & billing for that customer.
    So replacement should be created with reference to the LI with LPN. Because my initial delivery happened from that LI.
    Everything is in place as you have mentioned.
    I have maintained copy controls from ZDS to ZREP
    I have copy controls from Item Category LPN to my normal order Item category.
    I have schedule line copy control as well.
    Am I missing anything??
    And there is no issue with my Item category group & material master Item category group as well.

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