How to round values in CU41

I would like to round characteristic value in dependency code.

If this is your Original SQL statement, then it won't work.
You have to change the line in AFTER_PARAMETER_FORM trigger from
:lp_customer :=' AND account_number in ("44010","44020","44030")'to
     :lp_customer := ' account_number in (''44010'',''44020'',''44030'')';Then it will work.
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  • How to round value of container element in task description

    I am trying to round the value of the container element from 3 decimals to 2 decimals for display purposes.
    The command symbol in the task description is &_WI_Object_Id.OverallTotalCost&. I have looked at SAP Help and I have tried the suggestion of &_WI_Object_Id.OverallTotalCost(.2)& and &_WI_Object_Id.OverallTotalCost(Z.2)& with no success.
    I have also searched the sap-wug mailing list and SAP ITToolBox and found no references rounding a container element in a task description. I have seen code assigning a value to a packed decimal variable to round. But I have not been able to get this to work as a command in a description for a task.

    I created a new element in the container as suggested by Glauco and added the element binding in the workflow / task binding. Biggest hassle was finding a business object that had a type of 2 decimal places to use for the new container element.
    The reason why the SAPScript symbol for reducing the number of decimals does not work in Task texts is because the container elment symbols are resolved first as text. Therefore only the SAPScript commands that apply to text will work like length.

  • How to round the fractional values in Abap webdynpro?

    Hi Experts,
    I have designed a screen in which I have a field called ANZHL(which is numberic field of infotype14) It is a fractional digits which needs to be rounded when it comes to display in my webdynpro application?
    Here is my code .........
    How to round the ANZHL field ?
    **if start and end dates are changed then delete the old and insert the new else just mmodify the record
        if ws_0014_temp-begda ne ws_edit-begda or ws_0014_temp-endda ne ws_edit-endda.
          call function 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'
              infty         = '0014'
              number        = wd_this->w_pernr
              subtype       = ws_0014_temp-subty
              objectid      = ws_0014_temp-objps
              lockindicator = ws_0014_temp-sprps
              validityend   = ws_0014_temp-endda
              validitybegin = ws_0014_temp-begda
              recordnumber  = ws_0014_temp-seqnr
              record        = ws_0014_temp
              operation     = 'DEL'
              nocommit      = 'X'
              return        = w_bapireturn.
          " key                    = w_bapireturn.
          if w_bapireturn-type ca 'EA'.
            r_bapireturn = w_bapireturn.
          ws_0014 = ws_0014_temp.
          ws_0014-endda = ws_edit-endda.
          ws_0014-begda = ws_edit-begda.
          ws_0014-anzhl = ws_edit-anzhl.
                      call function 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'
              infty         = '0014'
              number        = wd_this->w_pernr
              subtype       = ws_0014-subty
              objectid      = ws_0014-objps
              lockindicator = ws_0014-sprps
              validityend   = ws_0014-endda
              validitybegin = ws_0014-begda
              recordnumber  = ws_0014-seqnr
              record        = ws_0014
              operation     = 'INSS'
              nocommit      = 'X'
              return        = w_bapireturn.
          " key                    = w_bapireturn.
          if w_bapireturn-type ca 'EA'.
            r_bapireturn = w_bapireturn.
          ws_0014 = ws_0014_temp.
          ws_0014-anzhl = ws_edit-anzhl.
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    For that attribute, you want to display the decimal values or what.

  • How to use rounded values in BEx Formulas

    I have the following question. Is it possible to use rounded values up to a certain # of decimal points in BEx Formulas?
    I have the following problem.
    Consider this:
    keyfigure val 1 = 0.416666667
    keyfigure val 2 = 72
    val 3 (BEx Formula)  = val 2 / val 1 = 172.799999862
    However, what I need to do is this.
    val 1 & val 3 should rounded up to 2 decimal points. So, I really need the report to show this:
    val1 = 0.42
    val2 - 72
    val 3 = val 2 /val 1 = 171.43
    I changed the number of decimal places on val 1 and val3 to be 0.00. However, it appears that these rounded values are not taken into account in  the Formulas, as if the OLAP still uses the original values from the backend with 9 decimal points. So, no matter how many decimal points I use on the Display tab for a key figure, my val3 or result of my formula is always taking into account the 9 digit decimal values, not rounded values that I want. So in the example above, my val 3 comes to 172.80, which it should be 171.43 instead of you use the rounded values in the calculation.
    Please let me know if there is any workaround where I could force my BEx Formula to utilize the rounded values and not actual values from the backend DSO. Or any other solution.
    Thank you

    If you create a Formula in BEx Query Designer like the one below, it works:
    val3 = val2 / ( TRUNC ( ( val1 * 100 + 0.5 ) ) / 100 )
    The TRUNC function (among other things) actually ensures that your formula takes into account the rounded values that you want.

  • How to change PR Qty before rounding value is applied during MRP run?

    Hi, SAP gurus~
    I have an inquiry about how to change the PR qty of specific raw material before rounding value was applied during MPR run.
    Here is a simple example for what I needed.
    -SAP Original Logic
    1. Original requirement Qty: 190
    2. Rounding value at Material Master (MRP1 View): 200
         System will suggest PR Qty 200 at MD04.
    -My Customer Requested Logic
    1. Original requirement Qty: 190
    2. Additional buffer Qty for C/S purpose: 10 % of Original requirement.
    3. Rounding value at Material Master (MRP1 View): 2000020
         Requirement Qty would be 209 (190 + (190 x 10%) ) before rounding value is applied and system should suggest PR Qty 400 at MD04.
    -     I input assembly/component scrap rates (10 %) at Material master for above purpose, but it doesn`t not work for raw material.
    -     I tested the BADI (MD_PURREQ_CHANGE/ method: CHANGE_BEFORE_SAVE_MRP), but I can only change the PR Qty, which rounding value already applied.
    How can I change the PR qty during MRP run before rounding value is applied? Is there any other method or User-exit possible to solve above problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear ,
    How can I change the PR qty during MRP run before rounding value is applied? :
    Simple way is goto MD04 with your material and plant code -Select the PR-Hit the pencil (change mode ) -Choose qty field  and change , SAVE at individual level .Or Use : MEMASSRQ - Mass Maintenance
    If you want to use User Exit , then you try a work around :
    M06B0001 Role determination for purchase requisition release
    M06B0002 Changes to comm. structure for purchase requisition release
    Try and let us know if u have any issue .

  • How to cancel rounding value check when convert pr to po use me59n or me59

    hello every one,
            I have a requisition that,customer want to cancel rounding value check when converting purchase requisition to purchase order use me59n or me59,but they want keep the function of check rounding value when create purchase requisition as mrp run.
            does anyone happen to meet samiler question?Is there any way to solve it?
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    what do you think based on what SAP should know whether it has to do rounding or not?
    Why should SAP not round if a rounding rule is entered?
    when a human is converting the PR to a PO, then a warning message is issued, if the user then enters  the old quantity again, SAP accepts it.
    A background program cannot do such decisions, it has to rely on given master data.

  • How to cancel rounding value check when convert pr to po use me59n

    dear all,
            I have a requisition that,customer want to cancel rounding value check when converts pruchase requisition to purchase order use
    t-code me59n,but they want keep the rounding value check when create purchase requisition when mrp running.i look up enhancement for this function,but didn't find has any one can tell me a way to solve this question?
           thanks a lot!
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    does anyone know it?

  • How to round numbers using javascript in Adobe Acrobat Pro?

    How to round numbers using java script in Adobe Acrobat Pro?
    For example:
    1.2 becomes 1.0
    1.7 becomes 2.0
    Thank you.

    Assuming you've already set the field to a Number format category and limited it to one digit to the right of the decimal, you can use the following custom Validate script:
    // Custom Validate script
    event.value = Math.round(event.value);
    More info: d

  • BADI for Changing Deployment Rounding Value

    Hello All,
          During my Deployment run I need to consider the rounding value from the /sapapo/marm table and not from the product master. So I need a badi or user exit to change the rounding value for deployment run. Do let me know how I can achieve this.

    Dear Tiemin,
           Thanks for your reply. But I need a BADI which needs to work when there is no Fair Share situation. It will be great if you provide me which suits for it.

  • Rounding value for direct procurement

    I an sourcing the same material from another plant within the same client. The materiale is some times purchased as a standard material using rounding value and going to stock. But, in some cases the material is procured as direct procurement. When purchasing for direct procurement will it then be possible not to use the rounding value but just order the exact quantity?

    Hi Andres,
    I think, you do not need to take any action on this requirement.  SAP works the way you wanted, by standard.  For example, you have a setup with a vendor (may be via info record or material master itself may have rounding qty etc)...not a problem.  The parameters you use in material master will control for procurement process either triggered from planning (or production ) or manual purchases.  When you create a SO# and if it triggers a purchase requisition, it sends exact quantity required only, into the preqs.  By standard SAP config, the message about rounding rules is just warning.  I don't think you will be stuck with this message when you try to convert the 3rd party Preq to PO.  Even if there is a message, it must just warning. 
    Let me know with these inputs, if you test both types of PO#s, how it goes.

  • Rounding Values while creating purchase requisitions using ME51N

    Hi MM Experts,
    I have created some materials with a Rounding Value maintained in MRP1 View of the material master.
    Whenever I raise a purchase order, the order quantity rounds off to the value maintained in the material master which is the correct functionality.
    But when i try to create a purchase requisition using ME51N, the rounding functionality doesn't work.
    Example: Rounding value (in MRP1 view) of a material is 25.
    The order quantity entered is 4. But before saving the PURCHASE ORDER the order quantity will be changed to 25(which is the rounding value). This is the correct functionality but doesn't happen with the PURCHASE REQUISITION (ME51N)
    Can someone guide me on how to make the rounding value work for purchase requisitions when using ME51N?
    Thanks in advance.

    i had the same problem with a company.
    i did not find any customizing possibilities.
    I solved it with BAdI ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST
    Method PROCESS_ITEM.
    I hope this helps

  • Rounding Value,Minimum Lot Size and Maximum Lot Siz parameters

    Hello Gurus,
           Please explain me the what is the use of the parameter Rounding Value
    ,Minimum Lot Size and Maximum Lot Size parameters in the product master and how does it in impact during the Heuristic Run?

    Rounding value is the incremental quantities in which the order can be produced/procured. Eg. if orders are possible with quantities 40,60, 80, 100 etc..then rounding value is 20.
    Min lot size is the minimum quanity in which order can be produced eg. 40 in above example
    Max lot size is the maximum quanitity in which the order can be produced/procured. eg. 100 in our example
    Impact on Heuristic run: heuristics takes all the above parameter to plan supply order. eg. if requirement is 55, it will supply plan for 60. If requirement is 120, it will produce two orders - one for 100 and the other for 20. if the reuqirement is 10, the order size will be 40.
    Hope this helps.

  • Rounding Values

    Hi Gurus
    Please assist.
    We have a custom program that creates PO using sap standard BAPI BAPI_PO_CREATE. The problem we are experiencing is that we would like to pass our own PO Item Quantity but because rounding values are maintained in the material master data the master data value is created on the PO.
    How do I override the rounding value from the material master with a different value.
    Your assistance with be appreciated.

    could you post with example , so that it will be easy to give solution
    Thanks ,

  • Round Value

    I have created a formula which is as follow :
    New Month Target : NODIM('Less Sales to Month End(Target)')
    Result for above is as follow :
    Micra  -  Livina  -  TIDA -  Qashqai -  X-Trail - PathFinder -    TOTAL PASSENGER
      1            6            2         2             4          1                             16
    Minumum Stock Holding @50% Target : CEIL(('NEW MONTH TARGET"(STOCK REQUIREMENT)*0.5)).
    I get value result as follow :
    Micra  -  Livina  -  TIDA -  Qashqai -  X-Trail - PathFinder -    TOTAL PASSENGER
      1            3            1        1              2                 1                       8
    The total result should be 9 as i have rounded value but i am getting 8,is there any way i can get the result value to be 9.
    Please help with this and thanks a lot.

    Thanks for this but is it possible to give me step by stop how to do that formula as mention.

  • BOM Rounding value Problem

    We are maintaining the BOM components as ,058 but when in to the rounding value  while exploding the BOM to 1 , how to explode the BOM with the actual value ? Any help will be highly appreciated

    Goto CUNI , Increase the "Decimal pl.rounding = 3" for BOM component unit of measure  under the "Unit of Measurement " tab.

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