How to set Shift_JIS as output  decoding?

How can I configure a web application output stream uisng Shift_JIS as default encoding
in Sun Java(TM) System Web Server 6.1 2005Q4 SP6 ?
Is there any parameter in sun-web.xml able to server such a purpose?
Any help would be appreciated.
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  • How to set up the output device in output determinatin with customer master

    I am doing the output determination using customer master and not conditions technique.  Can anybody please let me know how to set up the output device . I have done the following:
    1)  assigned output determination procedure DB00001 to acct group 0001
    2)  added output type BA00 to customer master documents tab with print as the medium.
    3)  On creating a sales order and changing it its giving the message
    BA00     515     No printer defined for output BA00
    Please provide me with some suggestions , how to resolve this issue.

    1. tcode V/30 -> check BA00 type -> goto  "print" tab -> what's set in the "print param." field?
    2. IMG ->SD -> basic functions -> output control -> define print parameters -> V1 output -> for BA00 output type -> Assign a default printer. This is related with the "print param." set in step 1.
    For example: if "print parame." is set to '1' in V/30, then the default printer is assigned to sales organization.
    You can check F4 search help on the "print param." field (in V/30) to see what options you have.
    If you want to specify printer by customer account, you may need to use userexit.
    Edited by: Harry Wu on Jun 23, 2010 9:18 AM

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    If you wan to to set password or other security for your output merged PDF, how to do? there is the tutorial:

    If you have a credit card, add it to your account, then you'll just be asked to verify your CVV code instead. You can remove it after.

  • How to set a default output device for FAX outputs

    Hi Experts,
    Business requires to set a default output device for fax outputs ( Medium as 2 Fax medium ).
    as fas as print output ( medium as 1 print medium ) is considered we can maintain output device in condition record--> communication
    I tried maintaining output device in VP01 for my condition type based on sales org but it did not worked.
    Can you please suggest ways to achieve default output device for fax outputs.

    Well, obvious solution would be to either update user profiles or change the output from 'process immediately' to 'process by a background job'. Then create a generic user ID with any fax number desired and use that user ID to process the output through the background job.
    This is not really an SD question, so if this simple option doesn't work for you, I'd suggest to discuss other custom solution with your ABAP / Basis team.

  • How to set a digital output using a switch on the operator interface?

    Hi, is it possible to set a digital output using a switch on the operator interface?

    Unfortunately, no.  It is on our hit list...
    This account is no longer active. Contact ShadesOfGray for current posts and information.

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    How do I set the default sound output?  I'm outputting to a USB converter but Mavericks switches to internal speakers on its own with no warning, most times in the middle of a song. Doesn't matter whether I'm using iTunes or a 3rd party music playback app.

    I too have the same setup as you and use my streamer with all of my Apple devices. I've found it necessary to turn off Bluetooth in the devices I don't want to connect to when they are all within range of one another. If you don't need Bluetooth on your Mac turn it off. I've also found that if I'm connected to my Mac and a call comes in to my iPhone that the phone will take priority.

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    I would like the soundsticks to remain connected whenever they're within range, but I want my macbook's internal speakers to be the default sound output even if the soundsticks are connected. I can't seem to set output device preferences in the sound preferences panel.
    - will

    I dont have a solution, but there is a thread on this topic already.

  • How to set correct audio output while using external screen for presentation purposes over a wire

    while trying to make a presentation or simply playing a video from my MacBookAir over thunderbolt/HDMI table to large screen I am experiencing problems with audio only being played from the MBA and not the soundsystem built in to that screen (unless using a VLS application and manually selecting the audio output target).
    Please help in finding how to steer audio output device  using 2in1 cable such as thunderbolt?

    Hi jar9,
    If you are not hearing audio over your HDMI/Thunderbolt connection, you may want to see if it is showing up as a selectable audio output as outlined in the following article:
    OS X Mavericks: If you can’t hear sound from your speakers
    - Brenden

  • How to set a different output format as part of the Concurrent request

    We are on EBS and we are also using XML Publisher 5.6.2. We have few Excel output reports. The issue we are having is that when we defien these reports as a concurrent program, the options for output always defaults to PDF. The end user has to alter this every time to Excel as part of the options, even though we know, the output is always going to be an excel output.
    Is there a way to default other than PDF. If not, is there any enhnacement request to default it from the template.
    - Vasu -

    thats right that default format is pdf but u can change this ... if u want the out put format as excel go to Oracle xml administrator responsibility -->administrator tab
    and change the default format as you required.
    otherwise .... if u want to change it while submiting the request .... go to submit request ... u find one options tab there click on it and change the format as well as template ..... or language if u want to change.
    also once u submit the request ... u can go to window menu and go for reprint and republish .... there also u can change the format and all.
    Ratnesh P

  • How to set timezone or output format returned by "current-dateTime()"?

    I would like to record a datetime stamp in log message I write at various points in my workflow.  When I build my log message using "concat(current-dateTime(), blah blah blah)" the time is formatted in what we used to call zulu time which appears to correspond to GMT, e.g.:
    2011-02-11T15:35:02Z: Begin processing file 0101-376547-377-109-0.pdf
    Is there a way to get control of how this data and time are formatted other than retrieving each component individually and concatinating the pieces manually?
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    your created  data
    step 1
    I create excel data like this
    year___ | month_ | Product | revenue
    02-04-09 | 02-04-09 | a | $4,154
    03-04-09 | 03-04-09 | b | $6,813
    04-05-09 | 04-05-09 | a | $9,875
    05-06-09 | 05-06-09 | b | $6,813
    06-04-10 | 06-04-10 | a | $6,813
    07-04-10 | 07-04-10 | b | $9,875
    08-06-10 | 08-06-10 | a | $9,875
    22-06-10 | 22-06-10 | b | $6,813
    In this, year and month both are same data, make the diffent data like year  2009, 2010  And month Jan, Feb, March, ...Etc 
    and also one more check you formulas on month and year, select correct source data, destination data  for compoonent..
    from above, to create a date column and convert  date-->year, date--> month and Explore it.
    All the best,

  • Set up an output determination

    Dear All,
    Our deliveries operations to customers are handle by a third party. We are facing an issue related to timely document transmission from our office to this third party warehouse location. To solve this issue we need your help on how to set up an output determination in SD that can output document to a default SAP printer and at the same time send an e-mail to the third party. This external recipient (third party) should therefore receive an e-mail with a PDF attachment containing the form image of the document printed on SAP printer in our office.
    Our current output determination settings cannot perform the task of sending a copy of a document via external email.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    For your question,
    Firstly you had better define two output type (I.E. condition type), one is for sold-to party, the other is for the third party, which maybe is your forwarder, and so on!
    Secondly revise your access sequence of output control, deactivate the indicator of "Exclusive" in the access sequence table;
    At last generate the condition records: for sold-to party, select "1Printoutput" as the message transmission method and define the default SAP printer; for third party, select "5External send" and define the "Dispatch time" as "Send immediately (when saving the application)".
    That will be okay!
    Good luck

  • Set My Report output to A4 Size

    Hi All,
    May i know how to set my report output automatically to set to A4 size
    Thanks in Advance
    Have a NIce day

    Hi Tim
    Thanks for your response.
    I have used landscape mode and as my table in the report are wide and at present the pdf is generated in letter size .
    Is there any way to restrict my output to A4 so that they wont need to change any print settings before they take the print .As i cannot use the A4 size paper in design as many of reports tables are wide.
    Have a Nice day.

  • How to set AO channel to 0 value when VI stopped

    when a VI stopped, the AO channel stopped on the level it's get, how to set these analog output to zero when stop a vi?

    As a second option (and if your device supports it ) you could set the property "Idle Output Behavior"
    see here:
    and here:

  • How to set NLS character set for report 9i servlet output?

    I am running a Reports 9i report. My problem is that the output HTML file is UTF8 encoded while ALL my 9iASR2 registry setting are set to EEISO8859P2. When I issued the http://<host:port>/reports/rwservlet/showenv?server=servername command it returned that the NLS setting is UTF8.
    Can somebody please help me, how to set this environment variable for the report servlet to EE..P1? Thank you in advance.
    Tamas Szecsy

    recently I got this from Oracle support. :-(. Currently when I set the Windows 2000 local and default local to Hungarian and the charset to EE..P2 then I get Central-European encoded charset. I think you will have to experience around to get correct result (if it is possible at all).
    marked as fixed in . unfortunately this bug is not published so I will not be able to sent you the bug as a whole but here is problem description in bug:
    iAS9. (Reports9. on Solaris2.8
    Running rdf with rwservlet sends the invalid charset at the http header.
    Say ias is up with LANG=C, http header for the rwservlet
    is always sent as "iso-8859-1" regardless of rwserver's NLS_CHARACTERSET.
    This is the TCP/IP packet for the GET /reports/rwservlet?report=xxx&....
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 01:15:37 GMT Cache-Cont
    rol: private Content-Language: en Server: Oracle9iAS/9.0.2 Ora
    cle HTTP Server Oracle9iAS-Web-Cache/ (N) Content-Leng
    th: 6908 Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 Set-Cooki
    In this example, to produce a html with other charset than
    iso-8859-1,usually the outputted html has the charset information at
    meta tag by setting "Before Report Value" property in rdf.
    However charset in meta tag is less priority than http header, browser
    such as IE6 or Netscape7 firstly displays the page in iso-8859-1.
    Hence the characters other than iso8859p1 gets garbage.
    To workaround it with IE6/NS7, set proper encoding manually.
    ('View'-'Encoding' for IE 'View'-'Character coding' for NS7 )
    However, NS4.7 does not have workaround for it.
    Besides, starting opmn in LANG=ja, the rwservlet's http header becomes
    Shift_JIS!!. Thus rwserver seems to set the http header based on the
    LANG on Solaris.
    To fix these issues,
    - The http header for rwservlet shold be based on the nls_characterset
    for the rwserver.
    This is no problem for reprots jsp run.

  • How to set default file path while downloading alv output

    Can anyone tell me that how to set default file path while downloading the ALV output to system using Local file button on tool bar.
    Please look below screenshots:
    Kindly help me resolve it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ashutosh Katara

    This information initial value is (maybe) stored in Windows Register (register.exe) at Software\SAP\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server\Filetransfer -> PathDownload, you can read it thru class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES method GET_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD_PATH and update it thru method REGISTRY_SET_VALUE. (Else there may be some parameter ID to force data, but I'm no longer sure)

Maybe you are looking for

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