How to Track the changes made to the custom table field value

I want to track the changes made to the custom table field value in table maintenance generator.please help me it is very urgent
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Satya,
These are the steps you've to do.
1. Enable the change document flag in the data element level for the fields of the tables you want to monitor.
2. Go to transaction SCDO. Create a new change object, and add your table to this object. After generation, you'll get a function module.
3. Call this function module in the table maintainence generator screen, after the data is saved to the database table. This function module automaticallly writes the changes, with the old and new values, and the fields that were changed to the tables CDHDR and CDPOS.
4. You can keep track of the changes made to the table by monitoring these tables.
Anil Madhavan

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    Hi all,
           can we track the changes made to the custom table field values. if yes..plz specify how it can be done.
    Example: if i changed the  value of field  'NAME' of table 'YYHCUSTOMER'. i would like to know the old value and the new value of the field. For this, I set the flag 'LOG DATA CHANGES' in the technical settings of the table 'YYHCUSTOMER'.

    -> try TA: SCU3
    regards Andreas

  • How to find out the changes made to the customized table entries

    Hi Team
    i want to know the changes made to the customized table. i have a 'Z' table in my production system, in that table i would like to know whether any table entry is deleted or not. if at all there is any deletion happened, i want to know who had done it.
    So i request you to please let me know the procedure for the same.

    Hi Nagaraju,
                       Go to Table Maintenance (SM30)- Display mode-- Utilities-- change Logs. Give the Date range. before giving the date range click on display status , this will show you If the display is active or not. Kindly please let me know If you need any more information on this.
    Ram Pedarla

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    Hi Chandra,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am using SAP AS Java of NWDS 7.3 to deploy the application developed in SAP UI5. Below is the sceen shot of that,
    But after deploying if I change any portion that is not reflecting.
    Thanks and regards,

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    The changes made in the WAD web template is not replicating on web browser result.
    I went to transaction SMICM, then choose "Goto" from the top menu. From there, go to HTTP Server Cache, then choose Invalidate, then choose Global in system. With this thing also it didnt slove.

    Clear your browser cache also and see if the changes are visible.....

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    Working with a Retina Macbook Pro and current software
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  • How to populate custom table field value into standard DFF

    Hi Gurus
    I am newbie to the OAF
    I have a requirement to populate the custom table field value into standard DFF. we enabled the DFF in ReqDistDFFOnAcct(po_req_distributions_all). On the requisition tab as soon as i click on the checkout button, the custom field value has to be shown in the requisition distributions DFF field along with the standard Columns like charge account, percent, qty and when we click on the next button, it has to hit the base table ie., po_req_distributions_all.
    the standard columns data is showing the screen. how to acheive this requirement programatically
    There is a EO for the req distributions table. please help me how to achevie this requirement.
    Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You!

    Thanks Aj. Finally i made some progress....but i am getting an error in the inst_top OPMN folder 10/10/08 15:37:14 Error: <connector name="OracleASjms" path="OracleASjms.rar" /> will not be bootstrapped since corresponding module declaration was not found in application.xml. I cleared the cache, bounced the webserver. Could not able to understand what is this error
    Following is the code that i have written. I am not able to find out what is the error. please help me how to fix this error. there is no changes in the page and the value is not auto populating. the page is having the normal behaviour as the standard one.
    Thanks in Advance for your help...
    public class xxCheckoutDistsCO extends CheckoutDistsCO
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    String UnitId="";
    //First get the Application Module
    OAApplicationModule am = pageContext.getApplicationModule(webBean);
    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject)am.findViewObject("PoRequisitionLinesVO");
    String Reqlineid="";
    String Linenum="";
    String DeliverLoc="";
    if(vo.first() !=null)
    Reqlineid= vo.first().getAttribute("RequisitionLineId").toString();
    Linenum = vo.first().getAttribute("LineNum").toString();
    DeliverLoc = vo.first().getAttribute("DeliverToLocationId").toString();
    // if(pageContext.isLoggingEnabled(OAFwkConstants.STATEMENT))
    // pageContext.writeDiagnostics("TEST >", Reqlineid,1);
    // pageContext.writeDiagnostics("TEST >", Linenum,2);
    // pageContext.writeDiagnostics("TEST >", DeliverLoc,3);
    String Querry="select amli_icx_oaf_utils.get_blding_unit_id (?,?,?) from dual";
    PreparedStatement ps=am.getOADBTransaction().getJdbcConnection().prepareStatement(Querry);
    ResultSet rs=ps.executeQuery();
    // ps.execute();
    // am.getOADBTransaction().commit();
    while (
    System.out.println(" Query Results ");
    UnitId= rs.getString(1);
    System.out.println(" first > ");
    catch(SQLException a)
    System.out.println(" Error "+a);
    System.out.println(" Second > ");
    System.out.println(" Third > "); ----the program is executing upto is not setting the value after this.
    OAViewObject povo = (OAViewObject)am.findViewObject("PoReqDistributionsVO");
    if(povo.getCurrentRow()!=null ) --------If i remove this condition i am getting the nullpointer exception in page.....
    System.out.println(" Fourth > ");
    // if(pageContext.isLoggingEnabled(OAFwkConstants.STATEMENT))
    // pageContext.writeDiagnostics("TEST >", UnitId, 1);

  • Track any changes made to the database.

    HI All,
    I've been assigned the task, where I need to track down any changes made to that schema objects, pl/sql objects and. Now, is there any procedure or package which can make it possible.
    hare krishna

    I actually want to track all the changes in one perticualr schema. tables,
    indxes , views and pl/sql objects.Okay, I'm going to presume that means you want to track DDL changes in the nominated schema.
    the proper way to do this is not to track DDL changes in the nominated schema. Instead you set up a source control repository external to the database and store all the DDL scripts (i.e. files) there. If anybody wants to make a change to an object they have to check out the relevant script(s) and make the changes there. Once they have completed their changes they check the script back in. All builds of live (i.e. UAT and Production) systems must be done using scripts from the SC repository.
    This may sound complicated and some people who have been used to a more cowboy approach will complain. But it is the only sensible way to manage change in a database. I have the scars to prove it. Listen to the voice of experience.
    Cheers, APC
    Blog :

  • How can I get my phone to stop deleting my changes made in Address book without deleting the changes made on the iPhone?

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    Now... what's happening is I'm getting the message: syncing your contacts will change more than 5% of the contacts on the COMPUTER. So that means, all the bulk changes I just made in address book on the computer are going to get deleted and replaced with what is originally on the phone. That's not what I want. I want to change what's on the phone with the changes I made on the computer in address book. Make sense? How do I do that? Because I don't necessarily want to wipe out everything on the phone because I don't know if that has been transferred to the address book... So If I added some phone numbers within the last month (i don't remember the last time I synced my phone), then I would loose them if I chose to replace information on the phone with what's on the computer (there's an option to do that under info when syncing).
    Does that make sense? Please let me know it this is at all confusing. I'm really trying to resolve this before Saturday early morning ... My mom is going out of town and it's her work phone, so I need to figure this out for her. Thanks a bunch!

    I'm glad to hear that you have found a work-a-round so that your device works while making calls meanwhile being connected to Bluetooth to your automobile.
    At this time, based on the way the device was manufactured, there is no setting available that will allow this change to be permanent. When the device is rebooted, the settings may be adjusted which will require you to manually change back to CDMA only mode if needed.
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  • How to stop the changes made for the BP in CRM not to update in R/3

    Hello Gurus''
    we are in need of help......i have an issue...the issue is
    Wht ever the changes we do in crm , need to be not updated in r/3 ....for example if we change the the language for the BP 100 in CRM, it should not update in R/3
    Where as in our case the data is updateing in R/3
    Here by requesting you all to help me out how to stop the updaation of some changes  which are made in CRM , that should not be in R/3
    Point will be given......
    sreeram Raghu

    Thanks for ur reply.........
    We have the following business process
    We create BP with role prospect in CRM, once the prospect is ready to buy the product we conver the prospet in to customer and thesame  customer is replicated in R/3 fro sales.
    What i am looking at is for the customer we created in CRM if we change any data that should be updated in r/ may be nay like name address ...language....etc.....
    can u help me u told me to unassig/delete the subcription:All Business partner(MESG) under that we have --
    >publication>All BP(MESG)->Replication object-->Bupa_Main
    If we do this process does the issue will fix or else we need to do soem thing more...
    Thanks in advance
    Sreeram Raghu
    +91-99 94 94 82 72

  • How do I see the changes made in the settlement rule?

    Dear Experts,
    I would like to see the changes that was done in the settlement rule. I have perform the following:
    In the 'maintain settlement rule' screen in project builder (CJ20N) - Goto > Change Document > All Rules.
    The system gives message that 'no change documents found - message no KD128'.
    Q: Is there any difference between settlement rule and distribution rule?
    Q: Is there anywhere else that I need to do to get the change document in settlement rule or distribution rule?
    FYI - I have change the project profiles to include(tick) change document in the Basic Data and Status Management. I believe this is not relevant to change in settlement rule.
    I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    Abt your first question,
    You need a settlement rule to carry out settlement. You define the settlement rule in the sender object. The settlement rule contains the distribution rules and the settlement parameters for a sender object.
    You can maintain the settlement rule for WBS elements or networks/activities in an overview screen. You use distribution rules to stipulate which proportions of the costs are to be settled to which receiver. Costs can be distributed on the basis of:
    1. Percentages
    2. Equivalence numbers
    3. Fixed amounts
    To check changes done , you can also check t code CN60.

  • How to track what changes made in process order?

    Hello Friends,
    I want to find out the changes done in process order after its creation.Right now in administration tab in process order i can find the date , time and user name who made the last change.But even i want to see what changes that user made.So where can i find out this data?
    Thanking you guys in advance.

    chek this thread can be help full

  • What happens to the changes made to the standard OTR texts in E-recruitment

    Hi all,
    I have to change the <b>OTR texts of e-recruitment</b>. But I doubt whether they remain changed or overwritten in upgrade if I directly change the OTR text itself.
    Any one please help me in this issue.
    If I want to keep the changes in upgrade how should I proceed.
    Thanks in advance.

    Yoy will get propbaly SPAU. Check for details.
    Therefore it's advisable to make a copy of standard SAP stuff.
    PS. Reward useful answers and earn points yourself

  • HT1386 How do I designate a playlist for my Ipod shuffle to sync to? I have edited the playlist that was set for autofill (several versions of Itunes ago) and now it no longer changes the songs regardless of the changes made to the playlist.

    My IPod Shuffle plays the same songs regardless of how I have edited my playlist.

    Hi there,
    You may find the article below helpful.
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Set up syncing for iPod, iPhone, or iPad
    -Griff W

  • How to reflect the changes made in the internal table?

    I changed one field of the internal table.
    i used
    modify workarea.  in the loop.
    when i am debugging that row is getting modified but after execution when i am displaying that changes are not reflected. why?

    hi it should work, just check whether u have worked correctly with SY-TABIX..
        V_SYTAB = SY-TABIX.
        AT NEW VBELN.
          IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
                      WHERE VBELN = IT_VBRK-VBELN.
    <b>Check this code too where we assign Sy-Tabix to another variable</b>
        CTAB = SY-TABIX.
          IF SY-SUBRC  = 0.
            IT_VBRK-BUTXT = IT_T001-BUTXT.
            CLEAR CTAB.
    <b>Award points if found helpful</b>

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