How to use query print layout design

i have a sql query and i want to see its result on report with the help of print layout design.

In addition to Tuvia's answer, here is the printing procedure of query PLD:
Printing User-Defined Queries
After you have linked a user-defined query to a user report template, you can print it according to its linked print layout.
To print a user-defined query, use one of the following two procedures:
Using the Query Print Layout window:
1. Choose Tools u2192 Queries u2192 Query Print Layout.
2. Choose the Reports tab page and select the query you would like to print.
3. Choose File u2192 Print.
The user-defined query is printed according to its linked print layout.
Using the Queries Manager window:
1. From the toolbar, choose with the quick info text Queries Manager.
2. Select the query you would like to print.
3. Choose File u2192 Print.
The user-defined query is printed according to its linked print layout.
You can also display a print preview for user-defined queries. To do so, choose File u2192 Print Preview.
Printing User-Defined Queries with Variables
When a user-defined query contains variables, its linked print layout will also display the variables data and print them.
In the print layout linked to that query, you can see that an additional area containing the condition's parameters was added
There is pdf file relate to Query PLD in  the SAP service marketplace website.

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  • Help me . Query in " Query Print layout Design "

    Hi Everybody .
    I Design Report by Query Print layout Design , So when I run Report , I see Message : " Table not found Administrator (OA DM)" .
    This is My Query .
    ( Note :this  Query is run ok in Microsoft SQL  . )
    Select Cast(left([dbo].[Get_rate](T0.BatchNum,left(T0.Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType),5)       as nvarchar(50))+ Cast(T0.BatchNum as nvarchar(50))As No_Number    ,  T0.TaxDate As Date       ,     case left(T0.Account,4)when '1112'then '0.00'     when '1122'then'0.00' else           [dbo].[Get_11](T0.BatchNum,left(T0.Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType)end  as Amount1              , case left(T0.Account,4) when '1111'then '0.00' when '1121' then '0.00'           else [dbo].[Get_111](T0.BatchNum,left(T0.Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType) end  As Amount2            , T1.U_VNS_MEMO  As U_VNS_MEMO, T1.U_VNS_VNUMBER as PV_No    , T1.U_VNS_JType as 'Voucher Type'         , T0.Account  As AC_Code    , T3.AcctName as Description  , T0.Debit As Debit ,T0.Credit As Credit        , T1.U_VNS_NAME,     T0.U_VNS_REMARKS   From BTF1 T0                Inner Join OBTF T1 On T0.BatchNum = T1.BatchNum               Inner Join OBTD T2 On T0.TransID = T2.BatchNum                Inner Join OACT T3 On T0.Account = T3.AcctCode                    Where  T0.BatchNum = '[%0]'  Group by   Cast(left([dbo].[Get_rate](T0.BatchNum,left(T0.Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType),5)       as nvarchar(50))+ Cast(T0.BatchNum as nvarchar(50)) ,  T0.TaxDate   ,       case left(Account,4)when '1112' then '0.00'     when '1122'then'0.00' else           [dbo].[Get_11](T0.BatchNum,left(Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType)end             , case left(Account,4) when '1111'then '0.00' when '1121' then '0.00'           else [dbo].[Get_111](T0.BatchNum,left(Account,4),T1.U_VNS_JType) end            , U_VNS_MEMO  , T1.U_VNS_VNUMBER    , T1.U_VNS_JType       , Account     , AcctName       , T1.U_VNS_NAME,     T0.U_VNS_REMARKS      order by  Amount1 desc
    Please help me .
    Thank you very much .
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            Tran Ba Hai

    Note: This Quey if I change = [%0] by = 1 ,  and I run Report in SAP is ok .

  • Adding data field in query print layout designer (PLD)

    Dear Experts/Gurus,
    I would like to add data field in query PLD in repetitive area1 but it can't. The query I made excluding sequence no., so I think I must use datafield for that. I  use textfield in the repetitive area header1. is it correct what I have thought, I mean is it really datafield can't be add in the print layout designer if it is from query ? I appreciate your answer. TIA

    No you can't, you will have to recreate the query with the missing field and recreate a new print layout for this.  Is still a flaw in SAP B1. 
    If you go to the service market place under education you can get the flashbook for the print layout design and the query manager and wizard, study them, they are of great help to understand the technology behind the PLD and the queries in SAP B1.

  • Query Print Layout Design

    Hi Friends,
                       I am designing PLD's B1. I like to know the usage of Query Print Layout and methods to use the same. Because in my PLD i like to extract values from inv3 table directly to Database field. Looking for your suggestions , urgent.

    Query Print Layout is mainly used as presentation layer for printing results of a query.
    If you have already built the query. Then click on query manager. highlight your query and click Create Report.  This will open Create User Report window asking you to select Base Template.  Click on the Base Template and Click Ok.
    To format the look and feel  go to  Tools--> Queries --> Query Print Layout --> Reports Tab. Double click on your Query template and start customizing.
    To preview the Print layour with you data you may highlight the query (do not double click) under query manager and click on File -->Print Preview
    Best wishes

  • How to extract particular print layout design in B1?

    I had design some of the marketing documents using print layout design.  How do I extract the particulars marketing documents?
    Currently I'm copy the whole table and replace it.
    Please advice.
    Thank you.
    Foong Yee

    Hi Foong Yee,
    SAP Note 600813 might help a bit (copying LD templates) The direct link:
    ---- Replace *SOURCE* with the source database name.
    ---- Replace *DEST* with the destination database name.
    insert into [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC]
    select [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RDOC].*
    where [*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf].[lawsset]=[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf].[lawsset]and [*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf].[version]=[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf].[version] and [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RDOC].[Doccode]NOT IN (SELECT Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC])
    insert into [*DEST*].[dbo].[RITM]
    select [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM].*
    from [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM],[*DEST*].[dbo].[cinf],[*SOURCE*].[dbo].[cinf] where [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM].[Doccode] NOT IN (select Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RITM])AND [*SOURCE*].[dbo].[RITM].[Doccode]IN (SELECT Doccode from [*DEST*].[dbo].[RDOC])
    Hope it helps!

  • How too set query print layout parameters?

    simple task:
    1. Open "Query Print Layout...": SBO_Application.ActivateMenuItem("4868")
    2. Handle new reports form: SBO_Application.Forms.ActiveForm (I know, the better solution should be get form with proper TypeEx and highest TypeCount, but now it doesn't matter)
    3. Select row with required report: m.Columns.Item(0).Cells.Item(row).Click(BoCellClickType.ct_Regular, 0)
    4. Run printing: SBO_Application.ActivateMenuItem("519")
    5. Handle new parameters form: ???
    How can I get newly created form containing report parameters (TypeEx "4000")? I wanna set proper parameters and click "OK" to show printed report. Doesn't work handling:
    - FORM_LOAD in ItemEvent
    - MenuEvent for "519" (is only BeforeAction
    - PrintEvent (executed after accepting parameters)
    - ReportDataEvent (passed FormUID belongs to reports list, not parameters)
    In each event I've listed all forms and there is no form titled "Query - Selection Criteria" with expected TypeEx.
    Is there any way to achive this?

    when you activate print preview of printing on selected User Query Layout, you can cacth the ET_FORM_LOAD event of formTypeEx =4000
    It is working. Please note if you do not have this event, you may check your filters (?)
    Then you can populate your values. Based on my experience the click ok button is not working.
    Tip: Search the forum in year 2009 i have posted there sample codes

  • Query Print Layout Designer: no "save" option when editing report

    No "save" option when editing report, only "save as" in  2007 A PL30

    Yes you are all correct guys, but i'm aware that i can't edit the system report.
    What I did is i assigned a template for my query, then the system will automatically assign a template with the same name as my query. but the problem is when i open the layout, and make any changes, save button is not enabled, the system requires me to "save as". I dont encounter this problem in other version, but only in 2007a.

  • Print layout design (PLD) - Incoming Payment

    Hi All,
    Under incoming payment, can i have the details in terms of line by line? Somehow rather, the design that was produced by the 'system', they details of my payment is gather together in one box. How can i have it to be line by line? It looks more nicer to be given to my customer as an official receipt.
    Anyone has come across on this?
    Need your experts urgently.

    Hi Harith,
    The requirment what you are asking is not possible through PLD but the format what you have asked is possible through Query Print Layout Design.
    here you will create the Query which fetchs the required value the design the PLD for that in the Query Print Layout.
    As we had faced similar situation we resolved it by using Query Print Layout Designer.
    hope this helps you out.

  • How to create authorization to access Query Print Layout?

    Hi again..
    i have 10 query print layout, and not every user can view this layout.
    I assume,
    report 1-3 only for user A,
    report 4-7 only for user B, and
    report 8-10 only for user C.
    How to create autorization for Query Print Layout?
    Thankyou for the help

    In order to createthe PL's of customize report (from Query Manager) you will have to go the Tools Tab of the Menu Bar in which you will have to click the Queries tab which will lead to a drop down menu which when clicked will lead to Quaery Print layout. You will have to choose your query based upon whether from the reports tab double click it to open the Query Print Layout Designer.
    Here again in the Menu Bar you will find the under the Tools the first tab is the PLD which when clicked you can do the same process as explined below
    When you go to the document ( Any Document ) in the tool bar you would find the 24th Icon to be the Print Layout Designer Tab when you click this it takes you to the layout designer window.... below there is tab named set as default when you click this the system would ask you 2 choices
    1. Set as default for all users
    2. Set as default for current user
    Which means that you will have to open each and every form?
    for each and every user and set them as default for the user.
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  • Print Layout Designer \Custom Reports

    Hello All,
    Is there a way to set a custom report as default in the Print Layout Designer for A/R Invoice in SAP B1 ?
    Thank you and Best wishes and Happiness in the New Year 2009.

    Hello All,
    Thank you for your answer but I would like to be more exact in my question  because I already know how to set a  Print Layout as default in a screen of SAP B1 like A/R Invoice by the way that Parlati has mentioned :
    1. Open a blank AR Invoice (e.g. service or item type)
    2. Click on Menu >> Tools >> Print Layout Designer... or pen icon on toolbar
    3. With The Document Type selected - choose template and click on Set as Default
    But I usually use the Query Manager Tool of SAP B1 to create new queries and reports and I use the Print Layout Designer to setup the layout of these reports. These reports are printed normally via the print preview Icon of the toolbar. But now I would like to know how can I set one of these Reports as default in A/R Invoice screen of SAP. Because it's a one of my customized Invoices.
    Is there a way to do this?
    Thank you.

  • Query Print Layout Add-on

    Hi I would like to be able to select a particular row from the query print layout designer (Tools->queries->Query print layout). I open it using this code:
    oForm2 = globals.SBO_Application.Forms.ActiveForm;
    But how d oI select a particular entry?

    Hi Costas
    try the following
    Set frm = sbo_application.Forms.GetFormByTypeAndCount(4666, 0)
    Set oMatrix = frm.Items("5").Specific
    Set oColumn = oMatrix.Columns(1)
    For i = 1 To oColumn.Cells.Count
    If oColumn.Cells(i).Specific.String = oPreviewDocument Then---> oPreviewDocument = (RITM id Report)
    sbo_application.ActivateMenuItem "184"
    End If
    Next i
    hope it helps

  • Print Layout Designer Preview

    Hi experts,
    We have a report using the Print Layout Designer, before printing it we view it first.  When we preview the report, amounts can't be seen fully however, when we pint it, it's complete.  Why is this so?  Hope you could give me response in soonest.

    Hi Kathy,
    If your print results do not match your printer preview, it always links issue with different printer driver.  It is OK as long as your printing results are good.  If I were you, I would only care about the actual printing results.  That is because, you may have different printers to use.  All of them may have slightly different results.

  • Incoming Excise Invoice - Print Layout Design

    Dear all,
            How to prepare the Incoming Excise Invoice Print Layout Design.
            That Excise is Dealers Invoice.
            For Ex: 'X' is the one material , this has defined in material master as Inventory , Purchase and Sales item and its Excisable material.
           Ths 'X' material purchase from the vendor and selling to the customer.
           At the time sales for incoming excise invoice, in that invoice should include the what is purchases of that material and what is sales?
         This information how to bring the Print Layout Design at Incoming Excise Invoice.
             Please guide to me
    Warm Regards,

    At first you have to check the Excisable in Item master for doing excise transactions.
    Incoming Excise Invoice can be generated after doing Goods Receipt Transactions.
    From Copy to Option Goto >> Incoming Excise Invoice >> the invoice form will be opened
    From here you can select the PLD icon and design the layout you need.
    come back here if any queries

  • Print Layout Design 101 error

    Hi all
    I am vex.
    Any idea how to solve this Print Layout Design printing error happening to only one sap user's computer?
    Other sap users login to the same Database printing the same Print Layout Design Name in their own computer has no problem.
    However other sap users login to this problematic computer has the same error.

    Please check SAP notes:
    1062440 - Internal error (-101) occurred
    - Error (-101) encountered when trying to print
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Running Query print Layout  procedure

          Kindly give me the procedure to run Query Print Layout Designer with example

    In Query manager - highlight your query - click Create Report - new window opens - - to access you must double click the report in that window. Customise your report and save.
    To se print preview - Open query manager - highlight query - print preview.

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