How to use WBS element in Asset master data upload

Dear All
Does any body know how to treat field WBS element in Asset master during upload.
Field POSNR in table ANLA is of 8 characters, but WBS element which is entered in asst master is more than 8 char.
I vaguely remember tht with wbs system internally assign a different number.
Has anybody come across this issue?
Please help

There are in the asset 2 fields for PS
One is filled when you do an settlement from an WBS (is not possible to fill in)
The other one you found in the the tab time dependend like cost center.
This field is available when you have assign the possibilety to do depreciation to an WBS.

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  • WBS element in Asset Master (Period Dependent Tab)

    I have activated the WBS Element in Account Assignment Object in Asset, which has resulted in WBS Element field has appreared in Period Dependent Tab.
    But the issue is that its grayed-out & i am not able to fill-in any data in it.
    Can you please infrom me how can i activate WBS element in Asset Master ( Period Dependent Tab)

    goto asset master screen layout and put tick mark under time dependent data.

  • How to include depreciation are in  asset master data

    I have already activated depreciation area in the asset class but it did not appear inn asset master data.
    How to include it there?

    There are 2 aspect which you need to consider.
    1) For exisiting asset as  used AFBN as suggested by Srinivasa to activate the depreciation area.
    2) For new asset OAYZ configuation would populate the dep key and life.
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  • WBS Element in HR Master Data

    Dear Friends,
    I have a problem relating to WBS assignment as follows:
    When a new project is created in PS, some of the existing employees will be assigned to New WBS in PS. I am able to see the list of the employees assigned to the particular WBS. But, not able to locate where/in which table it is stored. I guess somewhere in Master data of individual employee, it will be reflected. ( Not on 0027 as we r not going to create WBS in IT0027).
    Can any one tell me how to find this change in employee master data. Does it require any configuration in SPRO. If so, pls. explain.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Manoj,
    We are trying for integration with Project System(PS). In PS , New WBS element will be created & required no. of Employees will be assigned to this new WBS. Employees who are choosen for New WBS will be in some other WBS till that date. It is like Org. Assignment.
    After this change, it is reflecting in PPMS (OM). But there will not be a record showing complete history of an employee, i.e.record showing different dates in different WBS.
    What I want is, when an employee is assigned to new WBS in PS, it should be reflected in his master data.That means, the earlier record should be delimited & new record should be created Dynamically.
    Hope you understand the scenerio.

  • How to add new fields in asset master data

    i was wonder if anyone knows how to add new fields that arent defined in the asset master data.

    Hi Pedro,
    SAP allows entering upto 8 fields on the asset master. These fields are called 'Evaluation group'. Out of 8, 4 are four character long and others are 8 character long.
    You can configure them @ the following 3 nodes in IMG:
    Financial Accounting>Asset Accounting>Master Data-->User Fields: Define 4-Character Evaluation Groups & Define 8-Character Evaluation Groups & Change Key Words in the Evaluation Groups.
    Vishal Thakur

  • How to put equipment no. in Asset master data  (manulaly)

    Hi Guru
         I have implement Asset module and link asset no. to equipment no. come from  Plant maintenance module. How I can put the equipment no. in field  equipment number / Tab Allocations  in Asset master data .  How I can do?
    thank you very much

    You must have selected 'No synchronize' in Asset accounting for automatic equipment creation view-Specify Conditions for Synchronization of Master Data.
    If you wish to assign equipment to Asset after creation of equipment that means you have equipment number with you which is not assigned to any of the Asset and now you want to assign this to Asset master .
    Please go to IE02 and go to Organisation tab, here you need to assign your desired asset and save it.
    Now go to As03 and see allocation tab, you will find the assigned equipment number here.
    If you wish to let system assign equipment number automatically then please the settings in SPRO Asset accountingMasterdata - Specify Conditions for Synchronization of Master Data-Specify Conditions for Synchronization of Master Data to direct synchronization after savings, then you will not be required to assign equipment number manually, as soon as you will create an asset it will create equipment master as well for that asset and you can see in allocation tab, you can also deleat an equipment master if you don't want to create equipment master for a particular asset before saving the asset record.

  • WBS element in Asset master & investment order

    till now we are using the capital investment order for capitalising assets, but now the client is asking for settling wbs element on to auc, can we have both WBS elment and investment order for a single asset. does any one have img document for wbs element related config.

    Hi Sai,
    I think I can answer part of your question.  If a posting is being made to wbs element and internal order (both are real).  The real posting goes to wbs element and statistical posting goes to internal order.
    In this case, you will be settling the wbs element to the AUC rather than Internal Order.
    Coming to the configuration, most of the configuration settings are same on Internal Orders / WBS elements.
    I am sorry, I do not have any documentation.

  • How to find WBS element total asset value

    hello all,
    i have a requirement like this..
    i have displayed profit center wise PM orders  with total actual cost.....
    similarly i have another report where i need to display profit center wise WBS elements with total asset value....
    from which table do i need to take this total asset value ,how do i link this table with PRPS table...
    thanks in advance....

    hello all,
    i have a requirement like this..
    i have displayed profit center wise PM orders  with total actual cost.....
    similarly i have another report where i need to display profit center wise WBS elements with total asset value....
    from which table do i need to take this total asset value ,how do i link this table with PRPS table...
    thanks in advance....

  • How to use a BW Time-dependent Master Data with a UNX

    Hello All,
    I would like to use a BW master data which is time-dependant with WebIntelligence.
    My WebI query is based on a universe (not on a Bex Query). It seems that a relational universe des not support time dependent object.
    Has someone found a work-around to use these objects with an UNX ?
    BI platform = BI4.0 SP4.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hello Jothi,
    thank you.
    (Unfortunately for me, it's not really the expected answer. )

  • How to use DTP in process chin(Master data)

    for Master data loding process chain Iam using dtp s like s below
    Delete psa
    Load onfo pak
    is this correct process or not
    Delete Psa (master data) is correct or not  ?
    wht is the correct way ?

    For this the steps what evertone have alrady said is perfectly ok...........
    But if you use delta will also solve your problem...............
    Load data till PSA throug Infopackage >> Then use delta DTP to load it to onfoobject ...........then it will aways bring the latest request >> Then attribute change run...........
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  • How to change cost center in asset master data through mass changes

    Hi sap gurus,
    Hi i have 20 assets i have to change the cost center through mass changes provide the solution.

    For 20 assets it won't be useful to write a CATT or LSMW. So, either enter it manually or you could correct directly in the tables (ANLZ), though it's generally not recommended.

  • System is not picking up the WBS element from Asset in PO.

    While creating Purchase Order with account assignment category
    as "A"(i.e.Asset), system is not picking up the WBS element from Asset
    Master, even though it is defined in the asset master.
    Please help.

    Hello Ninad,
    Please, see the SAP Note 21583. I think it might be of help for your case.
    Best regards,

  • How to change WBS Element in FI Entry for Asset

    Hi all,
    I have a scenario where an asset has been capitalized with  WBS element 1. After several months we realized that it has to go to WBS element 2.
    We update the Asset Master Data with a new WBS Element 2.
    Depreciation from this date onwards is posted to WBS Element 2 (this is expected), but in FI the asset acquisition cost is still in WBS element 1.
    Does anyone know how to rectify the FI document with correct WBS element i.e  WBS Element 2
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Pramod Saraswat

    Hi Pramod,
    In posted document you cant change the WBS element.
    In order to post on WBS 2 , you have to reverse the acquisation entry posted on WBS1. Then update correct one in  asset master then post acquisation.

  • WBS Field in Asset Master Record

    Hi All,
    Currently we are working in 4.6 C version.
    The requirement of the client is they want the Field WBS to be populated in asset Master Record under the origin Tab or Time Dependent.
    The standard functionality is available in ECC6
    Could some body help us in knowing how to achieve this in 4.6c, do we the SAP standard Solution or do we need to go for some enhancements.

    @ Satish - Seems you have copied the reply from one of my earlier posts which is related to a different issue
    @ Nitin: Go to Screen layouts (IMG > AA > Master data > Screen layout)
    Here, you need to allow WBS Element in your screen layout... Also, if you cant see WBS there, Allow to use WBS element in the IMG Step AA > Integration with GL > Define Additional account assignment objects...
    I never worked on 4.6, but I guess WBS must be allowed for usage
    br, Ajay M

  • How to change cost center in Asset Master record ?

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    My client is asking me to change cost centers in Asset Master records using LSMW. Currently, the field cost center is in display mode. In order to change the cost center, the field cost center must be in change mode while recording in LSMW. I have changed screen layout rule for Asset Master data. I have selected radio button "Optional" for cost center in screen layout for Asset Master data. But still cost center field is in display mode in Asset Master record. It must be changeable.
    Please suggest me how I can resolve the issue.

    Hi Saravana,
    We can change the cost center for AuC Investment measure at WBS element level. For that purpose we need to go to AuC Investment measure Asset master record and check WBS element under Origin Tab. Double click on WBSE and then check the cost center under Assignment tab. And also check the cost center in Asset master record for the same. Now you can go to T.Code CJ12 (Change WBS Element) and change the cost center for the same. Once you make changes system automatically change the cost center in asset master record for the same.
    Note: - Now you have to identify all the AuC Investment measure Assets and the WBS Element for the same. Then change the cost center in WBS Element record. And the corresponding changes will be done in relevant Asset master record automatically.
    But before making the change please check with the PS/PM consultant regarding changes in WBS element. Means where it will effect?
    With Regards
    Ravinder Kaushik

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