How to ZIP a PDF File with a Password Protection

i've a pdf file with created smartforms and i want to assign a password to that pdf file but the SAP doesn't let doing that protection. So i want to create a zip file with a password protection for PDF file.
How can i create a zip file with a password protection? Can somebody help me please?

Check this links
Take a look to the class CL_ABAP_GZIP
open (top-)zip-archive
CALL METHOD lo_zip->load
      zip             = lv_zip_file_head
      zip_parse_error = 1
      OTHERS          = 2.
create sub-zip-archives which contain the files you would assign to a folder
add sub-zip-archive to top-zip-archive
CALL METHOD lo_zip->add
        name    = lv_zip_filename
        content = lv_zip_file.
save zip-archive
CALL METHOD lo_zip->save
      zip = ev_zip_file.
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How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment
Re: How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment

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    Save As... Photoshop PDF.

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    As long as the PDF opens, then just try saving it to a new file name. There may be a preflight script that would help troubleshoot the issue.

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    Hi Lotus1215,
    Once the document is signed we cannot edit that document, hence convertion is not possible
    Please see the article mentioned below
    Let me know if you have any other question.

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    Hi surez,
    To password protect a PDF file, you need to use Acrobat. If you don't have Acrobat, you can try it for free for 30 days. See for more information.
    In Acrobat, you choose File > Properties when the document is open, and then click the Security tab to set up a password.
    Please let us know how it goes.

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    If you get this error, it means that the password is accepted and the file is opened BUT the file is damaged or made wrong.

  • SAP version 4.7  Email pdf file that is password protected.

    Hi Gurus,
    We have a requirement:
      Email pdf file that is password protected.
      Once the user receives the email,  clicks on the attached pdf file,
         it should ask the password.  Note that Password value should come from SAP.
    What we have done is get the spool number and by using function module CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF, it converts the spool document to pdf.
    On this function module, there are no parameters to make pdf as password protected and
      also include the password.  This is the problem.
       (a) Is there a way to make pdf password protected that will be emailed?
            What function modules, etc to be used?  (sample coding if available)
       (b) Somebody mentioned the that Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server should be installed together with SAP.
            If this is installed, how then would be the abap coding be in order to make the pdf password
            How is the new policy server gonna be linked to SAP and how do the abap coding gonna be?
               (sample abap coding if available)

    First save the file somewhere... LINK:[SITE|]
    In the site i send above you need to change it do receive parameters ou use always the same name...compile and then use the function 'WS_EXECUTE' - watch it in LINK: [SITE|]
    and just have to download it again into an ITAB and send it by mail... LINK:[SITE|How to pass pdf data to ABAP itab;
    Hope it helps..

  • How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment

       We have an ABAP report requirement to send an email to a user. This program will send an email with PDF attachement. However, the PDF attachment is quite big (9MB) and our email server couldn't handle it (5MB only). Is there any way to ZIP this PDF file attachment?
       I am using a SAP release 4.6C with OS WinNT. And the ABAP program should be able to run in Foreground/Background.
       Thanks for your help in advance...
    Kind regards,

    Read Notes:
    You can create a class method:
        CALL METHOD zca_tools=>zip_table
            i_data_table = <data_struc>
            i_filename   = 'aa'
            e_bin_table  = t_zipped
            e_bin_length = lines.
    METHOD zip_table.
      DATA: lv_original_length(10) TYPE n,
            lv_data_ref            TYPE REF TO data,
            lv_struc_ref           TYPE REF TO data.
      DATA: lv_zip  TYPE REF TO cl_abap_zip,
            lv_lines  TYPE i,
            lv_length TYPE i,
            lv_data_to_zip TYPE xstring,
            lv_zip_file    TYPE xstring,
            lv_catch       TYPE REF TO cx_root,
            lv_message     TYPE string.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <data_struc>       TYPE ANY,
                     <final_data>       TYPE ANY,
                     <final_data_table> TYPE STANDARD TABLE,
                     <aux>              TYPE x.
      LOOP AT i_data_table ASSIGNING <data_struc>.
        DESCRIBE FIELD <data_struc> LENGTH lv_original_length IN CHARACTER MODE.
          CREATE DATA lv_data_ref TYPE c LENGTH lv_original_length.
          ASSIGN lv_data_ref->* TO <final_data>.
          CREATE DATA lv_data_ref LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF <final_data>.
          ASSIGN lv_data_ref->* TO <final_data_table>.
          APPEND LINES OF i_data_table TO <final_data_table>.
          DESCRIBE TABLE <final_data_table> LINES lv_lines.
          ASSIGN COMPONENT 1 OF STRUCTURE <final_data> TO <aux> CASTING.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0 OR NOT <aux> IS ASSIGNED.
            ASSIGN COMPONENT 0 OF STRUCTURE <final_data> TO <aux> CASTING.
          DESCRIBE FIELD <aux> LENGTH lv_length IN BYTE MODE.
          MULTIPLY lv_length BY lv_lines.
        CATCH cx_root INTO lv_catch.                         "#EC CATCH_ALL
          lv_message = lv_catch->get_text( ).
          MESSAGE lv_message TYPE 'E' RAISING error.
          input_length = lv_length
          first_line   = 1
          last_line    = lv_lines
          buffer       = lv_data_to_zip
          binary_tab   = <final_data_table>
          failed       = 1
          OTHERS       = 2.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        IF sy-msgty IS INITIAL.
          sy-msgty = 'S'.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4 RAISING error.
      CREATE OBJECT lv_zip.
      CALL METHOD lv_zip->add
          name    = i_filename
          content = lv_data_to_zip.
      CALL METHOD lv_zip->save
          zip = lv_zip_file.
          buffer     = lv_zip_file
          binary_tab = e_bin_table.
          DESCRIBE TABLE e_bin_table LINES lv_lines.
          e_bin_length = lv_lines * 255.   "255 is the length of each line of e_bin_table
        CATCH cx_root INTO lv_catch.                         "#EC CATCH_ALL
          lv_message = lv_catch->get_text( ).
          MESSAGE lv_message TYPE 'E' RAISING error.
    I hope it helps!

  • How to open a pdf file with command in WebBrowser control?

    Installed acrobat 6 or7 in my PC, then I load a WebBrowser control in IE to open a local pdf file with command line, such as "Page=3", and then open the same pdf file with WebBrowser control in other IE process, I found the command will affect other open and show operations in webbrowser. is it normal?  That is to say, When i set command "Page=3", the second time WebBrowser still open pdf with command "Page=3",I think it is bad.

    Thanks for your reply. I installed Acrobat6.0 or 7.0 in my PC, then i load a WebBrowser Control in IE by Html, then open local pdf with different command by running IE. We can get the command in this website:
    First:open local pdf with command : oWebBrowser.Navigate("G:
    07000001.pdf#Page=3&Pagemode=thumbs", null, null, null, null);
    Second:Open the same local pdf with no command:  oWebBrowser.Navigate("G:
    07000001.pdf", null, null, null, null)
    【Result】The first command "#Page=3&Pagemode=thumbs" will effect the way of showing pdf when second open. But, the phenomenon will not appear in Acrobat 8.0, 9.0, 10.0.

  • Open a pdf file with owner password

    I use adobe reader component in
    normal loading :
    AdobeReader.src = "C:\mydoc.pdf" is ok!       'Using the reference of AxAcroPDF
    I have two questions..
    1. how do i know whether the given pdf file required user password?
    2. how can i send the password via my program?
    please help me.

    Thanks for your reply!
    To open only! As i said eariler i used to display the pdf file in vb 2008 using
    Above one is works fine if it doesnt set owner password....
    1. User wil give the pdf file, need to know whether it needs the password or not by program
    2. i need to programmatically enter a password and bypass the user interface prompt for password.... [ Like : AxAcroPDF1.src="C:\mydoc.pdf","pass" ]
    Thanks once again!

  • Protect PDF files with a password

    Hi everyone,
    Do you know if there's a way to protect PDF documents with a password? I don't mean those apps (e.g. Google Reader) that let you password-protect your files just while you're using/viewing them on the iPad, I'd like an app that if you want (let's say) send your protected PDF via mail, it's still protected!

    I finally managed to find the application I was looking for: it's called Foxit PDF nad it's free to download on the App Store!

  • How can i manipulate pdf files with my swing application

    hi all,
    in my database i have a column (blob type) in which i want to store pdf files from swing.
    is any body have solution.
    i need it urgently.

    thanks bryano for repling.
    but i really don't know how to do.
    if you can give me a how to do or an exemple.
    plz it is really urgent.
    i have to return work as soon as possible

  • Saving PDF files in a password protected FTP site

    Hi Experts,
    I have an Adobe Form which I want to save in a Password protected FTP site.
    I have written the following code in the submit button
    TYPE = HTTP Submit
    URL = ftp://username:[email protected]/
    But once the submit is clicked, I can see ONLY the display of the files in this FTP Server.
    My requirement is, I want this PDF file saved in the FTP server.
    How do I achieve this??

    If you are using the Adobe Reader plug-ins in Safari, then the only functional way to save the PDF locally (without damage) is to use the save functionality that Adobe (not Safari Save As…, Export, or Print > PDF) provides. These examples were captured on OS X 10.9.5. Safari 7.1.2. Adobe Reader 11.0.10.
    Your first link will offer a roll over Adobe toolbar near the bottom-center of your displayed PDF document. Use the Save icon on the far left.
    The second link produces the Adobe sub-toolbar with the Save icon.

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