HP 2475w Issue-Image "Shakes"

I recently picked up a second 2475w LCD on the used market and after a week of using it, I have noticed a very minor but constant shaking of the image.
The shaking seems slightly more pronounced when using an HDMI cable when compared to a DVI.
The issue seems apparant when the LCD has been off for a while and cool as well as when it's warm. There seems to be little to no differnce.
I was wondering what would be the best way to troubleshoot this problem or which internal circuit board might be faulty. 
Is there a service manual available? I have a Fluke 189 DVM and so can perform some testing if the monitor's circuit boards. 
My sytem is running a pair of Nvidia 580 cards in SLI. I have tried switching the cable to another card and the screen still shakes a bit. I'm pretty sure the cards are fine.
Thanks in advance, 

Hi @HPS01 
I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publically post ( serial numbers and case details).
If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
I work for HP

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    Thanks Aish

  • What behavior would I use to make a bitmap image shake? Thanks.

    What behavior would I use to make a bitmap image shake? Thanks.

    There are several options for making images (or any object) shake:
    -Earthquake Filter
    -Randomize Behavior (Parameter Behaviors)
    -Wriggle Behavior (Parameter Behaviors)
    You can apply these to the X&Y together, or 1 instance to each channel.

  • X220: screen image shakes, becomes 'scrambled'

    I bought my x220 with IPS screen new from Lenovo in September 2011.
    Last week the A/C adapter died and was replaced under warranty. This week the screen has started acting strangely:
    1. image shakes, it looks a bit like an iPhone when you are moving icons around...the entire screen image jitters back and forth for a few seconds, then snaps back to normal
    2. image fades slowly from normal to 'scrambled'...I'm not sure how to describe it but the screen is still on, the image is just unreadable..it's not completely random as the contents are still somewhat recognizable (i.e. I can spot the mouse pointer if I look closely). after a few seconds it snaps back to normal.
    Is this one of the failing-motherboard symptoms?

    It's so intermittent that it's hard to say exactly what sets it off - if I booted into BIOS I might wait for hours or days before the symptom appeared. I'm hesitant to send it in for warranty as I think they'd just return it and say it was working fine.
    It feels like a hardware failure to me. The machine worked fine for 6+ months, then this started last week. I haven't changed any power setting, updated BIOS, or any ThinkPad utilities.
    I am curious if anyone with an eventual motherboad failure experienced sometihng similar?

  • LR3 Tethered Shooting setting issue (image preview/loading)

    Hello everyone, I've got a LR3 Tether issue I hope can be resolved with your help. I recently completed an on-location event portrait session with great turnout. The only issue was the resulting lines that had formed, at times 10+ clients.
    My setup involved photographing the client, then having them review their photos immediately after to pick their choices. This was great until I had a line. LR3 in my setup automatically loads the most recent picture taken. At one point I tried to shoot a client, and have an assistant review photos with the previous client. This was disastrous in that every time I clicked the shutter, the computer would go from whatever photo was being reviewed and load the most recent shot. After trying this with one client, I went back to shoot, review, shoot next. Everyone was given the experience I wanted to provide, I'd just like to make it a little faster/smoother in the future.
    Question is: Can I change a setting in LR3 to stop the automatic loading/viewing of the most recent picture capture while tethered shooting?

    I am having the exact same issue. I had to revert back to lightroom 2 (which dosnt do this when you place images in a collection) and use DIY photobits for tethered capture as I was getting that [email protected]$king annoyed with this bug. I have looked at every setting and nothing seems obvious. Hopefully its not engrained in the software.
    Im just about to send adobe an email or attempt to to find out if this was done to purposely piss people off.
    And as for people who leave feedback saying "i dont know the answer" dont bother leaving feedback, it is completely pointless.
    FogleBR if you find a solution to this problem then please contact me and likewise if i find a solution.

  • Issue - image date recognized only after metadata saved and re-loaded

    I have been changing the Image Date on digitized scans to reflect the date the picture was taken, rather than when it was scanned. I use the "Date Created" field that is under "Image" in the IPTC data section. The Library Filter for date will not recognize that date until I save the Metadata to File, and then reload it (Read Metadata from file). Version 4.0beta

    You've stumbled on two issues:
    1. If you change the IPTC Date Created to a full date/time, e.g. 2010-01-01T00:00:00, the Library Filter Bar doesn't recognize the new date/time.   To avoid this problem, rather than changing IPTC Date Created in LR, use the Metadata > Edit Capture Time to change the date/time of an image. LR will write this date/time into the IPTC:DateCreated and XMP:DateCreated fields.
    2. LR has never fully supported the current metadata standards with respect to date/time.  In particular, while the XMP standard allows for partial dates (e.g. 2010 or 2010:02), LR gets confused by them.  For example, you can use Exiftool to set XMP:DateCreated to "2010", import the file, and observe several problems:
    - LR doesn't complain about a date format it doesn't support.
    - The date doesn't appear in the Date Time Original field of the Metadata panel.
    - The date/time under the thumbnail has the missing month, day, and time set to 1/1 12:00:00 AM.
    - The Library Filter Bar gets confused.
    Note that the Metadata > Edit Capture Time doesn't allow partial dates.
    I suggest you file a report at the Lightroom Feedback Forum, where Adobe wants all problems to be reported:
    http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/products/photoshop_family_photoshop_lightro om

  • Render issues in Shake on iMac

    Just purchased new iMac (20", OSX 10.5.5, 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro) and Shake 4.1. So as a relatively new user to Shake (1yr VFX experience in school and work) and new to Mac, imagine my shock when I called Apple about my issue and found out their support is limited to install issues only!
    Anyhow I could go into that but won't, and will cut to the real issue!
    Am working on HD footage. Shake would render between 50% and 75% of 369 frames and then crash out of flipbook. So got frustrated and quit for the day... came back next day and now won't render at all. Won't render in flipbook or render from a file out node. Went to console tab in shake no errors reported, its as if Shake is not even starting render process period! Bummer ;-)!
    So before I use Apples solution, uninstall and re-install Shake... thats the extent of their knowledge base....
    Was wondering if any of you gurus out there have a better solution, or an idea of what caused this issue. The system and program were purchased a whopping 3 days ago, and I don't want this to be an ongoing issue.
    Cheers and thanx

    Just posted this on another forum..... same topic.
    Okay well back after having to rush out of town for the weekend, and yesterday filed in some HD footage and just tried (without success) to do a flipbook of footage with no extraneous nodes, just a straight flippy of it. LOL now I believe this should work no custom .h's involved or anything. And yes no render still, same thing no flipbook at all.... so maybe it is 10.5.5 issue...... haven't tried (10.5.4)yet and well frustration is kicking in .
    Unistalled and reinstalled Shake, no change. I guess my real issue here is that render worked initially (although it crashed out around frame 250 of 369), and I wish I was more of an IT guy but am not (yes starts to rant here). It seems to me I have purchased a very sexy system and yes some very verbose software (that doesn't go unrecognized here) that is not supported by the seller (Apple) steam starts coming out of ears LOL. Now all this footage and nodes etc rendered out fine on the Linux systems at school, but won't render here on this new swanky system. So my intro to Mac has left me less than enamored with Apple. OK rant over
    So can .h files effect rendering even if they are not in tree of footage being rendered? Would I have been better off with an Nvidia graphics card, if it was available for this particular iMac? And should a simple render really be this complicated (fully understanding that Shake is a powerful and complex program)? The console tab in Shake shows no errors during Shake launch other than some .h files are not being loaded.
    I fully appreciate any responses to my post so far, and yes haven't tried all suggestions yet, but my desire to become an IT expert is low LOL as apposed to my desire to do compositing which is high. Maybe the 2 are synonymous with each other, boy I hope not.
    So please keep the suggestions coming in I will try the ones which fall into my knowledge base and am thankful for any and all suggestions.
    Frustrated new Apple customer.

  • Tecra A2 backlight issue - image is very faint

    I have a Tecra A2 with a backlight problem.
    The LCD is displaying correctly, but without any backlight the image is very faint.
    When the laptop is booted the display lights up perfectly for about 3 seconds before turning off. The laptop successsfully boots and can be used with an external monitor. If I now close the lid the laptop backlight lights up again for a few seconds before going off again. I have tried a new backlight inverter which had no effect. The lid closed sensor is the magnetic type (presumably a reed relay) and measures 100Kohms when open? and 0 ohms when closed.
    Could this 100K be the problem?
    Has anyone experienced any of these symptons or does anyone have any backlight inverter data, i'm wondering if I have a second faulty inverter.
    Could this be a faulty FL backlight issue?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You are right Philip.
    For me it looks like the faulty FL-inverter too
    You said that the display on the external monitor looks fine. So we can eliminate a GPU fault.
    I think your should contact the ASP in your country. The technician should check the faulty part (probably FL inverter) and should replace it with a new, compatible one.
    >i'm wondering if I have a second faulty inverter
    I see you have already replaced the one FL inverter and the issue still appears hmm to be honest I believe you have used a wrong one but who knows nothing is impossible.
    So ask the ASP technician for the further handling
    Best regards and good luck

  • Iphoto issue: images not showing up

    When importing photos to my iPhoto 9.6 to my iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1, and even some preexisting photos, from my iPhone 4Sthe pictures do not show up.  Instead a black box appears but the image cannot be viewed.  Why is this?  Someone told me it has to do with the upgrade to Yosemite...

    Rebuild the thumbnails:
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Include the option to rebuild the thumbnails. It can take 3 or 4 goes for this to work

  • Annoying hand tool issu: image keeps moving up and down when I drop the mouse!

    Hi everybody!
    I tried to install the latest pacth but that doesn't fix my problem. (photoshop CS5 12.04 MAC)
    As i said in the title: when I'm under hand tool mode or when I hold the spacebar down to get the hand tool, the image mouves around and just continue to glide as if it wears ice skates!
    The little problem slow down my work so much and I can't bear this any more....
    Any idea about this?

    Under Photoshop>Preferences>General, uncheck Enable Flick Panning and see if that makes a difference.
    (from photoshop cs6, but cs5 has the same option)

  • Photoshop issue (image cut off)

    So I'm using photoshop cs6 (which I'm still fairly new to using) and yesterday I got on my laptop to make a gif and went through the normal routine yet when I was done importing the video frames to layers the outcome was that only the bottom half of the image was visible as in the screen shot below. Normal images don't have the same problem it only effects the videos imported. I've searched online for a solution to this but so far I've found nothing that would help with this situation.
    Please help me.

    You may want to try updating your video driver straight from the web site of the manufacturer of your card, not from Microsoft or Intel, and not through Windows Update.
    (Your screen shot shows you are on Windows.)

  • DVD image shakes

    I'm using FCP4. I work at a production house. We burn reels with several commercials for each director. My problem is that when i burn the DVD some commercials look jumpy or shaky... this only happens when i play it on a DVD player though... when I play the DVD on a computer it works fine.
    Can somebody help me with this?
    thank you

    no, I haven't found the solution for the problem.
    I'm not very literate with the encoding-compressing-bits-average thing... I just use the standard compressor presets for the DVDs since that's what this company used before I was hired. The thing is that before they were not having this issue... or probably they weren't so picky about it. hehe ... anyways, this is what I usually do:
    1. Capture material from the Digibeta/betacam with FCP.
    2. Export using Compressor with DVD quality 90 mins preset. I export to aiff, ac3 and m2v ...
    3. import the assets to DVD-SP and build my dvd.
    4. Burn.
    This way of doing it was taught to me by the editor that used to work here so I just followed his way... I really don't know if he's good or bad or mediocre or anything... ehehe basically I'm an ignorant hehehe ...
    can it be the audio? the ac3 file? the thing is that when I use the AIFF files for audio, sometimes the DSP gives me an error while muxing: Bit Rate too High ...
    so that's it, any solution? any suggestions? Thank you very much for your help!!!!!

  • Image shakes and picture has to much blue effect when burned on DVD

    I edited a 40 minutes movie with Final Cut Express with lots of different transitions. The results are great in Final Cut on my computer screen but when I burned it on a DVD and watched it on a TV screen the image is jumpy on every transitions and whenever the camera moves quickly. I also noticed that the image is to blueish (outside scenes) Colors were perfect when I worked on it in Final Cut.
    I have Quicktime version 7.0.1 and an iMAC G5 and burned the DVD using Toast
    Anyone has had this problem?
    iMAC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  
    iMAC G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Yesterday I made a DVD of an 8 minute video. It took 28 minutes to process and burn, so your 3 hours seems about right.
    I used iDVD at the Best Quality setting. If you use the Best Performance setting it will encode much faster though there may be a microscopic reduction in quality which you would probably never notice.
    I exported my FCE timeline to QuickTime Movie and de-selected the "Make Movie Self-Contained" option.
    My DVD contained transitions which played back flawlessly.

  • Issue with shake reduction filter

    I experience inconsistent results when using the camera shake reduction filter in Photoshop. On many occasions, I see *Poor blur trace. Click to apply* (see screenshot below). Is there anything I am doing wrong here? I am using Photoshop CC 2014 and this is an NEF file.

    I think you have unrealistic expectations of the Shake Reduction Filter.
    That photo is terrible;  it should be re-shot.   That is exactly what the message is telling you.
    What I see there is NOT camera shake, but out-of-focus blur or soft-lens blur.  If you happened to be using one of the so called kit-lenses from Nikon, you should know by now that, compared to the better lenses by Nikon, the kit-lenses are literally garbage.  The same situation exists with the kit-lenses bundled with Canon cameras.
    You're obviously on Windows, and I don't do windows, so that's all I can comment.

  • Issues imaging HP 6445 laptops that have the Marvell Yukon 88e8072 network cards.

    We are trying to image those HP 6445 laptops that have the  Marvell Yukon 88e8072 network cards in them.  They do F12 and get an IP Address.
    They get the pending request ID, stating Config Manager is looking for the policy,
    Then immediately they get Abort PXE and exiting PXE ROM.
    I was able to find that resource ID, which had a completely different computer  name than what I was using…I deleted that and tried F12 boot…it came up with a different resource ID, which I went back and deleted, and again, a different resource ID pops
    In between each of those I  tried the clear pxe requirement and the mac address search.  Every time I do the mac address search it comes up to none. Any suggestions?

    Are these laptops UEFI boot mode?  Enter the BIOS and set to legacy mode and try again
    Paul | sccmentor.wordpress.com

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