HP Client security Software

I am trying to download HP Client security software Rev.A(13 Aug 2014)  from the following link below, but i cant seem to find the file
My assumption is this is the software i need to register my fingerprints. 
Please help me as soon as you can as i need to get this indtalled on my Laptop. Any help would be appreciated. 

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  • Client Security Software /. Password Manager / Windows Authentication

    I have a T61 w/ XP Pro SP3 installed w/ all current patches & updates installed, Client Security Software v installed, ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software v5.8.4.5476 & the most current BIOS updates installed. I am having a problem with the Client Security Software.
    The CSS/Password Manager software is supposed to hold all of my passwords and authenticate me as I access webpages that require an account & password for access. When the software is working correctly, the Client Security Software / Password Manager package is supposed to drop into the system tray in the bottom right corner of windows...pretty much running as a service.
    After I login to Windows, the Client Security software starts up, I am prompted for my fingerprint (or password, either appears to work)...which then is supposed to authenticate to my Windows password. I have set my windows password and machine local password to using the same password.
    The CSS/Password Manager software then appears to authenticate. I then get the Password Manager application "splash" screen and the Password Manager application opens. The application window appears to be correct and offers several different password options (just like it is supposed to). When I close the Application window, the application icon is in the system tray, running like a service. The Password Manager application window is hiding the small application "splash" screen. When I click "ok" on the application splash screen, the Password Manager "splash" screen disappears AND the Password Manager application icon disappears from the system tray...shutting down the functionality of the application.
    When I talked to Lenovo Support, they said,
    uninstall the Client Security Software,
    uninstall the Fingerprint Reader software,
    reboot the laptop
    press F1 to go into the BIOS
    disable the security chip
    clear out / delete cached fingerprints
    F10 & yes to save changes
    login to windows
    reinstall each application (do not enable the security chip)
    Register / enroll fingerprints as required.
    Logout/login and at the CSS screen enter the Windows password.
    Problem still exists as described above...
    I also did this complete process all over again AND DID enable the security chip.
    Prpblem still exists as described above
    I have done everything they said to do and still the applications do not function correctly.
    Can anyone give me some help here?

    you are lucky, mine hasn't ever worked before. It makes the whole thing useless

  • HP Client Security software preventing the upgrade to Windows 8.1 on my Elitepad 900.

    When I tried to upgrade my Elitepad 900 to Windows 8.1 I get a message that the HP ProtectTools Security Manager must be uninstalled before proceeding. I'm then prompted to uninstall the Device Access Manager for HP ProtectTools and Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools. I never bothered to initiate any of this software when I got my Elitepad 900 and now I'm not sure if it's safe to remove it and proceed with the Windows 8.1 upgrade? Hopefully someone here can help me out with this.

    DSORacing wrote:
    I have same problem but in a 15-j040us. I made everything that you offer as solution but it cannot upgrade to Windows 8.1.  I read this post from another user with same graphics adapter that my laptop has and it looks like a solution, but at the same time, looks quite dangerous to make. Here is the post. Let me know if yu can help with this issue as soon as possible.
    This  worked for me after 7 attempts with all kind of solutions on different forums. HP Envy 15 Notebook - Intel HD 4000, Nvidia 740
    Locate the F11 key and start tapping it as soon as you turn on the system.
    Stop tapping once you reach the recovery manager screen.
    Click Troubleshoot .
    On the Troubleshoot screen, click Recovery Manager .
    On the OS selection screen, click Windows 8 . Recovery Manager opens.
    Under I need immediate help , click Minimized Image Recovery .
    When Recovery Manager prompts you to back up your files, select a backup option.
    If you have already backed up personal files or you do not want to back up personal files, select Recover without backing up your files , then click Next . Continue to the next step.
    Follow the on screen options and complete the system recovery.
    After the system recovery is complete, click Finish to restart the computer. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup
    -Then, make sure to install all updates via Windows Update. Do NOT install any drivers for graphics etc.
    -I did NOT do any updates with HP Assistant
    -Run the update via Wired network, disable WiFi and Bluetooth
    -I did disable all things in Autostart. Could be reached via Win8 taskmanager
    -Ran Microsoft Compability checker
    Update went fine this time.
    Some of my steps might not be needed. And of course if MS compbility checker says a driver is not compatible you will have to update it.
    Hopefully it will get you there.

  • Smart card with Thinkvantage Client Security Solutions doesnt work

    Dear all,
    I have the Lenovo Gemalto Expesscard54 Smart card reader (41N3043). I purchased some .Net smart cards from Gemalto also. I have installed the drivers for both the smart card reader and the smart card minidrivers, as well as the PKCS#11 Drivers from Gemalto.
    However when I try to setup a smart card using Thinkvanage Client Security, the selection remains greyed out. What is the problem?
    When I try to run the executable css_smartcard.exe, I am told PKCS#11 Module is not installed. How do I install the module as there is no command to choose where the driver path is.
    Essentially I am wondering how to use smart cards on the client security software. The documentation, even the CSS deployment guide, has so little information on this.

    I should add that I am using Windows 7 and my CSS version is 8.3, I can also verify my smart card works for other applications, only thinkvantage CSS 8.3 does not work.

  • HP client security looking for fingerprintscanner that isn't there.

    Whenever I want to log onto my laptop I have to wait for the fingerprint scanner software to say that my fingerprintscanner isnt there. After that notification I can just log on with my password. My question is: how do I get the software to stop looking for a scanner and take me to the normal login screen immediately? 
    Extra piece of information: if I run the HP client security app I always get the final screen of initialization and cannot change any settings.
    A lot of thanks in advance!

    Welcome to the HP Community Forum.
    Keep in mind that I don't own a business notebook -- I don't run your flavor of Client Security software although I am familiar with the security software that runs on the consumer HP notebooks.
    Please do make sure you have the means to log into your computer prior to removing the program.
    A couple of ideas:
    Before you make any changes:
    Create a Restore Point:   Create a Restore Point – Win7 OR  Create a restore point Win8
    Caveat:  Windows 8.1 does include its own Native fingerprint Logon software that is NOT dependent on Client Security software.  Removing the Client Security program does not affect the Windows Native Logon software.  Should that software exist and be active on your system, it must be handled differently.  You might easily dissuade both the Client Security and the Native Logon
        Windows key >>type anywhere on the screen  pc > Click on PC Settings >
            Accounts > Sign-in options
    If PC Settings does not stop Client Security from bugging your trip:  If you are not interested in using the Client Security software -- for whatever reason -- then I should think that you could uninstall the program from your computer from Programs and Features.
    If you do not have an extra admin account on the system, you might consider adding one -- you don't need to USE the account -- but it might "save your backside" down the road.  You do not want to be the one who writes in and says, "I am locked out of my computer!"
    Create a User Account with Administrative Privileges – Windows 8-8.1
     Reminder:  An extra admin account will not protect you from the lockup of the bootup BIOS password that happens to so many people.  Locking the BIOS at boot usually only locks out the owner, by the way.  Smiling.
    Once you uninstall any program, Restart / Reboot the computer -- even if the system does not insist upon the reboot -- and log in.  Windows loves a good reboot!
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    Kind Regards,

  • HP Client Security and TCPSVCS.EXE

    I have a Elitebook 840G1 running Windows 7 professional. I activated the HP Client Security software this morning that came pre-loaded on the laptop. Since that point on, I now have TCPSVCS.EXE process running and taking 80-100% CPU runtime.
    The laptop is virtually unuseable in this state. Can anyone advise a fix

    Dear Customer
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    K N R K
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP


    WATH I DO ?

    This is reported at length in other posts.  Lenovo has been working on the solution for over a month.

  • T500, how do I disable "client security password manager" popups?

    I have recently noticed an extremely invasive and irritating popup occur frequently upon opening random folders.
    I honestly do not know what I have done to trigger this, but I absolutely need to disable it.  When UAC appeared warning me about this application, I disallowed it because I did not know what this thing is or what it does.  I found out it was from Lenovo but I cannot figure out how to disable it or uninstall it.  I do not want this feature, it does not even function correctly.  The installation fails becaue it is missing a critical file, but I do not care.  I do not want to install anything, I want it GONE.  I don't know how much of the thinkvantage suite I would have to remove to get rid of this, I just want it gone, I don't want unexpected popups every time I open a folder, I do not need this feature or whatever it provides.  I want to remove it, I cannot find instructions on how to remove this.  I saw a tutorial to remove this software but it involves bring up the Thinkvantage menu and selecting"Thinkvantage Technologies" but there is no "Thinkvantage Technologies" option presented on my T500.
    If anyone can provide any insight on how to get rid of this extremely irritating piece of software I would greatly appreciate it.  It doesn't even function correctly and is extemely frustrating to deal with.  It is malware, I would like it gone.  Thankyou for your time.
    edit: I have not activated my "Security Device" so it appears I cannot access the Client Security Solution which seems to be required to disable this popup.  I do NOT want to actiavte anything because I do not want to want the risk of rendering my computer inoperable due to buggy first party software.

    I had run into a similar problem. I had windows 7 on a t500 which started giving all such popups every time you access control panel or explorer. I tried system restore it gave an error. I tried uninstalling client security from control panel, same popup. Finally I downloaded an uninstaller from download.com called "revo uninstaller". It removes the files and registry entries. Things seems to work on my end now. Will report is any problem comes up

  • X61 - Vista Business - Client Security Solution Error - There was a problem connecting to the TPM

    During startup my x61 has been displaying the following message, 'Client Security Solution' - "There was a problem connecting to the TPM (security device) ont his computer. It is possile that anti-virus or firewall software is blocking the connection. A missing or disabled device driver could also cause this problem. Please refer to the online documentation for more information".
    I have spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort to find identify the cause and a solution for this problem. It occurs whether or not virus software is enabled or disabled and numerous calls to Lenovo, Symantec, Kaspersky, and Microsoft have resulted in finger pointing and no answers. None of the vendors acknowledge the problem yet this same issue is a significant topic of concern as found in various blogs and 'help' sites. Lenovo thought it was hardware and changed the motherboard. Lenovo told me to call Microsoft since it was a Vista issue. Microsoft told me to call Lenovo since Vista Business was preinstalled on the machine. Lenovo told me to call Microsoft and so it goes. I removed Symantec's anti-virus and replaced it with Kaspersky.
    The strangest thing is that the module works intermitently and it seems that everytime a Lenovo update is performed (via Thinkvantage) the problem reoccurs for sometime.
    Does anyone out there have an understanding of the cause and a potential solution???

    I have the same problem on an X 60 platform, which only surfaced in the last two weeks subsequent to running all of the Lenovo updates.   Prior to this, I had reinstalled all programs, starting with the Recovery Disks for the Think Pad.  Everything, including start up, was exceptionally fast.  Once I ran the most recent BIOS updates, along with several others, this error message surfaced.  It is intermittent, however, and I have not noted an issue.
    In reviewing several other Message Boards, I have seen this issue raised several times.  Here is a link to a thread where the individual did achieve a solution through Lenovo, but their response is nonspecific as to what they did:   (http://forums.lenovo.com/lnv/board/message?board.id=T400_series_ThinkPads&message.id=7143&query.id=1...

  • T61p - Please wait while Windows configures Client Security Password - Manager

    My T61p system is fully updated, however I continue to get "Please with while windows configures Client Security Password - Manager." and then the computer trys to install
    over and over again.
    What is the problem here and how can I solve?
    How can I contact Lenovo-Thinkpad to assist?
    The problem has reoccured even after I did a system restore to an earlier date.
    It seems to initiate when I first boot up and then open up "Pictures"
    Please help.

    Well, I take everything back. After removing all password entries and re-installing/rebooting, it worked for a while. But now it is doing it all over again. I tried to call techincal support, but they then said I would have to pay for software support and they only support hardware, and to re-install the OS. Great, jeez, I couldn't have tried that myself, and that is so simple and takes no time at all (detecing sarcasm yet?)
    I do a lot of work for large corporations that are watching the IBM=>Lenovo takeover very closely to see if they are going to drop Thinkpads altogether and go with another laptop vendor. This type of weak support does not bode well. The person I was on the phone with was rude, hard to understand, and even told me there was no place to escalate the call to.
    There is no replacement for customer support. It is sad to see no Lenovo involvement in this forum, and don't make the mistake of thinking this is an isolated problem at this time. It is growing.
    Though Thinkpads are great Laptops, Toshiba used to have the market, but their support or should I say lack of it led to their downfall and position of leadership loss.
    It will be no different if Lenovo continues to act like a machine churner.

  • Saving Password for a pdf file in HP Client Security Manager

    I want to save the password for a pdf file in the Password Manager of the HP Client Security Manager Software but the symbol for the entry of the password is not appearing on the top right of the screen. If I use the registered fingerprint a dialog opens where the Client Security Manager asks which account it should use to login. But i can't add a password for the file. The login for websites is perfectly fine. 
    Do you have any idea how to fix that?
    Is there a way to manually enter password for files?
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the information.
    Suggest you to try uninstall and re-install the latest version which is - The direct link is:
    If this does not fix, then suggest you to log a call with technical support.
    Please do post any progress on this.

  • Alternative to Client Security Solution

    I like the fingerprint reader on the T500, but find that the client security solution software is very slow.  Is there an alternate software that will work with the T500 fingerprint reader?

    if you have changed the Windows password, and by startup the CSS is asking you for password, then just simply enter the new created Windows password. That should do it. 
    If you realy want to clear everything from CSS I would do it in following steps: 
    - dissable CSS <Enhanced Security->Deactivate>
    * reboo the machine 
    - start into BIOS and clear the Security chip <this will clean everything from CSS>
    - save changes and start into OS 
    - go to Password manager and delet all your entries, as after clearing the Security chip it make no sence to have them, as all pwds are gone
    -  activate CSS <Enhanced Security-> Activate>
    * reboot the machine 
    - start from the scratch with all the passwords etc. 
     Let me know, if this help

  • Client Security Solution And System Key Recovery

    I have an IBM ThinkPad T40 2373-82M Laptop. Everytime Windows starts up Client Security Solution displays a box which is prompting me to enter a password of some sort for authentication. It indicates at the top of the window that the reason for authentication is 'System Key Recovery'. If I click the 'OK' button it brings up another window indicating that authentication has failed and that the security key could not be recovered. I do not recall ever entering a password in the Client Security Soultion programme or anywhere else on my laptop. I am not the first owner of this laptop and I am wondering if the previous owner may still have his/her password in the system? Is there any methid for which I could reset/restore these key's?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply.
    I must say I have read various issues on the web regarding this particular software buddled with Lenovo T series and although I will be uninstalling it I do not believe there is any support on this whatsoever. Too bad cause I did want to use it ...

  • A problem with Client Security Solution patch for Mozilla Firefox3

    After I updated Client Security Solution to 8.20, the password manager cannot work in FF3 again.When I tried to reinstall the patch, it asked me whether to overwrite the files or cancel.  Then it indicates 'This patch has already been installed on this computer', but the problem exsits.

    Borntofly, I am glad that you brought this up as I have not been able to successfully use FF3 with CSS 8.1 or 8.2 and have provided feedback in this thread:
    As much as I would like to upgrade to FF3, I have not had any success in either using the manual configuration changes noted in the above thread or by using the CSS Patch for FF3 provided by Lenovo on 8/6/08 found here:
    This patch appears to duplicate the manual efforts provided by member KTP in message 12 in the above provided link from what I can see.
    I have never had an issue using the TV password manager and IE7.  It is a very reliable combination.
    I have no issues at all using FF, CSS 8.1 or 8.2 (now on 8.2), and Thinkvantage (TV) Password Manager 3.00.0106.00 (came with CSS 8.2).  I have never had Lenovo Password Manager on my T60.  Everything works reliably well with this combination.
    In 3 hours of work yesterday, I was able to get TV Password Manager to show up in the FF3 add-ons as TV Password Manager 3.01 and this is the only way I was able to make it work, but only for a single browser session:
    1. Tools --> Add-Ons
    2. Disable TV Password Manager, then restart FF3
    3. Tools --> Add-Ons
    4. Enable TV Password Manager, then restart FF3
    5. TV Password Manager will work for the duration that I am using the browser session
    Once I close FF3 and reopen it, TV Password Manager no longer works.  The only method I have found to "reset" everything is to perform the above sequence, but again it only works for the single browser session.  It is very consistent.  Although in does not show this in the Add-Ons page, it almost appears that the TV Password Manager add-on is disabled after I close the browser and needs to be manually disabled then enabled as noted above.  If this is due to a conflict with other software on my laptop, I have not been able to determine this.
    In my efforts yesterday, I spent time uninstalling CSS 8.1 or 8.2, FF, and even removed registry entries related to these packages in order to start with a fresh install, all without any success.  I tried fresh installations and added the manual changes promoted by KTP and also tried fresh installations using the Lenovo patches, all without success.  I made attempts to troubleshoot to root cause by removing all add-ons except TV Password Manager, and also tried preventing certain software from installing at startup via msconfig, as well as multiple settings changes within FF3, all to no avail.  Again FF continues to work very well with little effort on my part.  I simply install the software and ensure that TV Password Manager 2.0 in installed in the add-ons and that's it.
    In the above FF3 thread, it appears that others have had success with KTP's changes so I am a little frustrated that I cannot make FF3 and TV Password Manager work reliably.  I have FF2 and IE7 working so I have plenty of good alternatives at this time.  I will post this at the FF3 above as well to see if anyone has any feedback. 
    Moderator(s), do you wish for this thread to be integrated in the original thread for this issue?
    T60, 8744-5BU: 2.0 GHz T7200, 4 GB RAM, 15.4" WSXGA+, 1680x1050 ATI Mobility Radeon X1400, Win 7 Ultimate w/SP1 - 64-bit

  • "Client Security Solution" problem - not accepting password

    Hi everyone
    I have t 61
    and every time I start it ' I get a massage to enter my windows password to enroll on client security solution.
    The password is the same as the log on onto win .
    And when I fill it get an error .
    If somebody can help ?

    While this is likely a software issue, it is always helpful to know which model system and what OS you are running.
    Sometimes solutions are driver or OS dependent.
    So, what model  Lenovo 3000 systems are you both running?  Vista or XP? 
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