HT1229 How can i combine two iPhoto libraries together?

Hi all,
I am just transferring all my music and photos new a new computer and have photos in two separate libraries. Is there an easy way to combine these?
One is a folder from pre '08 and the other is a package from post '08.
Any assistance would be great. Thanks

fsumax wrote:
I exported the photos from one library into a folder and imported them into the library I wanted as a default.  Then deleted the library I did not want to keep.  It worked well.
Not really
You did not merge libraries - you now have one version of the photos in the old library with some (probably not all) metadata  - the only possible ways to actually merge iPhoto libraries is using Aperture or IPLM - exporting is not an option to merge libraries - it is a way to include a selected version of a photo in another library

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    How do I combine two iPhoto (iPhoto 09) librairies into one without losing pictures or creating duplicates?

    Two ways - use Aperture or use  iPhoto Library Manager - -

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    Select the photos in Album B and drag them onto Album A in the side pane that will put them in that album.  Do the same for Album B, and C, etc. 

  • Can I combine two iPhoto libraries?

    Following on from my previous post - "Missing Photos" - (what an idiot I am).
    I now have two iphoto libraries with approx 10% differing content, ie they have about 90% the same. The largest is around 36GB.
    How do I combine the two libraries?
    One way I guess, would be to dump the smaller into the larger, and then run a program to eliminate the duplicates.
    (iPhoto only rejects duplicates with the same name, many of mine have been renamed.)
    Or is there a better way?

    You can use iPhoto Library Manager and it’s Merge feature.



    If you have Aperture 3.3 or later and iPhoto 9.3 or later you can merge libraries with Aperture.
    Otherwise the only way to merge Libraries is with the paid ($20) version of iPhoto Library Manager 
    It's possible to turn off caps lock too.

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    Today I was in a One-to-One at the Apple Store.  I want to merge two i-Photo libraries into one.  One library is on my Air, the other is on my iMac.  Both libraries have been moved to an external drive.  When I try to move one onto the other, they won't go.  Yet I am certain that while at the store today, the person there started to merge them.  He did not need the library manager software in order to do so.  We stopped the merge in order to move on to another issue.  Now that I am home, I can't get the libraries to merge.  What am I failing to do?  Thanks!

    The only way to merge two libraryies is to use  iPhoto Library Manager which will merge two libraries and keep keywords, titles, faces, places, and other metadata intact.
    If one imports one library into another library every image file in the first library, originals, thumbnails, face files, etc,  get imported as an original photo. You will end up with a total mess.  DO NOT IMPORT ONE LIBRARY INTO ANOTHER LIBRARY!
    If you have backup copies of your libraries get them back and use iPhoto Library Manager to merge them.

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    Choose the library connected to the iPhone, import the media content from the other one/two libraries. DeDupe.
    I've written a script called DeDuper which can help with the last bit. See this  thread for background.

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    Not with iPhoto - Aperture can o rthe purchased version of iPhoto library Manager can

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    Items purchased from the iTunes Store are permanently associated with the account from which they were originally purchased.  Apple provides no way to change this.
    However, if you wish to put content from two accounts into a single iTunes library, you can easily do so.  Use the command File > Add File (or Folder) to Library.

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    how do you combine multiple iphoto libraries and clean up duplicates

    If not the only answer is the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager - - and maybe duplicate annihaliator -
    You must have IPLM as stated - you may also need DA depending on how thing go with the merge

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    Thanks in advance,

    Thanks for your reply. My profile folder did not contain any MBOX files. I found them in another folder on another drive. The Import-Export tools simply transferred each folder to the current one as a sub-folder. Then I had to use ctrl-a to select everything in the folder and move them manually to the current folder (such as inbox). Then I could use the other utility you mentioned to remove the duplicates. This had to be done, one folder at a time, to combine each folder. It worked, but I had about thirty-five folders to deal with. The whole process took most of two days to complete. I wish there was a simple way to blend everything together in one action, but I could not find an add-on that would do this.
    Frank Simonie

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    The (old) personal account has many podcasts and personal music, yet the new iPad account is linked to my work apps.  Is it possible to merge the two?

    Hi vwalker,
    I have the same issue, but it seems that Apple will not let you merge itunes accounts.  Refer to this FAQ, specifically the text below:
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.
    If you are wondering how using multiple Apple IDs relate to iCloud, see Apple IDs and iCloud.
    This is the original website:
    Now I have to add that this is rather disappointing as I have some purchases on my old itunes account which I would like to merge into my current iTunes account (which was created due to an oversight).  The oversight was, I thought my original iTunes was converted to one when I signed up for the 90 day trial to use mobileme services.

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    where status = "IN"
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    Do it in a single query to your database.  Here is part of it.
    select month
    , sum(case when when status = "IN" then 1 else 0 end) total_in

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    Home Sharing:

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    Can anyone help. 

    iTunes- How to share music between different user accounts on a single computer
    You cannot merge two separate libraries across user accounts. Photos does not have the function of merging different Photos.library files. If you have Aperture then you can merge the two before migrating over to Photos.

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