HT1338 server will not respond when trying to update

The Software Update Server ( is not responding.
Please help this is the message i get every time i try and update my software now i have an iphone 5 my itunes needs to be updated but it wont because i need the latest software update so i can download the new version of i tunes. I am using Mac OS X 10.6.7 i am running fine on internet and am connected with good broadband speed.
Thanks in advance

You're saying that there is an issue when trying to use Software Update to get to 10.6.8, correct? An alternate way to apply that update is to download the 10.6.8 update from the Apple download site.
Before running it, bring up Disk Utility, repair permissions, apply the update, and repair permissions again when done. With that, you can now install iTunes 7.

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    I just posted with the same question

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    I just installed Acrobat 9 Pro on my desktop computer and on my laptop. I was able to download and install the latest updates to the copy on my desktop computer (so that it is now version 9.3.0), using Help>Check for Updates.
    When I try the same command on my laptop, I get and error message that states "The update server is not responding, which means it may be offline at the moment, or the Internet or firlewall settings may be incorrect. Please try again later." I tried several times yesterday and today with the same error. The message pops up immediatley; it doesn't even seem to actually try to connect.
    I disabled my firewall and antivirus software and still get the same result. I uninstalled then reinstalled Acrobat and still get the same result.
    I looked online at to see about downloading and installing the updates manually, but it's difficult for me to tell which updates I need. Some are for other languages and some are for 64-bit but I have Windows 7 32-bit.
    A call to tech support was no help. The agent seemed to think because I installed verison 9.0 that I only needed the one English update listed on the download page under 9.0, and not any of the later updates. . . And he said that Adobe recommends manually installing updates from rather than using the Check for Updates command (?!).
    Anyway, does anyone know what might be causing this problem with the adobe updater? Maybe I need to reinstall the updater (where do I find it?).
    Can someone tell me which of the updates listed on the Acrobat dowload page I should manually install to bring my product up to date?
    [Running Windows 7 32-bit on both machines]

    Which version of Acrobat do you have ?
    (Launch Acrobat and Go to Acrobat->About Adobe Acrobat menu item and check the version )
    Also, can you ping following urls ?
    Are these urls reachable ?
    Also, you can check the contents of host file /etc/defaults/host to see that none of the ips are redirected.
    One more thing that you could try:
    If you have firewall on, could you please disable the firewall and then try the update. Does it works now ?

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    Try resetting your device. Hold down the sleep and home keys, past when you see the red power down slider and until you see the silver apple. Let it reboot and try again.

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    When I go to "clear recent history" and click on "clear now" it immediately states that the program is not responding. Does the same after reboot. It's not letting me clear my history, and I've tried 6 times, all with the same results... I have to close the program from the task manager. Is there a fix?

    How much history do you have?
    You can type a common character like a colon (:) in the search bar in the History Manager (Library).
    You can check for problems with the <b>places.sqlite</b> database file in the Firefox profile folder.
    *Places Maintenance:

  • Lion Clients 10.7.4 show network accounts are unavailable and server is not responding when binding to Snow Leopard server 10.6.8

    I am running Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8 and my clients are Lion 10.7.4.  While testing I had no issues binding 10.7.4 to our 10.6.8 server's OD.  I created a 10.7.4 image to push to all of our machines and in the beginning of last week I was able to push the image and get the machines to bind with OD and apply preferences on these machines through workgroup manager.  Towards the end of the week though this stopped working.  Now any time I bind a 10.7.4 client to OD it allows me to perform an authenticated bind and the machine shows up in workgroup manager but immediatley after binding the client the status jelly next to the OD server in the directory list is red and says "This server is not responding".  If I reboot the client I get a notification that "Network accounts are unavailable" at the login screen.  My preferences from workgroup manager are also not applying, which is my main concern because without workgroup manager my mac server is somewhat pointless as we use it for very little else. 
    I've since tried to bind a snow leopard machine (10.6.8) and this still is working with a green status jelly.  I've also built a lion machine from scratch, updated to the 10.7.4 combined update and am still getting the same issue where it shows the server is not responding when binding to OD.  I then applied the subsiquent OS update after the 10.7.4 combined update but the problem still persists.
    Is anyone else having this issue?  Any help would help me keep my sanity.

    Have you had any luck finding a solution to this?  The only thing I have found was to unbind and then bind without authentication.  Any help with progress on your end would be appreciated!

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    John B

    Hi johnb69345359,
    I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Lets try to resolve this issue.
    I would require few details in order to diagnose the issue correctly :-
    1) Are you able to launch Acrobat XI pro ?
    If yes, please try Help -> Repair option to repair Acrobat XI pro. Then try to perform the covert operation.
    2) Let me know the Operating system installed on your computer.
    3) Is there any error code or error message?

  • No matter how many times I reet my password, it will not work when trying to sign intothe App Store through my iPhone4S.

    No matter how many times I reset my password, it will not work when trying to sign intothe App Store through my iPhone4S.

    What is the error that you are seeing? Try to login using another App like GameCenter or iMessage? Also try logging in to other Apps like Facebook to check if it is your Internet connection problem.

  • My 'slide to unlock' sometimes will not unlock when trying to answer a call. How do I stop that happening?

    My 'slide to unlock' sometimes will not unlock when trying to answer a call. How do I stop that happening?

    Do a reset (Hold Sleep/Wake and Home buttons about 10 secs or more till Apple logo appears, ignore the Slide to Power Off that appears)
    Note: You will not lose any data.

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    Charge the battery.
    Try restoring your iPad > iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software

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    Firefox does NOT respond when trying to clear history, cache etc
    windows says not responding and I can not clear anything

    Look this one
    go to PRIVACY and read the following
    privacy. item. cache
    privacy. item. cookies
    privacy. item. downloads
    privacy. item. formdata
    privacy. item. history
    in about:config all the above put it to TRUE if there are FALSE
    thank you

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    This problem and others are outlined in this help document.  In addition, please try installing from the appropriate stand alone Windows installers located here:
    Installation Problems - Flash Player - Windows

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    hello zombiasnow, adobe has announced in late 2011 that it will cease any further developement of flash on mobile devices, so now that's kind of a dead technology on mobile. if you have a complaint about a third party product, you'll have to put that to the vendor of this device (amazon in your case). the firefox support forum isn't the right place for such a discussion.
    thank you for your understanding!

  • We installed Windows XP net framework KB982524 yesterday, and ever since then mozilla will not respond when we try to open it.

    == Issue
    I have another kind of problem with Firefox
    == Description
    We had a Windows XP net framework update yesterday KB982524, and ever since than when we try to log on to mozilla the program will not respond. We tried re-starting a couple of times with no luck.
    == This happened
    Every time Firefox opened
    == yesterday June 23, 2010
    == User Agent
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.4; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) ; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; PeoplePal 6.2; PeoplePal 3.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; IEMB3; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; yie8)

    I have a similar problem. I updated Firefox to 3.6.4 a few days ago. Then I tried to load Microsoft update KB982524. KB982524 would not load correctly. After that Internet Explorer will not start. I get a very brief flash of Internet Explorer running, then the window closes. So now I cant run Microsoft Update.
    Windows XP SP3
    Firefox 3.6.6
    Internet Explorer 8

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    I am working on a 4 hour BR project.  Any time I try to do something on it, the project freezes and I get the not responding message.  Sometimes if I wait for a LONG time, it might come back, but usually when I click the mouse it locks again. I have tried run as administator.  I have tried W7 and Vista X64.
    Both behave the same way.  I had read others have had the same issue, but could not find a solution.

    The first thing that pops into my mind is, do you have Windows Indexing ON? It can lock AV and working files, while it does its "thing." The behavior is just as you report - Not Responding for a period of time, then things seem to come back. The Windows Indexing can be turned OFF in your HDD's Properties Panel in the OS. It cannot really index these files, but that will not stop it trying and trying, keeping these necessary files locked in the process.
    Note: other programs, like Roxio and Nero have "sniffer modules," and indexing modules. These can really mess things up, especially with large Projects and large files - both Assets and working files. See below, to check if you have any of these running. You'll need to check the time carefully. Maybe next Not Responding, write down the time, and then in Event Viewer check for that time. You will likely NOT get warnings, or errors, but regular messages - check everything at that time and see what is being started up and is running.
    If that does not help, this ARTICLE might help you find "clues" as to what is happening on your system, when the program goes into Not Responding.
    Good luck, and hope that something helps,

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